Kitten Knows What She Wants

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Standing before your closet trying to decide what to wear, it has been so long since master let you wear what you want for a date. Thinking of all the different things each article brings out in Master makes you’re body feels all tingling.

Then you see it and a smile comes across your lips and mischief fills your eyes.

Taking the hanger and walking over to your dressing table you begin singing to yourself “I know what want and I want it now”.

Walking down the stairs you silently watch Masters face for a response and your confused when all He does is holds your wrap out for you. There is small talk as W/we drive to the restaurant and have a very nice dinner. You know there are many eye’s on you for that is the effect you wanted. As W/we leave the restaurant and enter the parking lot of the club. It looks very lively and one of those country western ones knowing that you will be able to test Master as you desire.

Master guides you into the lounge and hands your wrap to the coat checker as you look around realizing you may be the only under dressed person in the room, due to the outfit you picked out is a very tight leather dress. You remember the affect it had on Master when you tried it on at the store and all the other eyes in the shop also.

You have always wanted to test and see just how jealous you could make Master and as far as tonight is going your not sure if it was wise or not. It seems that all eyes even the women were on you and it may have been more then you expected but you just had to know.

You feel Master take your elbow xslot and lead you to a table as a waitress takes O/our drink order. This guy walks up and asks you for a dance and is looking you up and down. You begin to answer him but Master said sorry but she is taken.

The guy walks off with a hurt jealous look and you think to yourself yes He is getting jealous with all the attention I’m getting just may get my ass very red tonight it has been so long. W/we dance and drink a few drinks all the time waiting for you to lose control with all the stares and the offers to dance even women want to dance with me.

I keep wondering when you will lose it and take me home for what I want so much. These cuffs I have on would feel so good hooked together high above my head and my rear so open to you.

One last dance my pet then we’ll be ready. You begin to pout for Master hasn’t lost control and you feel that the night will be over before you get what you desire. So as Master takes you into His arms and dance a slow sensual erotic dance you feel even though you didn’t make the effect you desired at least all the attention has made you desire to make love to Master in away that has your pussy so wet and the thong drenched.

The song finishes and you turn to walk back to get your wrap so W/we can leave for home when you freeze as Master says where are you going my kitten.

You turn with shock on your face for there is a tone that you haven’t heard in awhile. Master walks to you and cups your chin forcing your eyes to meet His saying yes my pet I know xslot Giriş what you have tried all night to do but I have told you before I never lose control. I decided to let you play your game out and in doing so have frustrated you then me my pet.

Looking in Master Eyes you realize yes He has known from the beginning and has tested you in His own way. Now a little fear and excitement fills you.

I have let you play your game out and yes you will get what you want beside not the way you thought. Confusion fills you as you feel your wrist pulled together and cuffs clipped together, feeling yourself lead to the center of the room. Feeling your arms lifted above your head as W/we reach the post in the center and the cuffs placed securely on the hook.

You look at Master not sure what is happening as Master runs his hand over your ass feeling it though the tight leather. Master says you wanted to make a display of yourself tonight so W/we will let you. Your body shivers realizing what is in store for you and if you can make it though this.

Without warning you feel Master smack your ass and the sound carries across the room and heads turn to look. Master leans into your ear and says you wanted attention my pet now you will get it. Then you feel Master really begin to spank your ass the leather stings but not much.

Master says ok now this wont work we have to do something about this all that’s getting red is My hand. So speaking your eyes pop wide open as you feel Master lift your dress above your hips exposing your ass and the shear xslot Güncel Giriş thong.

You hear Master Say yes much better and you feel His hand smack your ass nice and hard. Your cheeks turn red from being exposed in public and most of all spanked. The smacks seem to be as one continuous smack setting your ass and whole body on fire.

Tears are flowing from your eyes down your cheek and even as shocked as you are your pussy is even on fire more. Then it stops and you think Master will let you down and W/we’ll leave for home.

Master whispers not yet my pet not complete yet you still have more to show for I knew what you had planned for tonight even before you did and came prepared. Master reaches into his breast pocket and removes a paddle and says now the show starts anew.

Your mind screams as you feel the first smack of the paddle as it continues to strike your ass turning it so red it looks purple.

It seems like it will never end and you feel yourself slip into sub-space as you look into all the different looks around you.

Then when you feel you could not last any longer it stops and you feel your hands let down. You lower your fingers to lower your dress as they stop hearing Master say no my pet you will walk out of here with the evidence of your show on view for all.

Walking out on your Masters arm you feel the hot tingling feel of your ass and the heat from being exposed in public fill you, but you can’t stop the wetness from overflowing in your pussy.

As your ass melts into the cool leather seat in the car you wonder will I ever test Master again to lose control or will he ever. Laying into Master lap drifting off to sleep for the ride home you whisper one day Master one day I’ll find out.

Master strokes your ass and says W/we’ll see my pet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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