Laura Love Ch. 03

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Note to readers: This series is a continuation of “Laura’s Femdom Empowerment”. You should read that series before this one.


Chapter 3 Laura tightens her grip

On Wednesday evening of the next week I got a text from Benjamin, “Hello goddess. I have the winch additions ready for your red room.”

I replied, “Great. What time can you be over tomorrow night to put them in?”

He replied, “6:00 pm.”

I texted back, “That works as long as you bring Chinese food.”

He said, “Your usual?”

I said, “Of course.”

He texted, “See you then.”

I sent a thumbs up.

The next evening I had Benjamin over to put in the winches. He put one on each end of my cuckold bed. He put the third on the wall. He set it up so I could crank in cables at the four corners of the bed from low or high pulleys. He showed me how it worked. He also bought me suspension rated wrist and ankle restraints. They were large and heavy duty. I had him lay on the bed so I could practice.

First I set it up using the lower cables. Once he was on his back and secured to all four corners I began cranking on the handle. Soon he was stretched tight as his limbs were pulled in four different directions. He was totally helpless.

I took the opportunity to take off his stainless steel chastity cage. I took it up to my kitchen and put it in a bowl filled with ice.

I brought it back down and set it next to the bed. I spent the next half hour teasing Benjamin’s tiny erection with a large pink feather. It was great fun watching him struggle. He was stretched so tight he could barely move. I said, “When you want me to stop just ask me to lock you back in your cage.”

He said, “Yes goddess.”

He lasted another twenty minutes before the frustration was too much. He said, “Please goddess, lock my cage back on.”

I smiled and said, “Well, if that’s what you want.”

I pulled the ring out of the ice water and put it over his cock and balls. I pulled his scrotum through and he winced as each testicle squeezed through.

His tiny erection was pointing up. As soon as I put the ice cold cage over his penis it deflated enough that I could easily lock it. I said, “That worked better than I hoped. That’s how we are going to do that from now on.”

I used the hand crank to release the tension on Benjamin’s limbs. Then I unsnapped his wrist cuffs.

I said, “Take off the cuffs and put them in the cabinet.”

As I watched him free himself I remembered my conversation with Grace and I said, “Benjamin, one of these days I will have you service Grace in the oral worship chair.”

Benjamin said, “Yes goddess.”

I said, “If she’s not pleased with your efforts I will punish you.”

Benjamin said, “Don’t worry goddess. I will not disappoint you or her.”

By Friday morning I still hadn’t seen Dr. Bradford again. Late on Friday morning I got a text from Alexis. She said, “If you don’t have plans tonight it would be a good night to visit The Labyrinth.”

I replied, “I’m free tonight.”

That Friday night was my first visit to The Labyrinth. I decided to dress down and keep a low profile. I put on very light makeup so it would seem that I wasn’t wearing any. I wore simple black slacks and a loose gray shirt that showed just a little cleavage.

I went with another dominatrix from Red Room Studio named Jade. She’s a dark skinned African American woman. She is very athletic with a beautiful face. According to her profile on the Red Room Studio website she is six foot two inches tall, a full six inches taller than me.

I didn’t know her well but we had spoken a few times in the dominatrix dressing room at Red Room Studio. Her eyes are a striking green color. She has a muscular ass and legs but she is tall enough that she seems slender. She keeps her hair cropped short and she usually shows off her D cup breasts with tight or low cut tops.

Jade and I sat at the bar and I took in the scene. The bar tender came over and said, “Hi Jade, how have you been?”

Jade said, “You know me, betrayin’ and misbehavin’.”

He chuckled and said, “Atta girl. Who’s your friend?”

Jade said, “Elias, I’d like you to meet Laura Steele. She’s a pro at Red Room. Laura, this is Elias. He’s one of the owners here.”

I extended my hand and said, “It’s nice to meet you Elias. Quite a place you have here.”

Elias shook my hand and said, “Thank you. Every night’s an adventure. So what can I get you ladies?”

Jade said, “I have an exhibition session in a half hour so I’ll have an ice water but Laura, she’ll have my usual.”

Elias smiled and said, “Vodka martini extra dry coming right up.”

I said, “Wow, getting right to it. I usually drink wine.”

Jade said, “Awe you need to toughen up. Besides you’re a kick ass dominatrix, you need to live the part. You sure as hell look it.”

I said, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Jade said, “It was meant to be.”

I said, “I guess one martini won’t kill me. So what’s an exhibition session?”

Jade xslot pointed across the room and said, “See the stage over there?”

I looked and said, “Yeah.”

Jade explained, “Sometimes that’s a dance floor. Sometimes they have a band setup. Tonight it’s a performance stage.”

Elias slid our drinks over and said, “Enjoy!”

Jade said, “Thanks Elias.”

I picked up the martini and said, “So tonight you are the show?”

Jade said, “Well I’m one of the shows. I’m doing an advanced bullwhip session with rope bondage and suspension.”

I said, “Wow. So do you pick a volunteer out of the audience?”

She laughed and said, “Ah, no. Slave Joshua has sessioned with me dozens of times. In fact it would be fair to say he and I are very close. This is his first public session. We have learned a lot together. It can be dangerous if I lose focus. That’s why I’m sticking to ice water right now.”

Jade continued, “This session is very advanced and Joshua trusts me. Serious pro domme sessions take a lot of trust. Part of the reason for public display is so everyone can see how well trained he is.”

I said, “Yeah I understand the trust issue. In this case it’s about dancing on the edge of pain and pleasure. And, of course, avoiding serious injury. In my relationships trust involves maintaining separation between public display and private servitude.”

Jade commented, “When you find the right one he, or she, will be willing to submit to you regardless of the surroundings.”

That comment made me think. I had always assumed I needed to keep my public life separate from my private.

I must have been lost in thought too long. Jade said, “Laura. Hello in there.”

I said, “Oh I’m sorry Jade. I was just processing.”

I decided to change the subject and said, “Do exhibition sessions pay well?” I took a drink of my martini.

Jade said, “Well, is $1000 for a half hour good?”

I choked on my drink and said, “Holy shit. That’s not good it’s great. So The Labyrinth pays you?”

Jade said, “No it’s all from the sub. The Labyrinth doesn’t charge or pay. These sessions are like free entertainment for them.”

I said, “I see, interesting. Well I’m looking forward to it.”

I took another sip of my martini and continued, “So, is Jade your real name?”

Jade said, “Yep. Named after my green eyes.”

I said, “Wow, I thought you wore green contacts.”

Jade said, “Nope, the eyes are natural. The tits, not so much.”

I laughed and said, “Well you are gorgeous. I mean, you don’t make $1000 per half hour for being average.”

Jade smiled and said, “Thanks, that compliment means a lot coming from you. Well I need to get ready. I’m on in ten minutes. I’ll talk to you after my session.”

I said, “Okay. Good luck.”

Jade stood up and went through a door near the stage. Normally I would have passed the time playing on my phone but phones were not allowed inside The Labyrinth. I chatted with Elias while I waited for Jade’s session to start.

After a short time the lights dimmed and an announcer spoke over the sound system, “Masters, mistresses and slaves may I have your attention please. Our first exhibition session of the evening is about to begin.

We will be watching Empress Jade of Red Room Studio. She will be using one of her slaves to demonstrate rope bondage with suspension. She is also an expert in the use of the bullwhip. Everyone please be aware that Empress Jade has years of experience. These activities can be dangerous and you should not try them without proper training. Jade will be available after the session if you would like to meet her or inquire about how to serve her.”

The lights continued to dim until the room was almost black. Then a single spotlight illuminated the front center of the stage. All conversations stopped and the entire room fell silent.

Suddenly there was a very loud sound of a whip in the darkness, “Crack!”

It sounded again, “Crack!”

Then foot steps. High heeled boots on the stage, “Click, click, click.” Jade slowly walked into the light. Her whip was snaking back and forth in front of her, clearing her path.

She had changed her outfit and she looked stunning. She was wearing a green leather corset. She wore sheer black stockings with matching garters that went up and disappeared under a black leather micro mini skirt. Her black leather high heeled boots must have made her at least six foot five.

In one hand she carried a coil of thick cotton rope. In the other, her bullwhip. She stopped in the middle of the spotlight. She swung her arm back and down, “Crack!” The whip was quite menacing.

Facing the audience Jade called out, “Slave Joshua, heel!”

From the darkness behind her a completely nude man crawled on all fours. As he approached her she slid her right foot back. Her slave lowered his face and began kissing the heel of her boot. She allowed him to kiss her heel a dozen times and she said, “Enough!”

She dropped the coil of rope on the floor beside xslot Giriş one boot and the whip next to the other. Then she raised her hand high and snapped her fingers. Two male assistants stepped onto the stage. Each was carrying a tall wooden stool. After placing them side by side in front of Jade they both quietly made their exit.

Jade looked up into the darkness and reached down and adjusted the position of the stools slightly. Then she commanded, “Slave! Up!”

Slave Joshua stood up behind the stools. He was completely hairless. He was quite well endowed but only partially erect. Jade pointed to the stools. Joshua climbed on the stools with one knee on each seat.

Jade picked up the coil of rope. After grabbing it in just the right spot she threw it toward the crowd while holding the center. It uncoiled in the air, snapped to a stop and dropped. Her heels clicked as she walked around behind Joshua.

She pushed his feet apart and moved in behind him. She looped the center of the rope around his throat and pulled. She pressed her breasts into his back and pulled harder. Slave Joshua submitted to her choking and trusted her.

As he submitted to her will his penis began to erect. After what seemed like a long time she relaxed the rope and lifted it above him. Slave Joshua gasped for air as she reached high over his head and clipped the center of the rope to a chain that I hadn’t noticed before.

Both ends of the rope dropped in front of him. She pulled them back between his legs. One strand on each side of his genitals and up the crack of his ass. She tied a knot at his waist and wrapped them forward making a belt.

Going back one more time under his groin she snaked the rope over itself at the small of his back tied his ankles up to his ass. Now he was relying on the chain overhead to keep him from falling. She looped the remaining ropes from his ankles back up to the hook. There was enough rope remaining to bring it down to his back, under his armpits and tied his wrists to his chest.

He was now completely vulnerable and precariously balanced on his knees on the stools. His erection was now throbbing in the air. Jade stood in front of him, reached out and grabbed his cock.

Jade said, “Slave. Do you trust me?”

Joshua said, “I trust you Empress Jade.”

She pulled his cock which made him lean forward. The ropes kept him from falling. Jade released his cock as she bent down to pick up her whip. She moved behind him and continued cracking her whip.

She stepped forward and swung the whip low. It wrapped around the inner legs of the stools. She gave it a strong jerk and the stools crashed to the floor. The crowd gasped as Joshua dropped. After a several inches the ropes broke his fall. Jade pulled the stools into the darkness and returned to the light.

Slave Joshua was facing the audience and dangling in the air like a spider’s prey. Jade continued cracking her whip. With each stroke she moved closer. When she got close enough his back took the impact and muffled it. Joshua flinched at the pain. She gave him a moment to catch his breath then she continued whipping him.

She did not speak. He endured more than a dozen viscous strokes timed at long intervals. He was clearly in sub space. His eyes were looking into the crowd but he was not seeing anything. His throbbing erection left no doubt of his level of arousal.

Jade paused and coiled her whip in her hand. She walked around in front of Joshua and grabbed him by the penis. She slowly turned him so his back was facing the audience. There were stifled murmurs and whispers at the red stripes on his back.

After a few moments Jade turned him back to face the audience. She was still holding his penis as she put her face close to his. She said loudly, “Slave Joshua, to whom do you belong?”

Joshua looked in her eyes and said, “I am your property Empress Jade.”

Jade said, “Who decides when you may have an orgasm?”

Joshua said, “Only you Empress Jade.”

Jade smiled and said, “That is correct slave.”

She took a step back and held her coiled whip in one hand and the lash end in the other. She began swinging the lash end in a circle about two feet in across. She moved to Joshua and began slapping his penis with the tip of whip. Not vicious strokes but playful licks. Slap, slap, slap, over and over. After at least twenty slaps Joshua called out, “Empress may I cum?”

Jade stopped the slapping and called out loudly, “Hold!”

Joshua was breathing heavily and hanging on Jade’s command. She paused in silence as Joshua dangled helplessly.

Finally she continued, slap, slap, slap, over and over. After another dozen strokes Joshua’s voice was shaking, “Empress may I cum?”

Again Jade stopped slapping and called out, “Hold!”

Joshua’s penis was slowly throbbing up and down as he waited for her command. Jade slowly walked around her dangling prey. After she completed a circle she moved her mouth close to Joshua’s ear. She was smiling as she reveled in her control. xslot Güncel Giriş Finally she said, “Cum for me.”

Joshua began spurting semen on the stage. The crowd applauded Jade’s skill and control over her slave.

A short time later Jade was sitting at the bar with me. The stage assistants were cleaning the stage. Elias handed her a martini and said, “Very impressive performance Jade. This drink’s on the house.”

Jade said, “Thank you sir.” Elias walked away.

I said, “I agree Jade. That was really something. How did you make him cum with just your voice?”

Jade said, “I have a special connection with Joshua. I replaced his will with mine. Not just tonight, but months ago. It’s the epitome of female domination. You see, most subs are in the game for a diversion, a temporary respite from their boring lives. But a few subs are special. Joshua is one of my special subs.”

I said, “How do you know which ones are special? I mean which subs are open to that level of control?”

Jade said, “Well, you certainly can’t tell by looking at them. It takes time and a lot of interaction. I have Joshua and two other submissives that I own, mind, body, and soul.”

I said, “Wow. Are the other two like Joshua?”

Jade said, “Yes. In fact they are quite similar. All three are males and highly successful in their careers. Our culture and society dictate that they must be powerful and in control at all times. But, the truth is, they don’t want to be. Not all the time. They want a mental break when they are out of the public eye. Joshua is a perfect example. He’s a hedge fund manager. He’s extremely wealthy. He is one hundred percent in charge when he’s at work. When he’s with me, zero percent in charge.”

I said, “Well I can see that. Does he live with you?”

Jade said, “No but he did ask me to marry him last week.”

I smiled and said, “Really? Did you say no?”

Jade took a drink of her martini and said, “I didn’t say yes or no. He wants me to sign a prenuptial agreement.”

I said, “Slaves don’t get prenuptial agreements.”

Jade chuckled and said, “Well we do live in the real world. He is worth millions and I don’t blame him. I’m having a lawyer look it over. I want to make sure it fits what I want. If we can find some middle ground then I’ll give him permission to propose to me again.”

I said, “Well that’s kind of exciting. Let me know what happens.”

Later that night Jade dropped me off at home. All the action at The Labyrinth had me quite worked up but it was late and I was tired. I texted Benjamin and told him not to come over to clean until eleven. I wanted to sleep in without being disturbed.

I woke up at ten in the morning. I was having naughty thoughts about Grace. I was touching myself and making a mental plan. I wanted her tongue on my sex and I wanted Jared to helplessly watch. I wanted him to witness my pleasure.

Then inspiration struck. I should put him in an uncomfortable position. He would learn that I control his fate. As time ticked by he would just want to relax. So when I finally allow him to relax and watch Grace pleasure me he will be content with just that. My pleasure will become his pleasure. I was moving my fingers faster on my slippery clit and realized I was close to orgasm.

I pulled my hand out of my panties. I relished the tension. I wanted to cum but not now. There would be time for that later. I grabbed my phone and texted Jared, “Be at my house at noon, and bring me a veggie sandwich.”

He replied, “Yes goddess.”

Then I texted Grace, “I want your tongue. Be at my house at 3:00.”

She replied, “Yes goddess. I can’t wait.”

I walked into the bathroom and stripped my panties off. Then I thought about Grace and changed my mind. I decided not to shower. I went over and sat on the toilet to pee. Then I took off my makeup and washed my face. I looked at my naked body in the mirror. I wondered if I should start tanning to get a little color on my skin. I also noticed that my legs needed to be shaved.

I picked up my panties from the floor and put them back on. I went to my drawer and grabbed a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. I skipped the bra. I brushed my hair as I walked to the kitchen. I made some eggs and toast. As I ate I browsed on my phone for suspension bondage ideas. I left my mess for Benjamin to clean up.

I took some time to plan out Jared’s mini ordeal. I grabbed a small metal rectangular baking pan and four bottles of water. I took them down to my play room and put them on the cabinet.

Benjamin arrived right at eleven o’clock. He stripped down to his underwear and locked his collar on. I had him leave the footlocker open for Jared’s clothes later. He started on my laundry and then got to work cleaning my kitchen.

I lounged in my living room and played games on my phone. Jared arrived at noon, right on time. I opened the door and said, “We are going to have fun today.”

I stepped aside and said, “Come in.” He stepped inside and I closed and locked the door behind him.

I extended my hand. He gave me the sandwich and a twenty dollar bill. I said, “Give me your phone too.” He handed me his phone. I stood and watched as he disrobed and snapped his shock collar on his genitals. He turned around and bent forward so I could see his jeweled butt plug.

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