Lady of My Heart Ch. 03

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Estragon was the original copy editor for this, years ago but I’ve made changes so if there are mistakes do not blame him.


Sun streaming through the window awakens me and I realize my left arm is numb. Slowly lifting one eyelid, I find that Ames’ head is the culprit but I do not move. She is so beautiful lying there with her auburn hair all around her face. I think I might just be willing to lose the arm if necessary to keep from disturbing her. I lift my right hand and stroke softly down the side of her face with one finger. The emotions this woman raises in me are so new and so strong that it takes my breath away and scares me more than a little.

I ease the sheet back from us, and marvel at the beauty I find beneath it. I can’t resist reaching out to her nipple, lightly stroking, watching it stiffen and pucker. She sighs in her sleep. I grow more adventurous, popping a finger into my mouth to wet it, before teasing the other nipple as well. I play back and forth between the two, stroking, then lightly pinching and twisting, making her moan softly and arch her hips upward.

I glide my hand in ever lowering circles toward her center, but with my arm pinned I can’t quite reach my goal. Stroking back and forth over her lower stomach causes her to moan again, this time louder and I look up to see those beautiful green eyes looking back at me.

“Is the treasure you seek just out of reach, love?”

She raises her head and I slide down in the bed. Now I can reach her treasures and her nipple is conveniently right at my lips. I pull the stiffened peak into my mouth and begin to swirl my tongue and suckle gently as my fingers play teasingly with her mound and outer lips. I can sense her passion rising and she is soaking wet.

“Oh, you little tease!”

Just as I slip two fingers into her hot, wet, slit to find her bud, there is pounding on the door.

“Dragon! Dragon, come quickly!”

Years of mercenary service taught me to jump and run fast. I hit my feet dressing, grabbing my sword on my way to the door. Ames lets out a string of some of the saltiest language I have ever heard following behind.

Mentally preparing myself for battle as I pound down the stairs, I come to a sliding stop at entrance the common room. I nearly fall at the sight. The room is filled with women, all of them holding bundles or packages. I stand agape, as they approach me with words of praise and hugs to deliver their gifts. Haunches of smoked meat, small crocks of jam from last year’s berry crop, bags of dried vegetables and bundles of tubers, cheeses and loaves of bread, even two large fur sleeping rugs. Our journey will be a long one, and I wonder how we will carry so many supplies.

Just as the last of the women kisses my cheek and hands me two bottles of wine, the stable boy motions for me to come outside. I reach behind me to take Ames’ hand, but it is stiff and unyielding. I feel anger, resentment and jealousy radiating from her. In the street in front of the Inn are the three widows of the men killed by the Guardians. One holds the reins of two sturdy looking burros, the second two heavy traveling cloaks, oiled to ward off rain, and the third a fine horn bow with two quivers of arrows.

“We want to thank you for bringing our men home to us and delivering their shares of the reward. Not all would be so honest as to do that.”

One of the women steps up to Ames, hugging her and handing her the bow and quivers.

“I heard you can make use of these. I have no children to pass them down to, so I want you to have them.”

I feel her anger and resentment ease as she accepts the hug and I am relieved. I know that it was she and the Old Mother that did all the work to free the men from the evil influence they were under but it seems I am the one everyone wants to thank.

Eraat ducks back behind the building across the street almost cackling with glee. It has found a way to drive them farther apart. The mage is jealous! Eraat will use that, yes, use it well. Lots of women will want the Dragon and Eraat will make sure to enhance it and stir the pot. The Dragon has had many women and she will meet them nearly everywhere she goes on this journey. There will be fun and more fun, lots of anger and jealousy for Eraat to enjoy. The mage will come to hate the Dragon for her philandering ways and distrust her even more, yes, Eraat will see to that!

It seems the whole town has turned out to watch our leaving. Children run through the streets playing, and even the men seem happy and in good spirits. Perhaps they have all made peace with their women now. We ride for our hiding place and the cache of gold we left Cat to guard. The journey to the mountains will be long; the season will make it harder. We must cross the plains and they are plagued with storms this time of year. I once saw one of those great swirling storms pick up and fling most of an army. All that was left in its wake were a few broken tree stumps bursa otele gelen escort and the broken, twisted bodies of men and horses.

Reaching the waterfall where we first made love, I hang back and allow Ames to go into the cave behind the falls. Cat knows me, but it is best if Ames goes in to meet her first. She beckons to me a few minutes later and I join her carrying the brace of large mocnive hens Ames took with her new bow this evening. Cat has not left the gold to hunt for two days and the gift will help to cement our friendship.

We carry the gold to load it on our mounts as Cat enjoys her feast. The burros might carry the weight easier but neither of us is willing to risk losing it if something should happen to one or both of them. It is nearly dusk now. We both want to be back on the road as soon as possible to get away from this place before moonrise. We will make a camp when we are far enough away, to be sure that if any evil lurks here it will not find us. I cannot wait to make camp, I have some unfinished business to attend to.

Several leagues down the road we begin looking for a likely place to set camp for the rest of the night. The Cat has been ranging far ahead of us watching for trouble, and I suspect hunting as well. Those mocnive hens were large but not nearly enough to fill that size belly for long. As we round a bend in the road I see her up ahead waiting. She seems to know that Bore and the two burros would spook if she comes too near. The hart, well, the hart is a different matter. Ames seems to have an affinity for the beast, but I have never in all my years seen a mount so totally without intelligence. If Ames doesn’t guide it through the simplest actions it gets confused and simply stops, standing there until Ames begins guiding it again. I honestly think it would blunder blindly off a cliff if it weren’t kept tethered. It doesn’t even acknowledge Cat’s presence. I suppose that great rack of antlers and its sharp hooves make for excellent protection when you are on its back, but I can’t see it ever coming to anyone’s aid the way Bore has done for me.

When we draw near, Cat saunters off into the forest again. Now I realize why she stopped in this place. There is a small stream running a short distance from the road and a large clearing in the trees near it. Cat knows Ames well. Though the stream is not deep enough to bathe in, we should be able to wash in it. I begin unloading gear and setting up my small tent as Ames wanders off in search of wood for a fire. Between the two of us it does not take long before all is arranged, a fire crackling and a pot set to boil. Ames bends over the pot, adding smoked meat, dried vegetables, tubers and herbs. I can’t help but watch her ass in the leather riding pants she wears. Dinner smells good but I hunger for something entirely different to eat.

I lead the mounts and our burros down to the stream to drink before tethering them at the edge of the forest. Ames meets me, carrying soap and cloths to wash with and cocks an eyebrow at me.

“The stew can simmer while we wash up. I’ve been simmering all day!”

“You are not the only one. Perhaps after dinner you can help me locate the exact spot I was at this morning when the bar wench pounded on the door?”

“Oh, I suppose I could help you to find it but I’d much rather enjoy you searching for it instead.”

She seems in good spirits, no longer upset at the way the women of the town thanked me instead of her. I find myself feeling protective of her and wanting to do anything just to make her smile. I’ve never felt this way before and I enjoy it. The women I’ve had in my life have always been just a quick way to slake my lust. I’ve never spent more than a few nights with one woman and these feelings are all new to me. I worry that I am not capable of love. I’ve never known real love and it worries me that I will not be able to be what Ames needs me to be.

Our dinner is a feast compared to what I am used to while traveling, a savory stew, toasted bread with melted cheese, wine and even a bit of bread and jam for dessert. Of all our supplies the bread will be the first to spoil, so we must enjoy it while we can.

I go to check on our animals, as Ames heads down to the stream to clean the dishes. Patting Bore and handing him a corner of bread as a treat, I see that the hart has managed to entangle itself in a bush. I am sure having a rack of antlers that size can be useful in a fight, but I have to wonder how the poor beast ever managed on its own.

As I approach the tent I can hear Ames rustling around inside and my heart begins to pound. It’s been a long trying day, but this moment has been in my mind the whole time. Crawling into the tent, I find her naked and grinning at me. Her beauty overwhelms me and my hands shake as I undress. I slide into the furs beside her, taking her in my arms, snuggling close and drinking in her scent. She captures my lips in a kiss and escort bayan the excitement between us begins to rise exponentially.

I rise above her and work my way down from her ear to her shoulder with tongue-swirling kisses. Nipping her shoulder lightly, I kiss my way to her collarbone, and then lick slowly over to the other under her chin, along her neck, making goose bumps rise across her chest and her nipples begin to stiffen in anticipation.

I bury my nose in her cleavage and inhale deeply. She smells of flowers and passion. I begin kissing around and around the sides of her breasts and she arches her back, trying to get me to the peaks of them. She gasps as I take first one then the other in my mouth, alternately nipping them with my teeth and laving them with my tongue. I move onto my side beside her, sliding down a bit in the furs. My right hand begins to lazily wander down her ribs to her stomach and she moans and arches her back again.

“Hm, is this the spot where I was this morning?”

“Ah, no, not quite there yet, but you are getting closer.”

I begin to stroke her mound and outer lips, feeling the wetness there grow immediately. She lets out a growl and bucks her hips, wanting more.

“Yes, I believe I have found the very spot I had to leave so suddenly.”

I drag a finger slowly up and down her hot, wet slit, teasing her further.

“Dragon, my love, if you do not shut up and fuck me I swear will burst into flame!”

“What my Lady wants my Lady will surely get.”

I plunge my fingers into her and circle her clit with my thumb pumping fast and hard. I curl my fingers upward and begin to thrust at an upward angle and she screams out in passion. Around and around my thumb goes and it is if I am winding a spring. I feel her entire body tightening more and more. Taking her nipple in my teeth, I bite down, and her back arches high as the spring uncoils. She lets forth a great sobbing moan as she is wracked with spasms.

Not even allowing her to relax I slide further down and between her thighs. I know she is sensitive now so I very lightly begin teasing her with my tongue, burying my fingers in her once again. She groans loudly as I flick her clit gently back and forth, fingers pumping into her at a leisurely pace. She reaches down grabbing my hair and pulling me into her harder, signaling she is ready for more. I step up the pace with my fingers, again thrusting upward as I apply rhythmic suction to her clit. Her hips are rocking as she pulls my hair painfully, making me fear she will rip it out, then she screams again and holds me tight to her as I am flooded in her juices.

I crawl up her body to rest above her on my elbows kissing her cheeks, her eyes, and finally those luscious lips. Her breathing slows gradually and I lay my head on her shoulder resting and listening to the pounding of her heart.

She wraps her arms around me and rolls, coming out on top, kissing me and pressing our breasts together. I squirm and wiggle as she works her way lower. Taking my right nipple in her mouth, she pinches the left with her fingers sending waves of pleasure straight to my core. As she switches back and forth I feel as if I can’t get enough air and wetness begins to seep from me onto the furs.

It seems I am not the only one that can tease. The Lady takes her sweet and torturous time working her way down to nip and kiss up and down my inner thighs. I growl in frustration each time she gets oh so close, then retreats again. At last she moves to my center and blows her hot breath across my soaked lips. I cry out in anticipation of her mouth. Her tongue reaches out and slowly traces my outer lips and my heart pounds in my ears. Then it plunges into my very depths, causing me to gasp for air and beg for more. In and out and around and around her tongue swirls, making my back arch and my muscles begin to cramp from the tension. Suddenly it is gone and she looks up into my eyes as she enters me with three fingers, stretching me wide and making my hips undulate. She lowers her head again to suck my clit between her lips, darting her tongue around it in a maddening dance. I scream as waves of pleasure explode and radiate from the tips of my toes to the top of my head.

Before she can continue I rise up slightly speaking in a voice gruff from moaning and screaming.

“Turn around. I want more of you!”

She turns lowering herself onto my face as we both begin pleasuring one another again. I am shocked as I feel her reaching out to touch my mind. Trustingly, I reach back and it is as if we are one in body and in mind. Jolts of pleasure arc back and forth between us and I am not sure which of us it comes from. She begins an intense assault on my clit with her tongue and I mirror her actions wanting to give as good as I get. I moan into her as the doubled feelings bring me close to the brink again. Trying to wait for her I take her clit gently between my teeth and flick my tongue back and mudanya escort forth over it faster and faster. Our minds are wrapped together as our orgasms burst forth from us and it is more intense than anything I have ever experienced. I am coming and she is coming and we are coming and then it becomes too much to bear and I know no more.

Thunder rumbles and shakes the ground awakening me. I find it hard to breathe then chuckle as I realize that Ames is still atop me, her head buried between my thighs. Lightning flashes and this time the thunder is a tremendous cracking boom. Ames starts and jerks awake giggling when she sees our position. We both burst into outright laughter as we try to move and her face is stuck to my thigh, my breasts to her stomach. The rain begins to pound the outside of the tent in a deafening roar.

“At least we will not have to go far to wash! Hand me the soap from my pack and let’s go out a moment.”

We emerge from the tent into the chill rain, laughing and soaping each other playfully. Once we have washed away the remnants of our loving we scurry to get back into the tent. Ames hands me a cloth to dry with and begins drying herself as I reach into a pack for the half bottle of wine left from dinner. I shiver as I dry myself and she begins an incantation. The walls of the tent begin to glow softly and radiate warmth. I see her take out her hairbrush and take it from her, sitting down behind her among the furs, brushing her hair and passing the bottle of wine.

As I finish with her hair, she turns to me smiling and I just have to say it.

“I’m not sure how to say this, I’ve never said it before. I love you Ames, and though I have never felt this feeling, this love, before I can promise you I will cherish it and you as long as you will let me.”

She moves into my arms and lays her head on my shoulder.

“I love you as well my Dragon, and I will never tire of it.”

We snuggle down into the furs, still wrapped in each others arms and drift into exhausted sleep. It is not far till morning and the road awaits us.

Eraat shakes itself and sneezes. Eraat hates rain and hates love and this place is filled with both tonight. Eraat has been busy elsewhere, very busy. They will meet soldiers on the road tomorrow and Dragon will be in trouble, yes, big trouble! The mage will not like what the soldiers will reveal about the Dragon. Fun, yes, there will be fun when they all come together. Eraat moves back to the road and begins to run again. It must find others to bring into the trouble it causes for the Dragon and the mage.

Morning is a scramble to get all packed and begin the journey through the endless sucking mud of the road. We must stop to rest our mounts frequently as it is tiring for them. About the time I am ready to try and find a decently dry place to rest and have a longer break to feed the mounts we round a bend in the road and before us is a camp full of the kings men.

I am greeted warmly by one and all as we ride up. I am immediately approached by a young page, asking to take charge of our beasts. Stopping to grab our saddlebags we both dismount thankfully and hand over our reins and the lead ropes of the burros. I know they will be groomed, fed and kept out of the worst of the weather during our visit.

Inside the Captain’s tent I am pleased to find my friend Captain Coby He slaps my back and asks to be introduced to Ames.

“Ames, this is Captain Andrew Coby, we have served together in several campaigns. His father owns the inn in Brightview Village. We will most likely be stopping there in a few days’ time.”

“Andy, this is the Lady Mage Amynomene, better known as Ames, the one that finally won my heart. You always told me it would happen and it has.”

Andy bows deeply, always the gallant.

“Pleased to meet you, Lady Ames, I knew someone would tame the Dragon one of these days! Though I am not so sure how my twin sisters will like it.”

I nervously clear my throat, and shoot him a warning glance. I am not sure Ames needs to hear about his twin sisters and the last time I visited his father’s inn. In fact, I was already dreading that stop on our route as my last visit did not end well. We all sit around his map table, and he brings out a bottle of fine brandy to share.

“Dragon, I need to warn you. We are here because of a problem with bandits in the area. We’ve been after them for weeks and can’t seem to catch up to them. They’ve robbed many, killed a few and taken hostage one merchant woman on her way to her daughter’s wedding. I only hope we can catch them before she is dead too.”

Just as I am about to answer, the page sticks his head in the tent frantically.

“Dragon! Your horse! He has bitten a page and will not settle down for anyone!”

“Damn it, sometimes he lives up to his name. Excuse me, Andy; I’ll go deal with him. Oh, and Andy, a word of warning, get frisky with my woman and she will fry your cods with a mage bolt!”

I throw my cloak back over my shoulders and exit the tent to the sound of their laughter. Dealing with Bore was simple. The inexperienced young lads had put him too near a mare and he was showing out for her. Once he was moved, he buried his head back in his oats and began to behave.

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