Lightning Strikes Twice Ch. 05

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Authors note: this story builds on characters and situations contained in the Lightning strikes twice series.

The days after the boat trip were a bit quieter. Most of the girls seemed to be either worn out or just plain sated. Tina was the main exception. She was by daily, just visiting. She seemed to delight in finding new ways to flash her tits or pussy at me. Since she was so petite in build, except for her tits, which were enjoyably large, she had to work to prevent discovery when she was on her way to and from our little meetings.

One quiet morning she intercepted me heading back to my office from the buildings main lab area. She stepped through the hallway fire door and allowed it close behind her as I was headed back to my office after getting some ice for my soda. The hallway we now found ourselves alone in was short, only fifty or so feet long before it turned again making it difficult to be seen, or see if anyone else is coming. She stood with her back against the door, blocking my path and pulled her shirt and bra up, exposing her big tits to me. She stood there with her shirt up, wiggling her tits back and forth so that they moved enticingly. Standing only a few feet from her, I reached into my cup and pulled an ice cube out. Taking the short step to her I reached for her breast and slowly ran the ice cube around one of her nipples, the cold almost immediately making her dark areola pucker and her nipple grow fat and hard. She squealed slightly and clenched up, squeezing her tits together, but didn’t pull out of my reach, allowing me to tease the other nipple equally. After a few seconds of this kind of play I backed off and she put her shirt back down before we got caught.

She turned around and opened the door and headed toward my office with me following close behind. She ran part way down the hall so she arrived at my office door before I did and slipped quickly inside, leaving me several seconds behind her. I walked in as she stood there expectantly and stepped past her to sit in my chair. She leaned over and whispered for me to meet her on the third floor of the library in ten minutes, and then she disappeared out my office door. With a mix of anticipation and trepidation, I waited several minutes and then headed to the library.

As with all libraries, the upper floors are less used and this library is no exception. I climbed the stairs and walked out into the third floor atrium area. I saw Tina motion me from an aisle across the atrium and then disappear into the stacks. I quickly made my way to the aisle and followed her back deeper into the stacks, finally turning a corner only to end up in a dead end between several shelves. Tina was standing against the back of the stack, pushing off her shorts. She wore nothing under them, and as soon as she stepped out of them she pulled her shirt up, exposing her tits again.

“What are you waiting for?” she whispered to me as I stepped forward. I leaned down and kissed her as I stepped next to her. She reached for my pants and soon had them undone and let them slide around my ankles, her hands already busy pushing my underwear down. She quickly had my suddenly hard dick out and was stroking it. “Are you going to fuck me or just stand there?” she whispered, partly out of breath from our embrace.

I’m not waiting for anything.” I answered quietly.

She pulled away, turned around and bent over, using the shelves as a support. I didn’t need any more of an invitation. I aimed my dick at her and pushed it deep into her already sopping wet pussy. Reaching down and around her I grabbed her tits, massaging and playing with her nipples between my fingers as I stroked slowly in and out of her pussy. I knew she was horny as hell, and she quickly put her fingers to work on her clit help things along quicker. She tried hard to keep quiet, but she gave little squeaks as my balls bounced off her exposed pussy with my quickening pace.

In very little time I could feel her pussy start to clench around my dick the beginnings of her climax sending jolts of electricity through her entire body. We came together a few minutes later, both of us trying to muffle our sounds to prevent being caught. She stood up as far as she could with me inside her and reached back to touch and caress me where she could for a few moments before we separated. We didn’t wait much longer before we disconnected and quickly dressed her shorts covering her glistening pussy and our cum leaking down her leg in a trickle. With a parting kiss we walked out of the stacks by different isles and I headed back to work.

The next day she appeared in the afternoon wearing a red wrap around dress. It looked very pretty on her, but it looked even better when she untied the tie and pulled it open revealing a red lace garter, red stockings and a matching shelf bra that supported and highlighted her fantastic breasts. With the dress open she was even more stunningly beautiful and her exposed Pendik Escort pussy and tits left no doubt about what she wanted either.

She closed the dress, and walked out of the office, looking over her shoulder at me to follow, which I quickly did. She was at the end of the hall, waiting at the elevator by the time I had gotten around my desk and out of my office. I took my place next to her and waited for the car to arrive, the doors soon sliding open. We stepped in and the doors closed behind us. As soon as they had closed she turned to me, opening her dress. We hadn’t pushed a button, so the elevator didn’t go anywhere, just sitting with us enclosed in the stainless steel box.

It was incredibly dangerous to do this, anyone pressing a button to use the elevator could discover us at any time, but she reached one hand up to my head and pulled it down to her chest. I quickly sucked one of her nipples into my mouth, spending several seconds sucking on her tit before I pulled away and pulled her dress closed. She pouted at me but allowed me to press the open button and I stepped out of the elevator. She followed several seconds later, her dress now fixed the way it was supposed to be, both of us turned on and left unfulfilled. It just wasn’t the place to take care of that.

She followed me down the hall toward a door I stopped to unlock. I held the door open and then stepped into the small store room behind her.

“This is a bit safer!” I said as I closed the now locked door behind us. Without a word I stepped toward her and reached for the tie that held the red dress closed, pulling gently on it as the material slid against itself, the knot undoing itself as I tugged. I released the tie and allowed the dress to fall open, her body exposed to me once again. I reached to her shoulders and pulled her toward me, drawing her face to mine and her lips to mine. We stood and kissed for several long minutes, our lips sucking each other’s, our tongues teasing and playing with each other’s and her hands working my shirt and pants open so that the bare parts of her body were pressing against my bare skin. I had long since slipped her dress off and tossed it onto a stack of boxes and my hands were now exploring her bare ass and stroking her back.

Her hands found my hard cock and pressed it down, making sure that it slid between her legs, her wet lips nestling across the top of it. As we kissed she stroked her hips back and forth, rubbing her clit along the top of my shaft, driving herself slowly wild.

“Oh yes!” she mumbled into my mouth as I slid my hand from her butt down to grab her thigh and lift it, bringing her leg upward. It only took me a moment to slide my hard shaft back far enough to let my head engage in her now open pussy and press it slowly into her.

“Ohhhhhhhh god yes!” she moaned through her kiss as I pushed myself up into her and then pulled slowly back out.

“That’s it baby! Fuck me!” She begged as I started sliding in and out of her, gaining speed as we climbed the slopes toward climax. My cock slid into her with a gentle squish and the base of my cock drove into her hard clit with each stroke.

“Damn you feel so tight!” I groaned as her pussy caressed my hard cock with each stroke my mushroom head growing fatter by the second. Stroke after stroke pushed us closer to a climax as we tried to keep our moans and groans quiet.

“OH FUCK!” I groaned as my body jerked, spurting a hot gush of cum into her pussy. Her body almost immediately clamped around my spasming cock, almost as if she were waiting to feel the hotness of my cum splash on her insides. Together we stood, holding each other and enjoying the aftermath of our mutual climax.

“God you’re good.” She panted. “I could fuck you a dozen times a day every day!”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoy my efforts.”

“Oh believe me, I do. And I have just the thing in mind to let you know just how much I enjoy everything you do.” She said as she pushed herself back off my cock and picked up her dress. She pulled it on and gave me a gentle kiss. “Until tomorrow. I expect you for lunch.”

“Yes ma’am.” I said as she stepped out of the door and disappeared.

I showed up as requested and it turned out, they had the idea of serving lunch to me… on themselves. In itself it wasn’t a bad thing, actually it was kind of fun. It did cause a bit of a problem though. The lunch part was pretty well over and I was laying on the floor of one of the back bedrooms with Mandy on my face and Tina bouncing herself up and down my dick when I heard a female voice. Not a young one, belonging to one of the girls, but one that was a bit older.

“Oh hi Miss Jessip.” I heard Tina say breathlessly, not even interrupting her bouncing.

“What the hell is going on here?” I heard the lady ask.

“Oh fuck!” Mandy said, freezing in place.

“I certainly get that impression!” the lady said. “Why don’t you girls climb off your friend Kurtköy Escort there and explain this.”

I felt Tina stop humping my dick and climb off of me while Mandy crawled off my face, allowing me to see who was there. What I saw from my exposed position laying on the floor was a mid thirties woman, wearing a dark skirt and cream colored blouse. She had medium short dark hair and a pretty curvy figure. She also wore the look of a serious scowl on her face. I sat up and looked around for my clothes.

“I was going to ask what you were up to, but I can see that you’re old enough to know better. What the hell are you doing here with these girls?”

“It’s our fault.” Mandy started.

“I doubt that!” Miss Jessip said sharply.

“No. It really is!” Mandy said again.

“I guess you better explain this then.”

Mandy started in on an explanation of what had happened, and after several questions, ended up telling about the club. During the conversation Miss Jessip came into the room and closed the door, sitting on one of the beds. She listened to the explanation, asking questions to draw the whole story out. By that time I had managed to get myself up on the bed from the floor and was doing my best to make my nakedness inconspicuous, since my pants were on the other side of the girls. After some time, she dismissed the girls and closed the door behind them.

“Well, from the sound of it, you got drawn into something a bit bigger than you might have imagined.”

“Actually, I had no idea what was going on at first.”

“But you agreed to do this, even after you were fully aware?”

“Actually, yes. I thought about it real hard, and decided that as long as they were all over legal age, and chose to join the ‘club’ voluntarily, that it was probably a lot safer for them to be chasing after me than after some guy that might not stop of they said stop.”

“That’s very commendable, but you know this could get you fired.”

“I thought about that, and while it may not be the smartest idea, none of the girls are in any way under my control or grading. Nothing is being traded for favors or otherwise. As long as it all stays quiet there is little harm going on, and if anything it’s probably good for them.”

“I’m not sure I know how free sex is good for them.”

“The reality is that there is lots of free sex happening. This just lets them control when and how much, and to know that it’s safe.”

“So you let them choose when and where?”

“As long as it’s not someplace public.” I said, thinking about Tina and the library. “We try to keep it off campus.”

“How many girls have you had sex with?”

“Um. I think the whole club, or most of it anyway. About seventeen or so girls.”

“My god! Tell me you’re not serious?” She asked incredulously.

“I never forced any of them or asked any of them. They came to me and asked it of me.” I said defensively.

“So do you have any limits to who you’ll screw?”

“Actually, with the club chasing me, I don’t have time or energy to have it with anyone else.”

“And how long has this been going on?”

“Oh, about three months or so I guess.” I said quietly, wondering just how long it would be before she tried to have me jailed.

“And they kept this secret this long?”

“Julie told me the club has been in existence for years. There are girls in it from all three sororities.”

“And you have sex with all of them?”

“If they ask me to.”

“What if I asked you to?”

“Well, according to the club rules, I would have to refuse because your not part of the club. But since you are the house advisor, and since you now know about the club, I suppose that would make you the advisor for the club.”

“Well, you were pretty busy with the girls. Do older women hold interest for you?”

“If they look as good as you do. Yes.” I said honestly, not really sure she was suggesting what it seemed she was suggesting.

“You think I’m good looking?”

“Well, the outfit seems to be hiding your best looks, but from what I can see so far I think you’re probably pretty damn good looking undressed.”

“And would you have a problem if I was married?”

“I’ll be honest. That’s between you and your husband.”

“That’s an honest response.” She said. After a long several minutes of silence, her mind clearly pondering all the options, she stood up. “I appear to a bit overdressed for this party. Would you care to do something about that?” she asked expectantly.

At this point I pretty much figured that I was in deep to start with, all I could do now was go along and see how things ended. And she was pretty good looking, and I was well turned on by the girls and hadn’t had any release yet. “If you would care for me to, it would be my pleasure.” I said standing up, still naked.

I stepped over to her and began to unbutton her blouse. As I worked I leaned my head down and began to softly and seductively Kartal Escort kiss her neck. I worked all the buttons loose and then began to slowly pull the material back off her shoulders, kissing the newly bared skin on her right shoulder as I did. She let it fall off her arms and then put her arms around me as I kissed back up her shoulder to her neck. I reached my arms around her, sliding them down her back to find the zipper on the back of her skirt. I undid that as well while I kissed up her jaw line and found her mouth. Her eyes were closed but when my lips touched hers, she began to eagerly kiss back. I let her skirt slip from her hips, landing in a pile on the floor around her high heels.

I began to run my hands around her bare back, soon finding the clasp for her lacy bra, and flicking it open. I let the strap fall apart, but continued to gently run my hands around on her now completely bare back. After some time I stopped kissing her lips and worked my way down her jaw and neck again, working toward her shoulder that I was slipping the bra strap off. I kissed down the top of her breast to where the material from her bra still covered her and then slowly slid it down, kissing each inch of her creamy breast as it was exposed, until her nipple was within reach of my lips.

I kissed small circles around it, tasting her quickly puckering areola with the tip of my tongue as I knelt down in front of her. I pulled away the last of the material covering a pair of fantastic breasts allowing it to slide down her arms as I opened my mouth wide to get as much of her tit into my mouth as I could. They were not small, easily a C cup with lots of dark areola and a large turgid nipple. I used my tongue to trap her nipple against the roof of my mouth as I sucked it in, and rubbed her nipple with my tongue.

She groaned and wrapped her hands around the back of my head, pulling me tighter to her tit as I continued to stimulate it. She finally release her arms to get the bra straps off and discard it, while I took the break in contact to switch tits, sucking her left tit into my mouth as I had done to her right one. I worked her nipple for some time, while my hands explored her butt and pussy through the material still covering them. She was wearing pantyhose, and I set to work pulling them down as gently as I could while I continued to suck her tits, switching from one to the other every few seconds until she clamped me tightly to her left breast.

She lifted her feet in turn so I could pull her high heeled shoes and the hose off, and then reaching up to her arms and gently releasing her grip on my head. I began kissing across to the center of her chest when she released my head enough, and then kissed my way down her belly to the top of her panties. She was breathing hard as I began to slowly pull her panties down, exposing a dark patch of hair as I worked. I kissed my way down as I continued pulling her panties down farther and farther. Her pussy lips were soon visible, but I worked my way over to one thigh and kissed my way down it some distance before I pulled her panties down to her ankles. She lifted first one foot, and then the other. As she did I made sure her feet set back down farther apart and moved her hands to rest on my short hair. I transferred my kissing to the other leg and kissed and licked my way up her other thigh, slowly getting closer to her pussy.

I finally reached her already pouting lips and let my tongue gently rub over them, tasting her leaking juices. I pushed her back gently, until she sat on the bed and then used my hands to push her back farther until she was reclined back. I lifted her legs and began to lick my way up and down her pussy lips before sinking gently between them. She groaned loudly as I sunk my tongue deep into her, then slid it up her slit and across her clit. I repeated this motion many times, getting more and more response from her each time. She was clearly getting seriously ready to be fucked, her body screaming for the release that I was holding just out of reach. I focused on her clit and spent more time on it, flicking and sucking it greedily. She grabbed my head and pulled me tighter to her as she became vocal.

“Oh fuck!.. Oh God Yes!” she cried out loudly as I worked her clit. “Oh god. Make me cum Make me explode!” she screamed. I continued to work until she started to tremble, indicating that her orgasm was going into over drive. “Quick! Put your dick in me! Fuck me hard now!!” She cried out loudly. I pulled my head from her pussy and put my thumb on her clit and began to massage it while I moved my dick into position.

“OH PLEASE!” she screamed. “DON’T TEASE ME! FUCK ME NOW!”

I kept my thumb hard at work while I pushed my dick slowly into her spasming tunnel. She began to buck wildly on the bed as I pushed my hard dick deeper, hitting the end of her tunnel and then starting to pull back out of her. I continued to work her clit with my thumb while I stroked in and out of her hot pussy. It was hard to coordinate but I managed to do short quick strokes while she withered on the bed, the head of my cock banging into the end of her tunnel time after time while my thumb continued to stroke back and forth across her hard clit.

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