Kendra’s Way Pt. 04

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Kendra flounced into the kitchen just as Daniel poured himself a fresh cup of Kona coffee from carafe. She was wearing a very sexy silk negligee that was cut in a vintage style. It had been custom made for her as a wedding gift from her mother. A soft pink from the bust to the waistline it began to flare slightly as the colour transitioned to soft coral at the bottom, slightly below her knee.

“Ah thank you Sweety…not too much cream. Need to watch the waist line” she smirked, rising quickly on her toes and then dropping down again, causing her delicious breasts to jiggle for a moment. Her ferocious nipples were straining and proud, taunting him. Silk always did that to her.

Danny took it all in and smiled at her sweetly in adoration as he handed her his mug, “My Queen, how are you this day?”

Smiling she accepted the coffee and casually reached an arm around his neck and shoulder and pulled him close, kissing his forehead good morning. “Very well My Lord” she stepped back slightly and had her first sip of coffee. “Mmm…yummy” Kona, a coffee they discovered on their Hawaiian honeymoon was a weekend treat they allowed themselves.

“I was thinking we could maybe hit the beach today…maybe find another couple and fuck the shit out of them…or a hike along the escarpment. It would be good to get some fresh air. What do you think?” Kendra asked before taking another sip.

His reply was interrupted by a quiet knock at the door. They barely heard it. Odd, they had an illuminated doorbell button like everyone else in the building. Why the knock?

“See who it is” She instructed hubby as he made for the front door that was less than ten feet from the kitchen.

Danny peered through the sight glass on the front door to see a woman in her late teens or early twenties dressed for a yoga class. She seemed to be nervous as she shifted weight from side to side, glancing up and down the hall.

“It’s a young woman…she seems to be alone, but also a little nervous.” He whispered on his return.

Kendra thought for a moment then remembered the incident in the elevator the day before. Fuck. This one had some gumption coming to see her like this. “A short little blond?” she asked.

“Yes…do you know her?” he whispered in reply.

“Maybe…Why are we whispering?”, with that the two of them had a good laugh. “I’ll handle this Daniel. You wait quietly in the bedroom in case I need you.

“Are you sure?” he felt a slight flush of excitement as Kendra assumed control. He loved to see her in action. Doing her bidding was always turn on for him.

“Off you go Baby”, and with that he padded off as instructed.

Kendra squared off in front of the door and prepared herself for the many ways this could go. She considered opening the door with the chain attached but didn’t want the girl on the other side to think she was in any way intimidated by her.

She quickly snapped open the deadbolt and flung the door open. “Amber…how are you dear? Everything all right?” She kept her hands low and off her waist, palms facing forward, hinting at open arms, signalling to her on the subconscious level that she was non-threatening.

“Hello Ms. Kendra…” she seemed nervous avoiding eye contact, looking down at Kendra’s midriff while shifting her weight back and forth.

Kendra had met Daniel when they were both ten years old in a children’s karate class. They had stuck with it as both close friends and dedicated sparring partners, the eight years it took to achieve a black belt in the open hand style known as Goju Ryu. She had a very good eye for body language in potential attackers but was having trouble reading little Amber. It almost seemed as if she was aching for a gentle embrace and a mother’s love rather than spoiling for a confrontation.

“I just wanted to talk to you about my boyfriend” Amber continued, “He means so much to me, but after last night… we had a terrible fight this morning…Please don’t take him away from me…”, her shoulders slumped and unable to make eye contact she looked at the floor. There she had got it out but rather than feel better she started to softly cry.

Kendra was crushed. Her little game had damaged the lives of two people and now she had to witness firsthand the heart break she had caused. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around the tiny younger women drawing her face into her breasts. She hugged her tightly as Amber let out a few splutters and then gave in to her misery completely, sobbing.

Kendra quickly reacted seizing an opportunity that she recognized came along very rarely and in most lives not at all. She had often been accused of being lucky but knew the truth of it was, that she was always prepared to seize an opportunity when it presented itself, “Come inside Baby. I’m so sorry this happened…It’s all my fault…I was such a complete bitch and no right to disrespect you like that” She pulled the smaller woman into the apartment and quickly closed and locked the görükle escort door.

She turned to face the young woman, pulling her close once again, again enveloping her face deep between her breasts. “Amber please accept my apology Baby…I’m so sorry! How can I make it up to you?” There just like that and all at once she had consumed the elephant in the room and drawn the fly neatly into her web.

“I’m okay…we were having a few problems anyway I guess” she continued to sob, giving in to the unsolicited comfort she was receiving. It felt good. Perhaps this woman wasn’t such a whore after all.

“Come inside and have some coffee and gather yourself”, she said taking her by the hand into the kitchen. She sat Amber at the kitchen table and started to make some fresh coffee. She quickly set the machine to brew a fresh pot of Kona, continuing to console her and tell her that things would get better before sitting down at the table across from Amber. “The truth is Amber, I was jealous of what the two of you had and again I’m so sorry for that, but you are so pretty and I felt attracted to you…I acted like a jealous bitch…I’m sorry” she paused a moment, her heart pounding. This was the decisive moment. She was going for broke.

“Wha…at?” the little blond asked eyes wide with shock? “What the fuck?” she asked holding Kendra’s gaze her blue eyes wide in amazement at what she had just heard


Shit, this was it. It could easily go south, she had to make a decision. The truth of the matter was that the little minx did turn her on. She admitted to herself the younger woman had strength but also a playful sexuality that appealed to Kendra. It was also immediately clear to Kendra that Amber had no idea just how magnificent her sexual power could become, with the right tutelage and education. Kendra wanted to flex her own sexual power and dominate the sexy little blonde; to have her submit, become her vassal and perhaps if she proved worthy, maybe become her apprentice. She had always had a thing for petite blonds- she’d married one after all. One of Kendra’s biggest thrills was to be acknowledged as ‘Queen’ and having strong, sexy women prostrate themselves before her. She had to admit that although she preferred sexual intercourse with large aggressive males, above all else, she did enjoy the soft and comfortable body of a women next to her in bed once in a while.

Kendra quickly rose to her feet, rounded the table in front of Amber and got down on one knee gathering both her hands within her own, “Yes Baby, I was being jealous…I wanted you for me, not him! I tried to drive a wedge between you…again I’m so sorry”. She raised the girl’s hands to her lips, and holding her gaze gently kissed them before pulling them to her bosom.

Amber stared into Kendra’s doe like eyes in amazement. This was unbelievable. How could she know that Amber was into girls?…They had never met before…How could she be so bold as to make such an aggressive play for her, both now and if it were true, the preceding evening. She slowly withdrew her hands from Kendra’s sexy breasts and placed them in her lap. She continued to stare at her chest, noticing the stain her tears had left on the beautiful satin negligee.

“I’m sorry Kendra…your top…nightgown…it’s covered in tears. Won’t that stain? She asked her voice becoming calmer and more natural.

Kendra stood up and crossed her arms across her waist, and quickly pulled the silk negligee over her head and stood proudly, shoulders back, her ample breasts jiggling for a moment. The chocolate brown aureole began to thicken and contract to the diameter of a two dollar coin, her already pert nipples, pointed ever so slightly upwards, swelled even more. “Don’t worry about that Baby Girl, I’ll have hubby take care of it…DANIEL!” she smiled down on Amber. The younger woman was intrigued and Kendra sensed her nakedness excited her, as Amber parted her knees ever so slightly and gently arched her back.

Danny arrived in seconds, concerned that all was good. He had waited in the bedroom as ordered, pacing at the door listening to their muted conversation, unable to get a good read on the situation. He was both surprised and delighted to see his gorgeous wife naked in front of the strange young blond. He recognized Kendra’s pose; she was signaling the girl to taste her pussy.

“Danny get some dilute vinegar on a cloth and blot the tears out of my negligee please and bring me a housecoat” she sent him a knowing wink as she tossed the negligee towards him. The plans for the day had just taken an unforeseen turn. He took her negligee and smiled offering a gentle bow to the seated girl who was taken aback at his presence given what had just happened with Kendra. Then he was gone.

“That’s my devoted husband of twelve years, Daniel” she said smiling at the seated Amber, “He’s pleased to meet you. He will get you anything you need.”

“Are you feeling better yet Amber? How do you take bursa escort bayan your coffee? “She again crouched down before the little blond pressing her gorgeous breasts together slightly with her elbows. Her left breast which was a little heavier, hung slightly below the right. She rested her forearms on Amber’s lap and leaned forward exerting a gentle pressure.

“Um…a bit of milk please…thanks Kendra…” she was getting turned on, truth be told. She loved the feel of Jeremy between her legs and felt an animal lust when, secure in the knowledge that he was strong and powerful enough protect her, she lay under him, legs around his narrow waist, face buried into his muscular torso. This was something else, wicked, sensuous and somehow so comforting. She had had a lesbian roommate take advantage of her one drunken evening, her first year in college. It was the start of a passionate affair that lasted until the summer semester break. Since then she had only been with guys but would occasionally yearn for a woman’s touch; it was the scent, the taste, the sweet and gentle moans of ecstasy she missed of lesbian sex. It sometimes filled her most vivid of dreams, from which she often wake, her back arched, her alabaster skin, bathed in sweat. Here was another opportunity, with an older more experienced woman to guide her, a very strong and sensual woman- let’s face it, a tall strong golden brown alpha bitch! Amber could feel her loins begin to moisten with desire. She felt she would do anything to please this woman.

Amber decided to yield completely to Kendra’s advances and submit to her completely. It was clear by the relationship she shared with her husband/servant that she preferred it that way. She was unsure how to proceed. She decided to lean forward and offer her a kiss. Their lips were now inches apart.

“You are such a beautiful girl Amber, I don’t want to see you cry over a man ever again. Do you understand what I’m asking of you?” and with that she leaned forward, closing the gap, and kissed her open mouth.

Amber slowly, tenderly kissed Kendra’s lips in return, inhaling her scent deeply, feeling both depraved and aroused in perfect concert. Daniel arrived at the entrance to the kitchen, holding a bathrobe for Kendra as instructed. He froze, not daring to interrupt what was taking place. The two women continued kissing tenderly, exchanging tongues briefly before Kendra pulled back slightly.

“Will you be my lover Amber?” She asked staring into the girl’s deep blue eyes

“Yes Ms. Kendra” she replied. They kissed again briefly before Kendra rose up looking down on the petite little blonde, who was blushed and shivering with excitement.

Daniel continued to stare at the couple. He knew his wife’s ritual and anticipated her next move exactly.

“Kendra is fine dear…” She reached behind Ambers head and grabbed a handful of her fine shoulder length blond hair and gently guided Amber’s lips to her pussy. She raised one leg, placing her foot on the edge of the chair, taking firm control with both hands, as Amber eager to please, hungrily thrust her tongue as deeply as she could reach into to the already moist and eager pussy. Kendra smiled as she turned and noticed Danny mesmerized by what was happening in full view.

Amber succumbed to her desire completely and eagerly continued, licking circles around the soft exterior of Kendra’s labia; breathing slowly and deeply through her nose and exhaling hotly, taking in the glorious scent and chemical signals, further fuelling her desire to please this woman. Kendra glanced over to her waiting husband and signalled for him to wait for a minute by raising her index finger before interrupting. The two girls remained locked together, Kendra continuing to control the motion of the little blonde’s head, directing her tongue around her pussy, offering gentle words of encouragement.

The minute passed, “Here Kendra”, Danny interrupted, handing her the white terry cloth robe that she favoured after taking a bath.

Amber looked up, embarrassed at being seen eagerly performing oral sex. She felt trashy and delicious at the same time as she studied Danny. He was dressed in a very tight T-shirt and track pants. He seemed fit and well-proportioned but so tiny. He was at least a half a head shorter than his sexy South Asian wife and probably ten pounds lighter. In fact he was nearly twenty pounds lighter, but on a good day, could still kick her ass in the dojo.

Kendra stepped back and eased into the robe that Danny held open for her. Her mind was reeling over where to go with this. She had captured the younger woman but needed to be sure that she could keep her interest. She needed something extra to cement her position over her. She also needed to alter the way Amber viewed her relationship with men. She needed to learn the power of her sexuality and how to properly control the men in her life and more importantly, not allow herself to become too distracted by them. Kendra bursa escort had learned that men were needy creatures, and if allowed could eat up a lot of your time and energy.

This could be an interesting game. She could use Danny to keep things interesting and teach her how to manipulate men to please herself first. It might be sexy fun watching the two of them fucking. Danny would have no problem pleasing the little minx if Kendra would allow it. Physically they were a near perfect match in size. Perhaps she could breed them and make a tiny little blonde baby! Her head was spinning with delight at the possibilities.

Kendra now robed looked down at the embarrassed Amber, blushing, her lips slightly moist with her vaginal mucus. “You’re still wearing the same clothes you had on yesterday Amber! Let’s get those off and through the wash. She pulled Amber to her feet and began undressing her, turning her around several times. She wasn’t wearing a bra, her 34C breasts not needing much support. All she had on was a thong, the yellow Lulu Lemon top, grey leggings and ankle socks she’d worn when they first met the night before.

Kendra had noticed women were more comfortable being undressed rather than being forced to undress themselves. Being stripped by Kendra ironically made her more comfortable and further established her submissive role to the taller more voluptuous Indian woman. Men were the opposite in her experience. Tearing off their clothes was a much more humiliating experience for them.

Amber was now naked in front of the married couple, standing rather awkwardly covering her breasts in modesty. “Do a load of washing with these Darling please” she said passing Ambers clothing to Danny and taking her by the hand leading her to the bedroom. Danny alone at the washing machine couldn’t resist and inhaled deeply through Ambers bunched up clothing, tasting her scent. He singled out the thong and examined the gusset…yum! he thought.

Perfect. Danny had already made the bed. Kendra took control of Amber grabbing her by the upper arm and laying down on the bed pulled her on top of her. She held her gently but tightly as the gently kissed. Kendra could taste her own pussy on the blonde’s lips and was thrilled by it. “Kiss me there again Baby Girl” she insisted, pushing her down to her eager pussy. Amber offered no resistance quickly getting back to work.

Kendra lay there on the bed, scheming over the possibilities that now seemed endless for a moment before opening her eyes to see a rather jealous Daniel standing at the bedroom door. She couldn’t tell in the loose sweat pants he was wearing but imagined his penis was erect and good to go. She winked at him and gestured for him to stand at the foot of the bed.

“You are so good to me Baby Girl” she crooned, “Does Jeremy lick your pussy like that?”

“He’s not into it” she answered stopping for a moment to look up at Kendra

“That’s just wrong Amber, my little man just loves it don’t you Danny?”

“Very much!” He replied.

Amber quickly turned over onto her back between Kendra’s legs, rising up on her elbows to stare at Daniel. She’d had no idea he was there.

“Just relax and let Danny taste your pussy Amber. He will stay fully clothed. He won’t do anything to you that you don’t want or that I don’t give him permission to do. I promise he is just going to lick and suck your little pussy, the way Jeremy should have done after you let him inside you last night. Did he cum inside you?”

“A few times yeah…Your husband doesn’t mind eating a messy pussy?” Amber was in awe of what was happening.

“He’s an expert at pussy clean up. Is it okay if Danny completes what Jeremey should have done in the first place?” Kendra asked, not wanting push too hard. She had not yet established complete dominance.

“Okay…sure I guess if he wants too. I’ve never had a man willing to do that before.” She raised her knees spreading her legs and watched as Danny slowly crawled across the bed to her, eyes locked on her labia.

“Danny, be very gentle and listen carefully to Amber. Don’t stop until she tells you she’s had enough.” Kendra said slowly, more for Amber’s benefit than Danny. “Do you need anything before Hubby starts…A glass of water perhaps?”

Amber just shook her head and leaned back on the bed that Kendra had now left for the two of them. She seemed a little nervous but her blush betrayed her excitement as well.

Danny paused taking a deep breath and gently let it out, hot, across her glistening moist exterior. She was clean shaven, a new experience for him. He gently sniffed around her opening, filling his lungs with her scent, letting his basic extinct to clean her well up within him. There was the faintest hint of urine, hidden among the heady blend of her musk and another man’s semen. Inhaling deeply, he kissed her opening, open mouthed and gently sucked. Pussy, cum, sweat…all of it blending into a delicious salty, musky cocktail. Daniel settled into what he was best at…she had been busy last night…he had a lot of work to do.

Kendra waited a moment looking down at her husband carefully take up the baton and complete the seduction of the little blonde woman before asking, “How does that feel Amanda?”

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