Life Ch. 14

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Thursday was bright hot day with a strong wind blowing away Wednesday’s storm clouds. There was little work to do and even less people to deal with. When I got off work, with my spirits high and fresh paycheck in the bank, I decided to return to Best Buy and buy Linzy a going-away present. I made my way to the camera section and was immediately approached by rail thin guy with a braided goatee that tried to sell me a Sony Cybershot that I had no use for.

“I think he’s here to see me.” A familiar voice rang from behind him and we both looked to see Georgette and her oversized boobs waiting for a response. The short blonde waived the guy off and smirked up at me. “You know, you could’ve stuck around long enough to give me your number last week.” She accused.

“Sorry.” I shrugged. “I was in a hurry- had some things to film.” I inched closer to her, getting a good view down her polo shirt with the buttons all undone. “And I actually need another camera now.”

She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Is this one going to get paid for by the sheriff’s office too?” she asked, and then quickly mocked a gasp. “Oh that’s right; they never paid for the last one!” I tried to apologize but she waived it off. “Not a big deal, we wrote it up as a theft and I gave a completely different wrong description of you.” Georgette motioned for me to follow her and we made our way to the camcorders. “Now, seriously though, what can I sell you?”

“I need another camera like mine; HD, easy formatting, made for publishing to the internet.” I explained. “My… partner is going to school overseas, so I’m setting her up so she can hopefully keep up her part of the website, maybe with some girls-only stuff.”

Georgette put her hands on her hips and her massive breasts jiggled under her shirt. “Girls-only?” she asked. “Is she a lesbian?”

I shook my head and stammered a bit. “No… No, she’s not. I honestly just don’t like the thought of her having sex with men.” I admitted with a shrug.

“But its okay for you go around getting head in bathrooms and screwing some other guy’s girlfriend so hard that he tries to kill you.” She almost laughed at me. “You really are a pig, you know that?” I sighed and nodded, realizing the double-standard I expected Linzy to live with. Georgette snorted and slapped me in the arm. “Relax, I really don’t care.” She plucked a box off the shelf and pushed it into my arms. “Buy this, it’s better than your camera; might keep her loyal to you for a couple extra months.” She explained and walked me over to her register.

As I was signing the credit card slip, I was recalling my last Best Buy visit and smiled. “So do I still get the deal you promised last week?” I asked as I handed her pen back to her.

Georgette got a faraway look in her eyes for a second, then smirked, blushed and burst into a grin that seemed to stretch her small mouth. “Meet me outside in half an hour.” She laughed and handed me my bag. A little less than thirty minutes later, Georgette met me just outside and led me to the employee parking lot. “We’ll take my car; it’ll be easier that way.” I started to say my Jeep was plenty big enough, but held my tongue until I saw the restored and modified 80’s model El Camino with mud tires and a custom paint job that looked like alligator scales. “My ex runs a custom garage, Pimp My Ride kinda place. This was my birthday present before I dumped him.” She explained when I commented on the fuzzy black and red checkered seats.

“It’s nice.” I said, admiring the radio and the impressive collection of speakers behind the Sinop Escort seat. “Where are we going?” I asked when I realized she had started towards the interstate but veered off on a frontage road I thought was a short dad end. She smiled at me and turned off the road into a field of knee-high grass. A short and very bumpy ride later we were on a hill underneath a rather large river-oak that looked down on the highway. “Nice view.” I told her as she put the car in park and killed the engine.

“Yeah.” She sighed and looked sideways at me. “Best part is,” Georgette went on, pulling her polo up and off, “nobody can see up here.” She wiggled a finger at me and I dove towards her chest, kissing the exposed flesh as my hands went to work unhooking her bra. As soon as it was loose I latched my lips around one of her big pale nipples and sucked it onto my tongue while Georgette laughed and cooed and held my head close to her.

My hands drug down her back, moving to grab her ass and she scooted down in her seat so I was bearing down on her when I finally got a handful of her soft backside. I switched form right breast to left and she rocked towards me, grinding her crotch up towards me. I heard her laughed and her hands left my head to begin rustling with something, and before I look up, Georgette had Linzy’s camera in hand and recording the mauling her tits were getting from my mouth.

She reached down with her free hand and tried to pull my shirt off, but my hands were trapped under her. I struggled to get up, nearly threw her into the floor and wrenched my shoulder awkwardly. We were both laughing hysterically and probably bruised in several places by the time I got my arms free enough to sling my shirt over my head. “Wait!” Georgette laughed “Wait, hold on, let’s take this outside.” She offered and scooted backwards out of the driver’s door.

I was quick after her as she circled to the tailgate with her huge boobs wobbling free in the summer wind. Georgette dropped the tailgate and propped the new camera up on an empty soda can to capture me catching her and holding her up by the ass to kiss her, sucking her bottom lip and squeezing her chest to me. Her hands worked their way between us and deftly undid my belt, button and zipper and were not-so-gently stroking my cock as her pierced tongue snaked into my mouth.

I groped her ass extra hard just before the long kiss ended, and with small laugh she sunk to her knees in the dirt and began making long slow wet licks from sack to tip. I moaned my encouragement and reached for the camera, holding it for a better view as the little blonde with the big tits made out with my balls while stroking her small hands up and down my shaft, occasionally rubbing her cute little nose across the base and making her forehead bounce on my crown. “You want more?” she chimed, popping a drool covered testicle from her mouth. I nodded, shaking the camera as I did and she grinned, drug her tongue piercing between my nuts, and said “Tell me what you want.”

“Suck it, Georgette, please.” I groaned and put one hand on the back of her head. She pulled the shaft down to her mouth, dragging my dick across her face, and circled the tip with her little pink tongue. Georgette licked her lips and shoved her mouth over my dick, stretching her lips and pressing her tongue and piercing between her bottom jaw and my pole. I felt the back of her throat and she gagged a little, paused for a breath, grabbed me by the ass with one hand, and forced my cock down towards her stomach. “Oh, yesss…” I hissed and made a Sinop Escort Bayan fist in her short blonde hair, holding her head still while her throat massaged the first few inches of my dick, pulling it down into her and pushing it back out. I held her there, loving the heat and the tightness, until I looked down into her blue eyes and saw pleading. “Sorry.” I almost laughed and let her loose for breath.

She coughed and said “It’s ok.” while she stroked my slobbery dick. “Wanna fuck my titties again?” she offered, holding one huge breast up to tickle my dick with her nipple. She sat up straighter and arched her back to wrap her tits around my dick, rocking them up and down and smearing her spit all around as it twitched and bounced in the valley of her chest.

I put my hand around her wrist and led her up to the tailgate. “I wanna fuck a lot more than that.” I told her and moved my hand to her pants. Georgette helped me all but rip her khakis off and presented her dark-blonde bush to me, the camera, and the sky. I pulled her to the edge of her tailgate by an ankle and stabbed my cock through her soft curls, forcing open her tiny pink lips and spreading her gooey insides with inches of throbbing flesh.

Georgette screamed at her impaling, curling up to watch my cock sticking out of her. “Don’t stop!” she pleaded when she realized I wasn’t stuffing her any further. I pulled back, leaving just the tip inside her, before thrusting forward, making the soft flesh on her thighs smack against me as I pierced her furry snatch. I grabbed her by one big bouncy tit and rocked her body back and forth, pulling and pushing her on and off my dick. Her hands joined mine, one making a fist in her own skin on the breast I wasn’t holding and the other gripping my fingers like life depended on it as she cried and screamed at her pussy getting stretched open again and again.

I laid the camera on her chest, aiming it down her belly at where my boxer-snake was burrowing into her greasy tunnel, and held it there by squeezing her tits up around it. Georgette craned her neck around and looked into the view-finder to watch her bushy blonde cunt get fucked and moaned out “Oooh, fuck that’s hot!” before dropping her head back to the warm metal of her truck bed.

Georgette’s screams got longer, and her legs roughly circled my back as she reached for my shoulders. The camera skittered sideways off her chest but stayed on us as I was pulled down on top of Georgette’s huge squishy jugs. I kept up my assault on her pussy, pounding down into her as she held me close and rocked her hips up at my thrusting. “I’m gonna- I’m — you’re gonna make me — I’m…” she was stammering between cries of ecstasy and I could feel her slick tunnel convulsing each time I bottomed out inside her.

With a long cry and fingernails gouging my back, Georgette came. Her legs locked around me and her hips stopped moving. I kept forcing my dick into her as she screamed and her pussy twitched and pulled around it. Her grip loosened and her screams quieted into laughing. I smiled down at her and rubbed my chest. “More?” I asked and she nodded enthusiastically but still pushed me back.

“I want it from behind.” She told me and I backed up, pulling my dick out of her with a slurp and gush of girl-juice. She got on her knees and propped the camera back up on its crushed can so it had a view of her face and her tits hanging to the metal beneath her. I got between her feet and pulled her ass back to me, spearing open her furry cunt again and pushing my dick inside her Escort Sinop until it was knocking against her back wall. Georgette was a fountain of moans and cries before I had even built up a good rhythm, and after I had begun shafting her dripping box and making her big soft ass slap against my stomach.

“Oh, yeah.” Georgette moaned and wiggled her ass on me. “Fuck me…” I held her head up by the hair, pulling it roughly each time I went balls deep inside her. She struggled to keep her arms under her and screamed for me as I felt her pussy spasm around me again. I released her hair and held her by the hips, yanking her body back towards mine and shoving my dick deeper and deeper, trying to push it through her as she screamed for more.

Her orgasm made her collapse in a sweaty heap, pulling her pussy off my shaft and making an odd noise as her wet flesh slid on hot metal. She rolled over with a dreamy grin and crooked her finger at me. I crawled up into the truck bed with her, snatching up the camera as I went, and straddled her ribcage, slapping my slimy cock on her tits a few times before she managed to sandwich it between them. Georgette held her mammoth mammaries in place, smooshing them together around my dick with her nipples peeking through her fingers while I thrust between them, smearing pussy juice through the tunnel I created each time. She moaned as she watched the head pop out aimed at her face and I had to ask “You really like getting tit-fucked, don’t you?”

“Mmmm-hmmm” Georgette moaned out and nodded before looking up at me with her bright blue eyes full of lust. “I do and I want you to fuck them and cum all over them and all over me.” She said and I had to moan then, picking up speed and shoving my dick further between her tits. Georgette bent her neck as far as it would go and opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out and moaning “Aanh… Aanh… Aanh!” each time the head of my dick would come close to her face.

With my balls dragging across her torso, her fat lubed up tits squeezed around my dick, and Georgette’s wet mouth catching the head I could feel my orgasm coming a mile away. “Fuuuuuck!” I roared and nearly dropped Linzy’s camera as I arched and started spraying the cute nerd down with sperm. I kept thrusting and each push came with a pump of cum that splashed across her face, inside her mouth, and all over her chest as I pushed through her breasts.

I eased away from her and sat down, but Georgette followed me and began cleaning my dick with her mouth. She sucked and licked and stroked the combination of pussy and man juice off the shaft and squeezed and kissed the head until I groaned and shuddered. She quickly inhaled my dick, stuffing the head down her throat and massaged it there until I pumped another small load into her stomach. She puked up my cock and licked her lips before grinning and reaching up to stop the camera. She eased down next to me and kissed me on the cheek and I had to laugh. “If this is what I get for buying a camera, the bonus for getting a big-screen must be to die for.”

Georgette giggled and laid an arm across my chest. “This is a slow month, and you’ve bought so much from me that I’ll probably get a promotion.” She explained. “Not to mention you’re hot and I haven’t been getting any regular dick in a while.” She yawned and stretched sat up. “Come on, I need to get you back to your car so I can go home.” After getting dressed and trying to wipe most of my cum off her face, Georgette gave me her number and drove me back to Best Buy and started kissing me goodbye. The kiss turned into making out in the parking lot and she I had to push her away. “You’re right.” She lamented. “Besides, another round and I wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

“That’s not such a bad thing is it?” I joked before jumping into my Jeep and starting towards home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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