Kitty Pimps out Her BootBoy

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Author’s note: The second half of this story was actually written first, and it was done in collaboration with a submissive male “ghost writer”. It provides a male perspective on sensual female domination and prick teasing with a focus on his spike-heeled boot fetish.

After working on the story with him, I thought it would be fun to add a little introduction from my female perspective, and this was done to illustrate the way I initiated his encounter with my friend Cheryl. So the first part of this story is my own description of how I “pimped out” my bootboy. Enjoy!


My friend Cheryl is a gorgeous girl like I am, but she’s the slim athletic type where I am more of a voluptuous Barbie-doll style girl. Even though she’s not as full-figured as me, she still has a great body; she’s not quite as busty and curvy but she’s still very much the head-turner.

She has perfectly round and firm 36C boobs, not quite like my 38DD’s but still very appealing to most men. The rest of her figure is perfectly proportioned as well, with a trim waist, a tight ass and long, lean legs.

She has brown hair just past her shoulders which she usually keeps styled in curly waves, and she has a very exotic looking face with deep green eyes, prominent cheekbones and stunning full and pouty lips.

Like me, Cheryl enjoys playing up her feminine appearance, especially when shopping, out on dates or when she’s out “on the prowl” at clubs. She likes wearing makeup and really knows how to accentuate her facial features with a very natural look, or she can do a heavier, more seductive night-time appearance.

And she has great choice in clothing, with a penchant for everything from elegant designer clothes to more brazenly sexy, revealing attire. As much as she enjoys dressing classy for the opera or symphony, I know she loves to dress sexier and more slutty in certain situations…

And like me, she too has always enjoyed teasing men, but she isn’t quite as experienced at it as I am. So she has become somewhat of a protégé of mine, learning from my considerable expertise and incorporating her own style and desires into her little games and activities.

As we sat at lunch one particular day, we talked about all the latest fun and games we’d been having teasing our boyfriends. I started telling her about some of the teasing games I had been playing with my bootboy, and her eyes twinkled as she smiled and listened intently.

I had already told Cheryl about this particular guy, how he had a weakness for sexy thigh-high spike-heeled boots. And I’d been telling her about how I had been toying with him, taking advantage of him and teasing him by using his spike-heeled boot fetish against him.

She mentioned that she was interested in exploring some boot-teasing games with one of her boyfriends too, but she wasn’t sure whether he would be into it or not. Cheryl is still getting used to the idea that given enough coaxing and stimulation, a submissive male can be manipulated into doing just about anything his female domina desires, so I just giggled at her uncertainty and hesitation.

And then I winked at her and said I had a simply perfect idea, and I suggested that maybe she might like to experiment a little with my bootboy…I said she needed to build her confidence regarding her considerable feminine wiles and charms, and some fun and games with him might be just the ticket!

Her eyes lit up at the thought of that, so right then and there we decided to “set him up” so she could use him for her amusement! I knew if I put the two of them in the same place at the same time, she would know exactly what to do…

She was absolutely dying to hear more about it, but I told her it would be more fun if it was a surprise, and that she’d find out soon enough. We did, however, have a nice, long detailed conversation about some of the preferred little activities I had been pursuing with my bootboy, and she listened in fascination as she absorbed everything she could. She really was quite interested in learning all about exactly how to seduce and enslave him…

But as far as revealing the details of precisely what I had in mind and when it would happen, I simply refused to tell her more, and she just smiled from ear to ear as she said bahçelievler escort okay, knowing better than to try to get me tell her. Finally I coyly suggested that she go shoe-shopping later that week at a certain place and time…her eyes lit up as she instantly began imagining what might happen that day!

Then, without my teaseboy’s knowledge of what was going on, I instructed him to go to the local mall at that very same time, and I told him wander in to a certain shoe store that specializes in various kinds of sexy high heeled shoes and boots. When he did, it just so happened that Cheryl was in there, trying on a particular pair of boots that would be absolutely perfect for the boot-teasing ideas we had been scheming about.

Now, I wonder how that happened??

She immediately noticed him watching her as she put on a pair of sexy, thigh-high black leather spike-heeled boots, and the moment she saw him, she knew what was going on.

She smiled knowingly to herself and proceeded to initiate her little tease, reaching down with her hands to slowly and deliberately zip the zippers up the sides of those ultra-sexy boots. She tugged on the tops of each one, making sure they fit her properly as she sat on the stool and adjusted them carefully, smoothing out the black leather all over her legs.

She then stood up and posed for herself in a full-length mirror, checking herself out in the exotic footwear and turning her body around so she could look at them from different angles. Then, to the delight of the teaseboy watching, she started strutting around in the store, generally showing herself off as she practiced how to walk really sexy in those sky-high heels.

Of course, she knew full well he was watching her, because she could see him out of the corner of her eye, but she pretended not to notice him as he tried to position himself so he could get a better view. She deliberately toyed with him, standing still for a moment and letting him get a peek, then moving so he couldn’t see, waiting for him to find a better view and then moving again. There were several other girls in the store, and he desperately tried to feast his eyes on her without attracting much attention to himself.

The way she was making it difficult for him was driving him crazy, and it wasn’t just because of those kinky boots she was wearing either. She wasn’t exactly playing fair with her overall appearance, since she was quite dolled up after a visit to her favorite beauty salon. She really was looking very foxy with her hair done up sexy and a very pretty makeup job done to highlight her exotic facial features.

And she was wearing a tight, white silky low-cut blouse and a black leather miniskirt that matched the boots perfectly. The contrast of the white and black colors sent all kinds of mixed messages to his little male brain, ones of sweet, feminine innocence combined with aggressive, bold and brazen sex appeal.

Anyway, he kept following her and trying to get a good look at her, watching her in utter fascination as she pranced around, and then she went back and posed in front of the full length mirror again. She fussed over herself a bit, adjusting her blouse and skirt and bending forward, tugging on the tops of the boots so the leather was pulled up tightly and smoothly along her long legs.

She continued gazing fondly at herself in those super-sexy boots, and he did not realize she knew he was watching. Of course, not only did she know, but everything she was doing was designed to ensnare and seduce him into her wicked little web of boot seduction…

Even worse for him, she knew exactly who he was…she knew he was one of my favorite little teaseboys, the very one we had been talking about, the one with a thing for sexy thigh-high spike-heeled boots just like the ones she was wearing! And ever since I had told her about all the little boot-teasing games I had been playing with him, she was simply dying to try them out for herself…

He was visibly entranced and aroused as he watched her, and suddenly she glanced into the mirror and caught him staring at her. His mouth was hanging open without even realizing it as he ogled her in her sexy outfit with those kinky boots on, and he looked away out of sheer balgat escort embarrassment. But it was too late – the cat was out of the bag!

He was quite mortified to have been busted, just drooling at her like that! She spun around and went toward him swiftly, and his eyes moved to the floor as she stood near him with her hands on her hips. She tapped her boot on the floor as he panicked and tried to figure out what to do…

She was waiting for him to look at her, but he desperately tried to appear as though he was simply there shopping. He picked up some sexy spike-heeled sandals, and she could see his hands trembling as he held them gently, admiring them.

But she just stood there and waited, and when he finally put them down he couldn’t resist glancing at her. When he did, she caught his eye, glared at him and held his stare.

He couldn’t look away as her gaze penetrated him somehow, and she sternly focused on him, instantly taking control of him. He fidgeted as he stared back at this gorgeous boot-Goddess, confronting him visually without needing to say a single thing, and he simply had no idea about what was going to happen to him next…

Little by little, her aggressive stare slowly turned into a warm and welcoming smile, and she gave him a wink without saying a word and pranced right by him, walking out of the store without paying for the boots.

Her soft hair brushed up against him as she marched by, and her seductive perfume wafted into his nostrils, instantly captivating his defenseless male sexual attraction to her. He was stunned for a moment as he absorbed her close presence as she left him standing there…

He turned and watched her strutting away, his eyes moving slowly down her sexy body as she wiggled her hips and hot little ass for him. The she turned and glanced back at him, smiling and pointing at something. He turned around and saw the pretty salesgirl standing there with the bill for the boots in her hand.

The girl said matter-of-factly, “Excuse me, sir, but your girlfriend said you would be paying for her boots today. And then she wanted me to tell you to meet her over at some other girl’s high-rise apartment…she said you should go over to Kitty’s place as soon as you leave here. Oh yeah, and…” she paused, and then said with a knowing smile, “she told me you’re gonna be her BootBoy tonight!”

Poor guy, he just stood there, staring at the sexy salesgirl as she smiled at him and looked right into his eyes, seeming to enjoy watching his surprised reaction as her words sunk in. He was stunned, and things got even worse when she added innocently, “What did she mean by that, honey?”

His face turned beet red as she giggled at him, the smile on her face contrasting with her seemingly innocent question, making it clear that she knew exactly what it meant! He was simply speechless at being confronted so blatantly with his kinky fetishistic desires…

His embarrassment was obvious as he paid for the boots, and the salesgirl seemed to take delight in his awkwardness as he fumbled over himself to pull out his credit card and give it to her. She continued to smile knowingly until the transaction was complete, and then she winked at him and pointed out the door, shooing him.

But as he turned and started to walk out of the store, she came out from behind the desk and called out to him, “Now you be a good little bootboy for Cheryl tonight…and do make sure to come back and see me sometime! Maybe we can convince Kitty to pimp you out to ME too!!”

Wait…what did she say? How did she know about Cheryl…and Kitty too? What the heck was going on???

Her sweet, feminine seductive tone of voice really got his attention, and his mind practically exploded as he realized that this girl knew a lot more than he did about what was happening to him. He looked back at her and his eyes popped when he realized that she too was wearing an exotic pair of sexy black leather spike-heeled boots, and now she was posing for him, turning to one side and lifting one boot up on tippy-toe.

His eyes looked into hers, and then his gaze moved down her body and fixated on her slutty boots for a second. When he looked back up at her, she was giggling at him playfully, and she batıkent escort blew him a kiss, gave him another wink and waved goodbye. He mindlessly did as he was told, shuffling himself out the door after being so enraptured by this pretty young girl…but things were just getting started for him now!

Cheryl was waiting out in the hallway, watching him pay for the boots (which were kind of expensive), and she had been watching as the girl teased him, then gave him his instructions and pointed him out the door.

She laughed to herself at how easy it was to set up this little scenario, once she had noticed him ogling her in the sexy boots. And she was just getting started…she had big plans for him once she had him back at my place!

Why was that? Well, even though I had not given Cheryl the specifics of when things were going to happen, she had been fantasizing about our extensive conversation, the one we had about exactly how to seduce and manipulate a boot-fetish male like this guy. And she had been simply dying to put our plan into action, and now the time had come…in fact, things were already underway!

When he came out of the store, he was visibly aroused, nervous, and excited, Cheryl just looked at him with a big smile, licking her lips seductively as she beckoned him to follow her with one of her slender, long nailed fingers. She didn’t say a word, but simply proceeded to march him through the mall, her spike heels click-click-clicking on the floor, the sound of them attracting all kinds of attention.

It was quite the sight to behold, this tall, leggy, busty babe wiggling and jiggling herself along in her brand new high-heeled boots, and her drooling teased boytoy following her like a puppy in love. Lots of other people noticed them too, groups of guys in particular, but also men there with their wives or girlfriends. It amused her to watch the women get mad at their husbands after they got caught looking at her.

She marched around from store window to store window, ignoring him completely and pausing casually to look at sexy lingerie and various other women’s clothing stores, while her new teaseboy fidgeted and waited for her to get on with the fun and games…

His eyes danced over every inch of her body everywhere she went, but his gaze always moved back to those wildly sexy boots that he was simply dying to get his hands on…and that’s not all! Indeed, there were some other deliciously kinky things he couldn’t wait to do to them, if, and only if, she would be so kind as to let him!

Of course, Cheryl was enjoying each and every minute of this wonderful visual teasing, and she was drawing it out as long as possible. She soon noticed the obvious bulge in his pants, and she took great pleasure in stringing him along even after she knew he was very turned on.

Finally, she led him out into the parking lot and told him to follow her to my place, and she got in her red Corvette and motored away. He could barely concentrate as he followed her through traffic and they finally arrived at my front door a little while later.

I greeted them at the door with a big smile, and as I let them in I asked my teaseboy, “So, Chuckie, did you and Cheryl have fun at the shoe store?” He nodded and squeaked out a simple “yes” as he began to understand what had been happening, that I had orchestrated the whole thing and he was the only one who didn’t know about it.

“Were you a good little bootboy for her, buying her those sexy boots she picked out to tease you with?” Again, he could barely speak but managed to nod his head, and I continued, “And what about Sasha, the girl who works there…did she suggest you come back to see her?”

By now my poor teaseboy’s face was turning red with embarrassment again, as it seemed like every girl he had interacted with that day was in on my little scheme, and again he just nodded as I tormented him.

“Good! Well, maybe I can pimp you out to her sometime too, just like she suggested!” His eyes opened wide as I winked at him, and I glanced over at Cheryl, who chimed in, “But for now, Chuckie, you’re all MINE!” And then I pulled Cheryl aside for a few minutes, leaving poor Chuckie standing there with a raging erection in his pants, as she and I plotted a few more little kinky games to play with him.

And then I picked up my jacket and purse and walked out the door without even acknowledging him further, leaving the two of them alone to discuss his behavior.

Now then, what follows is my teaseboy’s description of his encounter with Miss Cheryl. So here goes!

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