Late Valentine

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Disclaimers and what not: This story is purely a work of fiction. Even if the reader, that is you, happens to recognize places and/or people, it all came together in my own twisted mind and therefore is still fiction.

It has been many years since I’ve posted a story, and after all this time, I finally had the opportunity to sit down for a few hours to write again. Crossing my fingers, I hope to be able to post more soon.

Last but not least, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to my beta reader.


Tanner had recently moved in to the two bedroom townhouse at Providence Hill. She had been assured this was a great location to live in with it being one of the closest to campus. As a graduate student, she just wanted to finish her Master’s Degree in Medical Science and Technology so she could move on to something better and help find new breakthroughs for patients. A couple of years ago, she never would have thought she’d return to her home town to finish grad school, but low and behold, here she was. Setting a photo frame on her desk, she sent a silent ‘thank you’ to her grandmother who left her a trust fund. The photo sported a younger version of Tanner in a high school cap and gown next to an elderly woman proudly kissing her on the cheek. She smiled at the memory of her grandmother who always believed in her and supported her. She sighed, as she had just finished unpacking the last of her boxes, and figured it would be nice to go for a walk in the neighborhood to see what it’s like, especially as it was a mild winter day.

The row of townhouses was typical of the cookie cutter architecture that Tanner didn’t care for. The number one thing which concerned her was the possible noise level of anyone in the community, and especially that of her neighbors. She sighed, thinking of how much she hated the fact that she had a rare health condition. In some ways it made her feel like a freak, which was rather exasperating. She pulled the two tiny RITE hearing aids out of the small case in her pocket and inserted them into each ear. With jacket on, she walked down the path to discover her new surroundings. As she made sure the volume level was accurate, she found that it always amazed her how people automatically thought she was deaf upon seeing the devices. It wasn’t until someone got to know her and actually ask that they would find out she had Hyperacusis. Explaining it, though it should be simple, never really was. Most people couldn’t fathom actually having sensitivity to sounds. In fact, her little devices were an experimental blessing in disguise that actually helped Tanner keep her sanity and live amongst society because it greatly reduced and filtered out the noise.


Casey just got off an early shift at the library. Grateful to be home, she kicked off her shoes on her way into the kitchen. Emerald green eyes turned angry when she didn’t find the one drink she swore was available just yesterday. Turning around, she found the sink still full of dirty dishes from last night. “Goddamn it. Mouse!!!” The shaggy strawberry-blonde yelled as she stomped through the townhouse. She knew her big sister was home, and she was determined to give the woman a piece of her mind. Upstairs, she barged right through the open bedroom door and yanked the headset off the sandy blonde playing on the laptop.

“What the fuck?!” the startled older sibling cried out.

“Why do you always drink the last of the beer and I always have to buy more?!” Casey yelled.

“Oops,” Mouse smirked as she grabbed the bottle and took a swig.

“You’re incorrigible! I don’t know why I put up with your ass.”

“Cause you love me?” Mouse questioned hesitantly.

“By the way, you agreed to clean the kitchen this morning.”

“Oh yeah,” she looked at the time on the screen. “I must have lost track.”

“Why don’t you lose track of the house key and go live somewhere else?” Casey sarcastically commented.

The older woman grabbed her shorter sibling in a tight bear hug, lifting her off the floor. “Because then you would miss me and I wouldn’t be able to hug you and pet you and call you George.”

“Ugh! Put me down you Neanderthal. I hate you!” Casey yelled as she struggled to free herself.

“But I love you Green Bean.”

“Ack!! Put me down you whore!”

“Fine.” Mouse deposited the woman and began to walk off. “Hussy,” she clearly stated.

“Bite me!” Casey retorted.

“You wish.”


Classes went into full swing a couple of weeks ago, and Tanner was pleased with the work load she had in each one. So far none of it would interfere with the time she spent working as a web designer and programmer. The spare bedroom turned out to be a great study and work room. Sitting at her computer, she looked over the new website she just finished creating for a client. Suddenly she jumped, covering her ears upon hearing the blast of music coming from outside. Grabbing the little container holding her devices, she quickly inserted Escort Bayan them in each ear. She stormed downstairs in the hopes of putting a stop to irritating noise. From out the sliding glass doors which lead into the small yard everyone shared, she saw a disheveled looking woman in grungy cutoff shorts, brown work boots, Hawaiian buttoned shirt and a tattered baseball cap over sandy blonde shoulder length hair.

This neighbor had fired up the grill and was in the process of playing air guitar when Tanner stomped towards her. Aggravated, Tanner poked the oblivious woman in the shoulder. “Would you please turn that down. I’m trying to work.” She loudly stated.

“Hey sexy,” the woman said in greeting. “What’s wrong, you don’t like Korn? They’re awesome!” she yelled back.

“I’m sensitive to sound. Please turn it off.” Tanner had hoped raising her voice would get the woman to understand but it was futile. She knew her blood pressure was rising, and all she wanted to do was punch this asinine individual in the face.

Suddenly the music abruptly stopped, and out came a shorter woman with shaggy strawberry blonde hair and the most brilliant green eyes Tanner ever saw. For a moment she was mesmerized as she watched the woman smack the taller one on the back of the head knocking off her cap. “Mouse what the hell is wrong with you?! We get nice weather and I swear you go crazy.”

“Hey! I was just trying to have a good time and I wasn’t hurting anyone,” she complained as she picked up the cap.

“Please forgive my sister. She thinks everyone should adore her taste in music, women, and beer. I could see you guys from the kitchen yelling at one another, and I figured it was due to the racket she calls music.”

Tanner didn’t know what to say. She knew she was probably looking like an idiot, but she couldn’t get her mouth and brain to work together.

“My name is Casey, and you’ve already encountered my lovely sister Melani, but we all just call her Mouse. You’re the new neighbor across the way, right?”

“Yes,” the tall brunette finally managed to get out. “My name is Tanner. Thank you for stopping the music. The loudness was too much for me.”

Casey noticed the device neatly tucked into the woman’s ear. “It’s no problem. Normally we’re not loud folks. She just gets out of hand every now and then.”

“Hey! Kiss my ass!” Mouse yelled as she began wire brushing the grill grates now that they were hot.

“Maybe if you soaked first in Oxy Clean, you harlot.”

“Hey it’s not my fault your sphincter is tighter than a straight man who is scared to death of a butt plug.” She closed the grill, and turning towards Tanner, she clasped a hand on her shoulder. “She needs to get laid,” she motioned with a jerk of her chin towards Casey. “You want to take the job?”

Tanner’s eyes widened in shock and amusement. She could hardly believe how these two siblings interacted.

“You whore!” Casey yelled and then swung a kick to her sister’s rear end.

“Tanner, please lay my sister so she’ll stop beating me,” she dramatically pleaded through clenched teeth, looking up at the new neighbor who stood only two inches taller than herself. Before she received another kick, she bolted into the townhouse chuckling like one of the Three Stooges.

Casey buried her face in her hands. Tanner found the response adorable. Without thinking, she reached out gently placing a hand on Casey’s shoulder. “It’s okay. You’re a saint for putting up with her.” A surge of energy from the contact made her spine tingle. She removed her hand, seeing those beautiful eyes look up at her. “Um, thanks again for turning the music off,” she commented with a warm smile, and then decided to go home before she wound up saying something stupid.

Casey didn’t realize she was transfixed on the jeans-clad ass retreating across the thirty foot expanse of what was supposed to be a shared yard, until her neighbor disappeared into the townhouse. “Wow,” she blew out a breath. “That woman was…..statuesque… and Mouse just embarrassed the fuck out of me.”

Tanner leaned against the kitchen counter and looked out the sliding glass doors in time to catch the short blonde turn on her heels and disappear inside. A smile teased her lips with satisfaction as she realized that the blonde had been watching her. It was nice to know she wasn’t the only one that had been entranced.


Friday finally came to an end for Tanner. She looked forward to crawling into bed after dealing with two clients by phone. She had walked them through the design of their site since they weren’t sure how to convey what they wanted. Entering the bedroom, she turned on the bedside lamp and removed the devices from her ears. Grabbing her pajamas to change, she remembered the curtain was open. She waltzed towards the open double French doors which lead out to the very small balcony, debating on whether she should also shut the doors. She still couldn’t believe the mild winter they were experiencing here, compared to the frigid temperatures and snow in Chicago during her undergraduate years. In a couple of her classes, she had heard from classmates that this particular winter was going to be exceptionally warm.

Tanner was about to close the curtain when she noticed Casey come into view across the way. Ocean blue eyes widened as she saw the beautiful blonde as naked as the day she was born. Casey was in the process of towel drying her hair and Tanner found that she was unable to move. She gulped as her eyes raked over the supple looking skin that shone with vitality. The shorter woman grabbed the bathrobe from off the bed, and at that precise moment when she swung it on, emerald green eyes locked on to her peeping neighbor.

Realizing she’d been caught, Tanner already regretted having watched this long. ‘I’m sorry,’ she mouthed, and began to close the curtain when she heard a quick tapping. She looked out, having heard Casey say, ‘Wait’. Puzzled, she did as requested.

Casey was surprised to find she had a voyeur. A part of her knew she should be angry, and yet another part of her was excited that Tanner saw her. The other part of her knew that had it been anyone else watching, she would have definitely been upset. With Tanner though, she hadn’t been able to get the tall beauty out of her mind since their meeting.

Both women just looked at each other momentarily until Tanner mouthed, ‘I’m really embarrassed. I shouldn’t have been staring’.

“Looks like you and I can both read lips,” Casey casually stated.

Tanner was about to attempt to explain that she could actually here the blonde just fine, but then decided to wait for a better time like when Casey wasn’t just standing there naked. “Okay,” she responded.

Nibbling her bottom lip in thought, Casey realized that she wanted to have a little fun with this opportunity. “How long were you watching me?”

Tanner heard her as clear as if she was mere inches from her ears. Somewhat reluctant to answer, she finally said, “Since you came into the room.”

Casey smiled. “Did you like what you saw?”

Tanner nodded slowly.

Casey asked, “You want to see it again?”

Tanner couldn’t believe she was going to do this, but she nodded again.

Casey let the robe fall open and slowly ran her fingers down between her breasts to her abdomen. She saw her neighbor gulp and move closer to the window. Being a tease, she decided to uncover one breast then the other.

Tanner watched the smaller fingers brush lightly over pink nipples making her own stomach clench with need.

“And what are you going to show me?” Casey asked seductively.

Without even thinking, Tanner pulled off her T-shirt and sport bra. Her breathing was becoming ragged from the visual arousal across from her.

Casey’s eyes beamed at the perky round breasts, the defined clavicle, and the muscular arms. She completely pushed off the robe and then pointed at Tanner’s pants.

Tanner immediately shrugged them off. Casey looked on approvingly. “Very nice,” she commented.

Tanner smiled and bowed in appreciation. “Now what?” she curiously asked.

A devilish smirk graced Casey’s features. “Good night Tanner,” she casually stated as she closed the curtain.

Tanner’s mouth dropped. She had just allowed herself to be taken for a ride. Laughing at herself, she grabbed her pajamas and got ready for bed — where she new sweet dreams of her neighbor would meet her.


Tuesday afternoon found Tanner in the quietest corner of the back of the library on the third floor. It was one of two places in the building where people were practically non-existent. The solitude and the peace were what she relished here. Engrossed in her human anatomy research, she didn’t pay attention to the person walking down the far aisle in search of a book. Suddenly the fine hairs on the back of her neck prickled. Still holding the book, she looked up. Eyes widened upon finding a familiar face watching her intently with a grin.

“Hi,” Casey whispered.

Tanner clumsily dropped the book. As she retrieved it from the gray and black houndstooth carpet, she heard the blonde giggle. Quickly, she noticed the two-inch black labrys tattoo on the inside of Casey’s right ankle. Very nice. She gazed at it for a moment before darkened blue eyes raked up the beautifully muscular legs up to the knee length black skirt.

“Are you coming back up anytime soon?” Casey asked in a whisper.

Tanner was taken out of her reverie. “Sorry.” She saw the photo badge hanging from the lanyard around her neck. “So you work here?”

“Yes, I’m a librarian. I don’t look the type, though, huh?”

“No you definitely don’t. Librarians aren’t supposed to be hot.” Tanner’s eyes shut and her face scrunched tight at the realization that she just said that out loud.

“Is that so?” Casey giggled again as she watched the brunette’s face turn beet red. She moved a couple of steps forward and half perched on the corner of the table. “I was wondering if I’d get to see any of you again.”

A black eyebrow shot up Tanner’s forehead. “Am I your amusement?” She commented sarcastically.

Casey quickly answered, “No.” She looked around, leaned forward, and with a light stroke of Tanner’s cheek with the back of her hand, she confessed, “I had a fun time the other night. It was very titillating. Did you….umm…like it?”

Tanner couldn’t stop the nod she gave in answer as she found herself lost in those emerald green eyes.

“Do you want to meet again?”

“Yes,” Tanner absently responded.

“Tonight then, 10pm. I’ll be at the window.” The request was plain and simple before Casey walked away.


The digital hour at the bottom right hand corner of the computer monitor turned to ten o’clock. Tanner tapped her foot debating on whether to meet Casey at the balcony French doors or not. Five minutes passed and she finally got up, not being able to resist any longer.

“You’re late,” Casey said playfully. She slowly slipped off the robe revealing all of her glory, all the while maintaining eye contact with her neighbor. “Now you,” she commented once the robe hit the floor.

Tanner shed her clothing. She watched Casey’s small hands softly brush her full round breasts.

“Do you like watching me?” Casey asked.

Tanner nodded as she moved closer to the glass.

“Do I excite you?” Casey asked.

Tanner nodded again.

“Show me how much I excite you.” Casey looked directly at Tanner’s nipples, and then her eyes scaled down to the patch of short black curls between Tanner’s legs.

Tanner believed she understood the request, but wasn’t sure if she could bring herself to do it. She watched Casey’s fingers slide down the plane of her abdomen and dip between nether lips. Tanner gulped. Her stomach clenched as her eyes fixated on Casey’s fingers slowly burrowing between her lips, and the expression of ecstatic bliss on her face.

“Will you show me Tanner?” she seductively asked.

The tall woman knew she couldn’t resist this strawberry-blonde beauty. Long fingers began to softly brush the black curls. Encountering her excited nub, she stroked it in a circular motion as she heard Casey say, “That’s it —- harder.”

A large open palm thumped upon the glass pane as Tanner tried to brace herself against the balcony door at hearing the blonde’s sensual proclamation. She obeyed the request, trying to maintain her gaze on the beauty before her.

“Oh Tanner, watching you is so hot. I’m so close.” Casey suddenly shoved two fingers inside while she maintained the friction on her engorged nub. Throwing her head back she let the orgasm wash over her.

The tall brunette followed, her legs trembling from the climactic waves. Ocean blue eyes caught the bright smile behind sea green orbs. She found it heartwarming. She watched Casey blow her a kiss, and they said their goodnights.


Saturday morning came with dark overcast clouds and a rather chilling breeze. There was the promise of rain in the air. Mouse had invited Tanner, earlier in the week, over for brunch while the tall brunette walked her through the glitches she was having with her computer game. Ever since Mouse found out that Tanner was, in her words, a computer whiz, the two of them seemed to get along really well.

As Tanner sat at her own kitchen counter with a mug of her favorite freshly brewed coffee, she was hoping against all hope that Casey wouldn’t be home. After that little adventure last night, she wasn’t sure she would be able to carry on in normal conversation with the short blonde, let alone look her in the eyes. Downing the last of the contents of her mug, she finally mustered up the courage to walk across their shared grassy patch of yard and knock on the sliding glass door. Immediately Mouse brightly answered and invited her in.

Tanner’s nose picked up the wonderfully delicious scents emanating from the kitchen. Her stomach, though, did a flop when she saw it was Casey cooking breakfast. They exchanged a quick glance and she did not fail to notice the devilish smirk on Casey’s face.

Mouse had her laptop set up on the breakfast bar for them to work on. As the older sibling sat on the stool, Tanner guided her through the various windows while looking over her shoulder. It didn’t escape Mouse’s attention that every now and then from her peripheral she would catch Tanner watching Casey from behind.

“Are you staring at my sister’s ass?” Mouse suddenly accused loud enough for the younger sibling to hear.

Tanner was flabbergasted. “Uh…I…no.” Like a deer caught in headlights, she didn’t know what to do. Casey’s sea green eyes twinkled at her, and then turned back to finishing the food.

Mouse clapped a hand over Tanner’s shoulder and pulled her in close. “It’s okay if you are,” she whispered. “I won’t beat you for it. Ya know she hasn’t had a girlfriend for a couple of years. Not even a one night stand. She says she couldn’t tolerate having sex with a stranger. Me on the other hand —– I try to get it as much as I can.”

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