Last one to know, chapter 15

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Last one to know, chapter 15

When I pulled into the drive at Sue’s house the porch light was on. As we started up the walk Aunt Kay open the door and stepped out onto the porch. At first I thought we were in trouble for being so late. Then I saw she was smiling. Sue whispered “play along and we will have some fun with Mom.

Kay was wearing a short thin robe and when we got closer I could see her nice tits through the robe. She give Sue a big hug and kiss. Then she turned to me and as she hugged me I kissed her on the lips and discreetly massaged her left breast. Kay laughed “Bobby, I would’ve been disappointed if you hadn’t done that.

Kay was smiling big when she ask if we had picked up Dave’s ring. Sue told her we did as she pulled the little fabric bad out of her pocket and handed it to her Mon. Kay took the ring out and looked at it. As she was looking at it and ask “So, you guys met Herman and Rose? “Met who, Oh you’re talking about the older couple that owns the place. Yes, they were there, they seem like nice people. Then we went to the mall and hung out for a while. After that we went to the new restaurant, had a nice meal then just hung out some more”.

I had to turn my head several times to keep Kay from seeing me grinning. Kay was staring at Sue with a look of disbelief. Then Sue started laughing and I joined her. Kay put her hands on her hips and give us that evil woman look and said “YOU LITTLE SHITS, I SHOULD KICK BOTH YOUR ASSES”. Sue then give her Mom a quick recap of all the activities, including out time with Herman, Rose and Hanna.

I took the ring from Kay and turned it around to the little star shaped engraving. I told her Herman was making one for Sue and me. Kay looked shocked “you can’t do that, didn’t Herman tell you what it means when you wear it on your right ring finger”? Sue and I both laughed and I told her we were having it fitted for our pinky. She was okay with that so I kissed them both goodnight then headed home.

The next morning when I woke I could feel a worm, naked body cuddled to my back. I knew it was female because I could feel the tits pressed against my back and a soft arm around my waist. I had a really nice piss hard on and I needed relief is the worst kind of way. I moved a little trying to slip out of bed without waking whoever was in bed with me. Mom said “Morning Bobby, did you have a big night out”? “Hi Mom, gotta piss real bad right now, be right back

When I return to my bedroom Mom had moved the pillow up and was propped against the head board. She patted the bed beside her indicating for me to set there. I ask why she wasn’t in bed with Dad. She told me “Honey, he had to leave last night before you got home. He was called to report to be base, he may be gone for as long as three weeks. If so he won’t be her for Tammy’s graduation but Tammy understands”.

Mom ask about my evening out with Sue. I told her “very unusual to say the least”. She laughed “I guess you met Herman and Rose”. “Yes, and we also met Hanna and there in lies a situation I need to talk with you about”. Mom gave me a puzzled look. I told her “Mom you know how I feel about Sue and she feels the same about me. We understand and except that we will never marry. Now here is the situation I need your advise about. Yes, Sue and I met Hanna and it was an instant bond, not just for me but for Sue also. She is a beautiful young lady and sexy as hell but it was more that that. I don’t know, her voice, her smile, the way we seem to be able to see into each others hearts and souls. I don’t know, maybe all of it but I know the three of us felt something very special”.

Mom listened intensely as I talked then she said “Both of you, you and Sue think you are in love with Hanna? Not just infatuated or sexually attracted but in love”? I just nodded, not know anything else to say. “Bobby, the three of you are still young and you have a future to consider and plan for. If Sue and Hanna are to be a part of your future it will all work out. In the meantime continue to think with the head above your shoulders and not the one at the end of your cock”. We both laughed at that.

My back was to the door so I jumped when Tammy said “HEY YOU TWO, HOW CAN WE GET ANY SLEEP WITH ALL THE RACKED”!! I turned to see my two sisters standing in the doorway naked and a big smile on their faces. Mom motioned them over to the bed then told me “Okay Bobby, we want to hear everything about yesterday and don’t leave out anything sexy. Beth was so excited her little nipples were already erect. Mom told me Dad had made a little deposit before he left and she had saved what she could just in case I might be interested later in cleaning it up later.

I started with Sue and I going to the jewelry store and ended with the orgy at Herm and Rose’s. By the time I got to the part about the piss party in the bath tub my cock was hard as a rock. Beth moved up between my legs and started sucking on the head of my cock and licking down around my balls. Mom laughed and told me” go ahead Bobby, tell us the rest, Beth don’t have to have her mouth to hear”. I continued and by the time I got to the part about Rose sucking cock with her dentures out Tammy had two fingers shoving in and out of her pussy and was doing the same to Beth.

I had everyone up to date and told everyone “if there are any questions I’ll be happy to answer them later. Right now I would love to have the little snack Dad has left for me”. I laid back on the bed and Mom straddled my head and lowered her hot, wet pussy down to my mouth. I pushed my tongue çeşme escort bayan deep into Mom’s pussy. I could taste a mixture of Dad’s cum and Mom’s pussy juice. She pushed down, forcing the last of the mixture into my mouth.. I swallowed and continued tongue fucking her while I used my thump to massage her hard clit.

We had all reached the point until the room was filled with moans and groans. Mom started squirting in my mouth and her hips were slamming back and forth lick a jack hammer. That pushed me over the edge and I started filling Beth’s mouth with shot after shot of hot cum. Tammy was slamming her fingers into her and Beth’s pussy so hard I could hear her the wet slapping noise as her hand slapped against their pussy’s.

We fell over in one big pile of bodies, everyone trying to catch their breath. We just lay there cuddling and relaxing for the next hour. We all went to the bathroom and enjoyed a good hot shower. After breakfast we all set around talking and just spend time together.

Mom ask what I thought about calling Kay and Herman and see if they would all like to come over later in the evening for a cook out. I told her I thought it would be great and if it was an all nude party it would be great. Our little pervert Beth said “ oh goodie, I’ll get to see that big cock of Herman’s“. We all laughed as Mom started call the numbers. After the phone calls Mom give us the thumbs up and said “burgers, about 6 PM and no cloths. We all cheered and hugs all round.

About 3 PM we were watching an old movie on TV when the door bell rang. I thought it might Kay and her crew arriving early. When I open the door there was an Army Lieutenant and Capitan standing in full dress uniforms. “Good afternoon young man, is Mrs. Mc Masters here” the Capitan ask? “Yes Sir, would you like to come in”. the two officers looked at each other for a second the stepped toward the door. I turned and they followed me to the den.

“Mom there’s two officers here to see you” Mom started to get up out of her chair but when she saw the two men she dropped back down and all the color drained from her face. My heart almost stopped, I heard Tammy and Beth take a deep breath. The Capitan stepped over by Mom, I could see his mouth moving but nothing was coming out. He kneeled in front of Mom and wrapped his arms around her. Everyone in the room started crying, my legs went limp and I just set down on the floor.

It was almost thirty minutes before any of us could talk. Mom finally told the Capitan “I need to call Dave and let him know”. The Capitan took Mom’s hand and said “I’m sorry Mrs. Mc Masters Capitan Bowers was with the Major. Mom just stared at the Capitan as though she didn’t understand what he said.

The phone rang several times and Mom finally picked up. She put it to her ear but didn’t day anything. Then she handed the phone to the Capitan. He listen for just a second then told the person on the other end to stand-by. He told Mom it was the officers at Kay’s house and she was asking if her and the kids could come over so we could all be together. He told her they had a car and could have them here in about thirty minutes if it was okay with her. Mom just nodded her head. The Capitan talked to the other person for just a second then hung up.

It was all like a a dream to me and I just wanted to wake up. I was still setting on the floor trying to clear my head when I heard the doorbell ring. No one moved and the bell rung again. I managed to get to my feet and made my way to the front door.

I open the door to see Herman, Rose and Hanna standing there with big smiles on their faces. As soon as the saw me they knew something was wrong. Rose put her arm around my waist and ask “Bobby, what’s wrong, what’s going on”? I tried to tell them but I couldn’t get the words out. We all walked back to the den. As soon as they saw the two officers they knew what was wrong.

Kay, Mark, Phil and Shannon arrived about twenty minutes later with one of the officers. The Captain told Mom a family assistance team was on the way from the base that included a doctor and would be there as long as we needed them. Herman told us the three of them would like to stay the night if that would be okay.

We were all like zombies walking around in a daze. When the doctor arrived he suggested we all take the medication he offered to help us sleep. We all reluctantly did as he suggested. Mom was trying to find a place for everyone to sleep when two of the women from the team started bringing in blow-up mattresses and placing them around the rooms. The doctor told Mom to just work out things for the family’s sleeping and they would take care of everything else.

All the family went up stairs and we were talking about who was going to sleep where. When Mom got to the door to the master bedroom she started crying again. I just can’t sleep in there tonight. I told Mom not to worry about it, we would work it out between the other three bedrooms.

We worked out everything with Herman, Rose and Hanna sleeping in the Master bedroom while Kay, Mark and Shannon went to one room .Mom, Beth and Phil were together and Tammy, Sue and I were together. The medication helped us sleep through the night.

When I awoke the next morning I was spooned up very close to Sue. I could feel a naked body cuddled up close to my back. I assumed it was Beth, then I realized, body too long, tits too big. Before I could figure it out Hanna told me good morning. The medication still had me a little drowsy and my escort çeşme mind wasn’t working very well. I first thought I had had a bad dream. Then I realized it wasn’t a dream.

For the next week we were all in a fog like state. We found out that there was a ten man team headed by Dad on a special mission. The mission was compromised by a source they thought could be trusted and eight of the men were killed. Two were seriously wounded and left for dead. They were found by friendly locals who called for help.

A man in civilian clothes come and talked with Mom and Aunt Kay. After he left Mom told us that the official report would be that Dad and the other men were ambushed in a combat zone. She said all the men would receive citations but that didn’t mean much to us, we just wanted them back

Aunt Kay and the kids stayed at our house most of the time during the next couple of weeks. There was a memorial service for all the mem and special recognition for Dad and Uncle Dave. Hanna stayed at the house and Herman and Rose was there as much as they could be. Things had changing for all of us.

With people coming to the house so often we were all wearing cloths all the time. Though there was lots of love, hugs and shoulders to cry on there was very little sex. About two moths had passed since that tragic day and things had quieted down a lot. We all passed on our school proms but Tammy and Mark had graduated hi school and were making plans for collage.

On a Thursday night I went to bed sleeping between Sue and Hanna. Thoughts of past time crossed my mind but I just let it pass. Next morning I thought I was having a dream. I could feel a warm, wet mouth sliding up and down on my cock. Then I realized it was not a dream, I was getting a wonderful blow-job. I raised my head to see aunt Kay’s eyes looking up at me as she slid my hard cock down into her throat. She took my cock out of her mouth and said “time to get up sheep head. Everyone else is in the kitchen. You don’t need to dress, just come on down. I watched her lovely bear ass as she walked out of the room.

When I got to the kitchen everyone was gathered closely around the table. Mom motioned for me to set in the chair at the other end with Sue and Hanna setting next to me at the corners. The table was covered with platters and bowls of breakfast food. Mom said “before we start eating I have some things we need to talk about. Kay and I have discussed this, so what I have to say goes for both of us”.

Mom told us of the times her and Dad had talked about the possibility of something like this happening to him or Dave and what the family should do if it did. She told us he felt there would always be a special place in each of our hearts for either or both of them but our lives must go on. She told us Herman had ask if his family could be apart of ours. We all agreed then Mom said “OKAY, lets eat then we can all report the bathrooms where Tammy, Sue and Hanna can be in charge of the enemas and the guys can take care of the pussy trimming or shaving. Things slowly got back to as normal as it could be with Dad and Dave gone. The years and our lives moved on.
Ten Years Has Passed

Our dear Herman died about two years after Dad and Dave were killed. Tammy and Mark became friends with twins (Danny and Donna) during their freshman year in collage. The four of them started dating and soon found they had something special in common. It seems the twins had been having sex with each other since they were twelve and with their devoiced mother (Patsy) joined the fun about a year later. The three of them spent two weeks with us during summer break.

All four graduated law school, passed the bar and opened their own practice here in town. Kay has moved in with Mom and Tammy, Danny, Mark and Donna moved in Kay’s house. Patsy spends most of her time between there and Mom’s

After Herman passed away Rose and Hanna closed the jewelry store, sold the building and the house. Hanna had started an on line custom design jewelry business and was doing very well with it. She and I were married just after we graduated. We expanded the designer jewelry business while taking courses in marketing and business. We bought the home we lived in when we first moved to the area years before.

Rose lived with us but spent a lot of her time with Mom, Kay and Patsy until she died six years ago. Beth, Shannon and Phil worked part time for a small real estate company after they finished hi school. They went to a small business collage and after graduation they took over the reality company and doubled it’s business in less than a year.

Shannon got married about a year later to a young man Carl, an ex GI that was doing maintenance work for the reality company. He fit right in with the family and was very pleased when they all decided the he move in and he and Shannon live with Beth and Phil. He readily excepted the idea of helping Phil keep Shannon and Beth happy as well as each other. He was also very much a part of the family gatherings

Sue lived with Hanna and I while she was going to school studying to be a paralegal. Then she started working for Bowers and Woods, Attorney at Law, still keeping it all in the family. About once a month we would all go out to eat at Paul’s Retreat where PJ and Cando would always have something special planed for us. Their wives would openly flirt with all the girls. Patsy became very curious and took them up çeşme escort on their offer once but decided it really was not for her.

Sue was out of school and had been working for about a month when we all went to Paul for dinner. A young man about our age come into the room and told us he would be our waiter for the evening. He told us he was PJ’s oldest son, Pauley, and he usually worked in the kitchen but he had ask to serve us tonight.

It didn’t take long to see what the was interested in. He couldn’t hardy take our orders for staring at Sue and she was doing the same with him. Before we left he ask me if Sue, Hanna and I would come back on Wednesday night and if it would be okay for him to joins us. I looked at Sue and she smiled and nodded yes.

When the three of us return on Wednesday we were ushered into a small private dinning room. It was all decked out with a dozen red roses in the middle of the table, soft lighting and romantic music. Champaign and a selection of appetizers was served before Pauley make his appearance As soon as he entered the room he ask it we would allow him to order for us. We agreed and just waited for his nest move.

It didn‘t take long as we found that Pauley was a very much to the point type of person. He thanked us for coming that his main interest was Sue but he didn‘t want her to be uncomfortable coming by her self. He told us he had noticed Sue the first time we come to their place but he thought she was my girlfriend. His mother told him we were cousins. He said “I know about your family and you know about mine so there is no need to pretend. I’ll just come right to the point. Sue, I would like to see more of you, take you out, do things with you and get to know you better. What do you think”? Sue simply said “YES”.

Six months later they were married. Beth found them a house with about three acres of land. It’s only about three miles from us so we still spend a lot of time together. They have two girls Paula (4) and (Della Sue 2).

Hanna and I have two children, a boy Daniel (7) and a girl Katy Rose (5), Tammy and Danny have two boy, David ( 6) and Mac (4). Shannon is six months pregnant, a girl who will be named Carla Kay. Mark and Donna tried for over a year to get pregnant but nothing happen. They both were tested and found that Mark’s sperm count was very low and it would be almost impossible for him to get her pregnant.. They tried treatments and everything the doctors suggested for about a year.

It was always that any of the females that was wanting to get pregnant would go off the pill and their spouse would be the only one to cum in their pussy. After about two years of trying Mark and Donna ask for a family meeting. We all net at Mom’s and everyone was there. Mark told us what they had decided to do if all of the other family members would agree. Donna had already stopped taking the pill and they wanted any of the males who was not related to her (Danny) to make a point of cumming in her pussy, this included Mark.

She had always loved group fucks so that would not be a problem. If and when she did get pregnant it would be their child with no questions asked. Mark told us the only way they would do this is if everyone in the family agreed. I ask if we all agreed to this did it mean no oral or anal with Donna during this time. They both laughed then Donna said “Hell no, none of that will change except we want you to shoot your load in my pussy any time you want to. Kay said “I can tell you two have give this a lot of thought and it what you want. I also understand why you would want ALL of the family to agree. I just want to know when you would want this to start”?

Mark said “we can start as soon as we know that all of the family is okay with this, that means everyone in this room has to agree or it is a no go”. Mom ask for a show of hands. Every hand in the room shot up imminently with a big grin on everyone’s face. We spent the rest of the weekend fucking, licking and sucking every cock, ass and pussy in the house and the cum was flowing like a river. With Danny excluded all the cum was flowing from Donna’s pussy. The overflow was shared by all much to her joy and pleasure.

That weekend was followed by another weekend of the same. This all took place a little over a year ago. Mark and Donna are now the proud parents of a baby boy, Earl Jr. At Mark and Donna’s request we repeated the same type of weekend and she saw her doctor today who confirmed she is pregnant with twins.

We all still live within ten miles of each other, all the kids are happily married except for Beth and Phil who are very happy with things just as they are. We live a very simple life, all make a good living and though we all have many friends, our family members is still our best friends. Mom, Kay and Patsy are getting older and not as frisky as they once were but still enjoy the family get tog ether’s. They often baby set the grandkids on weekends while we have our little gatherings.

We have all talked about how we will raise our kits and decided to follow in our parents footsteps. To some we would be a bunch of disgraceful perverts. Nothing but sluts, whore dogs and incestuous child molesters. All I know is I wouldn‘t change anything about my life and the way I was raised. The death of Dad and Dave caused a lot of hurt and anger for all and the passing of Herman and Rose brought a lot of sorrow. We all know that is part of life and now we can mostly remember the love and joy we shared with them.

Hanna just return for the doctor and confirmed she is pregnant again. We are both very pleased and be it boy or girl it will be loved and cared for just as the other children. We often joke about which on of our kids will be the last one to know the family secret.

The end .

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