Kiddy Pool Ch. 01

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Note: this is another soft swing between two couples not wanting to go all the way. With the hot summer we had I bet the kiddy pools look tempting. Enjoy and all rights reserved.


“It’s never been this hot in Vermont,” Carl said to his best friend Mark. They were sitting on lounge chairs on Mark’s patio.

“Yeah, too bad we don’t have a pool,” Mark said looking out at their son’s kiddy pool in the yard. “I think when the sun goes down I’m going in that damn little pool.”

“Fuck yes,” Carl laughed. “Count me in.”

“In what?” Carl’s wife Donna asked after walking out of the hot house carrying a few cans of beer. She was wearing a loose sundress that hung low on her nice tanned breasts.

“In the kiddy pool,” Carl grinned. “Mark and I are going in. Maybe Nancy and you will join us.”

“I don’t think so,” Donna smirked. “This is just another attempt to get us naked.”

“Not naked,” Mark added. “Undies.”

Carl knew that Donna was not wearing a bra. “Yeah undies.”

Donna opened her can of brew. “Fat chance getting us in that pool.” She glanced at Mark sitting shirtless in loose dark blue cotton shorts. Mark was built completely different than Carl. He had dark hair and was about 6 foot tall. She had always wondered if his big feet meant that he had a big manhood.

Mark too was checking out Donnas’ nice boobs. She was bigger than Nancy in that department. “Where is Nancy?”

“She’s getting changed. Her jeans are too hot.”

“The kiddy pool will cool us all down,” Mark grinned as she pulled her feet up onto the chair. It was getting dark so he could only see dark shadows under her hips.

They all looked at the sky getting darker and at the small ten-foot diameter by one-foot deep pool in the corner of the yard.

“Why is everyone so quiet?” Nancy asked as she walked out the sliding patio door wearing one of Mark’s long white tee shirts.

“Whatcha wearing under that?” Mark asked his wife seeing the perky nipples pushing out the material.

“None of your business,” she answered as she handed Donna another wine cooler. “It’s too hot to wear much of anything.”

“The boys want us all to go into the pool.”

Nancy laughed. “What pool? I wish we had a pool.”

“We have one,” Mark smiled pointing his beer bottle out into the yard.

It was getting dark so the only light was the light from the small kitchen window. Nancy took a big gulp. “I don’t think we will fit.”

“That’s the point,” Carl chuckled. Just the thought of the four of them in the tiny pool was getting him excited.

“Let’s do it,” Mark said sitting forward in the cheap lawn chair. He pulled off his tee shirt and stood with his fingers on the snap on his white shorts.

“Oh God,” Donna said wondering if he was going to strip.

Nancy laughed. “He’s all talk.”

The booze and the possibility of getting the women in the pool in their underwear gave him the courage.

Nancy was about to take a sip when they all heard the snap pop open. She kept the wine cooler to her lips and looked over it to see what he was going to do.

“Are you joining me buddy?” Mark glanced at Carl.

Carl looked at Donna.

“Go ahead,” she grinned. Seeing the guys in their underwear would be something new.

Carl stood and pulled off his shirt. He was not as tall as Mark and didn’t have the tan but was well built. As Mark stood out of the direct light from the kitchen Carl was in full display.

Mark slowly unzipped waiting for the women to complain or run into the house but instead they stared. He zipped up and was about to re-snap his shorts when he heard his wife.

“I told you…all talk.” She too wanted to see the guys remove their clothes.

“OK,” Mark said quickly unzipping and pushing the shorts down over his red boxer shorts. Since he was out of the direct light and was facing them they couldn’t see the eight- inch tent pushing outward. He looked at Carl.

Carl had too many beers to realize he was in the light. He fumbled opening his shorts and had some problem pushing down the shorts. When his tightie-whities appeared they all could see the shape of his five-inch hard-on.

“Well are you joining us?” Mark asked happy that Carl was not even close to his endowment.

“NO!” Nancy answered quickly. “We never said we were going to join you.”

“Fuck ’em,” Mark said walking into the light to go out into the yard. It was then that Donna saw the huge bulge in his underwear. She picked up her wine cooler and quickly finished it.

Carl followed Mark out to the pool and the women laughed when they stepped into the pool. “Whew…I thought they were going to take everything off,” Nancy sighed.

“I wouldn’t have minded,” Donna whispered. “Do you want to join them?”

“Donna! I can’t believe you asked that.” Nancy leaned back and watched the guys sit down.

“The water is kinda of warm,” Mark said feeling a small breeze come up. “So how can we get them to join us?”

“HEY NANCY…would you bring keçiören escort us some beers?” Mark yelled.

“Careful,” Donna whispered.

“Don’t worry.”

Nancy grabbed two cold beers and pushed her tee shirt down. She was braless but since her boobs were so small it didn’t normally matter. But as she walked toward the pool she knew they were rock hard. The light was very dim by the pool so as she neared it she could barely make out their shapes. Since it was only about a foot deep she could only see the top halves of their bodies. “How is it?”

“Nice,” Carl answered. As she turned to lean down and hand him his beer he could see the shape of her left breast and the hard nipple. “Come in.”

She laughed and when she turned to hand the beer to Mark she felt him grab her right wrist. “MARK LET ME GO!”

He grabbed the beer from her right hand with his right hand. “Step in or I’m going to pull you in.”

She glared at him. “I’ll kill you.” She tried to lean forward to use her left hand and pull his fingers from her wrist but when she did her feet slid backwards. Since she was leaning forward her body fell that way.

“OH GOD!” She screamed just before her face and upper body smack down into the water at Mark’s feet. She felt the back of her shirt fly up over the basic white bikini panties.

The guys eyes had adjusted to the low light so when she pushed her head and upper body out of the water they saw the water dripping from her short dark hair and saw the totally soaked tee shirt clinging to her small breasts and raised gumdrop nipple.

“MARK!” She cried out as she stood up onto her knees.

“Jesus,” Carl gasped when he saw that the shirt and panties had disappeared into her body. Through the shadows he saw the dark nipples and even the dark bush at the junction of her thighs.

“I didn’t do it…you did,” Mark said not believing that his wife was showing just about everything to Carl.

Nancy had not looked at Carl but when she did she saw his eyes on her body. She glanced down and gasped. “OHHH!” She quickly sat down and leaned back until her body was covered with water and her feet were between theirs. Their heads were on the other side of the tiny pool. She was still upset until she saw that both guys were sporting erections, which, poked up like periscopes from the water.

When Nancy fell in Donna ran into the house to get a towel. When she made it to the pool she saw that Nancy was laying back smiling. “I have you a towel. Close your eyes Carl when she gets out.”

“Close your eyes guys,” Nancy smiled as she reached up for the towel. Her fingers moved up the terry cloth and before Donna knew it she grabbed her left wrist.

“NANCY WHAT ARE YOU….” She didn’t finish as the woman jerked her forward. Donna managed to turn her body as she hit the water at their feet.

“Holy shit,” Carl gasped seeing his wife’s face under water. He quickly moved up to his knees and lifted her upward until she too was on her knees facing him. He glanced down at the clinging dress knowing Mark was getting an eyeful of her nice round titties and dark nipples through the dress.

Donna knew she should be pissed but she surprised herself when she broke out laughing. “Ha..ha..ha..ha.” She moved her arms out and pushed Carl backward before jumping on top of him.

“Geez,” Mark whispered glancing over her shoulder at her nearly bare buttocks. The dress had slipped up over her pink panties, which were wedged in her cheeks.

Nancy knew she should pull the dress down but also knew that they were treading on new ground. After eight years of marriage they needed something new. She moved down into the water at Mark’s feet and slid up his bare legs until her face was over his and her stomach over his wet boxers.

Mark pulled her face and lips down to his and as she moved downward he grabbed onto her shirt in the back and pulled upward. His fingers felt the hot flesh of her thighs and then the damp white panties before dropping the dress at her waist.

For the next five minutes the two married couples frenched and rubbed their privates. Bare legs opened to let hard covered penises poke at their panty crotches. It was when Mark tried to push down Nancy’s panties that she reached back and grabbed onto her undies. “No.”

Carl had managed to get his hand under Donnas’ dress and was almost to her boob and nipple when he heard Nancy say no. They both turned and looked at her hand holding onto her white panties.

“We need to cool it,” Nancy said moving beside Mark on her back.

“She’s right,” Donna agreed as she slid off Carl leaving the two men on the inside. All four were on their backs looking up at the stars. The water and the cool breeze felt good but all were still excited.

Mark reached for Nancy’s leg but she pushed it back. “What’s it going to take to calm you guys down?”

He leaned over and whispered.

“You’re crazy,” Nancy gasped.

“What did he say?” Donna asked leaning up on her elbow and etlik escort looking at Mark’s long hard cock pushing up the red wet boxers.

“He wants me to jerk him off,” Nancy answered. She waited for Donna to agree that he was crazy but saw the sly smile instead. “Don’t tell me that…” She stopped when she saw Donna reach over and grab the log through Carl’s white briefs.

“Shit,” Carl moaned closing his eyes as his wife squeezed and stroked through the cotton undies. Knowing that Nancy was watching was even hotter.

Nancy and Mark were quiet and more than turned on. It was his hand that took her left hand and pulled it to his hidden tower. He smiled as she took over when he moved his hand away. Time stood still as the two wet wives play and jerked off their men’s cocks through their underwear.

Since Carl went first he was the first to cum. “OH FUCK!” His hips pushed his hard cock up into Donnas’ fingers. “NOW…I’M CUMING!”

Donna kept stroking however her eyes were on Nancy’s hand. She still couldn’t believe that the long shaft that she was touching could be real. She saw Mark’s eyes on her chest knowing her dress was basically sheer.

“Getting close baby?” Donna whispered. Her hand and arm were getting tired.

“Yesss…so…so…SOOOO CLOSE!”

Nancy laughed and held the tip of his shaft tight onto his red boxers. When he climaxed the cum shot from the tip, through the material and formed a huge white glob.

As he felt back into the water the cum glob floated to the top.

“FUCK THIS..I’M OUT OF HERE!” Carl laughed and he climbed over Donnas’ body.

“ME TOO!” Nancy cried with tears of laughter and ran after him towards the house.

“Are you staying?” Mark asked Donna who had closed her eyes and fell backward.

“Yes,” she whispered feeling waves on her body as he shifted closer.

“It’s not fair that Carl and I were satisfied. I think that you need to be satisfied too.” He stayed back waiting to see her response. Her dress was floating up over her panties.



Nancy caught up to Carl at the door and both were laughing as he pulled it open and held it for her to come inside. He looked back at Donna and Mark still in the pool and closed the door. Once in the kitchen they stood dripping wet with her eyes on his covered semi-hard penis and his on her perky nipples. “I have some towels in the laundry room.”

He followed her down the hallway and stopped when she reached onto the dryer and pulled away two large fluffy light blue towels. She smiled as he started drying his chest and modestly turned facing away before she dried her hair.

“You should remove the shirt,” Carl whispered behind her.

“Turn around,” she whispered. “And I will.”

Carl hesitated until she peeked around to make sure he turned. He pivoted and reached down and pushed off his damp tightie-whities.

Nancy held back her giggles seeing his bare butt and nude body from the back. She turned back around and pulled off her wet shirt. After it left her head she peeked back to see him looking at her ass.

“Shit…you are so…beautiful,” he whispered. The panties were pulled down tight into her cheeks, which left her buttocks wet and pink.

“No fair peeking,” she said reaching back to put her hands over her bum. “Turn around.” She didn’t peek back to see if he did but when she leaned over to push off the panties she heard his sharp intake of air. She stood naked for the first time in from of a man other than her husband. She giggled and grabbed the towel.

Carl was rock hard watching her wrap the towel around her upper body and ass. He did the same and they turned to face each other. “So we saw each other’s ass.”

“Yes,” she said softly. “I wonder what our spouses are doing.” They moved to the window and stood shoulder to shoulder.


“What can we do?” Mark asked. He was close enough to see the dark hairs of her bush through the wet panties.

“I think we need to just enjoy the moment.” She turned onto her side facing him, which caused her wet sundress to slide down her chest. She glanced down and saw most of her right breast was exposed.

“God…lean over just a little bit more.”

“Promise me you won’t…I mean you will just look.” She looked down and leaned forward. The dripping material moved slowly downward until her large hard and pink nipple popped out.

“Wow…can it just touch it a little?”

“No,” she said feeling as hot as ever.

“Pull the dress down so I can see both.” It wasn’t a request.

Donna turned and looked at the house. As she watched her right hand moved up her stomach to the elastic top. She shifted backwards and pulled the band lower and lower until her left boob appeared and both nipples were like headlights. “I wonder what they are doing in the house.”

“Who cares,” he whispered. As she looked at the house he reached down and pulled out his long hard cock. “Look down.”

She wasn’t sure what he meant until she rus escort did as he said. “OH GOD…” Her hand covered her mouth as her eyes measured his hard-on. “We have to stop this.”

“Wait,” he said as she covered her boobs up and moved out of the pool. “Come back.”


“Her breasts were bare,” Nancy whispered.

“So, we saw each other’s asses,” Carl grinned. “But if you want to show me your titties I won’t complain.”

“You dirty old man,” she laughed. She hurried to the door and opened it to let Donna inside. Get in,” she said.

Donna moved inside and saw her lock the door. She was about to ask why until Nancy pulled her into the laundry room. As Carl stood by in his towel he watched the two women quickly remove her dress and wet panties. It was more than hot to have his wife naked in Nancy’s presence. They heard Mark knock on the door.

“Let him in,” Nancy said handing Donna a towel. By the time Mark walked in the three stood smiling with just towels on.

“Why did you lock me out?” He asked walking in not ashamed of his penis pushing out his boxers.

“Donna had to get her clothes off,” Nancy grinned.

“Hey, Carl was in here when you undressed,” Mark bitched.

“We undressed with our backs to each other,” Carl said truthfully.

“Sure,” Mark groaned. “So is everyone going to stand there while I undress?”

“No,” Nancy answered. Donna and I are going upstairs to shower.”

“Together?” Carl asked excitedly.

“Maybe,” Donna giggled. As they walked away the men could see the bare bottoms of their asses.

“Fuck…this has been one hellofa night,” Carl chuckled. He peeked and saw that Mark did have him beat by two or three inches.


Donna stood back as Nancy reached into the shower to adjust the water temperature. Both women were totally frustrated from their play in the pool and seeing the men partial naked bodies. Nancy turned and smiled. “Do you want to go first or…”

Nancy unhooked her towel and let it fall at her feet. Her big breasts pointed out at Donna as she moved closer. “If I don’t cum soon I’m going to scream.”

Donna moved back against the shower door and didn’t make any move to stop her neighbor. Their eyes locked as Nancy pulled open the towel and tossed it on the floor next to the other one. Their eyes continued to lock as their bodies, faces and finally lips moved closer and closer. Their breasts and nips touched first but their lips were a close second. It was their first kiss with another woman and it wouldn’t be the last one before the shower was over.


“Are they really in the shower together?” Mark whispered to Carl who had his ear to the door.

“Shhhh, they were talking but now I can only hear the water.”

“Fuck, I’d give anything to see what they are doing.” Mark moved forward and bumped against Carl’s hip. He quickly jerked back. “Sorry.”


Nancy’s tongue lightly licked Donna’s lower lip and retreated. Donna did the same and back and forth they went until the two tongues came out at the same time. Their eyes opened when they tasted female spit for the first time. Donna pulled her lips back and licked her lips. “Strawberry?”

“Lip gloss,” Nancy giggled. She realized that their breasts were still pressed together and their nipples were jabbing into the softness. “Are we….uh you know?” She turned and looked at the shower stall.

“Yes,” Donna said. She moved around Nancy and pulled open the shower door. After adjusting the water temperature she stepped into the falling hot water. “Come on.”

Nancy moved back and allowed the shorter blonde woman in. They didn’t shy back from allowing their breasts to touch. “Turn around and let me do your back,” Nancy whispered.

Donna did as she said and closed her eyes when she felt the soft fingers on her shoulders. “Ummm, that feels so good.”


“Well?” Mark asked.

“Nothing,” Carl replied. “But I think they are in the shower because the sound changed.”


Nancy rubbed the soap on her upper body and then slowly down the center of her back. Back to the top and back down again. Each time down her fingers moved further down until she touched the top of Donna’s crack.

Lower and lower the fingers moved touching softness until the hands cupped both buttocks. As her middle finger moved under the cheeks Donna opened her legs.

“What do we have here?” Nancy whispered as her finger moved under enough to enter her best friend’s pussy.

“AHHH!” Donna moaned not caring that the guys could hear her.


“FUCK WHAT WAS THAT?” Carl gasped. “Did you hear it?” He turned and moved back when he saw Mark jerking off. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Mark grinned. “I can’t help it man. They are fucking touching each other.”

Carl leaned aback against the door and heard more moans. He realized they were coming from his wife. He didn’t blink an eye as he reached under his towel and grabbed his hard shaft.


Nancy moved her finger out and turned Donna around to face her. “Do me while I do you.” Her legs opened until fingers moved into her wet slit and rubbed over her clitty. “OH YES…RIGHT THERE…TOUCH ME!”

The two raced to finger each other until they were ready to cum. “Are you ready?” Nancy asked.

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