Lauren’s Favorite Weekend

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I watch you walk in my apartment after going to the airport. It’s going to be so nice having you all to myself for the weekend. Lauren, we have waited for this for so long. I want you all to myself tonight. I fixed a nice dinner for us and brought you a shot of tequila. I want to live out as many, of my fantasies of you, as I can. I stand in front of you and look into your beautiful eyes. Then I lay a sheet on the floor and get my massage oil and hand you another shot.

You swallow the shot and take off your jeans, shoes, and shirt. Then you lay down on the sheet in the panties I got you “the ones that tie on the sides.” I squeeze the oil onto your back and start to rub your shoulders and back. I can feel the oil as it warms your body. MMMMM your skin feels so good. It’s so soft and smooth. No flaws at all. I rub your back slow and look at every curve that I touch. I watch my hands slide over your smooth skin leaving behind the shiny film of warming oil. I rub your sides and you can feel my hands caressing the sides of your perfect tits. As you lay there, I think about how, I want to rise up, so I can touch and hold them in my hands. I think about how the warm oil will feel on your nipples as my hand glides over them. Then you start to rise up and I move back to your shoulders.

Lauren, I’m in no hurry, Now is my chance to show you what I have dreamed about doing for so long. I look at your face as you turn your head to the other side and brush your hair away. I kiss your neck and move forward to your lips. You hear me whisper that I want to taste your sweet lips. My lips touch yours and you feel my tongue slide past your lips. I want to taste you. Your kiss feels like fire as, I feel every emotion in my body pass from my lips to yours. I stop and pull away looking into your eyes with every feeling in my body. I move my lips to your back and trace them down your spine to your fine little bottom. I kiss your tail bone and pull away.

You feel the warm oil on the back of your knee as I take my hand and spread it up to your perfect bottom, it starts to warm again. I rub your legs and watch my hands spread the oil and look at your skin as it shines. I’m so hard for you I whisper, you’re making me crazy. You feel the back of your legs relax as I rub the oil in. Then I ask you to turn over so I can rub your front. You look over your shoulder and laugh telling me that you don’t think you can.

I watch you as you turn over and bring you another shot. I look at your perfect body as the drink slides down your throat. You lay back and I put a pillow under your head. You can smell my cologne as you lay your head down. You feel the shock of the oil hit your tummy and you look down at me and see me sitting between your legs with the back of your thighs resting on my legs. You can feel my hard dick pressing against your wet pussy through the material of my silk boxers and your panties.

I watch your body flush I know your pussy is starting to want. Then you jump as I spread the oil over your tits. I rub your nipples with my thumbs and the oil warms you. I feel your nipples harden and watch you close your eyes to enjoy the feeling. Just stay there Lauren. Let me make you feel good. You can feel everything now. Then you start to relax and think about how bad you want to fuck right now. Knowing that the warn oil hasn’t had time to affect you yet. You can feel my dick throb and leak through my boxers and onto your panties. I made your panties so wet.

I start rubbing your tummy and your soft flat belly warms up as I rub. I watch your body cover with tiny chill bumps. I throb and leak some more. I know you can feel my heat so I back away and start on your legs. canlı bahis I rub your legs and it seams like hours. You start thinking about how good it feels and that it could put you to sleep but your too excited and you feel like your dreaming. Then you feel my finger slide into you and I push it all the way in. You’re so wet that, nothing will stop its way inside. You look down to see what I’m doing and then you wonder how I untied your panties without you feeling it. I watch you arch your back as your reminded where my fingers are. You’re breathing faster as I pull my wet fingers out of you.

I whisper to you that all your stuff is in the bathroom and you can shower and change I put your dress, stockings and heels in there for you. You sit up and tell me later. You need to fuck. I start to kiss you and it’s so hot and full of passion, I have never kissed you like that before. I whisper for you stop. But you don’t want to. So you tear the front of my boxers open and start stroking my dick, you feel me leaking down your hand. Then you run your fingers through it. You look at me and tell me you need dick and you need it now. You tell me I better fuck you. I push you back and press my face into your pussy and just start pushing my tongue inside you and kissing and licking you. You’re holding me by the hair and moaning. Fuck me, I need your dick! I climb up and start fucking you slow and hard. I feel that spot open up and your heat rush over me. So I tell you I’m only gonna shoot a little inside you and you feel be throb in that spot and one quick jet of cum hitting that spot, as you keep Cumming, and wanting me to shoot more. I feel your heat rush over me again.

I lean forward and tell you that I can’t hold back anymore. I kiss you and, hold you. You can feel my passion and, how much I want to be in that spot. You can tell by the way I’m kissing you that no woman could ever bring that much passion out of me. I know that you feel in total control of me. I can’t help it your beautiful. I pull back and look into your eyes. You look at me with a mad look in your eyes. Your eyes are telling me, I better take good care of all your fucking needs. I’m in that spot shooting you full of my cum. I lean back down and start kissing you again. You feel my cum bathing your insides filling you with all my heat.

I ask you to please wear your dress for me as you feel the last of my cum shoot inside you. I kiss you and tell you that I’m gonna fuck you like no man ever has or will. I sit up and pull you up with me. I’m still inside you as we sit facing each other and kissing. I tell you that you still have that look in your eyes. We smile and laugh. You tell me that you’re going to get that shower and you walk over and take another shot. When you get to the bathroom I walk up behind you and tell you that I have a special surprise for you when your done. And then I kiss you one more time and push you back against the door. Holding you as close as I can. Then you disappear into the bathroom.

I’m sitting at my computer and you step out of the bath room. Oh Lauren, you’re so beautiful. I just sit and stare at you and you walk in and look around my room. The room is lit up by candles. I even put silk sheets on the bed and all the candles smell like your perfume. I sprayed my cologne all over the sheets. The room smells like us.

You come over and sit on the table in front of me and put your pink high heel in my lap. I look up into your beautiful face; you put your makeup on so perfect your hair is still damp from the shower. It’s just wet in the spots that you didn’t want to take the time to blow dry.

You look down at me. I hand you another shot and you just swallow the bahis siteleri shot. I hand you a soda. You place your other foot in my lap and I start to rub your legs. I look into your eyes and I can see the effect of the tequila. You have a crazy look in your eyes. I know, I have to take care of all the fucking you need. If I let you down you might not ever let me do this again. I reach between your legs, I can feel that you might still have my cum inside you. I stand up and kiss you hard and wanting. I ask you if you’re still full of cum and you look at me and say yes you are. I’m so hard for you.

I sit you down in my chair and get on my knees in front of you. I start kissing and licking my way up your legs. You smell so good; I want you, my insides burn. I want to bury my hard dick deep inside you again.

You sit back in the chair, you know that you are in control of me. You know that you can make me do anything you want. You look at me as I slide my head under your dress and start eating you. You ask me if I want you. And then ask if, I would do anything for you. I tell you yes, I would. But you already knew the answer. You hold my head as I’m eating you. Your toying with me. You want me to give you the fucking you need and want. I start stroking my dick and I’m leaking you can her how much I leaked as I’m stroking it.

Then I stand in front of you and look at your long legs. I can see the sides of your tits tied in that sexy dress, your dress doesn’t cover your stocking tops and the slits in the sides make your legs look even longer. You reach out and grab my dick and start sucking on it. I want to cum so bad. I’m trying to feel your tits through the dress and you feel me starting to cum. So you stop sucking on my dick and tell me not to cum cuz I’ll get it on your dress.

I stand you up and slid my dick inside you. Then I untie your dress and it bunches around your waist. Oh Lauren, your tits are so nice. I pull my dick outa you and let your dress fall to the floor. We move over to my bed. I lay down next to you and we start kissing hard and passionate. Your so beautiful in just your stockings and heels. I need you; I need to cum inside you. I need to make you cum. Your so sweet L, I need it. I want to be all over you and take what I can. You make me need you. You like being in control of me don’t you. I can’t take it. I roll on top of you and kiss you with all the passion I could find. I started kissing your neck and sucking on it trying to make you want me. I want to hear you moan and touch all of your body. I start kissing down your body to your tits. Then I take your nipple in my mouth and just keep switching from one nipple to the other.

I can’t take it. I want to fuck you. I kneel between your legs and push the tip inside your hot wet pussy. I stop with just the tip inside you. I ask you to wait, I what you to feel my hot cum. You feel me shoot a little cum just inside your pussy. Then I push it all the way in trying to push the cum I just shot deeper inside you. I want you to feel all of my heat. I keep sliding my hard dick in and out of you. Slow long strokes. Then I push it half way in and shoot some more hot cum inside you again. I kiss you and ask you if you could feel me let go.

Oh Lauren, I love the way you feel inside. You’re the hottest fuck any man could ever want. You’re so hot and you get so wet. I want this to be so good for you. I put your stocking covered legs over my shoulders and start fucking you hard and steady. I want that spot Lauren, give it to me please. You know what spot I want. I keep pushing deep and you feel the tip of my dick searching for it. I want to shoot some more cum, but I want to shoot it in that bahis şirketleri spot. I’m going to make it my spot. Suddenly, I feel the tip of my dick push into that open spot, as the rest of your pussy squeezes my shaft tight. It’s that deep open area. It makes me feel like your pussy is begging for hot cum. I want you to feel this Lauren. I stop, as I push the tip in that spot, you can feel me shoot a little more cum. I know you like it! Let it go, cum on me, please cum on my hard cock. I don’t want to hold back I want to shoot every drop in that spot.

Lauren, please cum, I can’t hold back. I hold your ankles in my hands and start to kiss your feet in those shoes, mmmmmmm Lauren, your going to make me cum. I can’t fucking take it. I reach over and grab my pillow I lift your ass high off the bed and put the pillow under your perfect little ass. I’m still holding your ass off the bed and pushing deep inside you. I lean down and press my chest against your firm tits. I can feel your nipples press into my chest. I try to pull you closer. Your nipples feel so good rubbing against my chest. They are so hard and pointing strait up. I hold the sides of your tits and press down harder.

You start to cum. I can feel you wrapping you’re stocking covered legs around my waist. I want to shoot you full of hot cum. So much cum that it will run out of you, all over my pillow. I want to think about what we did. I shouldn’t be fucking your hot married pussy, I’m going to cum in it, I can’t hold back. I let your ass down onto the pillow and I feel your hot rush flood around my hard dick. When I feel your almost done coming I start shooting my cum. I’m filling you with cum. MMmm I don’t ever want to stop Cumming in you. I’ll give you all the dick you need. I love the feel of that open spot and knowing that my cum is mixing with yours. That hot open spot, I want to make mine. I know your going to make me share it with other men. The thought of it makes me shoot one last time in that spot. I want the heat to sting and warm you. Then it all stops and all I hear is us breathing together.

I turn over on my back and you get on top of me. I look in your eyes and you have that, I better keep fucking look in your eyes. You start milking my still hard dick trying to get more cum out of me. You take it all the way inside you and squeeze it. I feel you squeezing the cum all over my dick. I can feel it leak onto the pillow under us. I reach down with my hand and feel all the wetness. Then I taste it. You bend forward and kiss me so you can taste it too. You look me in the eyes as if you were saying “keep fucking me or I’ll get somebody else to give me what I need.”

I can still feel all that wetness running out of you so I reach around and hold your waist and push deep inside you trying to stop you from pushing our cum out. Then you start to cum again. I keep holding my dick inside you and tell you. I’m gonna fuck you as long as you keep Cumming! I don’t ever want to stop fucking you! I start shooting my cum again. And I hold you down on my dick. I want more so I roll you over on your back and shove it in as hard as I can. I reach down and hold your ass in my hands so you can’t get away. I take what I want. I look at you and say. You wanna get fucked pretty lady? Well I’m fucking your sweet married pussy. And your gonna want more of my hard dick. Your still Cumming and I’m shooting it deep inside your hot pussy again. You’re going to fuck me all night sweet lady I have wanted this for so long and you better give it to me. That’s what the fuck I want. You feel me shooting so much in your spot you don’t want it to stop. You feel like your hanging in your orgasm but you just keep Cumming. We get so high then we stop. I lay on top gasping for air and still wanting you. I stay deep inside you. Then you look up at me and ask if you can try on the black dress and shoes. I tell you ok but no stockings this time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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