Kim Ch. 02

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Fun on the Tube

The move to London was like a scary adventure, I had lived in Cornwall all my life and finally, at 20 I was getting away, both from Cornwall and the control of my parents, they were not pleased that I had decided to move to the big city, my mother saw me off at the station but my father totally ignored me, so be it.

I had been to London many times before, visiting friends for a weekend here or there so knew my way around a little, it was through one of these friends that I had got the job at Westerleys estate agents. I had never sold houses before but as Brian at the said at the interview they usually sold themselves.

I had been here about 6 month’s and lived in a nearby bed sit, gloomy, but it was mine, and decorated to my tastes not my parents, I loved the freedom that I had and enjoyed the night life, one thing I found I liked though was travelling on the underground.

I was a constant flasher and the underground gave me a great deal of scope, I mostly used the tube when shopping or going out in the evening, so dressed for the opportunities that could, and usually did arise.

I wasn’t surprised at the amount of people who would look up my skirt or down my top’s for a quick peek, that was expected but then one day I found out that some people wanted more than a peek.

I got on the tube as usual during the rush hour For the first time Brian had asked me to show a client a house by myself, he said that he believed I was ready and more than capable of selling it. As it was my first time on my own I wanted to make an impression so I wore a demure black skirt about 6″ above the knee and a white blouse, top two buttons undone, and as it was autumn a black maxi coat, open.

I got on the tube and as it was rush hour I had to stand, I stood near several guy’s in pin stripe suits, holding one of those handles hanging from the roof, I am 5’7″ so it wasn’t easy holding on and keeping my dignity, not that I minded the guy sitting down blatantly looking at my legs and sliding down to see if he could see anymore, but I was trying to concentrate on my job so I turned round and showed him my back, now I was facing a pinstripe who was about 6 feet tall, with two more pinstripes either side of me, talking to him as best they could on a moving tube.

Suddenly I felt something on my stomach and realised it was a hand, I tried to pull back but there was no room, with a briefcase in one hand and the other one holding me up, I was just a little defenceless, pinstripe in font of me was reading a folded newspaper, which was just below my chin so I couldn’t even see who the hand belonged to, slowly it moved up to my boob’s, I looked left and right, but nobody was taking any notice of me or seemed to know what was happening.

I felt another blouse button come undone and then the hand was on my naked boob, finding my nipple and softly rubbing it. I realised I was actually getting turned on, the confused look on my face turned to resignation, there really wasn’t anything I could do to stop it happening without falling over, the train started to slow and the hand pulled my blouse together, once the train stopped a group of people got off including the three pinstripes,

I was left standing there, arm in the air, blouse pulled together but still showing more than I wanted, I must have been in shock because I didn’t move, the train pulled away shaking me back to life, I sat in a vacant seat opposite sliding man, who now had a pretty good view of my boob’s and was doing his best to look up my skirt, I couldn’t believe he could be so obvious, I was angry, so I spread my legs just enough for him to see and then quickly closed them shut again, he was too slow, he missed his opportunity and I gave him a silly smile.

My station was next, I got off the train and as I was a little early went to the café and ordered a coffee, while I drank I thought about what had happened on the train. God it had turned me on, I had to admit that, I didn’t even know who it was which made it even more exciting, yes, I had to admit I had enjoyed it, it was safe enough on a crowded train, yes I think I would like it to happen again, in fact I will look forward to it.

I met Mr Harris, a man in his late 40’s outside the property, with a smile he looked me up and down, as I would have expected. “Hello Mr Harris.” I said, holding out my hand “I’m Kim, come to show you round the property.” I went into my sales blurb as I opened the door and we walked in.

“Very nice.” he said, as he followed me in. The house was furnished which showed it off a lot better

I showed him downstairs and all he kept saying was, “Very nice, yes very nice.” I thought he doesn’t seem very enthusiastic, we went upstairs and I showed him the bathroom, second bedroom, third bedroom.

“And this is the master bedroom.” I said, as I swept the door open and walked in “Lovely isn’t it, tasteful, good view over the common as well.”

He moved up behind me to look out the window, a little too close, I turned round trying to side step him “Excellent view.” he said looking down Uşak Escort at my cleavage

I suddenly realised what all the ‘very nice’ was about, the button’s on my blouse that had been undone on the train, were still undone, the only thing he couldn’t see was my nipples. I was shocked, but also, laughing at myself for not realising “Mr Harris, what would your wife say?” I said mockingly, managing to get passed him, making no attempt to do the buttons up

“Hmm, my wife? Well my wife is not going to have to cough up to by this place is she?” he said with a smile, stepping closer.

I stood my ground as he drew nearer “Mr Harris just what are you implying?” I asked, in a feigned, shocked voice.

“Well Kim, I assume you get a hefty commission if I buy this place?” he said, moving behind me

“I just need to go to the bathroom, Mr Harris, please feel free to look around,” I said in a slight panic.

I got to the bathroom and locked the door, ‘shit what do I do,’ I asked myself, I know what he is after, a quick grope or even more, I knew I was safe because he had looked at several other properties, what should I do, fuck, damn him for putting me in this position, possibly my first sale, and he had to complicate things by making it plain that he wanted something extra.

I sat down and thought for a while, how far am I willing to go, not that bloody far, but did I need to, I could fuck him silly right now and he might not sign the form, but if he believed that I would let him have me once he signed that may be a different matter, and one thing I was good at was teasing men into getting what I want, ok that was it then, he had started it so I was going to use it to get him to sign.

I splashed some water in my face making sure some ran down my blouse, then I walked back to the bedroom, “Look what I’ve done,” I said “I’m soaked and there isn’t a towel up here.”

He couldn’t take his eye’s off my wet top, clinging to my nipples, I brushed passed him and looked out the window, “Just look at that view, lovely isn’t it?” I said.

He moved up close behind me again and put his hands on my shoulders “Oh yes it is a wonderful view.” he said, as his hands moved down my arms, going across to my boobs, slipping into the wet blouse.

As he reached naked flesh I put my hand on his and said, “Mr Harris, what are you doing, you naughty man.” and turning walked a few steps away “Should we discuss business over a cup of coffee in the kitchen?” I asked, and without waiting for a reply I went downstairs.

He followed me like a lap dog hovering around me while I made coffee “Do you like the house?” I asked, handing him his drink and pulling out a chair, sat at the large table.

He pulled another chair out and sat next to me, close enough to see but not touch “Yes.” he said, “Yes I do, it is perfect for us, but…” And he looked at my legs.

I got up and added milk to my coffee, placing the cup on the table I lifted my skirt slightly and sat down again, his eye’s now had more to see, leaning forward I put my hand on his “But, Mr Harris,” I said, “but what, I am sure I can help you with any questions or anything else you may want.”

His eyes didn’t know where to look first “Well it’s a lovely house, nice area, but there may be just that little something missing.” he said emphasising the ‘may’

“Oh Mr Harris I am so pleased you want to buy it.” I said, getting up and pulling his head gently to my boob’s, his lips touching flesh “I am sure we can sort anything else out once you have signed the papers.”

He rubbed his face against my boob, opening the blouse slightly, his hand slowly moving up my leg, as he reached the top of my stockings and touched naked flesh, he said, “Oh I am certain we can.”

I moved back to my chair, sitting down, showing nothing “Once you have exchanged contracts I will come over here and hand over the keys to you, myself.” I said, and with that I got up and headed for the door, he followed me, lap dog fashion again, as we got to the front door I put my hand to his face and said, “I so look forward to our next meeting Mr Harris.” and moving close to his ear whispered “I look forward to it with eager anticipation.”

We left the house and he got in his car offering me a lift, I made the excuse that I had another client coming to view the house, adding that I would much rather he bought it. He waved farewell and drove away.

Two weeks later Brian put some papers in front of me and said “Well I don’t know how you did it,” he said, “but keep doing it, Harris has exchanged contracts, you have your first sale, congratulations, we hand the keys over at 1 o’clock and Mr Harris has asked for you to be there, we leave in half an hour.”

I jumped up out of my chair, threw my arms round him and gave him a big hug, I was so excited, at last my first sale, the first of many I hoped.

Brian drove us to the property, all the way I was wondering what Harris would expect of me, but then Brian was with me, so I knew nothing was going to happen. When we arrived Harris’s face dropped.

We Uşak Escort Bayan got out of the car and Brian took Mr Harris by the hand “You have bought a lovely property here Mr Harris,” Brian said, “and Kim’s first sale, I just had to bring her here personally to hand over the keys, Congratulations.” he said, and gave me the keys to give to Harris.

I gave him the keys and said, “I hope you and your family will be very happy here Mr Harris.”

He took the keys and leaning forward took my shoulders and pulling me forward kissed me on the cheek, “I know we will Kim,” he said “and if your ever passing, please drop in for a coffee, or something.” he was smiling but I knew by the pause just what he meant by ‘or something’ but I think he knew he had lost that particular battle.

So now I knew what to expect, I was more prepared, I dressed in a suit for house viewings, one that covered just enough if I wanted it to but could also reveal as well. Women were much easier to handle, just listen to them, find out what they want and then show how the property can give it to them, although on occasion, just occasionally the men trick worked on the women too.

Around six months later, a new flat, and several sales later, a man walked into the shop wanting to buy a property, “Something different” he said, and gave a rough idea of what he was after, Brian said that he would have to go to a lot of estate agents to find anything like what he wanted, but really it was too big for us to handle, too specific. As the man, Mr Burgess, left I followed him, giving him my card with my mobile number on it.

“Give me a couple of hours and call me, I may be able to help” I said. I went back into the shop and asked Brian if he would mind if I tried to help Mr Burgess in my own time, he said as long as it didn’t interfere with work he didn’t have a problem with it.

I went for an early lunch, sometimes on my way to work I would browse the opposition windows and when Burgess had described what he was looking for it rang a bell but I wanted to be sure. I found the agent where I thought I had seen the property, and pretending I was interested in buying went in to get the details, it was view by arrangement so, hoping the vendor would be at home I rang the number.

A lady answered the phone and I told her that I may know someone who would be interested in buying her property, I told her that I worked for an estate agent but was acting independently and asked if we could meet, she agreed to meet me after I had finished work.

Mr Burgess rang me shortly after and I told him I may have found a property he would like but I needed to have a look at it first to make sure, we arranged for him to call me back around 9pm. I went round the house after work and was met by a woman in her late 30’s.

“Good evening.” she said, holding out her hand “I’m Brenda Wilson, I do hope you have a buyer, we have been trying to sell this place for ages, it’s a lovely house but my husband’s work is being moved abroad and of course we have to sell.”

She showed me around the house, It was perfect, or I thought so and I already knew the she was eager to sell, “I think my client will love it.” I said, “But I think you should know that although I am working for an estate agent, I am working independently.”

She smiled, “Well if you sell the house I am happy to pay you the agents fee.” she said, “If that’s ok with you?”

The thought of an agent’s fee hadn’t even entered my head, but hey why not, “That’s fine.” I said

I went home flushed with success, I hoped that Mr Burgess would love the house as much as I thought he would. He rang at exactly 9 o’clock, “I think you will like the house” I said, “It has all the thing’s you asked for and then some. I think you should see it as soon as possible before anyone else doe’s.”

“Well if it’s as good as you say it is,” he said “I will be happy to pay you a finders fee, shall we say the same as the estate agents fee.”

“Ye….yes that will be fine.” I stammered, and started counting up money in my head, I couldn’t believe the figures I came up with.

I took the following day off work and collected Mr Burgess at the station. He loved the house, he and Mrs Wilson got on very well together and agreed a price, I had told Mr Burgess that the property had been on the market for sometime and about the Wilson’s having to sell fast so he got it well below market price.

As we were leaving Brenda said, “Gary! Shall we send the completed papers to Kim as she has done all the work, and then we can exchange contracts here, ok”

“Wonderful idea Brenda, is that ok with you Kim?” he asked

I agreed and took him back to the station “The day we exchange contracts I will give you your check ok, and you have earned every penny believe me” he said with a big smile

I’d done it; I had found and sold a property, all by myself. The following day I told Brian what had happened and although he was not pleased with me taking the day off he congratulated me saying “So! A property broker now Escort Uşak eh, well I hope you remember your roots”

“Remember!” I said, “Why I’m not going anywhere.”

Brian laughed “Do you know how much money you made in one day?” he said

“Well I did do a count up but it just seemed too much I must have got it wrong” I said.

Brian walked to his desk and fiddled with his calculator “Well, the price was agreed at £250,000, you get 2% from both buyer and seller” Brian said, “if they both honour a verbal agreement you should make around £10,000. Not bad for a days work eh”

My legs went all shaky, I sat down before I fell down, my figures were right then. Brian handed me a cup of coffee and said, “Drink that, then I think we should have a chat.”

I drank the coffee and when he thought I was ready Brian started talking business, how I needed to sort out contracts, get a solicitor, draw up agreements for selling and finding properties. Everything I needed to know about starting up my own Property Broker business.

He finished by saying, “I will pay you for the time you attend work, and for all your sales, but you seem to have found a niche in the market and I think you will do well at it, anytime you need away from here I cant pay you for, but to be honest I don’t think you will be here much longer, so like I said, remember your roots, ok”

I was dumbstruck, but Brian had been in this business for a long time, I took note of what he said and for the next few weeks done all the things he suggested, my business was set up and all documents printed up with the £10,000 I got from my one days work. Working from my flat I was ready to go

A month after Mr Burgess moved in to his new house he phoned me on my mobile, he had a friend who was looking for a property, an unusual property, he also had one to sell.

That was how I started in my business, pure chance, two months later I said goodbye to Brian and was on my own.

After the day on the tube with the three pinstripe’s I realised how much fun travelling on the tube could be, and once I was working for myself the tube became a regular mode of transport.

I started wearing really short skirts, thin tops, stockings and suspenders, I never wore underwear anyway so I was always available for touching or more often, looking, and I encouraged it.

I was on tube one evening rush hour, crushed as usual when the man in front of me, kept looking down, I thought he was looking at my cleavage so I just smiled at him, then I felt something touching my stomach, I looked at him and he nodded downwards, I looked down and saw that he had opened his coat slightly and his dick was sticking out the gap and rubbing my stomach, this was the first time I had encountered a flasher on the train, he looked disappointed when I smiled at him, until he felt my grip on his erection.

Very slowly wanked him, invisible to everyone else behind his coat I played with him, if he tried to pull away I dug my nails in, rubbing him and then slowing down playing with the head, his breathing was coming in gasps so I knew he was close, unfortunately for him so was my station, with a final flurry I turned and walked away, I knew he had almost come by the juice in my hand, but I had timed it perfect and he was left throbbing and juicing but not coming.

Another time I got on the tube, crowded again, and stood in front of a pinstripe, my cleavage showing, my head almost rubbing his chin, he turned his nose up and gave me a filthy look, bastard I thought, turn away by all means but not the look.

I looked to one side and knowing from experience he couldn’t get away I slowly moved my hand up his leg, he was sure it was me but I was looking the other way, holding on with one hand and paper in the other he was a little caught, my hand moved to his groin and finding his cock I ran my nails over it through the material, he tried to squirm away, but he was reacting now, getting hard, I ran my hand s over it again and again until he was straining to get out, now I could get a grip on it through the material, I looked him in the face now and gave him a smile, he was shaking, eye’s wide. I wanked him, and I wanked him hard, moments later I knew he had come because his legs nearly gave way, I released him and licked my fingers, he got off as soon as the train stopped.

A similar event was again a crowded train, pinstripes again, they just love themselves don’t they.

Me in the middle of a crowd of them. Suddenly I felt a hand on my buttocks, a finger tracing the crease in my arse, the man behind me had lifted my skirt and was brushing his trouser covered erection against my bum, his hand moving round to my pussy, the man standing in front of me covered what was going on, I slipped my hand behind me and took his erection in my hand, he gasped in my ear, I found his zipper and started to slide it down, he tried to pull away but I dug my heel into his foot, his zip was down and my hand was in before he could recover, shorts made life so much more fun, I pulled his up and had him in my hand, rubbing him and brushing him against my bum cheeks, it seemed I had turned the tables because both his hands were on my shoulders, I played with him rubbing him hard, scratching my nails over his swollen head “You’ll have to stop.” he whispered in my ear, “Before it’s too late.”

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