Lead Me

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“MMM Baby, I wish you could cum home early. I am about to have an affair with my vibrator.” James’ eyes went wide as he read Melissa’s text message and he felt his cock tingle.

“You will NOT!! Wait for me,” he texted her back. His wife knew how he always wanted to watch her masturbate in front of him and she never would, but she loved to tease him about it.

She always said she would be embarrassed which didn’t make any sense to him since they had been married for awhile now. Plus the fact she LIKED to fuck. She liked being called a slut, having his cock shoved down her throat while he held her by the hair. He simply didn’t know how to make her understand that her non two sized body brought his to life.

An idea formed in his mind and he went to his boss asking if it was ok to leave a little early today. He grinned from ear to ear and sent her a message saying, “Lissa, baby. Send me a picture. You know how much I want to watch.”

He prayed she really was naked on the bed taking pictures with her phone as he climbed in and started the truck. He let it warm up a bit and his phone buzzed on his hip again.

Long red hair lying across her belly, legs wide and her vibrator buried in her pussy filled the screen on his phone. He moaned out loud as he looked at it. “Oh gods… send more. NOW!!” he texted her again. Making the left toward the house his cock jumped when his phone buzzed again.

Half closed green eyes stared up at him with her mouth closed around the vibrator that had been buried deep in her pussy. The caption read “Wishing it was your cock”. He slammed the truck into park and hurried to the back of the house. He slipped in the side door so she would not hear him.

His knees nearly buckled when he heard the buzz of the vibrator and low slow moan. He walked softly down the hall to the bedroom and pushed the half closed door open. His cock immediately came to life as he saw her.

His sexy wife pinching one nipple and groaning while she fucked her pussy with that buzzing toy. He watched until he knew by the tenseness in her movements she was about to fall to glory and he said in a low quiet voice, “What canlı bahis are you doing, slut?”

His voice made her jump, dropping the vibrator and reaching for the covers. James crossed the room to the bed pulled off the covers and threw them to the floor. He picked up the vibrator and shoved it back in Melissa’s pussy saying, “finish what you started, you lil slut.”

James lay across the bed and waited while the shock of him being there finally wore off. She hesitated drew in a deep breath closed her eyes letting him watch his wife fuck her wet pussy. Melissa’s hand moved faster and faster and he watched drips of pussy juice run down the crack of her ass and pool in her asshole. Her hips bucked with every plunge of the vibrator and her fingers danced over her clit.

James’ cock jumped with every moan, every thrust of her hand. He watched as her nipples tightened and a fine sheen of sweat formed across her forehead. He knew Melissa was getting closer and closer to the edge. Just as her body started to tense James grabbed her hand and pulled the vibrator for her dripping pussy. He raised his hand and spanked her wet swollen lips and clit. “Naughty sluts don’t get to cum yet!!”

Melissa’s whole body jerked with each smack crying out for release. He kissed her neck in that spot that made her whimper for him. He whispered in her ear, “I intend to use you for my needs. You will do as you are told or the punishment will be severe.”

With a sharp smack on the ass, James grabbed her by her long red hair and forced her lips to his sliding his tongue into her mouth. He jerked her hair breaking the kiss and pushed her to floor on her knees. “Take my cock in your mouth slut.”

Melissa hesitated only for a moment and he pushed her head to the floor. With the palm of his hand he gave each cheek three hard smacks and lifted her head repeating, “Take my cock in your mouth slut.”

She licked the head of his cock with an impish grin on her lips. Melissa’s head was jerked to the floor hard. Expecting to feel the smack of his hand on her ass, she cried out when the whip cracked across both cheeks. Five hard lashes on one cheek brought bahis siteleri tears to her eyes. Five more on the other cheek almost made them run down her face as she cried out.

“Hush you slut, you will do as you are told.” He said in a hard unforgiving voice. He pulled her head up hard and said once more, “put my cock in your mouth NOW slut.”

Melissa was in a state of wonder. James had never spanked her except for playful smacks even though he knew she loved it. He was not dominating or even the least bit unforgiving.

More turned on than ever before she immediately opened her mouth and sucked his cock deep in her throat. He thrust his hips so her chin was against his balls. She opened her eyes and his heart jumped as her tongue lightly licked his balls. He pulled her head back and she said “Love you my husband.”

He grinned knowing she was more turned on than ever by the darkness of her eyes. “Love you my wife. Now suck my cock you slut!”

She swallowed his cock and rubbed that sweet spot on his balls that made him groan. Her tongue snaking around him as she popped the head out of her mouth with long strands of spit hooking her lips to his cock. He knew he couldn’t take much more and pulled her up from the floor by her hair. He pushed her to lie on the bed and he knelt beside her spreading her legs wide.

Running his finger over her pussy he said, “Your pussy is dripping you little cum slut. Open your mouth.” He shoved his cock deep in her mouth again. He smacked her pussy over and over as he fucked her throat.

She felt his balls start to tighten and suddenly he shoved the vibrator in her pussy. He pushed it deep and hard filling her pussy while his hips thrust against her mouth. Faster and harder her hips rising off the bed with every movement of the vibrator. Melissa started to moan on his cock as her body began to tense again.

He pulled the toy from her dripping wet cunt and roared, “Open you mouth wide you fuck toy!!!!!” streams of cum hit her lips and throat, swallowing every drop. Cum splashed her face as he placed the last drop on her tongue. He kissed her on top the head and said, “Love you my bahis şirketleri wife.”

He zipped his pants and turned to leave the bedroom before his knees buckled as his heart pounded in his ear. He had every intention of letting Melissa finish on her own since that was how she started.

OH MY god!!!!! Melissa thought, “Was he just going to leave??? After that??? Leave me wet and dripping completely ready to beg to cum for him. Oh hell to just fucking cum!!

He stopped at the door turned back and watched as she licked his cum off her pebble hard nipple. He walked back and lay down across the foot of the bed. Handed her the vibrator and pulled her hand to her pussy.

Melissa took a deep breath and swallowed her embarrassment. She spread her legs wide pushed the vibrator in her pussy and turned it on. James watched as she slowly began to fuck her cunt and he pulled her other hand to her swollen clit. “Beg to cum for me slut.” he said softly.

Her fingers flew over her clit rubbing quick circles over it. Her hips bucked and rose with every thrust as well as her voice. Over and over she cried out, “please!! James, pleaseeeee I need to cum. Please let me cum! I am your slutty wife please let me cum!!”

He watched her body begin to tremble and rubbed her ass hole with his finger. Her pussy clutching at the toy, shove his finger into her well lubed ass. Her body shook as the tremors came. She screamed “yes oh god yes yes yes!!” he watched as white cream run down around the vibe to his finger moving in and out of her ass. Wave after wave crashed over her and he grinned when her toes curled up.

Moving up her body, her face still covered with cum he took her hand and kept the vibrator moving in and out of her pussy till the shudders left her body. Breathless and feeling like melted butter, Melissa said in a low husky voice, “what the hell are you doing home? Oh and you are an ass monkey for acting like you were gonna leave me like that.”

“You are an ass monkey lover and I finally got to watch cum run down your ass for me. I didn’t know how you would take it if I didn’t take the lead.” He said with a huge grin on his face. She rolled over and looked at her striped ass in the mirror.

Grinning at him, she said, “You can lead me anytime you like.” James filed that away in his mind as the best orgasm he ever had and the best one he ever watched.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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