Letter From Tacoma

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Dear Shoeblossom:

When my husband, who is owner and ringmaster of the Epic Circus, comes into our hotel room (We, thankfully, don’t have to live in the circus trailers)

I’m ready for him. He lays the whip down, and then it’s my turn…

“Strip it all off Apollo, my love! Now you’ll get a nice thrashing….it’s MY turn to use the whip!”

Sometimes after that I put him through a grueling scene—if the hotel has any sort of eyehook in the ceiling, I’ll lock Apollo’s wrists to the hook, and put huge, heavy cowbells through the loops in his pierced nipples, how painful!

And Apollo will have to try and figure out the combination to the lock connecting his wrists and I can gloriously listen to his bells ringing as they bounce against his chest, and I relax and watch “Law And Order” reruns.

On the way to the bathroom, I stop and stroke his hard cock after I’ve removed it from his chastity tube…

And this completely destroys his concentration on the matter at hand, working out the combination to whatever gym padlock I’ve locked on there.

And then other times, he just comes begging to me…

“Aurora darling, it’s been so long since I got to cum…it’s been six weeks. Won’t you—won’t you let me?”

I generally have shoved my big breasts into my tight circus horseback rider’s costume, and I sit back and listen to him beg, and of course Apollo’s eyes are beadily examining my full cleavage.

Sometimes I bind Apollo’s wrists and stroke his dick and kiss his mouth and tongue his ear…and my fingers do a mischievous dance on the underside, the V portion of his penis, making him beg and cry.

Because of course, Apollo is such a sissy. He can’t take anything manfully!

What I love is having Apollo serve me when I’m with one of my young men…

Robert helps with the lions, and is not terribly well paid, but I help him out with little driblets of money here and there!

What’s especially difficult for my poor husband is that I enjoy getting slammed by Robert as often as possible.

I invite Apollo to join us in the bed, and have him suck Robert’s balls as Robert goes up and down fucking me hard.

Robert believes that Apollo has gotten much better at sucking his balls.

He told me recently that Apollo is starting to have a mouth like lotion, whereas initially there was a bit of teeth feeling when Apollo sucked.

But Robert backhanded Apollo a few times, and Apollo has learned to lick and suck Robert’s scrotum quite gently, like a little girl would.

Robert has threatened to knock Apollo’s teeth out if he didn’t learn to suck gently, and this also has hastened Apollo’s mouth to gentility.

Sometimes, when I’m too busy, Robert just comes over and has Apollo service him for hours.

He requires Apollo to paint his own mouth with hot pink lipstick, and wear a wig, which keeps young Robert quite aroused.

Robert also enjoys bunging Apollo’s ass cheeks. He has considered tattooing “Delivery In Rear” on Apollo’s buttocks!

Apollo often comments bitterly that he didn’t get married so he would have to service young men, but I know he really loves it deep down.

Robert’s friends come over now and then and Apollo can suck as many as ten penises in a row, and his belly is filled with lots of spew by the end of the evening.

Usually then I don’t give Apollo dinner, because I feel he’s had enough protein!

Then Apollo still has to service me, and by the time I kick him out of bed to go and sleep in his little cage, his jaws are almost completely numb as if he’s gotten a shot of Novocain.

I also lock Apollo in the closet for hours as well, and this makes him appreciate me, I think.

Hours of being in that confined space, in the dark, waiting for me to let him out.

The ultimate thrill though for me is denying his orgasm, is that he can’t cum. He can’t cum, and this just makes his desire intensify by the hour.

And I constantly remind him of this! I rub my cheeks against his hard dick when I brush by him as we relax in our hotel between performances.

I am constantly dressing in low cut camisoles and lingerie tops, exposing my cleavage to poor Apollo, who has to keep his hands off.

The regular rubbing, waving my boobs and enthralling him as best I can, makes my husband’s dedication to me quite palpable.

Sometimes I take off his chastity device and have him sit on his hands and just watch me walking back and forth in front of him…

I stop now and then and tickle his cock and balls, and he just gets hornier.

Other times I let him masturbate in front of me, but I order him to pump SLOWLY, not fast.

Then when I am annoyed because he’s jerking too fast, I again order him to put his hands on his head, or under his butt, until he cries and begs me to forgive him and let him jerk himself again…

The idiocy of my poor hubby, who of course wants to finish quickly so he can stop thinking about pleasing me because the cum, the need has left his brain…but I want the need to stay!

I Starzbet want to keep the INTEREST there…

Having him locked in chastity most of the time is great, because when he’s around the circus, looking at the cute girls in their short-shorts who’ve come to the show with their buddies, staring at the sexy moms with their kids, it’s all stimulation to him.

And I don’t object to that, as long as there’s no release.

For his excitement just jells and then the pressure on his cock and balls, all the pumped up semen, causes him to serve me, his Mistress Aurora with real energy and integrity!

I also own a chair with a hole in it, and Apollo sometimes is put under the chair, his hands bound, and he must eat me to five orgasms before he gets a chance to rub his dick against one of the chair legs for a possible squirt.

But I time him. He gets three minutes to rub his dick, and if he can’t cum, then he is locked up again.

It may seem heartless, but I really want my husband to appreciate his orgasms. If he gets too many, it just makes him a bit jaundiced and complacent, and we really don’t want that!

And Apollo loves, virtually worships my long legs…

Yes, he shaves them for me, and rubs them with aloe, and when I’m in a good mood, I’ll tie him up and rub my toes all over his frustrated cock.

He isn’t really a foot guy, but he loves watching my long legs in my lingerie underwear (often French panties) as I run my toes all over his thrusting shaft.

“Aurora, you’re so beautiful” Apollo murmurs, hoping I will rub my toes long enough to let him cum.

But I’ve been at this twenty years, folks.

There’s not much chance of that happening! I take my breasts out of my bra and rub them as well as the toes go up and down, scraping Apollo’s glans, his frenulum and then “by accident” stomping his unfortunate testicles.

Nut stomping is such fun—I can bring tears to his eyes quite easily.

And then I’ll reach down and pick up my fiberglass cane and WHACK his dick, after carefully pulling my feet away, my delicate little size Sevens.

As tears spring to his eyes, I ask cruelly.

“What’s wrong, faggot? Can’t you take it? Don’t you realize that if you want me to toy with your dick with my toes, you’ve got to pay the Piper? That’s the way life is, Apollo.”

And then I WHACK his cock and balls two or three more times before resuming my foot massage…and he thanks me so earnestly.

It’s rather hilarious.

I’m also quite cruel to Apollo…a few years ago I stopped letting him touch my breasts.

And I love rubbing and kissing them, they’re rather big, while he stares at me with begging eyes.

“Wouldn’t you like to lick and kiss my nipples, Apollo?” I tease.

“But you can’t because I only let big, masculine men touch them.

Sissy boys like you, who I put in diapers and who dresses up in drag to go out and suck other men’s dickies? I don’t want some pitiful loser like that sucking my honeys. You understand, don’t you?”

Apollo’s eyes are now filled with tears. “But Aurora darling, you make me go out and do that. I don’t want to…I want to be a real man and to get to kiss your breasts!”

“Shame on you, Apollo. You’re just a little sissy-faggot.

Don’t you really just wish I had a dick so I could fuck you full time? I know that’s your fantasy, honey.

I can remember when we were just friends, when you were hiring professional prostitutes who were female to order you to suck off their male colleagues.

That’s truly pathetic, Apollo. And you know that’s what you want now…more cocksucking, right?”

And he’d cry and whine, begging for just one chance at my large pink nipples. I am a Milf or even a Grand Milf, by some standards, but I’m still a hot bitch, and he’d really like to suck my nipples!

Then sometimes I take my riding crop and I whip his dick until he cries even MORE.

“How dare you beg for my breasts…you don’t deserve them! You only deserve to be my urine receptacle if that!”

Oh, I have a lot of fun…

I’m aware that Apollo bitterly resents my creampies, almost more than he does servicing me directly when I’m with another man.

Because I love going into the different towns our circus visits, and trying out the singles bars there.

After all there are so many men and so little time!

Making out with horny guys in the back of bars, being taken to their houses and getting a good screwing is such fun. And then I go home and poor Apollo has to do licking out!

Hot guys turn me on, but of course they don’t make good husbands.

I need to live with someone who is a perfect gentleman, who won’t put his hands on my ass without permission, who will be grateful for the chance to sniff my panties instead of insisting on a blowjob.

I’m turned on by smooth, seductive guys, but it’s nice to have a devoted lap dog at home to keep me relaxed, you know?

When I get back to the hotel, my lipstick smeared and my dress torn, the lacy tops of my Starzbet Giriş thigh highs just a little bit withered from the “man handling” of the real men.

Apollo just sighs sniffs my remaining perfume and takes me to the bathtub and undresses and bathes me, and then brings me back to the bed and licks all the used semen out of my well rogered quim.

It’s wonderful. Apollo is like a Water-Pik with legs and a bank account, you know?

And I moan and howl as he brings me to orgasm after orgasm after he’s cleared my vagina of all the other men’s seminal fluids.

After the licking is over, Apollo gives me an extensive massage and brings me a glass of sherry, and then I go to sleep, and he goes to finish whatever he was doing…though of course he can’t cum…just such a sad situation for him.

The poor thing is constantly squirming, his balls aching when he rubs me, and I feel sorry for him, being so close to me.

Oh, wanting to feel himself in me, but he has to just let go and do his massage of me without any hope of release on his part. Poor baby.

I mean, he’s a good sport, and he doesn’t complain about his heavy balls, and the backed up semen. It’s too bad that he’s a sub, because he’s an attractive guy, but you can only get so excited about a submissive male.

He’s just a big sissy maid, and I’m lucky to have him!

Another fun exercise I put poor Apollo through is, after a long period of chastity, tying his hands behind his head, blindfolding him and having him stand on his tippie toes in front of me—exercising his legs as it were.

Then I rub his poor penis until he gets completely distracted, and goes down on his heels again. And then of course I stop. “Sorry, darling. You can’t cum unless you can do it on your toes…”

Poor Apollo.

This is an especially cruel game when he’s really, really horny. And of course the blindfold just makes him so disoriented, there’s almost no balance there.

And then he gets back up on his toes, and I begin playing with his cock and balls, using my long purple nails to tickle the underside of his anus so he begins shaking with pleasure and anticipated excitement.

Sometimes, if he is still able to stay on his toes, I push him back on his heels with a little hand. That’s cheating, but I don’t have any rules to follow, right?

I am a platinum blonde, even at fifty, and I have long, sexy acrylic nails and I use them to drive poor Apollo as crazy as possible.

I’ve kept Apollo in chastity for twenty years, and gradually reduced his orgasms.

Apollo got me into dominating him when we were first married!

At first he’d screw me every three days, and he had to eat me out the other two, going to bed horny and insane…whee!

But then as I met other interesting men, I decided Apollo could just jerk off every three days, and he could screw me once a month.

Yes, and then I decided that he could only screw me on Christmas and his birthday…and then, I decided I’d rather give him a tie for a gift!

So then Apollo was reduced to only jerking off every seventy-two hours, and the rest of the time he could worship my body, and eat me out, but there would be no sex for him other than by his hand.

In ’92, I reduced Apollo’s orgasms to once a week, and in ’96 once a month. In 2002, I decided that Apollo shouldn’t have a regular orgasm to look forward to on the first of the month…it was so tiresome, after all.

I mean, he’d wait for me, and then I’d have him beg for the key to the belt, and finally, after pretending I’d lost it (This always reduced Apollo to bitter, tearful tantrums)

I’d finally give him the key, and he’d unlock his belt and masturbate onto a little dish and then lick it up, and kiss my feet and thank me for this awesome privilege!

But then, as I said in ’02, I told Apollo that the good news was he would now be eligible for 18 orgasms a year, instead of just one a month…

And the bad news would be that he would have to earn them, and if he didn’t impress me, he wouldn’t even get ONE for the whole year!

There was a lot of jewelry buying, and I’d given Apollo his first thirteen orgasms in about ninety days, and then I decided he was wasting his money.

I had an idea, and so I made him deposit his salary (since he was working for me anyway) into my bank account, and gave him a small allowance, so he couldn’t purchase any more.

Then I got Apollo to do household chores around the hotel….and of course after that I decided to have him service my lovers…earning an orgasm was tough!

Apollo had talked about how horrible it was to have his first wife dress him in drag and prostitute him, but he talked about it so fervently, that I then told him that if he could make money to buy me GOOD jewelry by servicing various men in the neighborhood of whatever city the circus was in, while dressed in drag…I’d go for it!

But you know, not many men are that attracted to middle aged tranny whores.

It would take Apollo MONTHS to get enough money to buy Starzbet Güncel Giriş me a respectable piece of jewelry.

If you get ten to twenty bucks a blowjob, and you need fifteen hundred to buy the cheapest tennis bracelet…

So in 2003 Apollo earned enough to have four orgasms, in ’04 I had mercy on him and he was able to earn money just for letting my lovers come on his face, and he got nine orgasms…and this year ’10 he’s had about seven since January.

But I’m probably going to have to be stricter with him. God knows I don’t want to spoil him!

Apollo joined our circus in ’83, and became its owner in ’86, and married me that same year—and quietly signed the whole shebang over to me in 1991, though no one knows it…

Because long-term chastity can make a man negotiate!

Although Apollo was quite the cocksman with the different circus bimbos, screwing makeup girls, trapeze artists, and even our female Fire-Eater, I knew he wanted something different.

I’d found Apollo’s S&M tapes in the garbage cans outside his trailer, and the first time I got alone with him, I went to town!

I took him over my knee, and then drilled his buttocks with a nice big strap-on! He could’ve put me in jail for this assault, but instead he gave me an engagement ring!

Even when I turn Apollo into “Polly” a cock sucking tranny whore, he loves me.

Apollo’s college fraternity pal, Pindar is also a submissive I understand!

Pindar is enslaved by a Mistress, Miss Snaith, who also gave Apollo a few sessions years ago. Pindar, of course was also locked in chastity by Miss Snaith

The ladies, of course just thought that Pindar, who was one of Greensboro, N.C.’s most eligible bachelors was too much of a gentleman to take a girl’s virtue before they hit the altar.

And then of course there were the long, lonely nights when poor Pindar was just at home in his bachelor’s apartment, and couldn’t even masturbate.

And how rough that must’ve been, because that was in the age before cable television, so he really had nothing else to do, either…

He’d call Ms. Snaith, and she’d tell him what a worm he was, and threaten not to let him cum when she DID see him.

Then when he showed up (every Thursday evening at seven) all bottled up with cum and horniness, Ms. Snaith, who looked, according to Pindar like a severe Audrey Hepburn, would order Pindar to get naked.

She was always sitting in a hot little black cocktail dress or something, and Pindar reported to Apollo that he actually never got to see Ms. Snaith in the nude.

Sometimes she would take off her panties and ride his face, and he’d end up giving her LOTS of orgasms…but then she would still keep her dress on.

After Pindar was naked and his hands tied except for the infernal belt, Ms. Snaith would ask him why he deserved to be allowed to masturbate…

“After all, Pindar, look at my poor husband Dalton, over there in the corner…he hasn’t been allowed to cum in four months. Four long months.

And here you are, selfish and self-centered, demanding to be allowed to cum, just because you pay me $300 a week to hold your chastity key.”

(This was back when $300 a MONTH would feed a family of six)

And of course poor Pindar would look over at Dalton, who was kneeling naked in the corner, his nose pressed to the wall. Dalton was president of the Chamber of Commerce, a big wig who had decided it would be a lark to marry his dominatrix, but was it really?

“Please, Ms. Snaith, it’s been so long,” Pindar would beg. “You wouldn’t let me cum last week, you just teased my cock for an hour and locked me back up, so it’s been about fifteen days, and I am so backed up, ma’am.”

Ms. Snaith would laugh, and then she’d unlock the belt, which just drove Pindar insane with lust! She’d toy with his poor bloated member with her long burgundy nails…

“Just because you didn’t get a release last week means NOTHING to me, Pindar. You’re a worm, and you whine and snivel, and frankly, it’s a bit disgusting.”

Then Ms. Snaith would get her little wooden pointer and WHACK! Pindar’s erect cock and he’d bite his tongue to keep from crying.

A few words about Dalton…

I did write to Ms. Snaith, who is now in a nursing home.

I was fascinated to hear of the early days of chastity key holders, and we still e-mail back and forth (It is a luxury retirement village, and Ms. Snaith has a nice big computer).

Ms. Snaith was able to retire rather well fixed, with a comfortable income.

Some of that was because of her various chastity and domination clients, and of course she was married to Dalton, whose last name cannot be revealed here.

Dalton began initially visiting Ms. Snaith for the traditional bare-bottom spankings, and then sometimes she’d let him perform orally upon her.

As Dalton was a big shot in North Carolina, the pressures of his job caused him to really need to turn the reins over to another when it came to the bedroom.

Was the first time he felt ultimate submission when Ms. Snaith drove her dildo into his ass-fucked back door?

Who knows…he spent a lot of time between her legs, when he wasn’t being fucked, or given enemas…and then Dalton found out about Ms. Snaith’s chastity belt training program.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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