La Etoile

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La Etoile

7:30 p.m.

Wear something nice

Kelly’s heart raced as she read the little note for the umpteenth time. This was actually happening. About two months ago she had created a profile on a sugar dating site. Most who had contacted her were fake rich guys that couldn’t have afforded to rent a nice car. Others still were rich but absolutely boring and sometimes downright unappealing. She was beginning to think she’d never find a sugar daddy to meet her tastes. In fact, she had been right. It wasn’t a man she was meeting today but a woman. When Irina had contacted her the first time she had been astounded, shocked even. She had immediately clicked away from the listing and moved on to different pursuits, but a nagging portion of her brain kept returning to that listing. Eventually she gave in and looked at Irina in more detail. She was a 34 year old woman in contrast to Kelly’s 19 years of age. A significant gap in a normal situation, but far less than some of the men that had approached her. Irina was rich! Not rich as in well off, but actually, honestly, breathtakingly rich!

She was the daughter of a Russian billionaire who had married an American to seal a merger between his and her father’s companies. Obviously not in the relationship for love, Irina was seeking out women she could be truly intimate with. Kelly had to admit she was intrigued. Though never having been with another woman before, her correspondence with Irina made her feel an unexpected connection. Now, in less than two hours, they were meeting, and Kelly had no clue what to wear. La Etoile was one of the fanciest restaurants in the city; one she would ordinarily have no hope of dining at. Kelly slipped out of her jeans and t-shirt and gazed at herself in the mirror of her dorm room. She removed her C-cup bra and let her breasts hang free. She grabbed a more sensual bra with frills and lace and held it up. No, she decided, discarding the lingerie in favor of the more conservative undergarment. She wouldn’t be displaying her goods to anyone tonight, regardless of how rich they were. She donned a pair of black slacks and compared two sweaters, one black and one charcoal, the black one with a zipper down the front and the charcoal a pull-over. As she was considering them, her roommate and older sister, amber, walked in.

“Hot date?” she asked.

“Something like that,” Kelly said, blushing and feeling it spread over her entire body. Amber noticed, how could she not, Kelly’s skin that was normally as white as could be now glowed a dull pink.

“Ooh, a really hot date then,” Amber teased. She came up behind Kelly and rested her chin on her shoulder, looking at the presented choices.

“I’d go with the black,” she said, “easier access to all this.” She reached around and tickled Kelly’s belly and ribs. Kelly yelped and spun away.

“Yes well you do seem to be an authority on easy access,” Kelly teased and then ran as Amber gave chase around the room. Eventually Amber had her cornered and gave another bout of tickling. When she finally stopped Kelly punched her shoulder playfully.

“Jerk, now I have to redo my mascara,” Kelly whined.

“Have you learned your lesson?” Amber asked as Kelly walked toward the bathroom.

“Yes,” Kelly lied then kept silent until she reached the bathroom door, “easy slut.” Amber spun around but it was too late Kelly had shut Ankara escort the door and locked it. After reapplying the various stages of makeup Amber had ruined, Kelly emerged to find Amber cooled off and studying. Kelly picked up the pull-over charcoal sweater, a choice not lost on Amber who rolled her eyes.

“Prude,” she said. Kelly grabbed her black pea coat and gray boots and walked out the door.

When she arrived at La Etoile, the nervousness she had felt earlier came rushing back. She walked inside cautiously. The maitre d looked at her. He could tell she didn’t belong, she just knew it.

“Reservation,” he asked politely, his eyes daring her to say she didn’t have one.

“I.. um..” she began but was thankfully interrupted by a gentle yet commanding voice with a faint Russian accent.

“She’s with me Pierre.” Kelly turned.

“Irina!” she said her heart in her throat with excitement and nervousness all at once. A little disappointed, Pierre went back to his business.

“Kelly,” Irina greeted, taking her by both hands. She leaned in and kissed her cheeks three times; left, right, left. “You are even more beautiful than I imagined.” Kelly blushed, which endeared her to Irina even more.

“It’s very good to meet you at last Irina,” Kelly said shyly.

“Please Kelly,” Irina said, “let us sit.” Irina led her to their table where there were already two glasses of dark red wine waiting.

“Irina I’m not 21 yet,” said Kelly reluctantly. It wasn’t as if she didn’t want the wine, but she didn’t want anyone to get in trouble. Irina laughed.

“That is right, I forgot,” she said, “In my country we may drink as soon as we become 18, though most start drinking well before that. If you want to drink, drink. I certainly won’t tell anyone and neither will Gilles. Is that not right Gilles?

“Of course not madam,” Gilles, who had arrived at their table seconds earlier, assured.

“Allow us a little time Gilles,” Irina said, “We have not even opened the menu yet.” Gilles bowed slightly and turned to walk away. Kelly opened her menu and her heart sank. It was in French and there were no pictures to be found. She was out of her league and she knew it. She felt like everyone in the restaurant could tell she didn’t belong. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe she should apologize to Irina and walk away now. As if she sensed Kelly’s discomfort, Irina called out to Gilles and requested an English menu. To Kelly’s surprise, Gilles complied and offered her the new menu without any air of judgment or derision. Her mind at ease for now, the first thing she noticed upon opening her menu was the lack of price on any of the items. Normally this would have thrown her, however she was here on Irina’s dime and what was being a sugar baby for if not for allowing herself to be spoiled. Kelly scanned the menu skipping over certain delicacies that made her stomach churn and hoping to find something at least a little familiar. At last she discovered some fairly basic seafood dishes to her liking and decided on one of those. Irina smiled a little at her order.

“I must apologize,” she said, “I had hoped bringing you to a nice place like this would impress you, but I can see that you are somewhat uncomfortable.” Kelly laughed. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Believe me I am impressed,” she assured, “I’m just not used to all this.”

They Ankara escort bayan talked for hours, even after the food had come and been finished. Irina had Kelly tell her all about her; likes, hobbies, etc. Irina was especially delighted when she learned that Kelly had grown up around horses, her father managing the stables for a wealthy man’s ranch.

“Oh you must come riding with me,” Irina insisted to the delight of Kelly. She’d missed riding ever since she’d been away at school. She particularly missed Ember, her favorite horse she’d helped raise from when he was a foal. As the evening wore on, Kelly began to become more and more at ease with Irina and her surroundings. No doubt in part because of the wine glass that kept refilling as soon as Gilles saw it was empty, but mostly because she was really starting to like Irina. As far as first dates went, this was certainly one of the better ones she’d had.

Over the next couple weeks she saw Irina several more times. Irina had taken her to the opera, an experience Kelly doubted she appreciated fully, but appreciated the gesture. They’d been to several more fine restaurants and Kelly was starting to become more comfortable with fine dining. She’d always come up with excuses for being away, however. She wasn’t quite ready to explain the situation to her sister yet. The financial benefits she was reaping weren’t too shabby either. Irina was giving her a very generous weekly allowance in addition to helping her with tuition and taking her on the occasional shopping spree. She was also quite pleased at the pace the relationship was moving at. Thus far, Irina hadn’t tried to make any sexual advances toward her, though she knew that that couldn’t last for too long; there was a reason she was a sugar baby. She was delighted when she received an invitation to go horseback riding with Irina. When the driver dropped her off at the stable, however, Kelly felt the differences in their backgrounds come into sharp view once again when she saw Irina petting one of the horses. She was wearing the horse riding attire of her class; riding breaches, jacket, and helmet, in stark contrast to Kelly’s blue jeans, cowgirl boots, and plaid blouse. Once again thoughts of doubt came into her head. Irina turned to see her.

“Kelly!” she greeted her, rushing forward to wrap her in a warm hug, apparently with no reaction to her attire making Kelly feel even more the fool for her negative thoughts, “I’m so excited you’re here! I’ve been looking forward to doing this ever since you told me you knew how to ride.”

“Thank you for bringing me along,” Kelly said, happily slipping back into the familiar state of ease Irina always managed to put her in, “It’s been too long since I’ve gotten the chance to ride.”

Irina introduced Kelly to the horse she’d be riding, Atalanta after the Greek myth. As they set off, Kelly felt freer than she had in a long time. She brought Atalanta from trot to full gallop over the grassy hills and was impressed at Irina’s ability to keep up. After a while they stopped to rest under the shade of a beautiful cherry tree. Irina had brought a blanket that they spread out on the ground to sit on. They talked for hours, occasionally stopping to treat the horses to apples, carrots or sugar cubes Irina had brought.

“Kelly,” Irina said when there was a lull in the conversation.


“May Escort Ankara I kiss you?” Irina asked, her pleading eyes betraying her composed figure. Kelly felt a wave of surprise flood over her, though she didn’t quite know why. She’d always known that this was where the relationship was headed. Even more surprising to her was that she didn’t feel any desire whatsoever to say no.

“Of course,” she said, smiling to hide her nervousness. Irina leaned in and gently pressed her lips to Kelly’s. When she pulled away, Kelly found that she leaned forward, unconsciously trying to prolong contact. They sat in silence for several minutes, breathing heavily. Kelly felt her nervousness slip away to be replaced with determination. She climbed into Irina’s lap and kissed her deeply as Irina leaned back onto her hands. Abandoning any sense of propriety, Irina kissed her back with passion their lips and tongues dancing a sensual tango. Irina untucked Kelly’s blouse and slid her hands over the warm flesh of her belly and back. She lay back onto the blanket and unclasped the hooks of Kelly’s push up bra. Kelly gasped and broke the kiss.

“Too fast?” Irina asked. Kelly laughed nervously and bit her lower lip.

“We’re ah… we’re outside Irina,” she explained. Kelly was surprised at how much she wanted things to progress. She’d never felt such fire between her legs over a woman before. Irina smiled.

“Good thing it’s private property then,” Irina said with a smile, “no one’s going to see you but me.” Kelly smiled and sat up, grinding on Irina’s lap while she slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

Finally it was off and she lay it and her bra next to them on the ground. Irina rolled Kelly onto her back and leaned forward to desperately kiss her lips. She cupped Kelly’s breasts in her hands and began to play with her nipples. Kelly moaned as Irina kissed her neck and gently pulled at her earlobe with her teeth. Kelly felt her jeans being unbuttoned and pulled off of her to be discarded in the growing heap of clothing to her left. She gasped as she felt Irina’s fingers brush up against her clit through her panties. She attempted to slide them off, but Irina grabbed both her hands and used one of hers to pin them by the wrists above Kelly’s head. She continued to tease her with her fingers, gently rubbing up and down. Kelly arched her back and thrust her hips up to get more pressure, but Irina would always correct and maintain a maddeningly light touch. Irina leaned forward to gently bite at Kelly’s neck and ear again.

“You’re so wet,” she whispered, driving Kelly wild with need, “I bet you taste amazing.”

With no further word, Irina slipped off Kelly’s panties and kissed her way down her body until her lips touched the dripping folds of Kelly’s pussy. That she was glad she had shaved was the last thing that went through Kelly’s mind before Irina’s lips and tongue stripped her of the ability of thought. Kelly’s back arched and she gripped the blanket beneath her as Irina attacked her pussy. Once they got into a rhythm Irina gently slid two of her fingers inside Kelly and quickly located her g-spot. Before long, Kelly’s fingers were gripping tightly to Irina’s hair as she writhed in a screaming orgasm. When she came down, Kelly couldn’t stop giggling wildly until Irina slid up her body to kiss her, her fingers still gently and slowly circling Kelly’s clit.

When Kelly finally made it home it was late. Even Amber was asleep in bed. Exhausted, Kelly collapsed into bed and daydreamed of Irina, absentmindedly rubbing herself beneath the sheets until she fell into the best sleep she’d had in ages.

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