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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

Copyright 2013-2022.  Robert Armstrong.  This complete work of literary art is protected by US, Australian and International copyright law. It is the sole property of the author and may not be reproduced in any form whether in whole or in part without the prior express written consent of the author.  
License is granted to Nifty Archive Alliance, Inc. for electronic publication on the Nifty website. All rights reserved.

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?




From Chapter 75:

Ron puts the ute into neutral, turns off the engine, and lets it coast towards the hut. Then, without closing the doors, we walk the rest of the way. As silently as possible. We”re gonna catch Karl and Jacko `at it”, for sure!

We leave our boots at the bottom of the steps and continue, in just our socks.

I don”t know whether Ron and Andy are as shocked as I am at seeing what Jacko and my brother are doing. Both have a mouthful.

Ron stuns them both with, “Morning tea, guys?”


Chapter 76 � More Than Expected

Instead of finding Jacko and my brother playing with each other”s balls, jacking each other off or giving each other a blow job, as I had expected, I”m shocked to see them sitting calmly at the table, munching on something with mugs in their hands. Morning tea!

“Yeah,” Jacko replies. “And before they went to check on the progress of the buildings, Helen gave us a container of muffins that she had finished baking earlier.”

“And, don”t worry!” Karl chirps. “There”s plenty for you three as well. Dad thought that you might stop in here for a break. We were just going to leave the container on the table if we didn”t see you.”

Jacko asks, to none of us in particular, “So how”s the driving going?”

“Andy”s really good,” I answer. “Better than me.”

“Have you finished working?” Karl asks Ron.

“Not yet,” he answers. “We still have to check for rubbish around the northern hut, and along the tracks where the farm-stay guests might go.”

“What are you two doing for lunch?” I ask.

“Not sure!” Jacko answers. “Why?”

“Well,” I tell him, “If you are back at the homestead about one o”clock, I”ll have lunch ready.”

“Deal!” Jacko grins, extending his fist for me to bump.

Karl grins too, but for a different reason. I”ve basically told them that they have two hours without Ron, Andy, Dad, Helen or me getting in their way.

Karl smiles, looks at me and says, “Thanks!”

I know that he”s not only thanking me, in advance, for lunch. I”m giving him time to `get even” with Jacko for what happened this morning. Plus, I have to remind myself that Karl and I do have similar feelings about `doing things” with one of the sexy farm hands.

“You all want coffees to go with your muffins?” Jacko asks, heading for the jug.

“Thanks,” Ron replies, then asks, “How are you going with the horses?”

“Only two needed a bit of extra attention so far,” Jacko says. “One had thrown a shoe.
I think that there may be only a few more left to check.”

We start eating and drinking just as Jacko and Karl are finishing. Nice muffins. I can understand why they had their mouths full. And there”s more left in the container.

“Well, we”d better get back to it,” Jacko says, taking his and Karl”s mugs to the sink.

Jumping to his feet, Karl says, “Then, we”ll definitely need a shower, or Helen will be able to tell from the horse smell in the house that we didn”t have one!”

And they leave.

“In a bit of a hurry to finish and get into the shower, isn”t he?” Andy asks, without expecting the obvious answer from Ron or me. “Is he always this enthusiastic about working?”

“Only since Jacko has been around,” I reply. “To give him a hand!”

I make wanking motions, and we laugh. We all know what has been going on with them!

“OK, we”d better get into it, as well,” Ron says. “And, you”ll need a shower too before you start touching food and making lunch,” he tells me.

“I might need a hand too,” I grin at them.

They both make wanking motions. We all know each other well enough to laugh about it.


We had already done a quick clean-up around the northern hut, so there is not much `rubbish” to remove. A few bits and pieces along the trails go into the back of the ute.
We”ll unload then have our showers before lunch.

As we pass the homestead, heading south to the rubbish yard, we wave to Karl and Jacko, leading one horse towards where the farrier”s tools are kept.

On our way back with the empty ute, we don”t see them. They”ve probably gone to the northern hut because they know that we”ve finished up that way.


In the bunkhouse, we are happy to just strip off, throw our clothes onto the nearest bed and walk, naked, to the showers. I notice the beginnings of excitement on all of us!

Ron sets the temperatures, as he did previously, then we all get wet.

“Now, where were we yesterday, before we were interrupted?” Andy asks, turning to Ron, with soap in hand.

“Don”t you think that Kurt needs to be the cleanest?” Ron tells him, virtually ignoring me, standing here. “Because he”s the one who is going to be preparing our food!”

Andy looks at him. Then at me. Then grins

“So, which side of him do you want first?” Andy asks.

Ron tells him, “I”ll start on his backside and you can have his front side!”

“Nice!” is all that Andy says. Then he looks into my eyes as he takes a handful of Junior who izmit escort expands rapidly at his touch.

Ron starts on my `nice glutes”. He always did like them! Right from when we first met.
I remember him, that day, patting and feeling them at every opportunity when nobody was watching.

Junior jerks to full stiffness as Ron washes between my legs and runs a finger across my hole.

“Swap!” Ron says to Andy. He turns me around instead of them having to change places.

Andy, at least, washes from my shoulders down to my legs before returning to my backside.

Ron tells Andy, “You forgot his hands. That”s the part of him that will be touching the food!”

We laugh.

Ron cups my balls in his soapy hand before making sure that Junior is extra clean too, then I”m surprised when he tells Andy, “Do you guys want to do what you were doing the other day when I interrupted you?”

I turn my head to Andy and tell him, “It”s OK, if you want. He saw what we were doing.”

Andy hesitates, but then, as he holds my hips, I feel his hard longer-than-mine slide between my legs. In and back a few times. Gently. He groans at the pleasure.

“I”m sure that you can do it better than that!” Ron tells him. “Or do you need me to show you how?”

Not what I was expecting!

I turn my head to look at Andy. By his wide eyes, I think that he is stunned.

Turning back to face Ron, he looks into my eyes and asks, “May I do it to you? Is it OK?”

I nod.

He turns me around and, after applying some more soap, I feel his longer-than-Andy”s and thicker-than-mine slide between my legs, pushing my balls and coming out underneath them.

Then, again. And again. Instead of just holding my hips as Andy did, Ron hugs me against him and proceeds to give Andy a demonstration of really going for it. Crouching. Rising up. Slow then hard and fast. He groans, and I groan.

“Fuck!” Andy says, watching carefully. “Look at that thing keep coming out at the front!”

“And it feels terrific too,” I tell him, beginning to pant, from the sensations.

“I wish I see could what one that size feels like!” Andy says. Then he adds, “No offence, Kurt. I”m just wondering. That”s all.”

I know that Andy, indirectly, is asking Ron to do it to him. But, is he asking for my permission?

I don”t know what to say! I can”t just say `OK”, because that might sound like I”m telling Ron what to do.

After thinking, I turn to Ron and say, “Now that you”ve demonstrated to Andy what `doing it better” looks like, do you think that you could also show him what it feels like?”

Ron looks at Andy, “Is that what you want, buddy? Are you sure?”

“Yes, please,” Andy answers. He looks excited, but also nervous.

Ron soaps between Andy”s legs then holds his hips while he pushes in. Next, he switches to hugging him, like he did to me.

I stand in front of Andy and watch Ron”s familiar stiffness continually emerge and disappear. It looks bigger from this angle. Maybe Andy”s slim body just highlights it.

Having already felt Ron”s dick between my legs, I imagine that Andy is me and I can now see exactly what Ron was doing, including the expression of pleasure on his face.

My two `boyfriends” are enjoying themselves! And I”m happy watching them.

Andy reaches for Junior and I take hold of his.

Andy”s grip on Junior tightens each time that Ron pushes forward.

This is a new and thrilling experience for Andy and he explodes first. All over me!

I guess that the feeling of Andy”s body, tightening with each spurt, sets Ron off massively as he pushes between Andy”s legs. It ends up shooting all over me from under Andy”s balls!

With all of this excitement, I have no hope of holding back! Aaargh! All over Andy.

Ron continues to hold onto Andy, supporting his drained body.

Andy lets go of Junior and reaches out to me for a hug. I wrap my arms around both of them as far as I can. Group hug!

As we finish cleaning ourselves, Andy turns to Ron, gives him a quick hug and says, “Thanks for that!”

When I can get each of them by themselves, I want to know how they felt about what we just did! It”s something that I had never even thought about, and I”m not sure whether I”d want to do it again. I”d be happier just to play with Ron alone, and also enjoy Andy and I giving ourselves to each other completely in private.

But that little threesome was fun!


“Can you make gravy?” I ask Ron.

He looks at me and his face asks, `Why?”

I add, “If the three of us prepare the food, Karl”s rule is that the cooks don”t wash up!”

Ron and Andy look at each other, grin, then both give me a high-five.

“What can I do?” Andy asks.

“Peel potatoes?” I put to him. “I”ll do the other veggies, if you like, and the meat.”


Karl”s and Jacko”s wet hair tells me that they have showered. And I wonder what else!

“Lunch smells terrific!” Jacko says. Then he asks, “Who taught you?”

Before I answer, about being taught, dozens of things and people” names, flash through my mind. Mum and Dad (lots of things like cooking and dancing and cleaning). Mrs Cameron (apple pies and lamb”s fry). Mr Grant (having fun with an adult � not just sexy stuff; and he was the first person to suck my dick). William (wanking, and sucking properly). Ron (how to drive and treat snake bite, lots of different ways of jacking off and the between-the-legs thing). Andy (cleaning and giving ourselves to each other completely).

My answer may not be what anyone is expecting. “Karl and I have learnt different things from different people. We”re both quick learners and pretty good at doing lots of stuff.”

I look at their faces, and imagine their different responses if they were to speak.

But they don”t.

Behind each face, with its own secrets, is a common nervousness � `Don”t say too much!”

And, I don”t. Of course! LOL

Perhaps the most izmit otele gelen escort surprised look comes from my brother, at me paying him a compliment in front of the others. He needs to learn to trust me and, as we grow up, we can confide more in each other!

At the moment, I”ll let him go on thinking that nobody knows what he and Jacko do. Has he forgotten that I told him he could do anything with Jacko that he and I have done together? I”m hoping that Jacko hasn”t taught him anything `extra”, like what Andy and I do.

But, I shouldn”t be upset if they have gone that far; I just don”t want my brother to get hurt! Me doing it with Andy is one thing, but I can”t even think about Jacko forcing himself into my brother, having heard the story of how girls and guys at school paid Jacko to see and feel his big dick and balls. I have seen him in the shower with my brother! Bigger than Ron”s!


Over lunch, apart from `compliments to the chef” and horses and rubbish collection and Andy”s new driving ability, the inevitable topic of washing up is raised, by my brother.

“So, Jacko and I sat down at the table before Ron and Andy,” Karl says, smugly.
(Is `smugly” even a word? Where did I learn that? Was that in a book?)

I open my mouth to answer, but Ron beats me to it.

“Absolutely right!” he says, which causes a broad grin to spread across Karl”s face.

Then, Ron adds, “You know that Andy and I helped prepare lunch? So, we were also cooks.”

Karl doesn”t exactly frown at the realisation that he”ll have his hands in the sink! Let”s just say that his `smiley muscles” totally relax and the grin disappears.

Jacko, on the other hand, says, “OK. That”s fair. And I”ll even make the coffees.”

He”s in a really good mood! Hmm.


During our relaxing afternoon of cards and Chinese Checkers, Dad and Helen pull up in the Land Rover.

When he comes in, Dad gets straight to the point. “Hey men. Horses done? Rubbish done?”

“Yes, boss!” I answer for all of us. “All done!”

He comes over to me, grabs me in a head lock and musses up my hair. “I knew that it would be! Cheeky!”

I love my Dad.

As Dad disappears towards the toilet, Helen returns from having taken some bags to the kitchen.

“While Jan was checking on the buildings, which are looking amazing, I spent most of the day with Julie Smith, at the pub,” she tells us. “And, as a thanks for helping in the kitchen, she sent home an apple pie and a custard tart. Which one would you like for afternoon tea?”

“Mrs Smith makes terrific apple pies,” I tell everyone, trying to influence their choice.
“I order apple pie and ice cream for dessert every time that we have dinner at the pub.”

“And her custard tarts are great too!” Karl adds.

There is a moment of silence. Nobody directly answers Helen”s question about a preference.

“OK then,” she tells us. “I guess I”ll put both on the table. You can each choose your own.”

Over afternoon tea, Dad hears the details of the horses from Jacko and Karl. Jacko compliments my brother on how much he knew and helped.

“Dad taught me,” Karl grins.

“Nice work, son,” Dad tells him.

I can see Karl”s face glow from Dad”s praise. And I”ll be that Ron would be able to see a very positive aura around him at the moment.

Ron says, “I”ll let Andy tell you about the driving, but we cleared whatever rubbish we could find from the places that your farm-stay guests would be likely to go.”

“So, how did you go today, Andy?” Dad asks as he helps himself to seconds of custard tart.

“Not too bad, Mr Andersen,” Andy answers. “It was difficult at first, trying to think about my right foot, my left foot, the steering wheel, the gear stick and watch where I was going, all at the same time. But I got the hang of it eventually.”

“He was good, Dad,” I tell him. “He and Ron took it in turns of driving while we were checking for stuff to take to the rubbish paddock.”

“It”s a pity that Andy”s going home tomorrow,” Ron says. “With some more practice, I reckon that he would be very confident about handling the ute.”

“Next time,” Dad says, “We”ll have you behind the wheel every day, if you like. If Ron”s not here, I”ll take you myself.”

It suddenly hits me. Andy won”t be back for a long time, and I”d forgotten that Ron has his studies to return to, and that he”s only here helping Dad in the meantime. I excuse myself to go to the toilet, where people will not see the tears in my eyes.

I undo my zipper and flop Junior out to take a pee. He”s feeling as sad as I am!

At least, next week, when we are back at school, and staying four nights a week at Jintabudjaree, I”ll be able to spend some time with Mr Grant on two of those four nights, while Karl is over with William.

I have no idea where Jacko will be. But, because he”s a `local”, I”m pretty sure that we”ll see him out here at Whispering Gums on weekends. And, that he and Karl will spend a lot of time riding the horses, and in the showers. I wonder if William will join them. Riding the horses? Yes. Showers? Hmm. Maybe Mr Grant and I will get dusty on the quad bikes. LOL.


I smell dinner cooking. The aromas are familiar, but not from around here. Now, where do I recognise them from? Ma and Pa”s? No. The pub? No. In Big Town? No. Cunnamulla? That”s it! At the Chinese restaurant!

I can”t resist the temptation! I tell my fellow card players, “I”ll just go and see if Helen needs any help,” giving Karl a better opportunity to win a hand from Ron, Dad, Andy and Jacko.

Helen senses my presence even before I say anything.

She turns to me and smiles, “Before you ask, I”ve got this under control, Kurt. Thank you.”

“May I at least watch, please?” I ask.

“Of course, love,” she answers and returns to the multiple utensils and containers both on and off the various gas burners.

It doesn”t take long before I”m darıca escort handing her things, then stirring things for her, then looking after some things on my own. She grins at me, and I give her a big smile. “Thanks.”

One of the things that I”m keen to learn is not just Helen”s cooking technique, but the names of some ingredients, and the herbs, that she is using. I don”t know whether Mrs Cameron”s Red Book has any Chinese recipes. If not, I”ll ask Helen for help and make some notes.

Going back into the lounge room, I tell everyone, “Dinner”s ready. Wash your hands!”

They all give me a look of disbelief that I would tell them to do that!

Dad says something, pointing to Andy and Karl.

They both pass me. “We”ve just been volunteered to set the table,” Karl says.

As Helen, Dad and I carry the food and place it on the table, Jacko and Ron return from the bathroom and sit down with Karl. Andy stands to the side and watches everything.

“What are you doing?” I ask him.

“Volunteering to wash up,” he replies.

“Looks like it”ll be you and me then,” Dad tells him, then both take their places at the table.

The food is delicious and I try to separate, in my mind, the smell and taste of the various herbs and spices.

Ron and Jacko make us all coffee, and, as dessert, we polish off the remaining apple pie and custard tart from afternoon tea, cutting some slices in half to make them go further.

“So,” Dad asks, “Who wants to come to Cunnamulla tomorrow when Kurt and I take our wedding suits back and drop Andy off at the bus terminus?”

The only person to reply is Helen.

“Yes, I”ll come,” she says. “I think I”ll drop in and seen the doctor.”

“Are you OK, Helen? Is everything all right?” Ron asks.

“I haven”t had a check-up in ages,” she answers. “You know, ears, nose, throat, blood pressure, heart and women”s stuff!”

I wasn”t expecting that, but I immediately think, `And baby”.

I glance at Dad and catch him staring at me. He quickly raises and lowers one eyebrow. He can tell that I know! And it”s still a secret from everyone else.

“Ron?” Dad asks. “Do you want to come too, and say hello to your aunt and uncle?”

“Not really,” he replies. “I”ll see them in three weeks on my way back to Sydney. There”s some practical stuff that I need to do at uni before the semester ends.” Then he adds, “But, I”d be happy to come, to keep Champ here company.”

Ron”s going back to Sydney in three weeks? OMG! Why didn”t he tell me?

“And what are you two going to do?” Dad asks, alternating a pointing finger between Karl and Jacko.

“Whatever you need me to do,” Jacko answers. “Karl can be my offsider for the day.”

“Then, why don”t you take the ute into The Village and give the guys a hand? Work is at the point where every extra bit of assistance will be appreciated. Marty and Ash will find something that”s productive but not too difficult for you both.”

“And Julie Smith always provides lunch for all of the workers,” Helen adds.

Karl doesn”t look at all enthusiastic about the possibility of doing real work.

However, he doesn”t get a chance to refuse.

“Great!” Jacko says. Then, turning to Karl, he adds, “Who knows what new skills you might pick up!”

I think to myself, `Yeah, like working!”

I see a goofy smirk on Karl”s face, and I instantly know what he”s thinking; about being here alone with Jacko for part of the day.

However, it quickly disappears when Dad says, “You two can go in early, after breakfast, and we should be back before you knock off for the day. We”ll have dinner waiting for you.”

Despite the fact that Andy and I are eager to `go to bed”, and despite my faked yawns, the others are all keen to soak up as much time with Andy as possible on his last night. There are reminders of what Andy has seen and done while he has been here, coffee, cake, poker, and hopes that everyone will see him back here again as soon as possible.

He has done a lot into just over a week. He and I have `done it” a lot too!


Finally, we are alone!

“You want to just do it?” Andy asks. “Or play first, or just start in the shower. I know that you”re really tired.”

“Why do you think that I”m really tired?” I ask.

“Well, you were yawning a lot while we were all playing cards,” Andy replies.

“They were just hints for everyone not to talk for so long,” I tell him. And I add, grinning, “But I might be really tired later on!”

“Better set our alarms then, so that we don”t miss breakfast,” he says.

“Agreed,” I reply. “And to answer your question, why don”t we start by playing, then have a shower, then finish off `doing it” in bed?”

“Then, probably, another shower, eh?” he grins.

We undress slowly, and I enjoy taking in how gorgeous he is. His slim body, with the early development of obvious muscles. His narrow hips. His `nice glutes”. His longer-than-mine and his curly hairs. And his Adam”s apple and beautiful smile and his blond hair and blue eyes. He suddenly looks older to me than fourteen and a half.

We hug, and I rub my lucky hands all over his body, to remember what he feels like as well as what he looks, like until I see him again.

He interrupts our feeling of each other with, “You know that our phones can take photos, don”t you? Ones that nobody else should see!”

And, our playful photo session is just the start of a very long night!


(to be continued)


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