Left Alone Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: “I like me better when I’m with you”

(from I Like Me Better by Lauv)

Liam couldn’t remember the last time his bed felt this comfortable. Even this morning as he lay there with a spring digging into his side, he held onto a sleeping Caleb, wrapping his arms further around the boy’s smooth body as if that balanced things out. He loved the feeling of the boy’s warm skin pressed up against his and the curve of his plump ass as it pushed back into his crotch, waking his cock up slightly. Even the sounding of horns and tires that screeched on the roads below couldn’t overpower the subtle breathing of the younger boy as Liam stroked his face, debating whether or not to wake him or let him sleep for hours on end.

The grazing of Liam’s fingers on his skin was enough to draw Caleb awake with each point of contact like a lure, bringing him back to a reality that was better than his dreams. He stirred, getting more contact as his body pushed into Liam’s like a ship closing in on its shore. Liam planted several soft kisses up Caleb’s spine, pressing his lips against the slightly exposed bone. The younger boy turned his face slightly, demanding more attention. And so Liam gave it to him- kissing along the sides of his mouth as Caleb turned until eventually their lips met in a closed mouth kiss that washed away any tiredness from their bodies.

“Good morning.” Caleb said as he turned his body, slipping his leg in between Liam’s thighs.

“Good morning to you too.” The older boy replied, as he stroked his stomach and playfully dipped his fingers into Caleb’s belly button. “I didn’t actually think the two of us would fit on here.” He said, making notice of his feet that dangled off the edge and how their bodies lay diagonally across the bed to gain more space.

“Well I slept just fine” Caleb replied, rubbing at the taller boy’s arms that would not let go of him.

“So last night…” Liam started, but couldn’t muster enough courage to finish. His pale skin turned a bright shade of red, thinking about everything they did last night.

Caleb chuckled at the boy’s shy demeanor. Just nine hours ago, he could feel Liam’s strength pulsing through his veins and emptying into himself. Yet now, the sheer mention of last night brought a sheepish smile to his face. “Yeah- last night” Caleb replied, deciding to play along.

“I enjoyed everything that we did. You know that I’ve never been with anyone.” He said, forcing his gaze to the boy’s brown eyes rather than the city window that he desperately wanted to focus on. “I just don’t think it could have been any more satisfying.”

Caleb nodded in agreement as he rested on Liam’s chest. “I liked it too. Especially that it was with someone I cared about.” He held his breath for a bit, closing off any possibility of saying what he wanted to say. Those words- the ones that would have flowed after his last sentence like the chorus that comes after a verse- he’d felt them. They were barely a month into this but he knew a long time ago what Liam was to him. But this morning, he knew they couldn’t be spoken. Not because they weren’t true or because he didn’t think the other boy wasn’t there yet. They just simply weren’t needed.

Caleb decided to show him how he felt. He quickly turned, getting on top of Liam and pinning him down by his wrists.

“Fuck”, moaned the older boy as he watched, not daring to disobey. He knew he could put up a fight if he wanted to, but seeing that ripped body hovering over him meant that he didn’t want to at all. Caleb dipped down and claimed his prize, ravaging Liam’s mouth with the same intensity he showed last night. He looked down and flashed a white toothed smile at seeing Liam’s cock- hard and dripping for him. He let go of the boy’s wrists which quickly grabbed onto his waist, digging into both sides.

“You don’t know what you do to me, Caleb.”

The younger boy took hold of Liam’s cock and squeezed, seeing a pearl of precum form at the slit. He swiped his finger over It and, making sure his partner was watching, curled his tongue and took it back into his hungry mouth.

“I think I do.”

Caleb contoured his body with half of him resting on the small bed while the other half hung off the sides. He dug his feet into the soft carpet Liam had along the edge and propped himself up by his elbows. There he pressed his face close to the thick cock that he claimed as his own. Last night left little patience for foreplay which only meant that he’d be taking his time this morning. He kissed at the boy’s low hanging balls and lazily dragged his tongue over that loose skin. There, he inhaled Liam’s musk, making out the smell of sweat and cum from last night’s playing. With a strong grip on the incredibly hard dick in front of him, Caleb worked up the boy’s shaft, running his tongue along the underside that turned the older boy into a shuddering mess. Inches later, he lapped up the slightly parted slit, retrieving even more precum that he knew was for him and him alone. He circled his Beylikdüzü escort lips around the mushroom head and, giving Liam a wink, kissed the tip before taking his length down.

Liam moaned from his side of the bed, “You’re killing me, Torres.” He grabbed at some loose bedsheets and bit down on his lip. He dared to look down and see Caleb, hungrily taking him in his mouth- a sight that was proving to be too much. Caleb extended his arm and interlocked his fingers with Liam’s as he continued to suck along the length. He’d like to think he was an expert at this by now, but the size of Liam’s cock proved to be a challenge, even for someone who’d had it for nearly a month.

The brown boy continued to take Liam’s cock down. Every time he felt that velvety soft head press against the back of his throat, he could feel Liam quiver on the small twin bed, sending a butterfly effect all through Clover. Whenever he felt his throat start to close up, he’d push his face down further until his body got accustomed to Liam’s size like muscle memory. And by the time that final inch made its way down his windpipe, he saw the older boy lift up as much of the loose sheets he could, nearly tearing them off the bed. It was a white flag of sorts- Liam Holt and all his eight inches of glory surrendering to Caleb Torres and his hungry mouth.

“Come up and kiss me.” He demanded, forcing his orgasm to subside. He pulled Caleb up by the shoulders with ease until the boy’s plump ass rested on his thighs. The younger boy didn’t put up a fight- instead he leaned down and kissed Liam, letting the older boy take control of his tongue and willing mouth. Liam snaked his arms around the boy’s body, first gripping him at the hips and then grabbing at his ass cheeks. He kneaded them in his palms which left Caleb to let out a few delicious moans that were ingrained into his mind.

“Are you sore?” He asked, keeping his palms flat on the boy’s cheeks with fingers within a safe distance from the his newly fucked hole.

Caleb shook his head. “No.” He leaned down and bit Liam’s bottom lip. “Besides, even that couldn’t stop me from needing you right now.”

Liam flashed a cocky grin and blindly reached over to his left, not daring to take his eyes off the boy in his lap. He finally grasped at the bottle of lube with the cap still popped off from last night and poured it onto his fingers. Caleb let out a moan as he felt the boy’s slick fingers rubbing against his hole. He wasn’t lying to Liam when he said he wasn’t sore. But as each of those ten digits carefully pried his ass open, he could feel every nerve reacting as if they’d been hypersensitive.

The older boy loved moments like this- when he could take his time with his boy without fear that Caleb’s mom would come crashing through the driveway anytime soon. He loved those soft lips on his skin, sending little “thank you’s” all over his body as he rubbed against the small folds against his hole. Slowly he inserted, feeling this first portion of his forefinger slip inside while Caleb let out a soft, nearly stifled moan- it was like running a finger against the edge of a glass and getting a high pitched sound in return. One finger became two, and after a few extended minutes of teasing, Caleb- and the puddle of precum that pooled at Liam’s stomach- were at their wits’ end.

Caleb reached over for the lube, letting two of Liam’s fingers slip out of his hole. The other wore a mischievous grin, knowing full well what was about to happen. He petted his boy’s chest, careful not to cut himself on Caleb’s sharp nipples that wouldn’t go down.

“Show me how you take control” he urged, as the boy smeared lube all over his hole until it was dripping down those pronounced cheeks. He then lifted himself up on his feet- enough to align the tip of Liam’s cock against his slick hole. And just as Liam did yesterday, he eased into it, letting gravity do most of the work for him. Once the boy’s throbbing dick made contact, he felt his own cock stir, getting even harder than he was before. There was no question now- he loved this. And based on the looks Liam made in between moans, he knew he loved it too.

“I just had to fall for a guy with a big dick, didn’t I?” He said as he started to bounce on it, testing just how stable the cheap bed frame was.

Liam nodded as he grabbed the boy’s hips, “And now you’re stuck with me.”

Caleb hunched over and kissed Liam’s forehead before grabbing onto the headboard to support himself. He squatted down, taking the boy’s entire length in his ass before staying there for a few seconds. He needed to get used to this, he thought, hoping that he could take Liam with less pain the next time and every time after that. As he grinded his bare cheeks against the boy’s pubes, he could feel that cock throb inside him. Caleb lowered his knees, pressing them on both sides of the older boy’s body. And with that, he exhaled hard and deep, feeling that tip push against his second ring.

“Fuck, you’re in me deep.’

“I’d Beylikdüzü escort say it’s a perfect fit, wouldn’t you?” Liam replied with a wide smile as he played with the boy’s ass, hoping to leave his handprints on those tan cheeks.

Needing more than he already had, Liam leaned his body forward, licking at the hard pair of nipples that pointed towards him before moving up towards that stretch of skin at the boy’s neck that he loved to suck on. He latched on, tasting that slight saltiness on the boy’s skin as the heat between them proved too much and he had started to sweat.

Caleb was a mess at that point- with little control over his body as waves of euphoria washed over his 5’10” frame. He just didn’t know what to concentrate on- between his boy’s firm hands on his ass to the wet, soft lips that kissed along his sensitive neck to the hard cock that pushed further into his hole as he grinded his body. He’d never felt sensations like these- all of which brought upon by the unbelievably cute brunette that he’d grown so attached to. He cradled the back of Liam’s head in his hands, encouraging him even more.

“You make me feel so good.” He said in almost a whisper. His body was being pulled apart at both ends that words seemed to come less easily.

A few overwhelming minutes later, Caleb could feel his cock start to climax before he could do anything to stop it. He looked down in the small space between his and Liam’s body and with a long cry, felt the ropes of cum shoot out of his cock in a steady stream all over the older boy’s body. Liam didn’t even know what he had done until he felt that warm load all over his stomach. He made Caleb cum without even touching himself- a truth that he wore with pride .

Soon Liam couldn’t control himself either. In a few strokes, he felt his cock unload into the boy’s greedy hole. He’d bred Caleb twice thus far and the thought of being able to do that for the rest of their lives was nearly enough to keep him hard.

Liam steadied his motions, softly rubbing at the boy’s sweat stained body that glistened in the sunlight that came through his faded curtains. Caleb was completely drenched with droplets coming off strands of his glossy hair. He wore a wicked smile- leaving Liam to wonder how a boy could be so incredibly sexy yet adorable at the same time. As usual, he dipped his fingers into the pool of cum that Caleb had made for him and tasted it; sucking them dry until he could only taste his own skin. Fuck, his boy tasted good.

Caleb loosened the grip his hole had on Liam’s cock, sending a stream of cum flowing down the boy’s deflated shaft and loving the way it felt. He got up on shaky legs and collapsed next to his boy. Liam cradled him and rubbed his bare foot along his legs. Soon, they were entangled together as the younger boy kissed his lover, putting a seal on everything they’d done.

“You’re incredible, Caleb.”

The younger boy blushed as he felt Liam’s fingers drawing figure eights on his shoulder. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of doing that.”

Liam laughed as he rubbed the boy’s flat stomach, “Well then, let’s get cleaned up and get some food, then we can do it again.”

Caleb nodded enthusiastically as he pulled Liam to his feet and followed him to the shower. He stepped into that narrow shower and dragged the older boy in who continued to protest, claiming that they wouldn’t be able to fit. Caleb paid no attention, instead turning on the shower head and spraying Liam mid-sentence. He splashed him a few more times until finally he conceded, unaware that the sight of his own wet body was the main reason the older boy eventually came along. They washed each other, loving how close their bodies were and how easily they could be pinned up against the tiled wall with nowhere else to go.

Liam grew hungry watching the streams of soapy water run down Caleb’s back and in between his cheeks. He wrapped an arm around his clean body and felt his cock start to stir as the distance closed between them. That was, until he felt cold water spray out of the top nozzle. Liam grabbed the shower liner and swung it around Caleb, guarding him from what felt like freshly melted ice, but the boy was too humored to care. He quickly turned off the water and stood beside him, both laughing as the water continued to drip off their bodies.

“This building’s so old, you only really get a few minutes of hot water every time.” Liam said as he wrapped a towel around them.

Caleb laughed, chattering his teeth as he warmed up. “Seems like we needed that cold shower anyways. Who knows how long we would have stayed in there.”


After a quick change, the boys were walking down Main Street passing their fourth block as Sal’s came into view. Liam enjoyed the walk most days- which was usually spent with his earphones blaring songs from another indie band he’d just discovered. He’d started to drive more too, making it easier to get to Caleb’s after his shifts if he was able to.

Liam swung the door open Escort Beylikdüzü and held it for Caleb. They were greeted at the front by a pretty blonde girl around their age with a pencil in her ear and a few maple syrup stains on her white apron.

“You’re not scheduled for today.” She said, looking over at the clock that hung above the counter.

“Nah, just here to get some food. I hear this place is pretty good.”

She smiled and motioned towards the half full establishment, “Take any booth you want. The big guy’s been in a good mood all morning.”

Liam took the menus from her hands and replied, “It’s cause I’m not here to give him a hard time.”

They cozied up at one on the far corner, passing through a few of Sal’s regular customers. They greeted the older boy with handshakes, taking a break from eating their usual orders that Liam had committed to memory. Stanley Ward was halfway through his ham and cheese omelet with a side of bacon that had to be “extra crispy”- which to Liam meant more burnt than anything else. Tommy Halyard was at his usual barstool probably on his third cup of joe as he read through the newspapers that Sal kept on the counters. Even Mrs. Bailey was standing at the cash register paying for her morning to-go order like clockwork. Liam knew that the two Styrofoam containers were matching orders of banana pancakes with extra whipped cream- one for her and one for her husband who’d been bedridden for a few years, but insisted on having Sal’s a couple times a week. Caleb stood at a comfortable distance, observing the charming boy as he greeted them as if he’d been on shift.

Liam slid into the booth across Caleb, taking a mental note to tell Sal to get the cushions re-upholstered. He usually hated how narrow these were whenever he had to try and shimmy his way in to sweep up stray french fries and straw wrappers. But this time he liked it, being able to brush his knees against Caleb’s comfortably underneath the retro table. It also gave him an excuse to stare at the boy as long as he wanted.

After a look at the extensive menu, they placed their order thanks to the blonde who Liam introduced as Hailey. She greeted Caleb kindly and made a comment about how he was the reason she’d been able to work since Liam tended to hog the shifts for himself. The older boy rolled his eyes and directed her towards the kitchen, claiming to hear Sal calling out an order that was ready. Caleb stared into those bright green eyes, seeing the boy in his element.

“How’d you start working here anyways.”

Liam chuckled, remembering the story, “A little after my dad went away, my mom got picked up at the hospital. She had these extremely long shifts and after a while, I got tired of heating up leftovers from the day before. So one day, I pulled together as much cash I had saved up and strolled over here. I probably had like twelve bucks to my name.”

Caleb laughed along with him, “God, how old were you?”

“Shit, probably like fourteen. I remember sitting at one of those stools right by the counter and ordering a fat burger with a side of fries and a chocolate malt- sure beat eating leftover lasagna.” Liam shook his head, “When I was done, I strolled over to the cash register and pulled out the exact amount right down to the penny. Sal shook his head and laughed, refusing to take money from a scrawny little kid like me, but I wouldn’t have any of that. So I snuck my way around him, grabbed a plastic tub and started bussing tables.”

“Damn dude, you had balls back then.”

“Hell yeah, man. I already had some people in the building feeling sorry for me and looking at me and my mom like we were some charity cases. If Sal wasn’t gonna take my money, then I was gonna work for the food- he could take his pick.”

“I figure that must’ve impressed him. Most kids would have taken the free meal and went on their way.”

“Yup. I bussed a few tables before Sal flagged me down and said I’d worked enough to pay off the meal. And then I came back again and it was the same deal- Sal wouldn’t take my money so I helped him clear tables. After a while, he handed me an apron and said that there was a job here if I wanted it.” He rested his arms on the old booths, “I’ve worked here ever since.”

Caleb beamed in admiration. He wished he had the same attitude that Liam had- that unbreakable spirit that wouldn’t stand to be kept down. It wasn’t a side of him that people got to see and yet it was on full display for him. The boy was slowly pulling back on all of his layers until no part of himself was left hidden.

Hailey came over with two plates piled high. A double decker grilled cheese sandwich with a side of classic tomato soup was placed in front of Liam while the younger boy was presented with six pieces of French toast made from the thickest slices of bread Caleb had ever seen. They dug in, with Caleb’s eyes rolled back as he bit down on the fresh berries, maple syrup and cinnamon infused plate. Liam helped himself too, dunking the thick sandwich in Sal’s homemade soup before taking a bite. He didn’t often eat while on shift- partly because he didn’t want any more of the free meals that Sal tried to push on him, but he sure enjoyed the rare moments that he took the man up on his offer.

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