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I had seen her around the furniture store and talked to her some, and read the Green Door to her. A few weeks later I was told that she said she wanted to go to bed with me, I really had not even paid any attention to her before.

So I did and told her to do to me what I did to her, and started eating her pussy and she started giving me a blowjob. Then i put her on her side facing me and slid my gigantic 24 inch long 6 inch diameter (This is porn, you know) peter between her legs, rubbing it in her slit, while unbeknownst to me a friend of mine who was 36 or so was watching.She saw him and said: “But Frank is watching us.” I said it’s OK, don’t worry about it.This was upstairs in the Famous Furniture Store. She was my 3rd lover ever.

We went back to 69 and for the next 3 years did 69 as often as we could and she always swallowed gladly. Mostly it was in the furniture store, but we did it a few times in my bedroom with my mother there, including sleeping together a few times.

I was working and in college, her mother did office cleaning and they were really poor. I bought clothes for her, and I never saw her wear anything except the ones I bought her. We used to go to Galveston (we lived in Houston) every weekend in good weather. Another favorite destination was Conroe in the Piney Woods.

One summer she was gone to visit her aunt in the East Texas Big Thicket and I really missed her for the six weeks she was gone. Another summer when I was 19, I took her and my previous lover,E, my first real bursa escort love, with me to Arkansas in my mother’s car. They walked across the state line so I couldn’t be charged with the Federal Mann Act-.
“It is illegal to transport a minor across a state line for immoral purposes” It didn’t matter I didn’t get any sex on that trip. The other girl was E who I have written about for first time sex. Wish I could have married her, instead of my best friend marrying her.

My great Uncle who was owner of a radio station in Pine Bluff put the two girls up in a hotel and I stayed at his house. We visited the State Capitol and took lots of pictures. Also went to the radio station one night and took pictures like we were performing. I didn’t get any sex on that trip, but we made up for it when we got back to Houston. I only saw my Uncle one more time before he died, when he visited Houston a few years later. He saw both of the girls then on that visit.

One day when we were in bed upstairs in the furniture store, I told her I wanted to cum on her pussy, she said it was ok, but don’t get any inside. It wouldn’t matter anyway for she had not had any periods yet. So I rubbed my (You know) up and down in her slit, over her clit, in all the slippery girl juice she produced, until I was ready to blast. I pulled down just a little,and put the end of it under her clitoris, I suddenly exploded. Held it there for a minute, then pulled off, and looked at the glorious cream pie I had made, (Didn’t know it was called that then.) Kissed bursa escort bayan her and then cleaned her up. Told her how much I liked doing that and she said she did too, it really felt good.

She didn’t come for about a year, then one day when we were in 69 position upstairs in the store, she suddenly said, Ohhhh, I’m gonna cum, and was breathing real hard. I told her to go ahead and kept flicking her clitoris with my tongue and some suction. She suddenly arched her back and went rigid and didn’t say anything. The a minute later she sort of collapsed. She stopped sucking on me just before she said she was going to cum. That wss her very first time to cum. She was 14 then.

Then one day when she was 15 we were there alone in the furniture store and we decided to fuck. But for some stupid reason we were standing up and I was behind her. And it was dark. So I put my huge 24inch long 6inch diameter pecker inside her hot little (and it was: she was about 4′-10″‘, I was 5″11″) body and asked her if it hurt, she said only a little, I pulled out made myself wetter and went back in. She seemed satisfied, so I kept pumping her till I came, then pulled out and sprayed her back.

Two weeks later I told a mutual adult friend (who originally got us together, as well as doing that for my first two lovers too) that she was no longer a virgin (in her presence) and she said thats not true,you didn’t have to pull out you were in back. (Did I die then!!) I said Oh, I didn’t know. (‘That was a case of accidental escort bursa anal. I REALLY couldn’t tell, it felt so good and didn’t smell either.)

We just kept on doing 69 for a total of three years. I even have all the dates in my diaries. one weekend I called or she called me and said that she didn’t want it to go on any longer.

On the last date we were in the front seat and I was in the passenger seat of my car, a few blocks from her house in the wilderness, with my GREAT BIG HUGE DICK out and she was straddling me standing up, I was rubbing her pussy with my dick but I don’t think I was in, then told her when I cum I want to cum in your mouth and swallow it.I’ll let you know when I’m ready.

She said for the first time EVER, but I don’t want to swallow, so I said OK just spit it out. Only one car went by during that time we were indulging. I wondered if she got some on her dress, her mother saw it and told her not to see me anymore, or if someone told her mother that they saw us. But I really think her mother really knew we were having sex. I intended to marry her in a year or so. She was part Cherokee, and she said her Great Aunt was a Cherokee princess. I loved her olive skin. (The twins had the same skin, too)

So maybe she found someone she liked better. I will never know, as I will never know why Karol set me up with Karen, (the twins) pretending she was going to screw me too.

At that time I was 21 and she was 16. I still have all of our pictures, 54 years later.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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