Little Rock – Another Adventure

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As I mentioned in my earlier Little Rock story Julie is the office flirt. She’s blonde, petite and a sexy dresser. Casual Friday’s are torture; her cute firm ass in those jeans is too distracting. She made all my visits from Jacksonville memorable.

When we were apart we’d email constantly and chat. We flirted virtually and she even posted sexy pictures for me. The tension and desire for her would build.

I had to go to little rock the week of Memorial day. Knowing Julie was there I came early arriving Sunday afternoon. As I had discussed with her I left a key for my room at the front desk. I went out Sunday evening to a strip club and the titillation had me on boil. I went back to my room and crashed.

I was laying in bed sleeping late when I felt it. Her warm wet mouth licking up the sides of my cock. She ran her tongue slowly down one side and up the other. She sucked one my balls into her mouth and I felt the pressure starting me to tingle. Damn, what a way to wake up! She moved upward between my legs and as her mouth engulfed my dick I felt her nipples digging into the skin on my legs. she moved her mouth up and down sucking slowly and swirling her tongue around the head. As she did so she moved her hands to cup my balls and slide ever so gently across my taint and teasing my ass. She moved her head faster Bostancı Escort as her finger slid slightly into my opening. I tensed up pushing myself into her mouth. I knew she could taste the precum and she was sucking harder/faster. I couldn’t take it and pulled her up to me. Her tongue stabbed into my mouth and she layed on me fully naked; hot and wanting.

DAMN! Her petite size, her scent and the feel of her had my dick throbbing hard against her leg. Iran my hands down her back to her firm ass and squeezed pulling her hard against me. She moaned into my mouth and humped her pussy against me. I felt the hot sticky sweetness of her and ground back against her.

I pulled on her and she moved up my body. She settled right above my mouth and I could clearly see pa pearl of drool on her slightly parted pussy lips. She pushed herself forward and I turned my head to to the side and felt a wet kiss from those perfect pink lips. She reached down and pulled my head trying to guide/force my tongue where she wanted it. I was trying to tease her and it was working! Finally, I moved my mouth over the lower part of her pussy opening and slowly moved my head upwards. I licked slowly and wetly from the bottom of her opening to the top.

Once I reached the top I closed my lips firmly around the bud Bostancı Escort Bayan of her clit and sucked it firmly into my mouth. I probed between the tops of the lips and forced them apart to clench at her clit. She spasmed and grunted as I latched onto it. I sucked and swirled my tongue around the little bud. I pulled it into my mouth and pushed it out slightly then brought it in again. A minute of that and she collapsed against me grunting and cumming on my face. I licked up from one end to the other and slurped at the sweet white lava.

She moved down and gentle sucked and nibbled my nose,lips enjoying the taste and scent of her own pussy. We cuddled like that for a minute or two catching our breath.

I pushed her face down on the bed. I pushed my face between her ass cheeks tonguing up a little grool that I had missed and swiping my tongue around her tight asshole. I bridged up grabbing my cock and rubbing the head lighly between her ass cheeks. She squirmed under me and I just ran the head between her wet pussy lips. As she bridged against me I forced just the head in ad she froze. I laid there not moving and she started humping back towards me. Her ass cheeks slammed into me as my cock went deeper in her pussy. Damn she was wet, tight and all the kinds of wonderful that makes men Escort Bostancı willing to chance anything for a “piece”. I lunged forward forcing all my hard throbbing dick into her and she grunted, whimpered and actually thanked me. She growled give me more, I need to be fucked. The feeling, her encouragement was too much and I thrust her harder and faster. I knew I was going to cum if I didn’t stop so I changed things up.

I moved my weight onto my knees and pulled her up by her hips onto her knees. She was squatted on the bed like a frog and I was on my knees leaning into her, buried into her, merged into her. She screamed out and I pushed back and forth easier now trying to control myself. I licked my finger and pushed it slightly into her ass. She felt the intrusion and squealed.. I continued pumping her pussy slow while fingering her ass shallow and fast. She started shaking and told me she was cumming as she surged against me.

I sat still feeling her pussy squeezing me and the wetness running down her things. I pushed hard into her and pumped several times. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I leaned over her back nibbling her ear and telling her I”m going to fill you. She moaned and and I squirted cum deep into her musky pussy. I squirted three or four good spurts and flopped next to her on the bed.

As I lay next to her catching my breath I watched her running her fingers through the wet stick mess we had made together in her sweet pussy. She pulled her fingers up and licked our combined juices. Damn I was spent and excited for me at the exact same instant. God I love coming to Little Rock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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