Lisa’s Change of Heart

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Tattoos adorned her arms, back and chest. She wore a tight tank top that showed her ample 38dd chest and did little to hide her tapered waist and slightly protruding belly. Faded blue jeans hung from her wide hips but clung tightly to her full round ass and thick muscular thighs. Her ears each held multiple piercings and a small diamond stud sparkled in her nose. A small silver hoop protruded from her right eyebrow and a chrome bar in her tongue completed her visible body modifications. Her dark hair was highlighted with pink and purple streaks and pulled back into a pony tail. It framed a pretty round face that was devoid of makeup but her high cheek bones, bright blue eyes and warm smile were almost angelic.

Her name was Charli, with an ‘i’, and she was just 24 years old. She climbed onto a new 2008 Harley Davidson Fatboy and motioned for Lisa to join her.

Lisa was my wife. We’d been married for ten years and we had two kids together.

“Ever ride bitch?” Charli asked my wife.

Lisa shook her head ‘no’ and Charli smiled.

“Get on,” Charli said confidently as she patted the seat behind her.

Lisa had been drinking all day and when Charli started flirting with her she really turned it on. Charli was sober but that didn’t lessen her confidence. I’d seen Lisa flirt with dozens of guys over the years but never a girl. Lisa was, in her own words, strictly dickly but something about Charli overcame my wife’s heterosexual tendencies.

Lisa climbed onto the back of heavily chromed bike as Charli fired the big V-Twin up.

“Put your arms around my waist,” Charli said as my wife wrapped her thin toned arms around the tattooed woman.

Lisa was pushing 40 but she looked more that ten years younger. Her cute face was highlighted by light green eyes, a small button nose and an adorable mischievous smile. Her blonde hair hung to her shoulders and gave her an almost childlike appearance. She had a petite runner’s build with small but firm 34b tits and a fantastic muscular ass. She was wearing a short jean skirt that showed off her muscular legs and a white halter top that allowed the outline of her candy kiss nipples to poke through.

Charli revved the big engine and the bike shook. The sound of the exhaust bounced off the surrounding houses as my wife’s ass vibrated visibly.

Lisa squirmed and scooched forward until her body spooned tightly against Charli’s soft round body. The throbbing vibration sent shivers through her body. She could feel it in her pussy.

Alcohol and desire combined to send surges of wetness to her swollen sex. The fresh scent of Charli’s natural musk made Lisa’s knees weak.

She had never been attracted to a woman before and on some levels it frightened her. Charli had made the first move but Lisa hadn’t backed down at all. Charli had an aura about her, a supreme confidence and a masculinity that Lisa had always found attractive. Her appearance was intriguing but her dominant, confident and aggressive personality was a turn on.

They pulled out of the driveway and sped down the usually quiet suburban street. Lisa nuzzled her face behind Charli’s head to shield herself from the wind. She lightly kissed her new friend’s neck.

Charli’s skin was impossibly soft and slightly salty from a light sheen of sweat.

Lisa’s fingers laced together beneath the bigger woman’s massive breasts. She could feel their weight as they bounced down the road.

The bike’s loud exhaust could be heard clearly for miles as my wife and her new friend sped off to destinations unknown.

I stayed at the barbeque and sucked down beers while my wife and Charli went on their joy ride.

Lisa pulled herself tighter against Charli’s soft body. She liked the way their bodies molded together and her mind wandered to previously unexplored fantasies.

Charli pulled the big bike onto an empty two lane road and rolled the power on. Lisa held on tight as the accelerated but once they reached cruising speed she relaxed her grip. Her hands ventured higher on Charli’s stomach and she tentatively caressed the bigger woman’s full breasts as she nuzzled and kissed Charli’s neck.

Charli took her left hand off the handlebars and guided Lisa’s hand down her stomach to the crotch of her jeans.

Lisa could feel the slick wetness between her own thighs as her fingers rubbed another woman’s pussy for first time. She had never imagined herself in a sexual encounter with a woman. It didn’t turn her off but while she could appreciate a woman’s beauty she had never been truly attracted to a woman before Charli.

Charli put her feet on the wide highway pegs spreading her legs and giving Lisa unfettered access to her needy pussy. Charli liked the small woman and the fact that she was a breeder added to her excitement.

Lisa’s left arm remained wrapped around Charli’s waist as her right hand rubbed the buxom woman’s pussy through her jeans.

Charli could feel her pants getting wet from Lisa’s insistent touch. She had always gotten Eskort Kız very wet when she was excited. Even the few times she had been with a guy she had drenched her partner with the tremendous quantity of juice her arousal produced. Her panties would soak through from just an encouraging look from the right person and to compound matters she had a type and little Lisa fit it perfectly.

Lisa’s fingers rubbed Charli’s pussy through her jeans and she could feel the big woman’s pants grow wet. It thrilled her to know that she was the cause of Charli’s arousal. She moved her lips over Charli’s neck planting soft butterfly kisses until the multipierced earlobe of the big butch woman was between her lips.

“Can we go somewhere more comfortable,” Lisa whispered as she kissed and nibbled Charli’s earlobe. She had never dreamed of having sex with a woman but she wanted Charli as badly as she had ever wanted any man and there had been many men.

“In due time baby,” Charli yelled over the rush of the wind. “Just keep doing what your doing and we’ll get there.”

“Okay,” Lisa whispered as she continued to rub Charli’s pussy, “you’re the boss.”

Charli felt a rush from Lisa’s words. She had always had a thing for submissive women, especially married breeders, but Lisa had initially shown no signs that she was submissive so her simple assertion that Charli was the boss brought everything together.

Charli moved her legs off the highway pegs and slowed the bike to 10-15mph. She eased the big bike onto a narrow dirt road and slowly rode a mile into the woods.

Lisa locked her hands together around Charli’s waist and squeezed her tight. She continued to kiss the bigger woman’s neck as they bounced down the rough dirt road.

The dirt road opened into a clearing where a waterfall splashed 20 feet down into a good sized pond.

Charli stopped the bike and Lisa reluctantly released her grip on the big girl’s waist. Lisa’s fingers were trembling with excitement and her knees felt weak with fear as she climbed off the bike.

Lisa pulled down the hem of her short skirt and chuckled as she realized that her ass had been naked for all to see while she was sitting on the back of the bike.

Lisa stood between the bike and the pond and watched as Charli dismounted it and turned to face her.

Lisa’s eyes traveled over Charli’s body from her enormous tits to the big wet spot in front of her jeans. She wanted to tear the big woman’s clothes off and touch every inch of her soft curvy body but she froze.

She had felt an unfamiliar attraction to the big butch the moment she had seen her at the party.

Charli had a warm smile and a beautiful, handsom face that made her heart skip a beat. Charli had made the first move.

“Nice ring,” Charli had said pointing to the two karat diamond on Lisa’s left hand. “Too bad.” She had smiled and Lisa felt a rush of excitement.

“I’m married, I’m not dead,” Lisa had teased. She had flirted with hundreds of men in her life but never with a woman. Despite that fact it came naturally.

“So I have a shot,” Charlie had countered. The petite blonde intrigued her. She was small and athletic and Charli liked that.

“I get the feeling you always have a shot,” Lisa had replied as she looked into Charli’s pretty eyes. She could feel a smoldering attraction to the obviously gay woman and it took her by surprise. Lisa’s eyes then moved down, taking in the butch woman’s sexy curvaceous body. Her gaze was not lost on Charli.

They had continued to flirt throughout the afternoon. Charli’s advances became more blatant and Lisa’s response became more suggestive. They came to a head when Charli invited Lisa to go for a ride on her new bike. That invite had led them to the place where they stood.

Charli pulled her tank top up over her head and freed her big young breasts. She pulled her boots off and leaned them against the black leather saddlebags at the back of the bike. Charli dropped her wet jeans and panties to the ground and stepped out of them as she watched Lisa’s reaction.

Lisa gasped when she first saw Charli’s impressive tits. She hadn’t known it before but she was most certainly a breast woman. She wanted to suck, kiss, nibble and play with Charli’s huge tits. She wanted to trace the outline of the tattoos on the big firm orbs until Charli moaned with pleasure.

Charli watched Lisa’s reaction and smiled. She always enjoyed being a woman’s first and the fact that Lisa was almost 40 for some reason made it even sweeter.

“Come on Lisa,” Charli called to the petite blonde. “I won’t bite.” She smiled. “Actually, that’s a lie. I will bite but I promise you’ll like it.” The brunette winked and Lisa felt a surge of excitement. She wanted Charli badly.

Lisa slowly made her way over to Charli. Her knees trembled. She reached out and touched Charli’s warm naked flesh and her fear instantly evaporated. Lust replaced fear as their lips met. It was the first time Lisa had really kissed a girl and she marveled at how soft and supple Charli’s lips were.

Their mouths opened and their tongues entwined.

Lisa mew’d into Charli’s mouth as they kissed. Her hands caressed the big woman’s naked flesh and she wished she was naked too.

Charli read Lisa’s thoughts. She pulled the blonde’s shirt off and bunched her skirt up around her waist.

Lisa moaned as their warm skin touched. Charli’s big tits felt soft against hers.

Charli reached down and quickly found Lisa’s clit. It was swollen and ready and Lisa moaned loudly as the big butch worked her sensitive nub.

They kissed as Charli rubbed Lisa’s excited clit with the expert precision that only a woman could provide.

“I’m gonna cum,” Lisa moaned as her body started to quiver. She came hard from the talented fingers of her lesbian friend.

Lisa’s legs were weak and she was grateful when Charli grabbed a blanket from her saddlebag and spread it on the soft ground beneath them.

“Lay down baby,” Charli directed.

The two women lay side by side on the ground and resumed their frenetic kissing.

Charli rolled onto her back and the smaller woman settled between her legs as the continued to kiss. They rubbed their pussies together like two lust filled teenagers as their tongues slithered together like snakes in the mud. Charli was content to grind her body against Lisa’s. She had cum in that position many times with many women but the petite blonde had other ideas.

“I want to taste you,” Lisa whispered to her new lover. She had never imagined being with a woman much wanting, almost needing, to taste her. She had tasted her own juices on her husband and other men’s lips when she kissed them after sex. She wanted to taste Charli’s juices right from the source.

Charli spread her legs wide and the pretty blonde kissed her way slowly down the big brunette’s soft curvy body. She spent time kissing and sucking Charli’s big beautiful tits.

Lisa marveled at how big and firm Charli’s natural tits were and she lost herself in the soft mews of her lover as she suckled at her teats.

Charli coo’d as Lisa licked, kissed, nibbled and sucked on her tits. It was clear that the little blonde was an attentive experienced lover.

Lisa continued her journey of self discovery as she moved down Charli’s sexy soft body. She planted gentle butterfly kisses over the big girls belly and down to her swollen shaved labia.

“Mmm,” Charli moaned as Lisa parted her pussy lips with her fingers. She could smell the fresh scent of the bigger woman’s arousal and a rush of excitement filled her chest.

Lisa looked at the smooth shaved folds of Charli’s pussy. The big brunette was very wet, much wetter than Lisa ever got, and her fingers glistened with fragrant juices. She lowered her mouth to Charli’s pussy and flicked her tongue across the hood of the butch woman’s clit.

Charli groaned loudly. She was already close and she knew it would be a matter of only a few minutes before she came.

Lisa licked and sucked Charli’s wet pussy as juices covered her face. She was surprised how sweet and succulent Charli’s pussy tasted. She had always heard jokes about fishy tasting and smelling pussies but Charli tasted delicious.

Charli caressed the blonde girls head as her body responded to Lisa’s touch. She could feel the early waves of pleasure and her breathing labored.

“Right there baby,” Charli moaned. She was going to cum and she was going to cum hard.

Lisa was thrilled that the big brunette was so excited. She flicked her tongue over Charli’s engorged clit as she eased two fingers inside her.

“I’m cumming baby,” Charli groaned. Her voice trembled as she came hard.

Lisa continued to lap Charli’s juices until her climax subsided. She slid up Charli’s thick soft body and they kissed tenderly.

Lisa softly caressed Charli’s body. She loved the soft silky feel of her new lover’s skin. It was much more sensuous than the course skin of a man and she could not keep her hands off the bigger woman’s incredible tits. She assumed they were through and she was content to bask in the after glow of incredible sex but Charli was far from done. She was enjoying the blonde woman’s touch but she really wanted to rock Lisa’s world. Breeders loved to cuddle after their first time but Charli knew what Lisa really needed. She kissed the sexy petite blonde deeply tasting her juices. Their tongues slithered together.

“I’ll be right back,” Charli told Lisa as she sat up.

Lisa sighed as her new lover left her embrace.

Charli walked over to her bike and pulled a black leather harness from the saddlebag. She fastened it around her wide hips and snapped a long purple feeldoe into it.

The feeldoe was the perfect strap on because it had a ball that went into Charli’s pussy. The ball was designed to hit the g-spot and on Charli it worked perfectly.

Lisa’s eyes widened as she saw Charli approach her. “God that looks so fucking sexy,” she told her big lover.

“Lay back baby,” Charli directed as she knelt between Lisa’s legs. She eased the big feeldoe into the blonde’s tight pussy and groaned as the ball worked its magic.

Lisa moaned as the big purple phallus sank deep inside her. She felt the first thrust as it touched her cervix.

Charli’s heavy tits pressed against Lisa’s small pert breasts as they kissed. The feeldoe was buried inside Lisa’s pussy and the petite blonde clutched at her big lover’s back digging her nails into her soft skin.

Charlie moved her hips with cat like precision and the feeldoe stroked all the right spots. Three short jabs and Lisa started to cum. Charli pulled back and fucked Lisa with long slow strokes until the blonde’s climax ebbed. She could feel her own climax building and she wanted to bring Lisa along with her. Charli gyrated her hips and Lisa could feel a second climax approaching.

Lisa pushed back to meet Charli’s thrusts and the two women came hard together.

Charli turned the small blonde over and moved behind her. She eased the purple feeldoe into the blonde from behind and grabbed her hips for support. Doggy style was Charli’s favorite.

“Oh fuck yes,” Lisa moaned as Charli fucked her from behind. The big purple dildo touched her in ways that no man ever had and Charli moved in ways that made her body quiver.

Charli fucked Lisa hard doggy style. She could feel the ball working her g-spot with every stroke.

“Oh yes,” Lisa hissed as she came again. She had experienced multiple orgasms before but never three climaxes that hard in rapid succession. Her heart was pounding hard in her chest. No sooner had her third climax subsided than another rolled through her body.

Charli thrust her cock into Lisa as the little blonde came repeatedly.

Sweat covered Charli’s pretty face as her body shook from another climax. She continued to thrust into Lisa’s quivering pussy until they were both exhausted.

Charli pulled her dripping feeldoe from Lisa’s pussy and lay beside her.

“Oh my god Charli, that was incredible,” Lisa panted. She still hadn’t caught her breath. She was exhausted and completely satisfied.

“So you enjoyed it,” Charli teased as she flashed a pretty crooked smile.

“Yes,” Lisa replied. “The best sex ever.”

They cuddled and kissed as they caught their breath. Lisa continued to caress and explore Charli’s body. Her fingers slipped inside the brunette’s shaved pussy. They touched Charli’s big heavy tits as the sun began to set.

“We should get you home before your husband sends out a search party,” Charli said sadly.

“Yeah, I guess we should,” Lisa sadly agreed.

Charli pulled her jeans on and slipped her tank top down over her mammoth tits

“I’ll keep these,” Charli said playfully as she stuffed Lisa’s thong into her saddle bag.

Lisa found her skirt under the blanket. She didn’t remember taking it off. She put it on and smoothed her halter top over her pert tits as Charlie put the strap-on and blanket into the saddle bag.

“I get the feeling you do this a lot,” Lisa teased as she put her arms around Charli’s neck and kissed her.

“Not a lot,” Charli replied with a twinkle in her eye. It was a lie.

“Will you call me,” Lisa said needily. She was not a clingy woman but Charli excited her.

“What about your husband,” Charli asked. She’d had affairs with married

women before and they always ended badly because eventually jealousy reared its ugly head.

“He’ll understand,” Lisa smiled and it was true. He had watched her fuck dozens of men and heard graphic details of many others. “Please.”

Lisa looked at Charli with her best pouty face and the big butch woman melted. “Yes, I’ll call you.”

They kissed again, deeply and tenderly. Charli climbed on the big bike and fired it up as Lisa slid comfortably behind her.

“God you smell good,” Lisa coo’d as she nuzzled behind the thick brunette. “And I love being your bitch.” Lisa giggled softly and kissed Charli’s neck as they pulled onto the main road.

They passed a car load of college boys who hooted and hollered mercilessly at them. Lisa realized her bare pantiless ass was in full view and as the boys passed the bike Lisa grabbed Charli’s big tits and squeezed them to give the boys a show. The boys screamed and slowed to match the speed of the Harley.

Lisa slipped her hands under Charli’s tank top and felt her up as they watched. She lifted the shirt up and gave them a peak at her new lover’s tits as she licked and kissed Charli’s neck and ears.

They lost the boys at the turn and turned quickly into Lisa’s neighborhood before the car could turn around.

When Charli and Lisa had left I assumed they were going on a short ride but an hour later they still hadn’t returned. I continued to drink and chat with our neighbors as the hour turned into two. Three hours after Lisa left they rumbled into the driveway. It was pitch black outside but I could tell immediately that they were both a mess. Lisa’s hair was disheveled and her shirt was covered with grass stains and dirt.

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