Life as a Sub Ch. 01 Pt. 09

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Chapter 1 – Part 9

I remembering hearing Bob moan and as I looked up, he was looking down at his wife as she became more and more frenzied for his cock. I watched her as she hungrily sucked and licked him, taking as much as she could into her mouth.

Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed his length and thickness, just as I felt Sinsa push her tongue into my pee hole then sink her mouth all the way down my cock. I felt her nose and breath on my newly shaved crotch, and as I closed my eyes, I felt the heat of her wet mouth sucking me.

Sinsa then reached out and found one of my hands and placed it on her head.

Doing what she wanted, I went along with the thought that she wanted me to make her suck me. I put both hands on her head and applied a little bit of pressure to push her head down on me. But then I was brought out of my ecstatic trance as I felt Bob put his hand on my head. I opened my eyes and saw Claire was holding his cock and pointing his wet cock head at my mouth. I have to admit, I was pretty much lost in the feeling of Sinsa’s mouth on me so I just went along with everything that was happening.

Sucking cock his again seemed the right thing to do. I was in a room where the noise of sex was getting louder. I heard slapping skin on skin and moaning and shouts of, “fuck me,” and here I was, kneeling with at a man’s feet, the heat of his big cock in my face, with a hot mouth slobbering all over my sensitive cock. It was just a rush and I was getting very near to cumming.

So it appeared to me that sucking cock this evening, was, in my mind, becoming a natural swinging thing to do. I did as I was told and leaned forward, kissed his pee hole, licked the length and took him in my mouth. He was still so wet with Claire’s saliva, I automatically started sucking.

As I gave Bob an attempt at what I saw Claire do, but I was still being distracted by Sinsa sucking me. I tried to be as hungry and wild but Sinsa was now wanking me in her mouth and getting me so close to cumming. I was now moaning and slobbering all over Bob’s cock.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Claire stand up, kiss her husband and whisper something to him. He gave her pussy and clit a gentle tickle with istanbul escort his fingers, but just then, Sinsa suddenly stopped sucking and sat back on the sofa.

OMG, please, no, I thought. Why did she stop, I was so close? I need to cum. Why do the women at this party keep doing that? First it was Claire and now Sinsa. They get me close to cumming, and then they stop. It’s as if they want to edge me to a complete frenzy of frustration.

I was being driven insane. Both of them had brought me so close, but denied me the pleasure of cumming. Why were they doing that to me?

In hindsight, and what I didn’t know at the time, was that they were focussing my thinking. I was being directed and conditioned. I was so turned on and horny, I didn’t see or care it was happening. I was a horny young man, and they were driving me to be sex hungry. My mind was going into overdrive to do anything I could to please them. They were tearing down my barriers and taboos, and in such a short period of time.

I watched as Claire’s hand reached down and slowly wank Bob’s foreskin back and forth in my mouth. Sinsa gave my cock the occasional stroke, so that I was now so absorbed in making Bob happy. I tried harder and sucked and licked in a more frenzied way to get him closer to cumming. I wanted to show my appreciation by giving Bob the best blowjob I could. I actually started to look at his cock as something to worship.

Sinsa let go of my cock and moved closer to me, winking as she moved her head forward to share Bob with me. Claire told me that I was doing so well and encouraged me to flick my tongue all over his cock head to tickle him. Sinsa took the opportunity and opened her mouth to suck as much of the side of his cock as she could. I saw her struggle, so I stopped sucking his cock head and joined her by locking my mouth on the other side of his cock. Both our lips were almost touching as we sucked and held his cock between us.

He now had two mouths to rub his length along. Looking down, he pulled his cock back so that we both had his cock head between our lips, then thrust his hips forward getting all of his cock coated in our saliva. He stopped then opened his legs a escort istanbul bit more, and said.

“Don’t forget my balls. Show your appreciation to my balls boy.”

Claire sat back down on the sofa again. Then, as Sinsa and I had our lips either side of Bob’s cock, Claire bent forward and gave a big wet kiss to his cock head. She looked up at Bob and winked.

“Like this Jim.” She said as she kissed her way under his cock, then licked his heavy hanging ball bag. I pulled away from sucking his cock, and ducked my head down so that I that could get a good look at what Claire was doing.

I watched her lift one of his balls with her fingers, open her mouth, then slowly suck it all the way in. From what I had seen earlier, compared to mine, Bob had big, full mature balls. I could see Claire’s eyes widen as her mouth stretched open to suck just one of them. She had sucked on my ball so easily, so this was quite a difference for her. But, for the next five minutes at least, I watched as Claire alternated sucking each one, kissing and licking after each suck.

Then it was my turn. Claire lifted Bob’s balls in her palm as if to offer them to me. She pursed her lips at me, and I did what was expected, I gently kissed each big moving and rolling ball.

“Good, be respectful. Kiss them. Kiss my husband’s balls.” She separated them with her fingers and offering one of them, said, “Look how heavy and full of cum this one is.”

I looked at it, and as she stretched his ball bag tight around his ball, I saw the pink and purple veins and the shape of his ball.

“Kiss it.” She said again. I leaned forward but Claire stopped me by saying.

“This time, kiss it like you mean it. All new boys must give the host’s balls a big wet, sucking kiss. A kiss that says, wow, those balls are impressive.” She had a big grin on her face as she said it, so I wondered if what they were telling me was true.

Still, I thought, I knew what she meant so I leaned forward, slightly opening my mouth and got ready to give his ball a sucking kiss. It looked too big for me to comfortably suck into my mouth, so I just opened and planted my lips on it. I kissed Bob’s ball, keeping a suction istanbul escort bayan on it that let Claire drop her hand away to grab the other one.

I did the same respectful kiss to his other ball, then sat back on my heels and looked up at Bob for approval.

He looked down at me and put his hand on my head just as Claire started sucking his cock once more.

He guided me to join Claire, and then Sinsa also leaned in, so all three of us alternated sucking, licking rubbing and wanking his cock, lifting, sucking and worshipping his big and now tightening balls.

I was now really engrossed in my task to please Bob along with the other ladies. My cock was still hard because of the situation, but the feeling to cum had subsided.

Claire stood again, and walked round Bob and behind me placing her hands on my shoulders.

Sinsa and I stopped sucking as Bob moved back a few steps, then Claire smacked my bum and steered me to kneel directly in front of her husband saying.

“Open your legs nice and wide Jim, and don’t sit back.” She smacked my bum again so I didn’t sit on my heels this time. “Bob needs you to at the right height for his cock, not bent down and uncomfortable.”

I did as I was told as Claire knelt down behind her husband, laid on her back looking up between his legs, then slid towards me, so her head was under my bum, cock and ball.

I looked at Sinsa with raised eyebrows as she knelt next to me. She smiled at me then held Bobs cock once more and resumed slowly wanking him.

I didn’t know what was happening so I just looked down at Claire’s lovely breasts, stomach and hairless pussy crease and then back at Bob’s engorged cock head.

Bob stepped forward allowing Sinsa to wipe his wet cock over my face, just as Claire pushed on my thighs making me open my legs even further. As she crawled under me, I felt her nose nudge my ball, then all of a sudden, her mouth clamped around it and she sucked on me.

Oh wow, this was just so hot, but it also felt slightly uncomfortable as well. Once I felt her mouth close around my little ball, she started sucking and pulling on me. Ouch. I tried to sit back a bit so that I got lower for her, but Bob’s hand on the back of my head lifted me back to my worshipping position.

Her sucking and pulling on my little ball, was getting quite painful. But with Sinsa kneeling on one side of me and Bob’s foot against my other knee, I couldn’t even open my legs to sink down any lower. I had to endure the discomfort.

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