Last August Ch. 02: The Second Weekend

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You might want to read “The First Weekend in August” first…


Scott and Susie came by to pick to Carl and Cathy about 8am.

None of them really knew what to expect from tonight: last Saturday night, they’d found themselves sharing a motel room, which led to the two couples hearing one another making love, and then in the morning seeing one another naked. Was that just a one-time fluke? Or if they found themselves in close quarters again tonight would they all feel okay about seeing one another naked again? Would they want to take it further?

On the way home Sunday, they’d come up with the idea of spending another weekend together: they’d discuss the two families vacationing together at a beach resort later this summer, so the four of them would drive over for one night to check it out.

Susie and Cathy had discussed the question very briefly during the week.

“Tell me, sis,” Cathy said, “were you okay with… last Saturday night?”

“I didn’t think I would be, but yeah. No big deal, was it?”

“Not really,” Cathy agreed. She wasn’t going to tell Susie that she and Scott had also touched one another very intimately while the lights were out. More than once. “But this weekend… things could escalate. You know that.”

“That’s scary.”

Cathy nodded. “But good scary?”

Susie laughed nervously. “Maybe.”

“Well,” Cathy said, “I doubt the guys would dare cross any lines unless we made it clear we wanted them to. So if we wanted to keep things at look-but-don’t-touch, that’s how it’ll be.”

Though both women wondered whether that’s what they wanted.

Around 10, they stopped for breakfast and to break up the trip. When they were done eating, Cathy said she needed to go to the bathroom and asked Susie to go along with her. “Isn’t that a cliché?” Carl asked.

“Quiet. Why don’t you and Scott go out and wait for us in the car.”

Susie had no idea what Cathy had in mind, but she was accustomed to taking her older sister’s lead. Cathy also hadn’t explained why she’d told her to wear a button-down blouse rather than a t-shirt or polo shirt, which seemed like a very odd request at the time.

When the women came outside ten minutes, Cathy slid into the front seat next to Scott, and Susie sat in the back next to Carl. “Let’s hit the road,” Cathy said.

The guys had no idea why their wives had switched places, but they both soon noticed that they’d each unbuttoned an extra button on their blouses. They didn’t say anything, but the wives knew they’d noticed.

After a bit, Susie casually mentioned she hadn’t slept well the night before, and ask Carl if she could stretch out on the back seat and use his lap for a pillow. “Umm…” he said.

“Go ahead,” Cathy called back from the front seat. “Be a good brother-in-law.”

Susie took off her seat belt, and casually undid another button before lying across the back seat. Looking down at her, Carl could see the swell of her breasts.

And she could feel his cock hardening as she rested the back of her head on his lap.

She couldn’t believe how tempted she was to just unzip him and take that cock deep into her mouth; but this was about teasing, nothing else.

In the front seat, Cathy sunk her body as low as she could while still staying seated, and very overtly unbuttoned a button on her blouse. Then, convinced, that no other drivers Anadolu Yakası Sınırsız Escort could see her, she unbuttoned the rest of them. True, that wasn’t what she’d planned with Susie — but Scott wasn’t going to tell, was he?

The car swerved suddenly as Scott saw one of Cathy’s breasts come into view. Instinctively, Carl grabbed at Susie to keep her from rolling off of the seat onto the floor, and ended up with a hand full of breast — mostly over her shirt, but the heel of his hand rested on naked cleavage.

“Sorry,” Carl said, at the same time Cathy said “Careful not to get us all killed.”

“No problem,” Susie said, while Scott said “Sorry.”

A few more miles down the road, Susie realized that she actually was pretty tired, and decided to try to take a brief nap after all. First she opened another button, though, exposing a lot more cleavage and almost-but-not-quite inviting Carl to touch her breasts while she slept. With nobody else being the wiser.

She didn’t wake up until they were pulling into the hotel parking lot. Carl had an arm around her, to keep her from falling off the seat, but his hand was nowhere near her breast. Her blouse was slightly askew, exposing her left breast almost to the nipple, but not more buttons had been undone. She wondered whether her sister’s husband had slipped his hand into her blouse as she slept, and played with her breast. Or opened a couple more buttons, then closed them back up before she awakened.

In the front seat, Cathy had closed up her own shirt as Scott drove into the parking lot. She’d never driven around virtually topless before, and he promised herself she’d find away to do it with Carl sometime soon. In the meantime, she was certain neither Carl nor Susie had any idea she’d shown Scott more than a little cleavage, as she and Susie had planned (though she wondered what Carl and Susie had been up to in the back seat).

Not that it any big deal at this point, letting their brothers-in-law see some tit: they’d seen everything last weekend, of course. But this display was the sisters’ way of telling their husbands, since nobody had overtly discussed it, that they wouldn’t mind a little more of the same this weekend.

Scott, at least, seemed to have gotten the hint. He came back to the car from the hotel front desk and announced that there was a problem with the reservations and they were going to have to share one room with two king-sized beds.

“Really?” Susie asked.

He grinned. “That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.”

So the men each grabbed their own overnight case and their wives’, and they walked through the lobby and took the elevator to the fourth floor, to room 415. As Scott slid the keycard into the door lock, he asked “What does everybody want to do first?”

“The beach,” the other three said in unison, then laughed. But then once inside the room, the door closed behind them, there was an awkward silence: how were they going to handle changing into their swimsuits?

Once more, Cathy took the lead by unbuttoning her shirt, showing that she was okay with everybody undressing together. The other three followed her lead, and in fact Susie was the first to be completely naked. Carl had seen her naked in bed the previous weekend, and had watched her get dressed; but this was a lot more close up, and he wasn’t doing Anadolu Yakası Suriyeli Escort a very good job of pretending not to look.

Scott was next, pulling down his underwear to expose a fully erect penis. Well, he’d been sitting next to a topless Cathy for the past couple of hours, after all.

He pushed Susie gently down onto the bed, then climbed on himself, moving between her legs. “Oh my god,” she said, both excited and nervous. He was going to fuck her right here and now, in broad daylight in front of her sister and Carl!

She spread her legs as wide as she could, knowing Cathy and Carl could see her glistening wet pussy, and the fact that she was revealing this very personal aspect to them turned her on more than she ever could have imagined. If Scott didn’t push his cock into her soon, she was going to explode.

But he was in no mood to take it slow either, and plunged himself balls-deep into her aching pussy with his first quick stroke. Susie shuddered, then looked to the side and saw her sister leaned over the other bed, Carl’s long cock taking her from behind.

The men grunted. The women groaned. Each couple responded to the other’s sounds by becoming louder and less inhibited. Alter on, the sisters would confide to one another than they couldn’t remember the last time their husbands were this hard.

The couples were openly watching one another fuck.

Each woman came twice before the men filled their pussies with cum, and finally everybody collapsed onto their backs. “Well,” Scott said, catching his breath, “that was different.”

“Good-different?” Cathy asked from the next bed.

“Oh, definitely.”

“It was a win-win,” Carl said. “Watching you guys inspired us, and I’m sure vice versa. And all we did was watch. It’s not as if we did anything really wrong.”

“You mean you wouldn’t touch me if you could?” Susie teased.

“Um…” Carl was flustered. “If it were okay with you and Scott and Cathy I guess…”

“You guess? You came pretty damn close to touching my tit in the car.” Carl took a quick glance over at Scott and Cathy, but couldn’t read their expressions.

Scott and Cathy were trying not to give away the fact that while Cathy was slumped down on the front seat, essentially topless, Scott had reached over and played with her breasts, at one point teasing her hard left nipple so mercilessly, she had to shove her right hand into her mouth to keep from moaning.

And that counting last weekend, this was the third time he’d had his hands on her naked breasts.

“And last week you said you wanted to fuck me,” Susie reminded her sister’s husband.

“That’s not what I said.”

“Sure it was.”

“Not exactly.”

“Suze,” Cathy said with a slight giggle, “stop teasing my husband. Look what you’ve done, his cock’s hard again, and the next thing you know he’ll want to fuck me again.” Cathy let her hand drift over to Carl’s hard cock, and wrapped her fingers around it.

“Oh god,” Carl groaned.

“Though I don’t know,” Cathy said, starting to slowly jerk him. “I think you did say last week you wanted to fuck my sister. Maybe you’d rather she do this to you?”

Even with most of his blood moved down to his cock, Carl knew a trick question when he heard one. “Right now, I don’t care who does it. Except for Scott, of course.”

“Seconded, Anadolu Yakası İranlı Escort dude,” Scott agreed.

Cathy continued stroking Carl’s hard cock, and Susie climbed off her bed. “Hey, Cathy got to watch us last week. Now it’s my turn to get a show.” She climbed onto Cathy and Carl’s bed, and settled in not two feet from Carl’s cock.

Scott wasn’t crazy about the idea of his naked wife sitting right next to Carl — but there wasn’t much he could say about it because he didn’t complain about Cathy watching him and Susie fucking. Did Susie know that Cathy had done more than just watch, had in fact taken advantage of the darkness to play with his ass while he stroked her tits? Would Susie retaliate by doing more than just watch? Would she grab Carl’s cock, let him touch her pussy?

The thought made him both angry and aroused. If Susie did anything improper at all, he swore to himself, he was going to take things to the next level by climbing onto the other bed and fucking the hell out of his sister-in-law.

The thought made him so hard, he thought he was going to burst.

Then with a loud “aggggh,” Carl came, spraying his cum straight onto Susie’s naked tits. Probably nobody was as surprised as Carl and Susie. The others noticed that Cathy seemed neither surprised not upset that her husband had cum on her sister, and suspected she’d “aimed” him on purpose.

“What a mess,” Cathy said, still lightly stroking Carl’s cock. “I bet you guys would give anything to see me lick that off of her, but we don’t roll that way and you know it. So here’s an interesting question: Carl, if Susie said you could lick it off, would you do it? You’d get to lick her tits, but you’d also get a mouthful of your own cum. Would it be worth it?”

“You’re killing me, Cathy. I’m going to have to cum for a third time if you don’t stop it.”

That was all Scott could handle. He threw himself onto the bed next to Susie, turned her head to face him, and thrust his cock in her mouth. He’d never forced himself on her before, but he couldn’t help it: it was either this, or mount her sister.

Susie didn’t mind, and sucked him hungrily, deeply and hard, even as he was fucking her mouth.

Cathy moved in closer, close enough to see the drops of saliva dripping from Susie’s mouth as she sucked.

Cathy suspected Susie was going to aim Scott’s cum at her the way she’d aimed Carl’s at Susie, and she wanted her to. But instead, Susie suddenly pulled Scott’s cock from her mouth, at the same time grabbing Cathy by the back of her head, pulled her face to within an inch or so of Scott’s cock.

Scott’s cum hit Cathy’s in the face, and most of the second spurt went straight into her mouth, the first time she’d ever tasted cum other than her husband’s.

She came very close to moving her head forward, taking Scott’s cock in her mouth, and sucking off the final drops.

And everybody knew how close.

Finally, Scott pulled back. “I… think we’d better get our suits on and go down to the beach,” he said, and everybody got off the bed and began getting dressed.

The rest of the day, everybody acted as if the men hadn’t cum all over one another’s wives and Cathy hadn’t come within seconds of sucking her brother-in-law’s cock. They still undressed in front of one another openly — that ship had sailed — and both couples made love that night, though quietly and in the dark, and nobody visited anybody else’s bed.

But they also knew that they were all coming back here soon, for almost a full week…

Continued in “The Fourth Week in August” (so don’t bother looking for “The Third Week in August” — everybody’s just going to be catching up on their gardening and other chores that week)

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