Literal Lovers

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He settles into the comfy armchair and balances the laptop on the armrest. His eyes keep glancing at the clock at the bottom of the screen. 7:57PM. Three more minutes. He is completely naked, in anticipation of the night ahead.

Last night, whilst trying to satisfy his desires, he had stumbled across an adult sex chat site. One happy accident followed another when the screen name belledelicious caught his eye. He had clicked on her name to engage her in a private conversation, and he was surprised when she had answered. Witty banter was exchanged, and he was pleased to find that she appeared clever, yet alluring. Feeling bold he typed

“I’d love to fuck your brains out belledelicious,” and he had waited eagerly for a response.

What followed was unexpected and mind-blowing. They had made each other cum just from the words on the screen, the imagined scenarios and the desire to please. She was an eager participant in their ‘screen fucking’, wanting him; begging him to help her cum. His orgasm was intense and had left him satisfied, and all-too eager to do it again.

“Ok,” she had typed. “8 o’clock tomorrow night.”

And with that she had signed off, leaving him to bide his time. He had been eagerly anticipating 8pm all day, feeling his cock stiffen at the thought of her words, willing time to pass quickly. Now, at 7:59, he sits naked, his cock slightly twitching, waiting for belledelicious to appear on screen.

At 8PM exactly, he expects her name to appear. But nothing. He tries not to feel disappointment straight away. At 8:02PM he begins making excuses for her lateness.

“Perhaps she had trouble logging on” or “maybe she had to work late…”

At 8:04 his heart leaps when there is a sudden, bold knock on the door.

“Shit timing,” he mumbles to himself, quickly grabbing a pair of shorts to pull over his nakedness.

He isn’t expecting anyone, and he hopes it is someone he can be rid of quickly, in case belledelicious appears on screen.

Opening the door, he is surprised to find a slim, brunette woman standing there. Her dark hair cascades onto her shoulders, emphasising the blue of her eyes. She is dressed in a simple sleeveless dress shirt, and a pencil skirt which clings to her voluminous hips. His eyes linger longer than he intends on her ample 12DD breasts, which are accentuated by her sheer blouse, and black bra.

“Sorry I’m late,” she breathes, smiling coyly at him.

Her dark red lips, full and smooth, pout at him and at this moment he can think of nothing but running his tongue across her lips. As if awakening from a daze he stammers


She smiles at him again, and this time pushes past him through the door, into his living room. He glances nervously around. Although his apartment is neat, he certainly wasn’t expecting company tonight. She eyes over the apartment, pausing to smile at the laptop left open on the armchair. She turns to him and smiles that wicked smile again, holding out her hand.

“Hi I’m bostancı escort Belle.” Her voice is practically purring now, as he slowly registers the full meaning of what she is saying.

“What?” he struggles, “Who are you? Why are you here?” he feels slightly panicked as realisation sinks in.

“You are probably more familiar with me as Belledelicious, but seeing as we’re friends, I figure Belle is ok,” she murmurs, winking at him.

His eyes move to his laptop, then back to the stranger standing in front of him.

“But how?” he practically screeches, annoyed at how flustered he sounds.

“Actually you were pretty easy to find.” She shrugs. “But relax; I only use my hacking skills for good, not evil.”

That smile again hits him like a freight train. This time he succumbs and slumps onto the couch. She moves to stand over him.

“I only came because I thought you would love the surprise. But if it scares you, I can leave?”

“NO!” he says, a little too quickly.

“Good,” she smiles, stepping closer to him, “because last night I thought you said you wanted to fuck my brains out.”

Emboldened by the realisation that the girl who made him cum so easily with words was now standing right in front of him, he stands to face her.

“Well I thought you said 8 o’clock. You were late,” he smiles, beginning to relax.

She takes his hand in hers, pulling him closer, “I’m sure I can make it up to you,” she whispers in his ear, her warm breath floating across his neck.

She guides his hand around her waist, letting it go to rest on her pert arse. His fingers instinctively begin kneading the soft curves, massaging through her skirt. She presses her body against his, pushing her breasts into his bare chest, moving her face to meet squarely with his. She stretches on her tip toes, bringing her face closer until finally her soft, full lips meet his. He pushes back against her, soft tender kisses against her lips. Her urgency increases, as she mashes her lips harder against his. He meets her urgency, forcing his tongue into her mouth, rolling it around hers. He pulls back slightly, his tongue finally tracing along her red, plump lips.

“James…” she sighs into his mouth.

Her hands are pressed against his smooth naked chest, fingertips moving to slowly circle his nipples. His tongue continues probing her mouth, circling her tongue, softly kissing her lips, then changing to forceful, urgent, needing kisses.

She reluctantly pulls herself away from him, trailing her fingertips down his bare chest as she does. She untucks her shirt from her skirt, her eyes locked on his as her fingers move to slowly unbutton her blouse. He moves slowly backwards, sliding into the armchair, his eyes never leaving hers. His heart begins to beat harder as he takes in her slow striptease. She slides her shirt from her body, exposing her full, heavy breasts. Exquisite black lace barely covers her nipples, pushing her breasts up to create a deep cleavage. Her ümraniye escort bayan hands move to her backside, undoing the zipper of her skirt. She slides her skirt down her hips, leaning forward, almost spilling her breasts from their lacy confines. Her lacy black underpants match perfectly with her lacy bra. She stands fully, her stomach flat; evidence of her pride in her body yet her curvy hips are natural and he leans forward, wanting to place his hands upon those hips. She steps out of her stilettos, her naturally tanned brown legs glistening as she steps towards him.

He leans back in the chair as her legs straddle over him, her thighs pressing against his. Her lips moving to meet his again with soft and gentle kisses. He moves his lips across her jawline, taking her earlobe in his mouth gently biting on it, sucking. Her skin prickles with goose bumps and she tilts her head back. Her hands move to his waist band, fingers moving down to feel his hardening cock. She begins to massage the hardness through the material of his pants. Tiny groans escape his lips as his cock presses against his pants. Her hands return to the waist band of his pants as she slides them over his slim waist, raising her arse into the air as she pulls the pants completely off. Electricity jolts through his body as her hand returns to his now bare cock, fingertips gently tracing down his soft skin. Her hands find his balls, gently tugging, before returning to stroke his cock.

His hands move to her back, unclipping her bra and placing his mouth on her nipple as he discards of her bra with one hand. She leans back with the sudden ecstasy of feeling his mouth on her nipple, his tongue rolling around the hardened centre. He gently bites, and she cries out, tightening her grip on his dick. Her hands sliding up and down, lubricated by his pre-cum. His mouth stays on her nipple, taking her other breast in his hand, massaging, squeezing, pulling. She moves one hand to his balls, pulling as her other hand glides up and down his penis. He moves a hand down to the lacy material covering her cunt, pressing a thumb against her already swollen clit. She thrusts against his thumb, letting him feel her wetness, feel her desire. His thumb rubs over her clit, matching the strokes she is making on his cock. He pulls her panties to one side, placing his thumb directly on her clit, holding it between his thumb and forefinger, circling and rubbing. He takes his other hand, gliding it down her thigh, fingertips tracing lightly before slowly inserting a finger into her wet, warm pussy. Her breath intakes sharply as her hips impulsively thrust against his finger. He pushes his finger deeper into her, pulling it out halfway and pausing slightly before pushing it further into her tight cunt. His thumb and finger still massaging her clit, as he inserts another finger, both his hands servicing her pussy. He is finger fucking her, her hips thrusting against his hands in perfect rhythm with her rubbing his cock. Soft moans escape her lips, he moves kartal escort his mouth to meet hers, pulling his hands away from her pussy to dig his nails into her arse. He stands and lifts her with him. Her hands grip his strong shoulders as he carries her towards his bedroom.

He lays her gently on his bed, before stepping back to take her all in. Her legs slightly parted, he can see her pussy glistening, her breasts moving with her deep breaths. His eyes travel to her face, her lips smiling as she says

“Fuck me hard James.”

“What did you just say?” he says, smiling back at her, his hand instinctively moving to his stiff cock.

“I want you to fuck me James. Please?” This time he senses pleading in her voice, a need in her eyes.

He moves to the bed, placing a leg on each side of her and taking her hands in his. He moves her arms above her head, pinning her there.

“Say it one more time for me Belle,” he murmurs in her ear.

“Please James. I’m begging you to fuck me hard.”

With an abrupt drive he plunges his cock into her wet pussy, her legs naturally spreading, allowing him full access to her. Her breath catches in her throat, surprised by the force of his long, thick cock. He withdraws, slowly pulling out before thrusting fully into her again.

“FUCK!” she cries out, her hips rising up to meet him.

He pushes his mouth onto hers, hardly, his tongue thrusting into her mouth matching the intensity of his cock. She pulls away slightly, moving to bite his lip gently. Slowly, his cock withdraws from her soaking cunt and grasping her hands tightly, he pounds into her again. She pulls her legs up higher, arching her back, wanting him to fill her. He thrusts again, and again and again, each time harder, his grunts getting louder and more intense. His cock filling her pussy; his balls slapping against her bare arse with the intensity of his thrusts. His hands finally release hers and he sits back, holding onto her hips, riding into her, grunting, thrusting, sweat dripping, thrusting harder, and her fingernails digging into his thighs as she pushes her pussy against his cock.

“Tell me what you want Belle,” he demands.

“I want your cum James, I want you to cum.”

“Cum with me baby, give me your cum Belle.”

She feels the climax building, pushing her feet down rising her hips, toes curling into the bed. Her breathing heaving, he leans forward, his lips pressed against her ear.

“Cum” he demands.

Her hips buck wildly, fingernails digging into his arse, pulling him tighter and deeper.

“Fuck James. Holy fuck. Holy FUCK!” she cries out, her orgasm rippling through her body, tingling through her nipples and shivering down her spine.

He continues plunging into her, feeling her wetness spread along his cock, sliding into her warmth. With one final thrust, he releases his orgasm, exploding inside her, grunting into her ear.

“Fuck yes Belle, my fucking whore.”

He lies inside her, chest heaving against hers, moving to clasp her hand. Placing gentle kisses along her collarbone finally meeting her lips. She looks up at him, her eyes locked on his.

“Same time tomorrow?” she asks, smiling that smile again.

“No way,” he says. “You’re not going anywhere just yet…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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