Kissing Cathy Ch. 13

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“You don’t mind waiting just a little longer for this, do you?” Cathy asked Mike as she stroked her strap-on. “My solo video won’t take long and I did promise Carl that I’d take care of him right after I used the prostate stimulator on you.”

Mike felt his prick pulsating in his pants as he watched her hand sliding up and down her hard shaft. He raised his eyes along her naked body to her eyes, licked his lips and said, “I’m sure you’ll make the wait well worth my while.”

“Oh yeah, you’re going to love my big hard dick in your ass.” Cathy giggled and put her hands on his shoulders. “And after that, I know you’ll really enjoy masturbating when you watch this video of me jerking off.”

Mike smiled at his amazing woman. “You know me so well.”

Cathy gave him a quick kiss, turned to Carl and with a sweet smile said, “How about you, Carl? Do you think you’re going to enjoy masturbating when you watch me jerk off and cum all over my tits?”

Carl smiled and said, “Oh yeah. I’m going to enjoy masturbating watching you a lot, I always do. But you already knew that, didn’t you?”

“Of course I already knew that. I just wanted to hear you say it,” Cathy replied as she moved next to him and gave him a quick kiss. “So let’s get started, shall we?”

Cathy checked the view through the camera on the tripod at the foot of the bed and turned it on. This was a similar angle that Jen had when she made her jerk off video for Mike that had driven him wild. Cathy glanced at Mike and Carl who were now positioned on either side of the bed with the other cameras. This video will be so much better than Jen’s, she thought. The guys will be able get all the shots they want for their viewing pleasure later.

Cathy laid back on the bed, looked up at the ceiling, closed her eyes and grabbed the shaft of her strap-on with her right hand. I’m going to put on such a good show that the guys will have to get themselves off when they watch this, Cathy thought. I’m going to stroke my dick like my men do when they get lost in the pleasure they’re giving themselves. I’m going to stroke it like I can feel it. She gently moved her dick so that it rubbed softly against her clit and let out a low moan at the pleasure she gave herself. Oh yeah, I can feel it. I’m going to love watching my men masturbate when they watch this video.

Cathy took her time, just like Mike and Carl did when they jerked off for her. She started by slowly sliding her right hand up and down her shaft while gently massaging her balls with her left hand. She gradually increased the speed of her hand moving along her cock then wrapped both hands around her shaft and pumped her hips for a few moments before completely stopping. Her left hand moved to her right tit, she moaned as she massaged her nipple and used her right hand to rub the head of her hard dick. “I love jerking off,” she said softly as she moved her fist along the length of her cock. I love masturbating for my men and they love masturbating for me, she thought. She slowly increased the tempo of her hand until it was a blur and then suddenly stopped again. “This feels so good but I don’t want to cum yet. I’m going to take my time so I have a nice big load to shoot all over my tits.”

Cathy did all the things she’d seen Mike and Carl do. She used both hands to slowly, methodically, lovingly stroke her shaft, rub the head of her cock and massage her balls. “I want you to jerk off with me,” she moaned. Even with Sefaköy escort bayan her eyes closed she could see what her hands were doing. In her mind she saw her men watching the video and handling their hard cocks the same way that she was. “Yes, wrap your fingers around your big hard dick and stroke it for me. That is so fucking hot. Play with your balls. I love watching you jerk off.” She knew what they wanted and loved giving it to them.

Her words flowed from her as the pleasure in her mind and body increased. “Do you know what I like to watch even more than you stroking your hard cock? I want to see you stroking my hard cock. You look so hot with my dick in your hand. I want you to jerk me off. I know you want to do it, too. You want to feel my dick in your hand. You want to please me. You want to jerk me off. Oh yes, do it. That feels so good.”

She stroked her dick slowly for a while before saying, “When you see your hand sliding up and down my cock you’ll be watching it up close and licking your lips. You like having your fingers wrapped around my dick but you want more. You want to suck it. Yes, I think you should. You like having your lips wrapped around my dick. You like having a mouth full of cock. You look so fucking hot with a big hard cock in your mouth. Yes, suck my dick. I love watching my cock fill your mouth.” She stroked her dick faster. “Oh yeah, you suck my dick so good. I see how hard you are when you suck me off. I know you like it doing it. Yes, you love sucking my dick.”

Cathy knew that both of the guys had the desire to drop their cameras and join her on the bed but knew they wouldn’t. They wanted this to be a perfect video as much as she did. That thought turned her on even more.

“I know you love sucking my dick but then you’ll want even more of it, won’t you? Oh, yeah. You want my dick in your ass, don’t you? Oh gawd yes, I want to slide my dick up your ass. Climb on top of me and sit on my dick. Feel my cock fill your ass. You like having a big hard dick up your ass, don’t you? I want you to jerk off while you ride my dick. Doesn’t that feel so fucking good?”

Cathy was approaching her orgasm. She wrapped both hands around her hard dick and pumped her hips up and down as she stroked her shaft. “Yes, jerk off for me while I fuck your ass. Make yourself cum all over my tits while I cum in your ass,” she moaned. She opened her eyes, lifted her head and looked at her dick as she reached down to her balls and gave them a squeeze. A stream of cum shot from the head of her dick and landed on her lips and chin. “Oh fuck yeah, cum on me,” she screamed as she laid her head back down and made another load of cum shoot from her cock that landed on her left tit. The warm liquid felt good, just like when the guys would cum on her. She stroked her shaft to massage her clit and made a load of cum erupt on her right tit. It felt so good. Her orgasm peaked as she opened her eyes to see another shot of cum land on her chest. The view of her cum covered body and her dick in her hands made her squeal with joy and shoot another stream of cum on to herself. She thrashed on the bed as her self induced orgasm filled her mind and body.

Cathy had a huge smile as she gradually came down from her orgasm. She gave her balls a slow soft squeeze to release one more flow of cum that leaked from her dick, covered her hand and pooled on her stomach. She looked down at herself and said, “That Yenibosna escort is so fucking hot.”

She brought her cum covered hand to her mouth and licked it clean. “Oh, that tastes so good. You like a mouthful of cum, too, don’t you?” Her eyes roamed over her body. “Look at all the cum all over me. Too bad you’re not here to lick it all this cum off my tits. I know you like to lick me clean.” She rubbed her fingers over her cum covered tits. “It feels so good when you suck your cum off me.” She brought her cum covered hand to her mouth and sucked each finger clean, one at a time, as she moaned. “I love kissing you when you have a mouthful of cum.”

Cathy gave a contented sigh, put her hands to her sides and closed her eyes. After a few moments she opened her eyes and looked at Mike and Carl. They were getting in their final shots of her cum covered body. She pictured what they would look like when they finished watching this video, the smiles on their faces, their dicks in their hands and their chests covered with all the hot cum they’d just pumped out all over themselves. She smiled at them and said, “Do you think you’ll enjoy watching that when you have something besides a camera in your hand?” They both smiled back at her and said yeah, heck yeah.

Their words, the looks on their faces and the bulges in their pants confirmed to her that the video was as good as she thought it was. It thrilled her to know that her men would have fantastic masturbation sessions while watching her stroking her cock and cumming all over herself. She also knew that when she asked to make a video of them jerking off together while watching this video they would gladly do it for her. She gave her balls one final squeeze and shot a stream of cum onto her smiling face as her men looked on in amazement at her.

“I’d better go clean up,” she said as she got up from the bed. “You guys can clean me up next time but I have to get my dick ready for the next show.” She walked towards the bathroom then turned to Carl, wrapped her fingers around her strap-on and coyly said, “You still want to play with this before we try my new vibrating dildo in your ass, don’t you?”

Carl smiled. “Oh, yeah. You know I do. I just hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I will.”

“Oh, I will. Maybe even more so,” Cathy replied as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She held a wash cloth under the warm running water and gazed at herself in the mirror. I look pretty damn sexy she thought as she wiped the cum off her face and chest. When she started wiping off her strap-on she remembered what Carl had told her about going into the bathroom and jerking off in the sink sometimes when he woke up in the middle of the night with a hard on and he had a girl friend sleeping next to him but didn’t want to wake her up and didn’t have the nerve to masturbate next to her. Mike also admitted to occasionally jerking off into the bathroom sink when he needed a quickie. He said it made clean up easier.

She smiled as another idea occurred to her of how to drive her men wild. She refilled her balls with the solution of cum, put on her bathrobe and cinched the belt tight to hold her strap-on against her stomach to hide it. Carl had told her a few times how much the sight of her wearing her bathrobe turned him on. It reminded him of the first time he’d seen her strap-on when she had it hidden just like it was now. She opened the bathroom Escort Halkalı door and called out to him. “Carl, would you mind standing here in the doorway and shooting another quick video? Mike, I think you’ll want to record this, too.”

The guys didn’t know what Cathy was up to but knew they’d like it. In a flash Carl was in the doorway with his camera aimed at her. Mike stood right next to him with his camera. “Ready when you are,” he said.

Cathy smiled at her men. “I was just thinking of you,” she said as she lowered her robe off her shoulders and pulled it down to reveal her tits. “I was thinking of how often you’ve stood in front of the sink and what you’ve done.” She turned towards the sink and undid her belt, allowing her strap-on to pop out. Her robe was hanging from her forearms giving the camera a profile view of her marvelous tits and her strap-on jutting out from her crotch. “I thought about you standing here and jerking off,” she said as she reached for her dick and began stroking it. “I can picture you looking at yourself in the mirror and watching your hand sliding up and down your big hard dick.”

Cathy knew the bathroom sink masturbation sessions the guys had were quickies to get their rocks off immediately and she was going to duplicate that for them. She pumped her shaft from top to bottom slowly for a few seconds before speeding up and going fast and furious. Her tits bounce as she moaned and danced on her toes. She looked down at the dick in her hands. I love my dick, she thought. And my men love it as much as I do. She looked in the mirror and moaned as she watched herself jerking off. “Oh yeah, this does look so fucking hot,” she gasped.

Her hand was a blur as she squeezed her balls and shot out a stream of cum onto the mirror. She squealed as she squeezed her balls again and another jet of cum landed on the mirror. “Fuck yeah,” she screamed as one more load of cum decorated the mirror.

She rocked back and forth on her feet, slowed her stroking speed, aimed her dick lower and shot a stream of cum into the sink as she moaned and groaned. A few more strokes and a few more shots of cum erupted. She stared down at her dick in her hand and all the cum in the sink. That is so wild looking, she thought. This is what the guys see after they get themselves off in here. She realized that she’d never watched the guys masturbate at the sink but knew they would do it for her if she asked. That would be so hot to see them both do it together, to see them cum at the same time. Another thing to add to my bucket list she thought.

Cathy calmed down as she washed her hands and rinsed the cum down the drain. She put her robe back over her shoulders and cinched the belt tight to hide her hard cock against her stomach. She turned to the cameras, ran her fingers through her hair and said, “There, don’t I look all prim and proper now?” She smiled and continued, “Yes, all prim and proper but with a big hard dick that you want to play with.” She looked at the mirror and saw her loads of cum splattered across it. “I’m going to leave my mess there for you so that whenever you look into the mirror you’ll think of me.” She turned back towards the camera. “You’ll think of me and my big cock. You’ll think about me jerking off. Your dick will get hard and you’ll have the urge to masturbate. I think you should. I want you to stand here and jerk off and think about me and my dick when you cum.”

Cathy winked at her men and the cameras and stood silent for a few moments before saying, “Okay, that’s a wrap. Now go get yourself ready for the main event.” She gently pushed Mike and Carl out of the bathroom. “I’ll be out there in a few minutes to take care of you.” She closed the door behind them and thought of how lucky she is.

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