Kyle and Jess Ep. 01

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“Thank you, have a great day!” Kyle said to the lady now holding a small parcel he had just delivered.

Kyle clicked complete on his phone app to mark the job done. As he closed the app he saw the small ghost icon on the notification bar. His heart skipped a beat, hoping it was the message he had been hoping for all day. He dragged the bar down and saw the name “Jess”. He smiled and clicked on the notification.

“Scott is starting work at 4. Leaving at 3:45. What’s your ETA?”

Kyle quickly replied: “3:50. Can’t wait to see you.”

He got back in his van, set his next address in the navigation app and set off. He was barely out of the street when the reply from Jess came: “Me too”. He smiled again.

He had an extra spring as he completed the last few deliveries, his smile a little wider. The crisp autumn breeze didn’t cut through him quite as badly anymore as he thought about the afternoon ahead.

It was only 3 o’clock when he finished. He was only a twenty-minute drive away from Jess’ house. He parked at a supermarket nearby and tried to pass the time playing games on his phone, but his imagination kept distracting him. Memories of previous Monday afternoons kept popping up reminding him he would be reliving these moments in less than an hour. The thought made his heart skip a beat, and the front of his jeans bulge. His left hand rested on the bulge almost absentmindedly as he tried to focus on his game.

Finally, 3:30 came. Perfect time for him to drive to Jess’ house. Before he left he sent a message to his wife telling her he had jobs out to the far eastern suburbs that afternoon, and hopefully would be home by 6, depending on traffic. His heart gave an uncomfortable twitch with the lie, but Jess’ face swam into his mind, pushing the guilt out. He backed out of the spot and drove, deliberately choosing his route so Scott wouldn’t pass him in the opposite direction, recognise the van, and wonder if Kyle was on his way to see Jess, who was now home alone for eight hours.

Jess and Kyle liked to play a game to see how high they could raise each other’s heartrates. It was how their relationship had gone from friends to more. Jess had dreamt that Kyle had been trying different things to raise her heart rate, like touch her arm, her hand, her waist, her leg, and it had worked. She shyly retold the dream alone with Kyle in his empty house one Monday afternoon. This retelling had moved to re-enacting, the two friends starting to run their fingers gently, experimentally along each other’s fingers and hands, which did indeed raise their heartrates. This progressed to rubbing feet, Kyle going as high as he dared up the inside of her thigh, and Jess responding with sharp intakes of breath, and closing her eyes.

After that first day they arranged to meet on Jess’ day off when Scott went to work. Escort Beylikdüzü The awkward moment was quickly forgotten, and their physical relationship progressed much faster than any dating relationship either of them had ever been in.

For weeks now they had been meeting on Monday afternoons, and any other time they had free time, a free house and a good excuse all align.

Now, as Kyle turned the corner into Jess’ street, driving past her door and around the next corner so as not to raise suspicions with the neighbours, his heart was accelerating pleasurably. He parked, picked up his phone and messaged Jess “all clear?”.

He watched the screen eagerly. He saw her cartoon face pop up over the edge of the screen, showing she had seen the message. His heartrate picked up again as the three dots appeared in the thought bubble as Jess typed her reply. “Yes”.

Kyle stepped out of his van and walked quickly around the corner. Jess was at the door as he approached and opened the door for him with a shy, quiet “hey”.

“Hey,” he replied as he stepped inside. He knew that Jess loved him taking charge and being physical, but despite her strong suggestions of this, his nerves consistently got the better of him. He passed her in the doorway, almost being careful not to touch her and kicked off his shoes near the shoe rack. Jess had passed him and walked to the kitchen.

They chatted awkwardly and nervously about their day and unimportant stuff like that. Kyle stood awkwardly near the bench as Jess prepared herself a drink.

Finally though, Kyle recovered his nerve and walked into the kitchen. He stood behind her at the bench and leaned into her, pressing his full body into her back so she would definitely feel his bulge. Jess breathed in sharply. Her hands stopped making her drink. Kyle slid an arm around her waist, just under her double D boobs so they rested on his arm. He ran his other hand down her arm, starting at her shoulder, slowly sliding down to her hand. He used his chin to pull her long, dark hair off her shoulder and kissed her neck, just above the shoulder, then slowly kissing up to under her ear, which he gave a quick bite.

Jess reached up her free hand ran it through Kyle’s hair as he kissed her neck. With his hand across her body he reached up and started to feel her breasts. He slowly rubbed them, occasionally focusing on her nipple.

Jess spun easily in his arms to face him, and pulled him tightly into her. Kyle looked down into her eyes, and leaned in to kiss her. Their lips met. All awkwardness and nervousness was forgotten as they kissed passionately. Kyle pushed his tongue aggressively into her mouth, just how she liked it. Jess moaned softly at the movement. Kyle’s hands were running up and down her back and ass. He pulled her shirt up slightly Escort Bahçeşehir to allow his hands access to her bare skin. Jess responded, moving her hands under the back of shirt in turn.

While they kissed and touched, Kyle steered Jess across the room to the lounge. As soon as they were through the door he half guided, half tackled her to the ground. Kyle lay on top of Jess, in between her legs, moving firmly, but slowly up and down, rubbing his erection on the crotch of her shorts.

Kyle freed his arms enough to take his jacket off. He took the opportunity of separation to pull at the bottom of Jess’ shirt. She resisted, with a wicked grin, so he grabbed her wrists forcefully, but trying not to actually hurt her, and pinned her arms above her head, kissing her hard again.

After a minute or so he rolled off her, pulling her on top of him. This time she did pull her shirt off revealing the lacy black bra she had worn especially for him. She grinded her still clothed pussy against his bulge slowly and seductively as he ran his hands up her sides to her boobs. He slid his hands behind her shoulders and pulled her forward onto him again.

They were kissing again, Kyle moving his hands under the back of her shorts, feeling a lace edged G-string across her cute ass. He levered his hands up to slide the shorts off. This time she let him. Jess sat up and pulled at Kyle’s shirt. Unlike Jess, Kyle responded eagerly. Pushing himself up off the floor to allow Jess to pull his shirt up and off him. She lay down again, their bare skin touching, sending sparks across Kyle’s body.

Kyle rolled her onto her back, but instead of lying on top of her again, he ran his hand down her body and down the front of her g-string. He felt her wetness immediately as Jess moaned softly at his touch. He gently slid his finger down the middle of her moist pussy, flicking the clit gently. Jess responded to every touch on her button. He leaned forward and kissed her chest as he played with her pussy. He fingered her clit slowly, trying to feel the rhythm of her body. He listened to her breathing increase and fingered faster, keeping time.

He slid past it and up into her pussy, receiving Jess’ sharpest and loudest intake of breath yet. He smiled at her pleasure. He moved in and out with the rhythm of her breathing, increasing from one finger to two, occasionally pausing to rub her clit again. He held her body against his as he pleasured her pussy, her breathing getting faster and faster. He pulled her bra down to reveal her nipples which she promptly covered with a free hand. Despite everything they had done and were doing, she was still always shy about being seen fully naked by Kyle. This quirk always baffled him.

But he kept fingering her, knowing she was close to climaxing, and kissed her boob down towards her nipple. As his mouth reached her arm she moved it aside, allowing him access to gently bite and lick it, while she breathed hard and fast, squirming slightly with the pleasure.

Kyle was fingering Jess as fast as he could now. Jess’ face opened with an audible moan of pleasure as her back arched. He kept fingering her through her orgasm. She rocked up and down as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her from Kyle’s finger. Eventually she had to reach down and push his hand away.

He leant back as she caught her breath. Jess looked across and smiled at him.

“That was good,” she said.

“I’m glad,” Kyle said.

Without saying anything, Jess reached down and tried to unbutton his jeans, but couldn’t get the button undone.

“Oh well,” she said, and leant back on her back again, and started to pull her bra back on, still shielding her nipples from Kyle’s view. Kyle frowned at her, and reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped his fly for her. He even pulled his jeans down to thigh height for good measure, giving her as little excuse as possible not to return the favour.

Jess smiled and said, “what do you want?”

Kyle smiled back and looked down at his now exposed undershorts, barely concealing his rock hard erection. “What do you think?”

Jess reached down and pushed the underwear down, allowing his dick to spring free and stand firm. Jess gently wrapped her hand around his shaft and started to slide it up and down. It was Kyle’s turn to breathe in sharply this time.

“Do you like that?” Jess asked slyly.

“Yes,” Kyle gasped eagerly.

Jess smiled more as she rubbed his hard cock up and down steadily. She leant forwards so her body made as much contact with his as she could. Kyle could feel her boobs resting heavily on his chest. She leant forward and kissed him hard as she rubbed. He fought the urge to cum, willing himself to prolong the feeling.

“Are you close?” she asked him.

He gritted his teeth and nodded. As much as he wanted to look at Jess’ face while he came the pleasure was too much. He closed his eyes as he lost the battle, his cum shooting through Jess’ hand and landing on his body. She kept pumping as shot more and more cum out onto her hand and his own stomach.

“Was that good?” Jess asked with another impish smile.

“Yeah,” Kyle said breathlessly.

“Stay there,” she said, standing up, carefully balancing her messy hand so as not to spill anything. She returned quickly with paper towel for Kyle to clean himself up. Within five minutes they were each clean and dressed and sitting on the couch. Jess curled up into Kyle’s chest, under his arm wrapped tightly around her shoulder, gently running her hand up and down his thigh, while he stroked her back.

“We don’t have much time,” said Kyle.

“I know,” said Jess, sliding her hand up the inside of his thigh. “I wish we had more time.”

“How about forever?” Kyle asked, kissing the top of her head.

Jess smiled up at him. “That would be nice.”

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