Kim’s Pretty as a Penny Ch. 01

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Here I was dropping my wife Sara at the airport again. She traveled a lot for business and this time she’d be gone almost two weeks. Our family got used to it, but it sure put a crimp in our sex life. Sara smiled at me and then said:

“Maybe you should try to give Kim a little extra attention this week. Since she and Brad broke up, she’s not herself. She’s just been moping around the house, doing nothing. Maybe take her out to dinner and shopping at the mall… or something.” Kim was our 18-year-old daughter, a senior in high school. She and her ex-boyfriend Brad broke up about a month ago and she hasn’t seemed herself since. She spent a lot of time alone in her room lately and she got a dramatic new haircut in the last few weeks, cutting off her beautiful long blond hair, leaving a boyish cut that barely reached her neck. We wondered if that was a good sign or a bad one.

“Hon, it’s been a long time since she wanted to be seen with ‘Dad’ at the mall, but I’ll try to find the ‘or something’ to cheer her up.”

I dropped off Sara with a kiss and drove home. My mind drifted from thinking about my wife Sara, to my daughter Kim, to my own youth, my college years in particular: the dorms, the social life, and the girls… I especially thought about one of my old college girlfriends, Penny. Man, she was a wild one. We once spend 3 days in bed having marathon sex with nothing but a couple of bottles of wine and some fresh fruit to keep us going (and we consumed most of the wine by licking it off each other’s bodies). She had such a young looking body: bright eyes, neck length hair, and a very petite, slender body: 5ft 2 or so, a flat stomach, thin legs, a tight little butt, and small pointy breasts with sexy stiff nipples. Penny used to get mad that boys of 13 or 14 would try to pick her up at the 7-11 while she was in college (true!). When I was dating her, it didn’t seem a big deal one way or the other to me that she looked so young, but as I think of her now (or look at the dozen or so photos I kept of her in those day, including a few in very skimpy outfits), that young, girlish look was mighty hot. I remember that she had to talk me into letting her dress up in her old Catholic schoolgirl uniform for fun and games! I have to confess, along with those photos, I kept her letters, which were filled with vivid erotic descriptions of our love making sessions (and sometimes her sexual fantasies) that were as hot as any story you could ever read.

My mind wandered all the way home. When I walked in, I found an empty house and a note from Kim:

– Gone shopping with Julie. Probably dinner out. I promise not to be home late. K –

Good, I thought. Maybe she’s starting to cheer up. At least she’s out and about with her latest best pal. Her friend Julie is an adorable tiny Asian girl with long dark hair, a cute smile, and warm, sparkling eyes.

After dinner alone, I retreated to my bedroom with my laptop and my second glass of brandy, determined to relax and “get some relief” as I climbed into bed. I watched the tube, sipped the brandy and pulled up stories from Literotica on my computer. I was tired from the long day and getting a nice buzz from the brandy as I started reading a particularly hot brother/sister story. The brother is in the sister’s room late at night after having sex with his girlfriend in the next room and he discovers his sister frustrated about her boyfriend but very hot and bothered from hearing her brother through the wall having sex a few minutes ago. The story was having exactly the effect I was hoping for. I reached under the covers and pushed my pajama bottoms down to my thighs and started slowly pulling on my hard dick as I read on. As the story got hotter, I could feel my balls start to swell, so I pulled faster and harder on myself. I was getting close to erupting when I heard a sound coming up the hall stairs, followed by a knock on the door. I quickly closed the lid on my laptop and pulled my pajama bottoms back up, even though I was still under the covers. I was SO close to cumming I had to concentrate on what was going on to refocus myself.

“Come in” The door opened and my daughter Kim stood at the doorway, dressed in her typical bedtime apparel. She was wearing a worn out pink t-shirt that was way too small and bright yellow panties. I always tried to ignore her figure, but seeing her like that reminded me so much of my old college girlfriend, göztepe escort Penny. Kim seemed the spitting image of her tonight with her short hair and petite, slender body. Kim even had the same flat stomach (which her short tee shirt didn’t cover at all), tight little butt (especially in those yellow panties), and small, pointy breasts that were easy to make out beneath that tight faded t-shirt, her stiff nipples practically poking through. I was still rock hard and her appearance wasn’t helping any.

“Hey dad, what are you watching?” Her question snapped me back to reality and I worked hard not to look at her nubile body any more (and for that matter, I tried hard to shift under the covers to avoid showing how hard I still was!). Boy, the brandy must be getting to me more than I thought.

“Nothing in particular, I answered. “Had fun with Julie?” I was hoping to get her talking about her cute new girlfriend so I could concentrate on settling down a bit.

She hovered at the doorway, not sure if she was in or out, and then spoke.

“I guess. Not that the mall is such a big thrill, but Julie and I both got a few things, including these”. She pointed to her shiny yellow panties, spun around once shaking her butt, and turned full circle to face me again, grinning sheepishly. I noticed for the first time that I could clearly see the indent at the bottom front of her panties where the cotton tightly covered her sex. She shifter her hips like teenagers do, with her weight moving from one foot to the other, and I was finding it way too distracting watching her crotch rock back and forth in front of me as her little tits bounced around as she moved. I was hypnotized, trying to figure out whether to take my eyes off her nipples or her crotch as she swayed slowly from side to side. She left a pause longer than usual. I wasn’t sure if she caught me looking at her or was waiting for me to speak, when she asked: “Dad, could I hang out with you tonight and watch SNL?”

I didn’t want to disappoint her with all that had been going on for her lately, but I was still pretty stirred up and didn’t want her to notice the pole I was sporting under the covers.

“Sure kiddo. How about you make us some popcorn and bring up some sodas and we can hang out for a while.” That should give me a chance to cool down, I thought.

“Great” She almost sang as she ran downstairs to get the goodies. I watched the end of the news (which would make anyone loose a hard on!) and she came back up with a bed tray with our snacks. She put it down over my lap (great, I thought, at least I have more camouflage in case I cant “keep a good man down” as they say) and then she jumped in under the covers on my wife’s side of the bed.

“One condition”, I said. “If I pass out first, which is likely for your old man, you can finish watching Saturday Night here, but then you have turn off the TV and scram.”

“No problem-o”, Kim quickly answered, “and you’re not such an old man, you goose”. (I never heard her use that expression before, but she had been using a lot of new expressions lately. Maybe she picked them up from her new friend Julie.) She reached over and kissed me on the cheek and then nuzzled her head on my shoulder while grabbing some popcorn. We settled in to watch SNL.

After a while I felt a bit drowsy and asked Kim to remove the tray in case I got too sleepy. She twisted around a bit for position and leaned over me. I could feel her body against mine, her hips pressing into my side, her breasts swaying right in front of me, and I swear she rested her hand on my lap just for a moment as she steadied herself before grabbing the tray. Afterwards she settled back in position with me on my back and her on her side leaning up against me as she threw one arm over me to cuddle. I could feel her breasts poking my side and she almost wrapped her leg over me.
“A penny for your thoughts,” Kim whispered in my ear, but I was already pretty drowsy.

“Don’t forget to turn off the TV when it’s over” I mumbled as I started to drift off


That night I dreamt about my college days again. Short clips of classrooms, dorms, and days of fun blended together until my dream settled on Penny. I’m not sure why, but lately I dreamt of her a lot when my wife was away and tonight my dream was so intense that I could practically smell her scent. I dreamt we istanbul escort were lying in bed together, spooning. She started slowly grinding her panty-clad butt into my crotch. She used to do that a lot when she was in the mood – it’s funny how a dream can bring back a vivid memory that you had totally forgotten. I loved the sensation of her grinding against me; so I pulled her butt into my crotch tighter, dry humping along with her rhythm. I reached around her waist, finding her arm in the way as my hand sleepily stroked her belly.

My hand gently followed up and down her arm, working up her arm until I felt her small, firm tits, taking a moment to caress them both, pausing to run my hands over her chest between them, then pressing lightly against her stiff nipples with my palm and fingertips. She shuddered and her breathing was shallow, she was getting hotter with each moment. Penny was almost always horny. As I follower her arm down, I realized that her hand was stuffed into the front of her panties. I let my hand wander further down over her panties and felt her fingers moving in her curly hairs through the soft cotton material.

She was fingering herself, alternating techniques, running her palm over her clit with her fingers stiff and then pumping her fingers in and out of herself. I was enjoying the feeling of her fingers below the material, but allowed my hand to drift further south, letting my fingertips tickle the area where the skin of her thighs met the bottom of her panties. She was humming and squeaking in pleasure at the sensation and ground her butt into my stiff rod more deliberately as she continued pleasuring herself. I let my fingertips work the bottom edge of her panties until I could run a couple of my fingers under the elastic to mesh with her own soaked fingers. The next time she went for her clit, I pushed my fingers into her tight wet hole and she gasped in pleasure. She sighed and hummed stronger as I worked in and out of her.

I began to smell her sex as she pulled her hand out of her underwear and reached back grabbing my rock hard cock through my pajamas. I started working the side of my thumb up and down against her clit as I reached my middle finger deeper into her juicy pussy. She let out a ragged sigh and rolled on to her back to give me better access. At the same time, she pushed her right hand into my pajama bottoms and I finally felt her fingers wrap around my hot cock, her hand still wet from her own juices as she started jerking me off. With her other hand she tried to push down my pajama along my side. I lifted my ass up and she let go of my cock and pushed my pajamas down far enough that I could use my feet to kick them off.

All this time I continued my assault on her clit and pussy, my hand now drenched with her slick juices. I tickled her sticky lips and pushed downward from inside her panties trying to get them off her and she raised her butt off the bed and helped me, hooking her thumbs on the sides of her underwear and pushing her panties down off her hips as she arched in the air. I continued pushing her soggy panties down from between her legs, letting my hand gently caress down her inner thighs as my wrist pushed down her wadded, soaked panties until I felt her left leg come up to release them. I could feel them still on her right leg below her knee. She knew the thought of it turned me on all the more.

Then she pushed me off my side and onto my back and climbed on top of me. I could feel her hot thighs and soggy panties against my leg as she sat leaning her wet sex against my burning cock. She leaned forward, pushing my tee shirt up, sucking on my nipples and licking my chest as she rocked her hips up and down, running the open folds of her soaked pussy over the length of my cock. She sat back up and pushed down until her clit was rubbing up and down my cock and I could feel her open, juicy snatch soak my balls as though she was licking them. I groaned and she started rubbing her dripping pussy upwards along my stiff rod until the tip of my cock felt her warm wet opening. I was in ecstasy. She paused in that position for a moment that felt like forever until she finally leaned forward, pressing her pert breasts into my chest, and stuck her tongue in my mouth, our lips meeting for the first time at the same time she pushed down her body to engulf my cock.

I couldn’t believe how tight kadıköy escort and wet she was and as she started rocking me in and out of her. I could feel her shudder again. She was doing most of the work and after a few slow, deliberate, strokes, she let out her first words, “Oh, yes” in rhythm to grinding her clit against my crotch as she continued pushing me deep into her and tugging outward. On the next thrust, she moved my cock outward until once again only the tip was at her entrance and moaned ” Fuck me good, Daddy”.

Suddenly I realized I wasn’t dreaming. I was in the midst of fucking my daughter! “Oh God” I muttered as reality set in and I froze. Again she pushed down on me slowly and again her pussy completely swallowed my cock.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop. Please! Daddy, I need this so bad!” She kept fucking me, speeding up to show me her need, now almost frantically, as I lay shocked and motionless. “Daddy, I’m sorry I tricked you, but I need to cum SO BAD! Just do this for me, please!” she continued thrusting on me, her glazed eyes burning through me. She leaned her face into mine, ran her tongue along my lips and whispered, “Do this for me and I’ll do ANYTHING for you. Oh god, please, I need to cum so bad Daddy. I have to cum.” She was out of control pumping my cock faster now trying to get a better rhythm going since I wasn’t helping her.

“Help me cum Daddy, PLEAASEE help me” She grabbed my wrists and put them on her hips as she moved in and out. I could feel her juices soaking my cock, pooling on my balls and pouring down the crack to my asshole. “Come on Daddy, please, please FUCK ME!”

At that moment, the combination of that wet trail of juices on my asshole, her sweet smell, her frantic fucking, her wild eyes, and her begging finally set me off. I lost it and finally went back to enthusiastically fucking her, grabbing her ass with both hands, grinding her clit against my pubes helping her build up more speed and friction as together we rocked my cock in and out of her slick hole. We both started to feel it coming, her breathing getting more ragged as I felt my balls tighten.

“Yeah Daddy, that’s it, I’m soooo close. Fuuuckk!” I could feel her pussy muscles tighten as she shuddered and shook. “YESSSSSSS!” She was cumming wildly and at that moment I shot my load deep into her. I pulled on her ass and kept grinding her clit against my body, as I pushed up and into her as deep as I could until both our orgasms peeked. She sucked on my neck and starting kissing and licking me all around my face, finally slowing down to a deep wet kiss between us as we came down.

After a few moments of nothing but the sound of our breathing, I realized what she said. “What did you mean, you tricked me?” I finally asked her, feeling a bit guilty. “While you were begging for me to go on, you said you tricked me. What did you mean by that?”

Kim thought for a minute before answering. “To be honest Daddy, I did kind of set you up tonight. I found that old shoebox in your closet a few weeks ago with your college stuff, and saw the pictures of your old girlfriend Penny. I also read the letters she sent you and to be honest they were so hot, I started getting myself off to them every night. One of them told how she used to wake you in the middle of the night by rubbing her butt against you. After getting myself off for the zillionth time to her letters, I decided to get you to do everything she wrote about to me too. I reread all the letters looking for clues. I got my haircut like hers, started using her expressions, and tonight even dressed exactly like the hottest picture you had of her, that one in her pink t-shirt and yellow panties that you buried in a sealed envelope at the bottom of the box. I even put on her brand of perfume after you fell asleep and got back into bed and slowly grinded my butt into you, the way she described in the letters. I was hoping that you’d start dreaming about her without you knowing it was me putting that stuff in your head. Then it was a simple matter of following the plot of her letters!”

“You really did all that? Why?” I asked.

” Since Brad and I broke up, I’ve been SO horny and those letters made it even worse for me. Do you remember what else I said when I was begging you to help me cum?” She leaned her face right up to mine and whispered, “I said I’d do ANYTHING for you for helping me get off. Dad, brace yourself, but we’re just getting started.”

She grinned ear to ear and then kissed me passionately. She reached down to my cock, still sticky from her juices and my cum, and said: “Oh, I’m such a bad girl. I forgot to clean up” as she climbed under the covers giggling and began licking my cock and balls clean.

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