Laura and Greg Ch. 09

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Greg 2004

I could barely hear my wife’s hard breathing and slight moans across the room with Grove Washington. The curious among us would have looked and maybe been a tad jealous or anxious knowing a good looking half black man was fucking his blond wife. But I was too busy. Busy bouncing Grove’s slight wife Tish on my cock while standing with my back to them.

Laticia Washington had to be the hottest black, OK…half black woman on the planet. She was five foot tall, evenly proportioned, slim and very enthusiastic about my cock slamming inside her. Her moans with each of my thrusts where rhythmic and just loud enough to cover up the acting behind me. I hoped that my wife Laura got a real good view; she is a bigger voyeur that I am.

Tish is probably the cutest black woman I have ever been with. To be honest, she is only the third, so I have little experience there, but enough to know that she is going to be a favorite in times to come with this swingers’ group we are trying to be a part off. She can’t be much over a hundred pounds if that. But what she is, is definitely fit. She is arching her back and body with each of my thrusts letting her cunt accept my seven plus inch pole. Her face a mask of erotic abandon. Eyes wild. Mouth open. Lips twitching.

She is building up to another orgasm. I can tell because she is bucking against me faster breathing harder. Gawd, she is so wet. Her cunt froth is dripping down over my balls; I can feel it.

“Yes baby… do me… yeah…oh!”

I wish I had an eye in the back of my head to see how her husband and my wife are taking in Tish’s reaction. Then I hear my wife and smile.

“Fuck her Greg!” Laura says in a voice strained from her own pleasure.

I know Grove has his eight inch meat pipe in my wife’s cunt, but I just don’t care. My dick is buried deep in wife’s hot tight pussy and it feels too good to care. But I do wonder how her cunt is so tight after having seen her husband’s dick a little while back. You would think a woman regularly fucked by an eight inch and thick dick would be looser. But then while I may not be as long as Grove, I’m thicker. And Tish seems to be appreciating it as much as I am.

But there is something else that makes this coupling better. And you know it. It’s the eroticism of the color difference. I may not be alabaster white, but I’m still white and while Tish is not Africa black, she is much darker than me. The effect of her body against mine is visually enthralling. We occasionally both look down at my light colored dick entering her dark skinned cunt and give each other raunchy knowing grins. Oh yeah! She is as she and Grove told us earlier; aroused by the color difference. And right now, as I bounce her on my dick, she spreads her legs wider and pulls me to her with her heels on the back of my legs and ass as she squeals and gasps.

“Shit girl,” I hear Grove behind us. “Don’t kill the man. He ain’t going anywhere.”

Hell of a thing for a man to say as his wife is cumming on another man’s dick. It’s my first time fucking a black man’s wife in front of him and that was not what I was expecting. But then they are experienced swingers who have been doing this longer than us. And they chose a group with white people to play and fuck with. As Grove and Tish told us earlier, they have a thing about fucking white people and this is where they get that itch scratched. And you don’t join a swingers’ group if you have problems with your wife getting another man’s dick in her.

After all, you’re the man fucking the other man’s wife. You both hear your wife’s cries of passion from someone else while you make the other man’s wife gasp and cum. It kind of evens out in the long run. Swinging is not for the jealous types. If you have that issue, stay home. But if you are like us, this experience is like nothing else sexually. Nothing at all.


We have been meeting the other couples of the group one by one. Having met and “played” with the Garzas, Beaumonts and the Anastos it was time to meet this couple. As the Garzas were our sponsors to this exclusive swinger group, they arranged for us to meet the Washingtons. Some like the Anastos couple didn’t mind inviting us over for play time to their home. But others chose to only meet at the apartment. Which is what Grover and Laticia Washington chose.

The couples chipped in for the rent and expenses for the place so we could all have a neutral playground away from our homes where our families lived. Once in the group, we too would have to contribute for the rent, utilities and occasional party fees. Laura and I are both accountants and get paid well, so we could afford it.

My wife Laura and I had joined the swinger lifestyle and had already had experiences with three other couples. All that before we had almost ruined our marriage with cheating. Laura had started it thinking I was fucking a woman she did know was my cousin. Then after a month of her fucking men on the dikmen escort side without my knowledge, I eventually did succumb to the temptations of the cousin I had not seen in years. Eventually it all came out.

There had been pain, anger and guilt for both of us. Anger on my part to find out she had begun cheating on me and then guilt that I actually had. In her case it was mainly guilt that she had started it all. The worse part of it all was that neither of us bothered to confront the other about what was going on. Part of our guilt was the reason of the lack of confrontation. We had both been looking for an excuse to cheat on each other; plain and simple. And in doing so, we almost destroyed our marriage.

We would have joined the ranks of the divorced if it had not been for the efforts of Laura’s coworker and friend Angela Garza and her husband Joe. They befriended us and made us realize that neither wanted to replace the other. But we liked some occasional extramarital sex to spice up our life. The Garzas were out first swap couple. And surprisingly, sex with them seemed fun and bereft of guilt, betrayal and lying that had been part of our cheating. In other words we could have our cake and eat it too.

What surprised me the most was how I was not jealous when I saw Laura have sex with another man for the first time. Maybe it was the fact that I had screwed and was screwing Joe’s wife Angela at the same time? But when she and I took a break, Laura and Joe continued and while I didn’t linger to watch and jerk off, I was not repulsed.

Yet it had a different effect on Laura. She had confessed that she liked watching me fuck other women. I found watching other people have sex arousing, but not to the extent of my wife’s level. But I did enjoy fucking the other women when we did. If Laura wanted to watch because it, she could.

What I also found about myself was that I kind of liked showing off sexually. Especially when we played with the Beaumonts. Liam is more than just a voyeur. He is a self-proclaimed cuckold on the side. You know. Guys who get off watching their wife screwed and pleasured by another man. Hey whatever floats your boat. I enjoyed showing off, but Liam’s behavior that first night prevented me from cumming. But when the four of us met and played, I had no problem. I guess I had to get used to things I had never experienced before.

And tonight would be another different experience for us as a couple. Not just because we were meeting another couple to impress for their vote, but because this couple was mixed race. Both of them were mixed race. Black and white mix for them both. We would eventually find out that Laticia was part native American and a bit less white than Grover, but it was hard to spot unless she told you. His facial features were white, but between his darker skin and kinky hair, his black heritage was clear. She on the other hand had some black facial features, but her skin was lighter than Grover’s.

“Are you nervous?” Laura, my wife and mother of my two children.

She had seen me trying to tie my shoelaces twice now on the same foot.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked. Truth be told she was right.

“Hun,” she said sitting next to me in her bra and panties, “what’s bothering you?”

How do I explain this? It was truth time again. Something I had not shared with her before, but it was time.

“OK Laura, do you remember I told you I had a girlfriend before you and that she had a black roommate?”

“Yeah, I think so. Why?”

“Well, I… I mean we… the roommate and I…” I stammered not knowing why.

But I was finding myself nervous because I had to come clean with my wife for something I had never shared with her before. My attraction to black women. I know, I know, it’s the color difference. It’s not racial. I don’t harbor notions of being the master in a plantation or anything like that. It’s just that it’s so… different than sex with a white woman. Yeah, some women get off on that as well seeing a darker dick go inside their white pussy but let me tell you… the visual sensation of light to dark skin can be intoxicating.

“Wait,” Laura said pulling my face so she could look into my eyes. “You had sex with your girlfriend’s roommate?”

I nodded sheepishly. Then I smiled confirming it.

“So you had black and didn’t go back?” she laughed.

“Who said I didn’t go back?” I replied laughing with her.

Gawd it felt so good being open with Laura. Sharing and talking about our lives was a new thing for us. We had both been brought up by secretive parents who we thought were closed off, only to learn they were guarded instead. Guarded because they lived secret lives of sexual liaisons that they did not want to take the chance of exposing. It had made them closed off not just to each other, but to their children as well. Laura and I had vowed not to fall into that trap.

“Was it that good?” she asked yanking my arm with a raunchy smile. elvankent escort “Come-on, tell me.”

“We need to get going,” I said not wanting us to be late. “I’ll tell you the short version. After all, it lasted just a month and we met about four or five times.”

“Wow!” Laura said as I helped zip up her dress for the evening. “You were doing them both?”

It was a slinky orange, excuse me “peach,” one piece. Low cut, with back as low as the front and mid-thigh length. She wore a set of stockings that went all the way up to just under her mons that was covered by peach colored thong and flimsy bra. Sex talk and watching Laura dress had its effect on me. I had to rearrange my cock under my pants and boxers.

“Well,” I replied with a slight smirk, “They didn’t seem to mind.”

“But you liked doing the black girl?” she asked as she applied her mascara and taking time to look at my reflection. “I mean you kept going back.”

“You said you had sex with a black guy,” I replied. “You never went back?”

“I didn’t say that either,” she replied. “I did one in college; he was too arrogant and borderline racist. Kept saying ‘suck my black dick with your white lips’ and stuff like that. It was… a bit silly at first. I wanted to try it since all my girlfriends had. I was curious. But his comments eventually spoiled the fun. I had and still don’t have a fixation on it like some women do.”

“Did you do any black guys during…” it was still hard for us to talk about our cheating times, but by then we had realized that being honest was more important than hiding stuff.

“Two,” she replied looking at me apologetically. “Are you upset?”

Should I have been? I guess so. After all we were discussing her infidelity. But then she had told me that she went for quantity in her days running around. Of course she would have done a black guy or two. It was all the rage for white women wasn’t it? But I did perk up as this was not something we had discussed before.

“I had assumed you would have tried out different experiences.” I said trying to sound nonchalant. “How was it?”

“One was OK, he had a nice cock,” but he was a bit like the guy from college. “He seemed nice at first, but then he stared on the race stuff like the other guy. It got so irritating I had to tell him to stop or leave.”

“Did he?” I asked. “I mean what happened?”

I didn’t so much want details of what they did. I was just curious how the black guy had reacted to her terms.

“For a while he did,” she replied and scoffed. “Then in the middle of it, he said it again and it’s a good thing I was on top. I got up and started getting dressed.”

“Wow!” I said surprised. “What happened then?”

“He just sat there playing with his cock and saying I would be back to get more black dick now that I had some.”

“Did you?”

“Not with him Greg,” she replied. “He came off as an asshole and it put me off. I saw him at that bar another time and he said I was probably thinking of his black dick and to get together. But he irritated me with his rudeness, so I picked a different black guy and told shithead it was not about race but about his shitty attitude.”

“What did you do with the other black guy?” I asked. Might as well know the truth I thought.

“Oh Greg,” she replied looking down. “It was nice. He was older and more mature. His cock was not thick, but not too long. He felt good fucking, but he had to leave to get home I guess. He kept looking at his watch. I never saw him at that bar again.”

“What about the first one?”

“He apologized next time he saw me and asked for a chance to redeem himself. But I was with a guy that night and said no thanks. I never saw him again. He had his chance and ruined it with his attitude.”

“Laura,” I replied as she stood and walked into her heels picking up her purse. “Like it or not, interracial sex has all the baggage of race issues in our culture that we can’t ignore it.”

“Speaking from experience?” she asked.

I couldn’t lie to her and nodded.

“I know it’s there and have to tread lightly with the issue. But for me it’s the… different that attracts me to some black women; not all.”

“Some?” she asked. “Which kind?”

“Small ones,” I replied exhaling. There I had come clean.

“Small ones!” Laura asked shaking her head in puzzlement.

“Look, it’s a thing right?” I replied. “I don’t know why? It just… turns me on.”

Laura bit her lip and stared into my eyes. I saw something there. Was it fear, jealousy… but there was definitely something that had unnerved my wife.

“Are you upset?” I asked worried I had stuck my foot in my mouth.

“Greg,” she said taking a deep breath. “You know how I get turned on watching you?”

“Yeah,” I nodded. “You’ve said.”

“Just now, when you said what you did?” she bit her lower lip again,” I got wet just hearing it.”

Surprised, I smiled at her and took her emek escort in my arms.

“And I thought you would be turned on thinking you were going to fuck a black guy.”

She blushed.

“Grover and Laticia are both half-black,” she replied with a slight smile. She tried to deflect but did a bad job of it. Then again, I don’t think she was hiding it either.

“Technicalities,” I said smiling to set her at ease.

Laura seemed unnerved by this and I was puzzled.

“So what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Greg,” she said mustering up her strength. I was married to her long enough to know her moods and expressions. “It’s this fear… this notion I have that is tied to my voyeurism.”

I stayed quiet realizing she was sharing something deep about herself with me.

“When I see you with other women, I don’t just get aroused. I have these feelings of both jealousy and fear of loss. No, just listen,” she continued stopping me from interrupting as if she may lose her nerve and never say this again. “I know that these women are just fuck toys for you. Just like their men are mine as well. But there is more to it than that. There is a combination of feelings as well.”

I was mesmerized at her attempt to explain her inner thoughts.

“Greg, when I watch you, I am trapped between a feeling of pride that you are fucking the shit out of another man’s wife and the fear of losing you to one of them if she is better than me.”

I don’t know if you ever had a special moment with your spouse that brought you closer than you ever expected. But that was mine with Laura as I realized she trusted me to let me into her fears. In her face, I saw a combination of uncertainty and trepidation. I knew she let me know what could hurt her and trusted me not to take advantage. Handing me that power implied trust. Trust that I was not going to ever betray.

“Laura, is this something you want me to pursue because it turns you on? Or are you saying this to warn me what not to do?”

She opened her mouth as if to reply and then bit her lip again.

“Both?” she replied with a look of both puzzlement at herself and relief that she had shared it.

“Laura,” I replied again trying to reassure her. “I can give you that feeling when you watch me with another woman. But do you think any woman can take me away from you?”

She shivered in my arms. I could have sworn she had a mini orgasm as her groin rubbed against my thigh.

“Greg,” she whispered. “I just came from what you said and what I was thinking. I’m so fucked up. It’s like the thought of losing you to another woman is as arousing as watching you with one. I’ve had this happen with all three couples we were with. But it started before.”

“When?” I asked.

“When you were punishing me for cheating on you. When you made me suck your cock after you had just fucked Celia. I knew you had just had another woman and it made me run wet in my panties. It scared me. But I was drawn to it.”

“Good thing you told me,” I replied realizing the depth of my wife’s kinky side. I wondered what else she had done or was willing to do.

“Greg” she sighed. “Tonight, fuck the shit out of Laticia. I want to see you make her squirm and beg you for it. I want her husband to see it. We won’t be able to do that in large play groups after, but when we do another couple alone, I want to watch it. Her expression as she is aroused and his when he sees it. Even if the guy is fucking me, do her and occasionally look my away.”

“Laura, I don’t want to piss the husbands off,” I reminded her. “We want their votes to get in the group right?”

“I know,” she replied. She had this wild look in her eyes as if she was seeing something in her mind’s eye as we spoke. “The look I’m asking for is for me more than the guy.”

I nodded to her and we went out.


Laticia and Grover 2004

They had arrived at the group apartment before their new playmates did and set up the tray of hors d’oeuvres they had picked up on the way over. Laticia stood watching her handsome husband wondering what was in his mind as they prepared to meet Laura and Greg; the new member prospects. They had heard good things about them from the Garzas and the Beaumonts. George and Nana Anastos were taken by them as well. All three couples were now supporting the Hansen couple.

“Here we go again,” Laticia said as she bumped her hip on her husband’s thigh.

“Once more into the breach,” Grover replied opening a bag of chips and taking one.

An English lit major and former editor at a publishing house, he now taught English and creative writing at a local college. He often quoted Shakespeare. Tonight was a line from Henry the 5th. Laticia had heard it plenty of times.

“You’ve been in my breach enough times big boy,” she replied with a coy smile. “Tonight you get a different breach.”

Laticia was barely over five foot tall. She was perfectly proportioned for her height. Legs, thighs and 34C breasts with thick nipples, a flat stomach even after three kids. That had cost her hours of exercise in between filling up baby bottles and chasing after her two twins and her young baby girl. The twin boys were identical. Their girl unique.

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