Leigh Ride

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Josh finished off his meal before half of the other employees had even made it through the queue. He came from a poor family with three kids, and whoever ate the fastest got dibs on seconds, so he’d been in the habit of wolfing down his food all his life.

Thankfully, the company had learned from the previous year’s fiasco. The food had been bad enough that they’d stopped going super cheap on company meals, and had found a caterer that seemed to do everything right. It wasn’t a proper family Christmas dinner, but it was as close as one could get on a mass catering scale. The caterer’s track record with good food was the tipping point that had convinced him to make the long drive to the Christmas party. The door prizes were nice — but a long shot. The food was a sure thing.

Pleasantly full, he chatted with a couple of the other loading dock workers he was friendly with for a few minutes, and then went to refill his iced tea.

So much for that idea, he thought as he approached the beverage dispensers. There were several people on the dock he wasn’t fond of, but Anthony he absolutely couldn’t stand. From the looks of him, he was ranting about something, and he was standing right next to the dispensers. The guy was lazy, full of himself, and bitched constantly about how he was being singled out and treated unfairly — by everyone and everything.

Another glass of tea wasn’t worth the aggravation.

Josh glanced at his phone and saw that it was going to be over an hour before they started announcing door prizes. He decided to throw on his coat and head to his car in the parking lot for a while, where he had tunes that weren’t Christmas music, and a bottle of Coke.

It was a sunny winter’s day with no wind, and so felt far warmer than it actually was. When he climbed in his car on the back side of the hotel, he found that the sun streaming through the windows had kept it warm enough that he didn’t even need the heater to feel comfortable. He drank his Coke, listened to music, and took in the view.

The hotel where the company had rented the banquet hall wasn’t part of the ski resort proper, but still had a great view of the snow-blanketed mountains. According to the signage, there were hiking trails through the pines and picnic shelters as well. Beyond the mounds pushed up by the plows were pristine natural drifts guided by the lay of the land and whim of the wind. Snow hung thick on the boughs of the pines rising out of those drifts. Above them was the majesty of the mountains.

It was a far different view than at home, where the mountains were a distant vision — most often blocked by buildings — and the snow was a dingy grey. He knew he could get an even better look if he took advantage of the slight discount the company had arranged on the slopes of the resort. The key word was slight, and he had never been on a pair of skis or a snowboard. That was something he didn’t want to try to learn in front of coworkers he would class as acquaintances rather than friends.

After only a few minutes of sitting, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye, and glanced toward the back door of the hotel, where he’d just exited. A woman was standing there in the open door, facing inside. She had a great ass and long dark hair hanging in pigtails from a white knit cap. He thought he knew her, and when she turned slightly, it confirmed his guess. Leigh was fresh out of high school, hot as hell, and worked in one of the outlying departments of the warehouse.

She was also Anthony’s girlfriend.

Maybe not for long, Josh thought rather smugly when he realized she was gesturing angrily at him, where he stood just inside the door. It served him right as far as Josh was concerned. He had no idea what any woman saw in the jackass — let alone a sweet little hottie like Leigh.

Leigh turned and walked away from the hotel, and Anthony didn’t follow. As she approached, he could see that she was red-faced and had misty eyes. Her expression was likewise a mixture of anger and sorrow. He assumed she was heading for her car, but when she reached the back of the lot, she stepped onto the snow-covered trail leading into the pine forest.

It didn’t seem like a particularly good decision, but he was torn. If he followed after her, he could very well come off as a creeper. On the other hand, she was obviously upset and not thinking clearly. Wandering into an unfamiliar, snowy forest in that state was a recipe for potential disaster.

He agonized over the decision for a minute or so, until she actually vanished into the trees. That was what finally encouraged him to get up and follow her. Hers were the only footprints in the inch or so of snow that had fallen the night before, making her easy to track.

Catching up was a different matter entirely. She was moving quickly along the curving path, and paying no mind to where the snow had drifted a couple of inches deeper here and there. Josh increased his pace when he realized just how canlı bahis far ahead she must be.

He caught up after a bend in the trail near one of the picnic shelters to see her looking warily over her shoulder. She visibly relaxed when she recognized him.

“You okay, Leigh?” he asked.

“I’m okay, I guess,” she answered. He could see where her previously unshed tears had rolled down her cheeks as she walked.

“I was worried when I saw you walking back here alone. I’ll leave you alone if you want, but I wanted to check on you.”

“No, it’s okay. I should really go back. I wasn’t thinking about how stupid it was until I heard you behind me and didn’t know who was following me.”

“Sorry to scare you.” He noticed that one of the picnic tables beneath the shelter had avoided being covered in snow thanks to thick, overhanging pine boughs. He pointed and asked, “You want to sit down?”

“I…” She hesitated and fidgeted for a moment before continuing, “Sure.”

Josh shuffled his feet, making a path through the snow over to the shelter. They both stomped the snow off their shoes near the table, where only a dusting covered the concrete. He then climbed up to sit on the table, rather than the seat, and she did the same.

“You work on the dock with…” She trailed off, leaving the name unsaid. “It’s Josh — right?” she asked.

He nodded.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“Does Anthony talk about me? About us?”

Josh hesitated, knowing that what her boyfriend said about her probably wasn’t something she wanted to hear. “Well, we don’t really talk much.”

“But you hear him, I’m sure,” she said with a slight roll of her eyes. “Be honest. What does he say about me?”

He had no reason whatsoever to protect Anthony, and though he knew it would be hard to hear, she probably suspected the truth anyway. So he answered, “It’s mostly about sex, and complaining about anything else you want to do as smothering him.”

“He doesn’t call me his girlfriend, does he?”

“It’s mostly my bitch.”

She clenched her teeth and let out a little growl. “Has he ever talked about cheating on me?”

“Like I said, we don’t get along… But I have seen things that make me think he might.”

“That skank Jennifer?”

Rumor was that Jennifer had slept with at least a dozen men from the warehouse and a couple of supervisors — one of whom was married. Her suspicions were hardly without evidence, and he told her, “I’ve seen him talking to her a few times after work in the parking lot.”

“I knew it. I am so tired of his shit.” She then sighed, caught his gaze, and said, “Thanks for telling me the truth.”

Damn, she’s beautiful, Josh thought as her eyes softened. “You’re welcome.”

Leigh said, “I almost didn’t come today. I’m glad I did now.” She then looked around and said, “It’s really pretty out here.”

Though he much preferred to enjoy the scenery right in front of him, he took in their surroundings as well. “Yeah. No tracks in the snow, and the snow hanging on all the pine boughs. The little beams of light that sneak through and light up patches of snow. It’s nice.”

“Just far enough away that you can pretend the hotel isn’t just over there, because you can’t see it.”

“Peaceful, and quiet,” he agreed.

Leigh made eye contact with him again. She was smiling, and her deep brown eyes were alight — once again entrapping him. “I don’t know why I can’t find a nice guy — like you.”

“I’m a guy like me,” he said before his brain could catch up with his mouth. He instantly winced and looked away, knowing how ridiculous it sounded.

Leigh laughed — though it had none of the mocking tone he expected after delivering such a cheesy line. She then reached up, cupped his chin, and guided him to look at her.

“Sorry. That…” He couldn’t finish. His face felt so hot from embarrassment that he was surprised he didn’t see water pouring off the roof from the snow melting away.

She smiled and said, “It’s okay. It was kind of cute, and sweet actually.”

He nearly gasped from the sparks flying between them as they looked into each other’s eyes. The next thing he knew, she was scooting closer to him, and then leaning in. He didn’t hesitate in the slightest to return her soft, sweet kiss.

Leigh let out a quiet moan when their lips parted. They locked eyes, and simultaneously sought each other’s lips once more.

Josh’s tongue slipped over hers, and he lifted his hand to caress her face. She tousled his hair and stroked his arm. Her kisses grew steadily more passionate, and he eagerly matched her. He wondered what she was doing when she reached up between them and unzipped her coat. She didn’t leave him guessing for long, and guided his hand to her breast before reaching between his legs. She moaned into their hungry kiss when she felt his hardness.

She was still squeezing his erection through his pants when she once again redirected bahis siteleri the hand exploring her breasts. She guided it beneath her gray and black mottled sweater, and then back to the firm mounds again. No bra impeded his access to her, and he squeezed her left breast while running a thumb over her stiff nipple.

Leigh broke from the kiss, but stayed close enough for him to continue fondling her firm, eighteen-year-old breasts. She bit her lower lip for a moment, and then began unbuttoning his pants.

“What are you doing?” he asked in disbelief.

“What do you think?” she countered as she made quick work of the button and zipper. She fished his cock out into the crisp winter air, but it wasn’t exposed long.

He turned his hand as she leaned into his lap — never losing contact with her breast — and settled the other on the back of her head. Josh groaned when she took him in her hot little mouth.

Anthony is a fucking idiot, Josh thought as she worshiped his cock with slow, deep sucks. “That feels so good, Leigh,” he encouraged her in a voice barely above a whisper.

Leigh moaned around him, adding a new layer to the incredible sensation.

After a few more sucks, she released him, blew out a long, slow breath over his saliva-slick member and said in a husky voice, “I need you.”

He began, “Do you want to go back to my—”

She cut him off by sitting up and saying, “I need you right now.” She lifted her foot and began sliding off one of her black, fur-topped boots.

Josh instinctively looked back toward the trail. They were out of sight of the hotel, but they weren’t that far away. Leigh didn’t seem to be the slightest bit concerned. She’d already pulled off one of her boots, and removed the other as soon as he turned back.

“This is crazy,” he said.

“Uh huh,” she agreed even as she began popping open the buttons of her pants.

Crazy or not, there was no turning back as she stood on the seat and began to wriggle out of her pants. A groaning sigh escaped him as the material slipped down to her thighs, revealing her shaved pussy.

“Ooo!” Leigh exclaimed when her bare bottom hit the cold wood of the table, but it didn’t deter her. She nodded over her shoulder and said, “Lay down,” while she finished removing her pants.

Josh unzipped his bulky coat, slipped his arms out of the sleeves, and reclined atop it as he drank in the sight of her — naked from the waist down — quickly rolling up her pants. She placed them atop his coat by his chest, and then reached for his pants. He lifted his ass so she could wrestle them down to his thighs. A second later, she stepped over him.

Leigh looked back over her shoulder as she squatted over his lap and quickly asked, “Is this okay?”

He nodded and then dropped his eyes back to the sight of her tight little ass.

She didn’t waste any time reaching down to stand his cock up straight and lowering her pussy to it. A moment later, the chilly kiss of the wind was replaced by her warm, velvety walls engulfing him. Leigh gasped, and he groaned.

Josh grabbed her waist when she began to ride him. Leigh undulated, letting out little moans as her pussy slid up and down his cock. Her right hand moved from his leg to in front of her, and she whimpered when she began to rub her clit.

“Oh god, yeah,” he groaned.

“S-so good,” she whimpered in response. “So big.”

Her strained tone was practically screaming bigger than that dickhead Anthony, which brought a grin to his face.

She moved a little faster, and her sounds of pleasure rose in volume to match. The dark fans of her pigtails began to sway across the white of her jacket.

“Ah fuck,” he exclaimed while shuddering from the feeling of her tight, wet pussy milking his cock.

She seemed to agree when she responded, “Uh huh. Oh yeah.” After a few more sweet gyrations, she said, “Warn me if you’re going to come.”

Josh let out a growl and said, “Okay.”

Leigh leaned forward, allowing her hips to move at an even faster pace. It also let him see his cock sliding into her pretty pink pussy. She was soaking wet, and his erection glistened in the dappled light with her juices.

Josh let his hands glide over her hips, her quivering ass, and up her waist beneath her sweater. Beneath the wool, her skin was hot, in sharp contrast to the slight chill where she wasn’t covered.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed after half a minute or so, and then began to bounce hard on his erection. Her ass clapped against his skin — the sound echoing back from the roof above and the surrounding trees. Josh dug his fingers into her hips, pulling down when she descended and bucking his hips at the bottom of the stroke. The smacks of colliding flesh grew even louder, and he could hear the wet crackle of his cock penetrating her.

Wrong as it was, having his cock buried in Anthony’s girlfriend was an incredible thrill. On top of that was the dangerous excitement of possibly bahis şirketleri being caught. It made him throb hard in her tight, slippery embrace.

“Ah! Oh! Ah! Ah! Ah!” she cried as her pleasure mounted.

“Yeah, ride me,” he encouraged her. “So fucking hot.”

“So full. So good. Oh, Josh…”

“Leigh, you’re so sexy.”

She looked back over her shoulder, and her ecstasy was plainly written on her face. “My pussy feel good?”

“Incredible. God, you’re beautiful.”

Leigh whimpered and a smile merged with her tightened features. She looked at him for a second or two longer before gasping and wiggling her ass with him balls deep inside her. Then her hips rose and slammed back down on him again.

“Oh, baby,” he groaned.


“I want you to come.”

“Oh yes. Yes!”

He could see how fast her hand was moving between her legs, and even hear the skitch skitch sound of her fingers flashing over her folds, between the slaps of flesh on flesh.

She whimpered, “Feels so good. Gonna… Gonna make me come.”

Josh growled and gripped her hips even tighter. “Oh yeah. Come.”

“So close. Oh god!” she cried, and then went absolutely wild.

Leigh impaled herself on his hard cock with reckless abandon. Her feminine grunts of exertion were incredibly sexy, and triggered an itch in the head of his cock that was quickly swelling. The skin beneath his hands felt nearly as warm as it had beneath her sweater as the effort raised her body temperature. He likewise no longer noticed the chill of the air on his skin as his pleasure mounted.

“Yes. Do it. Do it. Come for me,” he growled while fighting off an eruption.

Leigh was beyond words. She serenaded him with increasingly — almost alarmingly, considering the situation — loud sounds of pleasure. Josh closed his eyes, as he was careening toward an orgasm as well. Not being able to see her did little to curb the urgency, however.

He was on the verge of warning her that he was going to come when he felt her jerk, and then slam down over his hips one final time. She yelped as her walls clenched around him in orgasm.

“C-coming!” she squealed a moment later.

Josh bucked his hips up into her climaxing pussy and grunted, “Yeah. Yeah. Fuck!”

Leigh twitched, jerked, and whimpered atop him as the throes took control of her. Josh clenched his teeth and stiffened. Her canal squeezing around his cock was nudging him closer to the edge by the moment. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Shit. Gonna come. Gonna come,” he warned her in clipped grunts.

Leigh lurched off his cock with a pained whimper that warbled when she was left empty. She drew in noisy breaths as she dropped forward onto her hands. Then she haltingly pushed back toward him. He could see steam curling from her hot flesh where sweat and her juices were evaporating into the cold, dry air.

His eyes snapped closed a fraction of a second later when she took his cock in her mouth.

Leigh bobbed her head in short strokes, and it didn’t take long. She croaked when his hips thrust upward of their own accord as he surrendered to orgasm.

Josh grunted and gasped, pumping cum into Leigh’s eager mouth. She sucked hard and worked her lips around his pulsing shaft, milking out every drop he had to offer. His ejaculations were so powerful that he started to feel light-headed from the intensity. He both heard and felt her long, satisfied moan when the last few dribbles oozed onto her tongue.

She kept sucking.

His head cleared in a flash as he grew sensitive. For a second, all he could do was pant through clenched teeth. Then he grunted, “Shit. Ah, god damn.”

Leigh’s next moan was a devilish chuckle. She kept her lips locked around him for a few agonizing seconds, and then finally let him slip free. His sigh of relief was premature, because she wasn’t done. She tongued the head of his cock, causing him to grip the edge of the table and thrash beneath her. Finally, she had mercy and rested her head on his leg.

“I came so hard,” she said in a languid voice.

“God, Leigh. Me too.”

She moaned, but then they both simultaneously shivered as the heat of their orgasms ebbed, letting them feel the bite of the cold air once more. Leigh was the first to move, as she was far more exposed. She sat up over her knees with her teeth chattering, and snatched up her pants. As soon as she moved to pull them on, he was quick to do the same.

Josh zipped up his coat, watching her wrestle her pants back up. She continued to shiver even after zipping up her coat, so he curled a hand around her back, and pulled her into an embrace.

A soft moan marked the change in her shiver from one of cold to something entirely different. Their eyes met. They both smiled, laughed, and moved in for a kiss.

She had a look of surprised delight on her face when their lips parted. “Anthony would never kiss me after I sucked him off.”

Josh kissed her again, proving it didn’t bother him in the slightest.

“We should probably get back, huh?” she said as they caressed each other’s faces.

He nodded. “So… Uhm… What are you going to do?”

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