Late Night Visit

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Jackie sat by her window again, like she did every night. She glanced over at her clock that glared 1:26 in bright red numbers, slightly illuminating her whole room. She looked back out the window and sighed. She was getting impatient waiting for her friend Andrew to arrive that night, like he always does, as they liked to get together late at night and have a little fun together. They weren’t actually going out, but they were comfortable enough to have sex all the time as friends of a sort. Every Friday night (or Saturday morning) Jackie would wait by her window for Andrew to arrive and open it for him when he did, which was usually around 1:30. Tonight he got there early. Jackie saw him sneaking toward the window and looked at her clock again, and it read 1:28. She opened the window for Andrew when he lightly tapped on it, and he climbed through.

“Hey, how are you doing?” Andrew whispered.

“Pretty good. Just waiting for you,” Jackie replied, also whispering. She leaned forward and kissed him as he put his arms around her. As they twisted their tongues in each other’s mouth, Andrew lowered his hands down to Jackie’s ass and pulled her crotch against his right leg, which was sticking out slightly. Jackie understood what he wanted her to do and started to grind against his leg. Andrew kept his hands on her ass and remained kissing her while she gently slid up and down his thigh. Jackie moaned lightly into Andrew’s mouth after a few minutes when she felt the first small orgasm jolt her body.

Andrew sensed what was happening from her hot breath and rapid breathing and broke the kiss and let her stop rubbing against his leg. He was fully erect from arousal from what Jackie was doing, so Jackie unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor as Andrew kicked off his shoes and removed his shirt. Jackie unclasped the bra she was wearing and let it fall to the floor with the rest of Andrew’s clothes and took off her shorts and panties as Andrew removed his socks.

Now that they were fully naked, Andrew sat down on the edge of Jackie’s bed as she got down on her knees in front of him. She reached up to Andrew’s erect penis and gripped it softly at the bottom. She started to slowly slide her hand up and down his shaft as he exhaled slightly and closed his eyes. Jackie started to increase the speed of her hand as she reached up with the other and cupped Andrew’s balls and started to massage them.

She continued to jerk Andrew off for a few minutes before resting her hand at the base of his penis and taking the head into her mouth. Andrew gasped quietly as she started to lick all over it. Andrew reached down and put a hand on her head Escort Esenyurt as she started to take more and more of his penis into her mouth. She had it halfway into her mouth until she felt the tip press against the back of her throat. Jackie then started to lick all around the shaft and the head without taking any of Andrew’s penis out of her mouth. After getting the full length wet enough with her saliva, she began to move her head up and down as her lips firmly held onto Andrew’s shaft.

Andrew whispered, “I’m going to come really soon,” so Jackie started to pick up her pace of the stimulation. Her head moved rapidly up and down the shaft and her right hand squeezed the shaft a little harder and she rubbed his balls at a faster pace. She moaned as she felt Andrew’s penis start to twitch and moaned even louder as she felt him ejaculate into her mouth. Jackie kept her mouth at the head of his penis as she felt the hot semen hit the back of her throat and soon fill up her entire mouth. When Andrew finally finished twenty or so seconds later and began to soften, she finally released him from her mouth and swallowed all of his semen as she smiled at him. He smiled back and reached up, wiping a little bit of the semen that leaked out of her mouth off of her chin and she moaned as she licked it off of his finger.

Andrew kissed her and whispered, “It’s your turn,” and laid her down on the bed. He positioned himself over Jackie’s body and kissed her a little bit longer, their tongues entwining again. After kissing for a minute or two, Andrew started kissing down her chin and neck until he reached Jackie’s breasts. He grabbed her left breast softly with his right hand and fondled it as he began to kiss all over her right breast. Jackie moaned softly as he switched and put his left hand on her right breast, and kissed her left. Then he pinched her right nipple with his hand and nibbled on her left one, which caused her to gasp and made her breathing quicken. He then started to suck on the now hard nipple and licked all around it inside his mouth, then he switched to the other one as Jackie put both of her hands on his head and involuntarily tried to push his head farther down her body.

Taking the hint, Andrew started kissing down her chest and belly again. He paused at Jackie’s belly button and began to kiss and lick it. She moaned as he pushed his tongue into her belly button and moved it around. After a few seconds, Andrew continued down Jackie’s body, until he reached his goal. He did not start licking or touching her vagina immediately; rather he began to lick in circles around it, teasing her. She moaned a little louder, urging the contact she Escort Avcılar knew would follow. However, he continued to lick all around her vagina without actually touching it. After about fifteen full rotations, Jackie couldn’t take it anymore and involuntarily began thrusting her pelvis up at his face in a desperate attempt to get his tongue directly on her vagina.

Andrew finally stopped at the very bottom of her slit as Jackie moaned in eager anticipation. He started to lick slowly up Jackie’s vagina as she moaned in ecstasy, her whole body becoming supersensitive to his touch. She closed her eyes as Andrew slowly licked farther up her vagina, but stopped before he reached her hyper sensitive clit. Jackie closed her eyes and her body tensed, waiting for the contact she was sure would cause certain orgasm, but it didn’t come. Instead she felt his tongue move back down, and then up again once more never reaching her clit. Jackie began thrusting her hips upward, but Andrew held her down. After a minute more of the same torture, Andrew finally continued all the way up her vagina, but instead of licking right over her clit, he instead flicked it with his tongue, causing her to gasp and moan out his name as she felt a small, sharp orgasm run through her body.

Torturing Jackie further, Andrew began to lick circles around her clit, being extra careful not to touch it. He brought a hand up and began to slide a finger up and down her wet, warm vagina without touching her clit with it. Jackie felt like she could scream from the anticipation of a pleasure that wouldn’t cum and tried to press his face hard against her crotch, but he held her down and would not let her move. She was about to begin thrashing wildly on the bed until Andrew suddenly bit down softly on her clit and slide his finger all the way into her vagina. She grabbed a small pillow beside her and put it over her face to smother her scream of pleasure from the large, quick orgasm that shook her whole body.

As it subsided, Andrew started to suck on her clit while playing with it with his tongue as he moved his finger in and out of her opening. He brought Jackie to orgasm after orgasm with this stimulation, picking up his speed as he went. After Jackie’s sixth orgasm, he finally stopped and slid his finger out of her vagina and took her clit out of his mouth. He kissed up her body again, pausing at her nipples to kiss both of them once, causing her to have two small orgasms from each kiss, and made it up to her mouth and kissed her deeply. She moaned as she could taste herself in his mouth and as she felt his revived, now erect penis press against her leg.

“Are you ready?” Andrew asked her.

“Oh, yes. Oh, yes.” Jackie whispered eagerly as she kissed his neck.

“How should we do it tonight?” Andrew asked, “Do you want to be on top?”

“Sure, then we do it doggy style.” Jackie whispered back as they both smiled.

“I’m ready when you are,” Andrew whispered.

“Then let’s go,” Jackie whispered back.

Andrew rolled over onto his back, keeping Jackie with him, until she ended up on top of him. Jackie sat up on her knees, positioning herself over his erection. She gripped it in one hand, pointed it upward, and slowly slid herself down over it. After a long moment, she finally sat all the way down, with Andrew all the way inside of her. Andrew put his hands on her waist as she slowly started to move up and down, beginning the real lovemaking. After a couple minutes, and one orgasm for Jackie, she picked up the pace of her movement on top of Andrew. Unable to remain sitting up, she collapsed down on his body and continued humping him, moving his penis in and out of her, which caused her to have her tenth orgasm.

After a couple more minutes, Jackie got off of Andrew as he slid out of her. Andrew stood up off of the bed as Jackie positioned herself on her hands and knees, waiting for him to position himself behind her. Andrew got up on the bed behind her and positioned himself right at her entrance. Jackie moaned softly as Andrew began to slowly reinsert his penis into her vagina. After he had it about halfway in, he quickly pushed against her, forcing himself all the way inside of her in one quick motion. Jackie moaned loudly as she felt him suddenly thrust into her. Andrew waited a few seconds before he started to push in and out of her, starting out at a slow and steady pace. Jackie moaned slightly each time he pushed into her and Andrew started to thrust in and out of her faster with each push. Eventually, the thrusting became sort of a frenzy and he was rapidly moving in and out of her and she was rocking back and forth just as fast, meeting his every move.

After a minute or so of this, Andrew had his second orgasm at the same time Jackie had had her fourteenth of the night. Andrew moaned as he felt her vagina squeezing his penis tightly, forcing all of his semen into her. Jackie moaned as she felt sudden warmth down inside of her and her arms collapsed and she fell down on the bed with her ass still up in the air. Andrew slowly pulled out of her, being careful of their sensitiveness in their crotches. After he was out of her, he let Jackie lay all the way down on the bed and crawled over and laid down behind her. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her close. Jackie began to dose off from the exhaustion until Andrew asked her a question.

“Hey Jackie,” Andrew whispered.

“Yeah?” Jackie replied sleepily.

“You did remember to take your pill, right?”

Jackie suddenly felt very awake.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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