Kelly’s Interview Ch. 02 – Her Photo Shoot

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Kelly Douglass sat in her black Honda civic. She sat and looked at the office number and looked back at the piece of paper she was holding in her hand. The paper matched the address she’d reached. Kelly replayed the circumstances that led to receiving the note.

She’d sucked a man’s dick for a chance at photo shoot. She could still remember tasting his cum and feeling it burn in her nose as it had somehow found it’s way there. It has been a mess in so many ways. The man was Ray Clemmens, hopefully her employer. She was out on her ass after her long-time boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, cheated on her. She had to get this job and she did what she felt she had to do.

Still, she couldn’t help shuddering in shame as she recalled sucking the stunted man’s cock and hearing his crude way of speaking to her. She was from an upperclass family, a “good girl” and wasn’t used to this way of life. Her father had always told her you get nothing worth getting without some sacrifice and that’s what she felt she had to do.

Ray had handed her this note with the address for the photo shoot on today’s date. He’d done this as his secretary, the big chested older blonde Sylvia, wiped the cum off her face and tits. Sylvia also served as a sort of witness that forced Kelly to acknowledge this sex act was not exclusively between her and Ray. Kelly had to admit that at the time she needed Sylvia’s clean up. She wasn’t sure how long it would have taken her to focus properly after the shock to do it herself. Receiving a stranger’s load, and a large one at that, all over her tits and face was still something she was processing. But as time went by Kelly was starting to get aggravated, she didn’t like having a witness to her in such circumstances.

But that was then and this was now. Kelly forced herself out of her car and approached Eros’ photography office. The building was painted grey and the glass door stated the correct company and address. She tried opening the door without issue. She walked inside and saw a room with erotically clothed models in framed posters and a wooden door with a red door bell button.

Kelly walked towards the door, her heels pressing down on the grey carpet, and pressed the button. She heard a “ding dong” noise and waited. Nothing happened so she pressed it again, “ding dong.” She was about to press it again when the door flew open. A man opened and greeted her, “I’m sorry, my name’s Mike. You must be . . . ugh Rachel is it?”

Kelly was surprised on two levels. One, her name was Kelly. She was about to correct the man on this but she was still processing that this man was fucking hot. Mike, as he’d introduced himself, instantly reminded her of a Matthew Mcconaughey from his early years. He even had the southern accent! He was dressed in a dark green polo and khakis with nice brown shoes. She instantly realized that between needing this job and being instantly attracted to the man . . . she was ok with him not knowing her correct name.

Kelly looked to the ground and smiled, “It’s ok but my name is Kelly . . . Kelly Douglass. Not Rachel.”

Mike looked her body up and down and ran his hand through his blonde hair in embarrassment. “I’m so sorry for that Kelly, I could have sworn the name was Rachel. Sorry, the work load is busy around here.”

Kelly smiled. Ray had made it clear scheduling was hard to come by. He’d given her this advanced opportunity because of his sympathy for her circumstances . . . that and her willingness to take his load in her mouth. Kelly said, “Yeah, I’d hear it’s busy. Mr. Clemmens said he was able to work something out for me last minute, so I guess it makes sense. Could be some last minute changes?”

Mike nodded, “Ok, so at least I am not going senile, come on in. You look wonderful.”

Kelly walked in. She wore just basic jeans, heals, and a tight yellow top to show off her tits. She’d been told the company would supply the modeling clothing. Kelly had a nice athletic build with blue eyes and white alabaster skin tone with luscious curly brown hair that hung behind her shoulder blades.

Mike directed her to a spot and explained the areas she should stand for her poses and pointed to the taped spots indicating such. He took up a camera and began taking shots explaining that he’d get some “natural, in the raw” shots before going further.

Kelly enjoyed this time. She liked ankara eryaman escort Mike’s attention as he made her feel sexy and beautiful with the poses he directed. This felt good after how her boyfriend had betrayed her and how she’d subjected herself to the old fat stubby Ray Clemens. It was good to feel desirable by such an attractive man.

Mike eventually asked her to try on a variety of costumes. “Kelly, now we need some examples that can show your possible range. I brought these outfits for you to pose in. Some themes included genie, nurse, and pirate and all were revealing and sexy. Kelly picked up the pirate outfit, “Where can I change?”

Mike looked confused, “Oh, right here is fine. Don’t worry, this is professional. I am sort of like a doctor, seen it all.” Kelly decided that sounded right and it wasn’t like he would be shooting her naked so why not? She slipped into the pirate outfit which was basically a mini skirt with some fake leather bikini top with a red and white bandana and fake parrot to go on her shoulder. And a plastic cutlass, couldn’t forget that. Mike directed her in more poses.

Then he explained that he needed to see her in lingerie. Kelly was nervous at first but decided a bra and panties was about the same as wearing a bikini, so where was the harm?

Kelly was wearing what some would call a red lace teddy with stockings when Mike began explaining how she could best market herself in the industry. “Kelly, you are gorgeous and you can probably get side modeling work with the basic photos we’ve taken including the underwear pictures. But it is competitive. If you want to really make some money and set yourself apart from the competition you can go further.”

Kelly had a feeling where this was going, she also noticed Mike’s cock was looking long and strong through his khakis and she was flattered by that, “How much further?”

Mike shrugged, “Nudes and posing with toys and other actors.” Mike continued shooting as he named rates people got for various duties.

Kelly was admitted she’d have to think it over but she wasn’t sure she was comfortable posing nude yet let alone anything else or without anyone else!

Mike nodded, “Sure I understand. It’s a lot to take in. I just wanted to let you know wat would help you best. We’ve got all we can use today, if you want you can change back to your clothes.”

Kelly changed back into her jeans and yellow top. She noticed Mike was eying her as he was adjusting his cameras and other gear. Mike walked up to her, “Kelly, before you leave . . . I was wondering if you’d be interested in grabbing a drink. We could talk about more about the business and if nothing else I’d like to spend some time with you . . . get to know you.”

Kelly had been hurting and hadn’t felt like any man worth a damn had asked her out in ages. She was thrilled to have Mike ask her for a drink. She’d even considered asking him herself but didn’t want to come off as some slut that that bangs her coworkers. But . . . yeah he was HOT and he made her feel confident and safe. She needed more of that.

Kelly played it cool and replied, “Sure, that’d be fine. What’d you have in mind?

Mike smiled that charming smile of his, “How about this Mexican place I know?”

Kelly agreed walked with Mike to a Mexican restaurant down the street. They shared drinks, chips, drinks, food, and more drinks. Kelly was having a good time as they talked about life and the business each other. Mike explained that the next step in her career with Eros relied on her passing her medical exam. Mike was very clear on her needing to pass that because the government was getting stern on that and not passing that would kill her career before it began.

The night was coming to a close and Kelly stood up to realize she’d drank too much and needed to lean on the table for support. Mike held her to support her, “Kelly, are you ok?”

Kelly laughed, “No, I am definitely not good to drive. I better call a cab or something.”

Mike ran his hand along her shoulder blade, “No, no, relax. We can go back to the studio. We have stuff we can make do with to crash.”

Kelly leaned in on Mike, she put her right arm over his shoulder so he could prop her up. “Ok, sounds good, let’s go.”

The couple paid their tab and walked drunkenly down the street with Mike holding Kelly up. Mike unlocked escort elvankent the door to the studio, Mike was about to direct Kelly forward and then moved in to kiss her. Kelly responded gratefully, their lips locked and tongues danced within each others mouths. Kelly was thrilled, she was so hot she could feel herself getting so wet.

Mike let Kelly in and then locked the door behind him. Mike brought Kelly to the shooting room. Kelly realized she had to use the restroom, “Mike, I’ve gotta use the bathroom, where is it?”

Mike placed his hand on the small of her back as he directed her toward a door. She felt thrills at the touch but had to admit she needed the bathroom fast, the drinks needed out. He opened the door to the bathroom and let her in, “Don’t be long Kelly.”

Kelly used the rest room and it felt like forever before she finished peeing but eventually she was done. She got herself together and opened the door and walked out.

Mike was in the studio room. It looked like he was fooling around with an air mattress. Kelly was drunk and the room was dimly lit so things weren’t as clear as they could be.

Kelly stumbled over to Mike and purposely pressed her breasts against Mike as he struggled with the mattress, “You need some help?” she asked.

Mike pressed back, smiled and whipped around to face Kelly. He dropped the filled mattress, “Perfect timing!” he said and took her in her arms for a kiss. They began to make out as the dropped to the mattress and grabbed at each other. Mike’s hands were gripping Kelly’s ass and Kelly was running her hands along Mike’s toned back and chest. Kelly could feel the promise of Mike’s hard cock pressing against her leg through his pants. They began fumbling with each other as they raced to undress each other. Tops thrown off, pants unbuttoned and pushed down all why they kissed and pawed at each other.

Kelly was on her back when Mike took his right hand and held her neck gently but firmly. Mike took his left hand and held the right side of her waist. He gently pressed her legs open with his own and she felt the tip of his cock meet her pussy. Kelly looked up and even through the dim lighting and drunken haze she could see he angry engorged monster that was Mike’s cock point at her vaginal opening. Mike’s cock looked wonderful to her in that moment. It was easily eight inches long and thick. The head was circumcised with its helmet like head pointed towards her at full attention. It may have been her imagination or a trick of the light but she could also swear she say a glistening drop of precum around the entrance of this might cock.

Mike moved his face close to her own and asked, “Kelly, do you want this?”

Kelly looked Mike in the eyes longingly and replied, “Mike, please . . . please fuck me. I need this so much”

Mike needed no more encouragement. He moved his left hand so it was holding Kelly’s ass in place while keeping his right hand on her neck and then began to press his cock forward into Kelly’s would be cock sheath.

Kelly began to squirm as the pressure of Mike’s cock hit her. Mike quickly increased the pressure on her neck and ass so she knew to give up the resistance. Kelly needed to know that at this point she was in for the ride. There was no going back. Kelly’s reflex was to try back out but Mike held her firm and continued to press forward. Kelly moaned with pleasure and pain as she felt his mass push through her inch by inch as it made her wetter and wetter.

Mike was on his knees, with Kelly’s legs splayed wide. Kelly watched in awe as he looked down on her and speared her repeatedly with his rigid unrelenting cock. Her tits jiggled and bounced with their motions. His sweat dripped from his muscled arms and face and landed on her tits adding to the sweaty glossy gleam she already had on her luscious mounds.

This was easily the best sex Kelly had ever had in her life and it wasn’t over yet! She could feel Mike move his right hand from her shoulder to her hair, he started gathering it sort of like a pony tail hold. As this was going on Mike also slid his left hand further along her ass and let his trigger finger press against her anus.

Kelly felt a thrill at the press to her anus from Mike’s finger. Mike let it sit there as he continued thrusting into her. Between the feeling of his cock going in etimesgut escort bayan and out of her, his heavy breathing and kissing, and his hold on her hair she only vaguely felt the awkwardness of the situation . . . but she was very much aware of how it felt good, she’d never imaged.

Kelly was still processing this torrent of stimuli when he felt Mike lift her up from the sweaty mattress. Mike flipped her so she was on her knees. Kelly was in a haze of what was going on. Suddenly she was on her knees and Mike was behind her with his left hand on her waist and his right holding her hair firmly. Mike was clearly in command.

Mike pulled Kelly’s hair and through extension pulled her head back. She could feel Mike’s cock slide further into her pussy. It felt so full! Suddenly she came. The experience flooded her, she felt her legs shudder and shiver. She’d never felt an orgasm like this.

Mike was panting, “God, your pussy’s so fucking snug!” He thrust forward and thrust back ready to thrust forward again, “You have such a sweet fucking pussy.”

Kelly looked down to her pussy, she continued to ride out this wonderful sensation. She was holding on to the mattress for dear life and her tits kept bouncing around her line and sight and in her face but occasionally she was able to catch dim glances of Mike’s long thick cock sliding in and out of her. This was easily the best fucking she’d ever had in her life she thought as she fought to continue watching her own fucking.

Mike continued jack hammering into her. “Kelly, you are going to be a star, a shining fucking star.” Mike suddenly pulled from Kelly’s cock sheath.

Kelly was registering the horrible empty feeling it left in her. She wanted more of what she just felt. Mike spun her around again on her back. Kelly’s ass slapped onto the sweaty mattress and her tits spread wide apart resembling sunny-side up eggs. Kelly was laying there in a mix of their sweat in a delirium of sex crazed passion. She watched through her drunken dim gaze as Mike was franticly beating his long eight-inch cock over her. He looked like a mad man possessed. All that mattered in his world was beating that cock. Kelly was so turned on. On one hand she felt like she was causing this maniacal cock pumping and on the other hand it almost felt like Mike had to do it no matter what and her presence there was just that of a waiting receptacle.

Mike locked his left hand on her right tit, squeezed hard and yelled, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming, take it, take it all you slut!” Mike leaned forward with that angry large cock still being pumped by his own hand.

Kelly felt a thrill of being called a slut by a hot man like Mike and seeing the affect her looks had on him and his cock. She gasped as she continued looking, as best she could through the man handling, of Mike’s desperate cock.

Kelly didn’t have to worry for a view. Mike got much closer as he announced his cumming. Mike’s cock thrust into her view like some sort of angry thick eel. It was only fifteen inches away from her face and before she could appreciate seeing this glorious extension of a man that had brought her so much pleasure . . . it spat at her. Mike’s cock spat forth a chunky white load of cum into Kelly’s line of sight. The splatter of Mike’s cock cum hit her in the nose and flooded into her eyes. Kelly closed her eyes as she felt with the surprise and the stinging surprise. She has never ever seen cum shoot off like that. The salty quality stung but there was also the pressure of the shoot, it really sort of stung her with force as well as texture.

Mike was still beating himself off with his right hand as his cum slid down Kelly’s face. Kelly took her trigger and middle finger from her left hand and swept the cum from her eyes. It was still running down her nose and cheeks to her chin but she was able to see what was happening. Mike was still beating himself with a fury. Some jets of cum had landed on her tits and she’d missed that spectacle. A few strands were landing still as Mike continued to pump and drain his cock.

Kelly was so turned on by this man. She made direct eye contact with him as he panted. She took her left and sucked the cum from it as she made sure he watched. She’d never done this before but wanted to turn him on. She ran her right hand along the globs of cum Mike had left on her chest. She ran her index finger along catching it all and bringing it to her lips so she could suck it off.

Mike moved to rest by her and kissed her long and hard on the mouth. “Kelly, that was amazing.” They passed out in each other’s arms listening to the satisfied breathing of the other.

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