Living the Fantasy

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This story is complete fiction. All comments welcome.


I am so wet. I feel like a fountain has just erupted from my pussy. Hannah was slowly kissing down my body. “I can’t believe we are doing this.” She responded with “Believe it Baby!” before she sunk her face into my hot pussy.

I woke up panting and sweating. My pussy was wet and my hand was tucked inside it. Oh my God, I just had a sex dream with my best friend. I’ve never really looked at her like that before but now I am getting wet again just thinking about her. What is wrong with me? I can’t do this; my best friend can’t turn me on!

I was so wrapped up in my own head as I walked towards the bathroom that I didn’t even pay attention to my Mom talking to me. I almost tripped over the laundry basket in the middle of the hallway. My Mom laughed and asked what was going on with me. I just shrugged and told her I was tired. God, I could never tell her what was really going on. My Mom and I are close but not that close. I quickly ran into the bathroom leaving my Mom still laughing in the hallway. I felt like I was going to loose it.

I jumped into the warm shower and tried to relax. I was still so horny and couldn’t get the image of my dream out of my head. I decided I should masturbate and release all the built up tension. I was so turned on that I filled my hand with hot cum in seconds. I finished my shower and got ready for work. I then became worried that I would have to spend the day with Hannah at work. How was I going to look at her ever again without wanting to jump her? This was going to be a long day.

I got in my car and began the 15-minute drive to work. My cell chirped and I knew it was Hannah. She always calls me before work and we chat while we drive. I took a deep breath and said “Hello?” I heard that familiar laugh mixed with “What do you mean hello? Frani you better know who this is!” She was the only one who called me Frani. I loved it. I laughed it off and said of course. She picked up that something was wrong and began to try to pry it out of me. I assured her that I was just tired, which is becoming my common lie today. She was really talkative and I was glad. I wasn’t really listening to what she was saying, instead I was thinking of how sexy her voice sounded. “Stop! You are doing it again!” I said to myself. I tried to relax by taking some deep breaths as I pulled into my space. “Time to start the day Baby girl!” I quivered just hearing her say that. We hung up and I took a few deep breaths before getting out of the car.

God, she was beautiful! She was dressed in sexy skirt that hit about mid-thigh. Her legs were so long and slender. Her top was fitted to her body and showed off her beautiful breasts. I knew she was a 34B but never noticed how beautiful they were. Her hair was styled in a light wave with her face framed in shiny blonde hair. She was normally around 5’4 but had 3 inch heels on that made her legs look even better. I wanted to taste her right there in the parking lot. I got a hold of myself and gave a big smile. I had to act as normally as possible.

She looked me up and down and said, “Wow Hun, you look good today!” Why is she torturing me like this? Has she always been this flirty with me or am I taking it the wrong way. “Good to know” was all I could get out. I had to find a way to keep away from her. Bayan Escort I was racking my brain and didn’t even remember that I had the keys to the store. She laughed the way my Mom had earlier and asked if I was with it today. I nodded and unlocked the door. “How about you work out front today and I will focus on the paper work in the office. Sound good?” She gave me a look but agreed. Normally we both work out front even when the store is empty. We just spend the day chatting. Today, I don’t think I could handle it. I quickly walked to the office and closed the door.

I busied myself with boring paperwork as much as I could. I could see out into the front of the store. I couldn’t help but watch Hannah move around the store fixing the clothing displays. I could see her round, perfect ass. I was just going nuts in my chair. I could feel I was really wet again. I looked at the clock and realized a few hours had passed. We would be closing for lunch soon and I had to get some kind of release. I went into the bathroom to masturbate before having to go to lunch with Hannah. If I didn’t, I could never sit through lunch with her sitting before me.

Without me knowing, Hannah had decided to close for lunch early. She went to the office to find me but saw it was empty. I guess she assumed I was in the bathroom and came right it. I forgot to lock the door. There I was naked from the waist down with my legs spread on the loveseat in the bathroom. My hand was vigorously moving around my clit as I was approaching orgasm. I didn’t even know she was there until I heard her gasp. I looked up and saw her standing in the doorway with her mouth wide open. I just froze.

She started to smile and said, “Well miss Frani, don’t stop because of me.” I can’t believe she wants me to continue. I still hadn’t moved and just stared at her, not sure what I should do. “Keep going! I’ve always wanted to watch a girl get herself off.” Was I dreaming again? Could this really be happening? I slowly started to move my hand again but never taking my eyes off of her. She told me to close my eyes and I obeyed. Just knowing she was watching was making me hot. I could feel myself getting wet again and was starting to get into it. I pushed my shirt up and pulled my breast out of my bra. In some way I almost forgot she was there and began to pinch my nipple. I heard a moan and realized again that I wasn’t alone. I looked up and saw Hannah With her hand down her skirt and her head flipped back. I got hotter.

“Mmmmm. Ohhh Hannah” I moaned her name by accident but I was so turned on I didn’t even care. I was still working my clit and grabbing my breast. I suddenly felt a warm mouth over my nipple. My eyes flew open to see Hannah kneeling next to me with my nipple being sucked into her mouth and her hand still down her skirt.

“Mmmm. OOOHH!!” I yelled as she bit my nipple, but not in pain but extreme pleasure. I looked over to see Hannah taking her shirt and bra off. He beautiful breasts bounced free and I just had to touch them. I took her breast into my hand and played with her nipple. She groaned in pleasure and whispered my name.

I jumped as I felt her slide a finger into my dripping wet pussy. There was no fighting it, as it felt so good! I surprised myself by screaming out “OH Baby, fuck my pussy! Shove those fingers in me!” She pushed a second finger in and fucked me faster and faster.

“OOOOOHHH YES!! OH GOD! OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!” I screamed as cum shot all over Hannah’s arm and my orgasm ripped through my body. I lay there still quivering from my amazing orgasm. I gave a smile and just sighed. I didn’t want to ruin the moment.

I heard Hannah get up and say “Damn Frani, that was a big orgasm.”

“Because of you. You make me so hot.” I heard myself but it didn’t even register that I had really said it. I was still bathing in the how great that orgasm had felt. I heard that familiar sound of clothing dropping to the floor and opened my eyes. There stood Hannah, completely naked and all I could do was gasp. Her body was sexier then I had even imagined.

Hannah kneeled in front of the couch and smiled. She whispered, “Sit up and face me.” I did as she said starting to wonder what she was going to do. She continued to whisper, “Frani, you are so sexy. Your body is amazing.” She lifted my shirt above my head and took off my bra. My other breast bounced as it was freed. She cupped them in her hands and slowly licked my nipples.

“Mmmmm. Hannah, I’ve wanted you all day! Every move you made got me so hot. OHHH. Oh wow, that is so good!”

She smiled at me before spreading my legs open. I felt a wave of wetness drip out of my pussy. She hovered her face just above it and gently blew on my clit. I jerked in response and let out a loud moan, “OHHH! Please! I want you so bad!!”

She just continued blowing before slowly separating my pussy lips with her tongue. She worked it into my slit. Her mouth filled with cum from my last orgasm.

She pulled her head out and chirped, “You taste amazing! Your cum is so sweet I just want to eat you all up!”

With that she dove back in and moved her tongue deeper inside my cunt. She began fucking me with her tongue. Moving it in faster and deeper while swirling it all around. I let out a scream, “OOOHHH! OHH Baby! OHH GOD! PLEASE!” I begged her while as I tried to move my hips towards her face. I wanted her mouth on my clit so bad. She gave in and took my bulging clit into her mouth while inserting two fingers into my pussy. I was so wet and full of cum they went right in.

I begged her again. “FASTER! HARDER! OHH P-PLEASE! I want it more!!” She did as I asked and sucked on my clit as much as she could. Her fingers pounded inside me like they wanted to barrel through. I could feel my orgasm coming up fast and knew I was ready to explode.

“It’s coming. I’M CUMING! I’M CUUUUUMIIIINNNNGGGG!!” With that I covered her face in cum as it squirted from my twitching pussy. She lapped it up and swallowed every last drop.

I tried to catch my breath as she moved up my body and kissed me. I tasted my juices for the first time on her lips. It really was sweet and so was her mouth. Her full, soft lips finally touching mine. This is what I had been thinking of all day and I still wondered if I was dreaming. She looked me in the eyes and said, “We have the store to ourselves for the next hour, want to keep going?” My dream was now reality. I had such a craving to taste her pussy. I wanted it more then I ever wanted anything. I reached down to feel her pussy. It was so warm and wet. I slipped a finger inside and she moaned. I whispered, “Oh yeah but now, it is your turn. Sit on the couch, I want your pussy!”

She giggled and I could see the excitement on her face. She quickly took a seat on the couch as I moved to the floor. I returned my finger to her pussy only this time inserting two into her wet cunt. She moaned and thrust her hips against my hand. I knew she wanted it deeper so I shoved them in as deep as they would go.

“OOHH!” she screamed as I rubbed that ever so sensitive spot inside her hole. I removed my fingers and replaced them with my tongue. She moved her hips against my face forcing my tongue deeper. She tasted heavenly. She was so creamy and sweet. I could eat her all day. I couldn’t wait for her to cum to get a nice mouthful.

I licked up and down her slit and then fucked her with my tongue again. She was wiggling around on the couch moaning. She screamed, “FUCK ME FRANI! FUCK ME HARDER!” I obliged and moved my mouth to her clit and replaced my tongue with my two fingers. I sucked her protruding clit into my mouth and flicked it around with my tongue.

“OHHHHHHHH! AHHH! OOOHHHH YES!!” she yelled through the bathroom. I could tell she was already getting close so I kicked it into full swing. I shoved a third finger into her soaked pussy as I nibbled her clit. This sent her over the edge and she wailed, “OHH GOD FRANI!! I’M CUMING! OH GOD I AM CUMING! FFFFUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!” I loved hearing her dirty talk as she shot cum into my mouth filling it with the sweet juice. Her pussy contracted against my fingers deep inside her. I swallowed and licked up all her cum as she did for me. I wanted every last drop. I removed my fingers and sucked them dry. She tasted so good!

I moved onto the couch next to her and we cuddled as we kissed. We held this position for a while just pressed against each other. Hannah finally broke the silence and said, “We should get cleaned up. We have to re open the store in a few minutes.” I knew she was right but I didn’t want this to end and told her so.

She laughed and said, “Who said it had to end? There is no way we aren’t doing this again!” I smiled and kissed her again. Then I remembered that I had the house to myself tonight since my parents were going out and wouldn’t be back until morning. I jumped up from the couch and said, “Then you are coming to my house after work. The house will be empty and we can do whatever we want all night.”

She giggled and squealed, “OOH so I get to taste that sweet pussy again!” She did just that at my house that night. We both had so many orgasms that we just passed out naked on my bed.

I awoke the next morning with her hand around my pussy. She grinned and said, “YAY! You’re awake. Spread those legs and give me some cum!” I did as she asked as she plunged two fingers deep inside me.

I loudly moaned, “MMMMMMMM! OHH YES BABY!”

With that, we became lovers but still best friends. Who better to explore your sexuality then your best friend? We had sex at work, at my house and hers. Once, we even did it in the car. We wanted each other so much that we totally lost interest in guys. We introduced vibrators and dildos into our sessions.

We crave each other’s pussy when we are not together. A few months after the first hook up, we moved into a two-bedroom apartment together. The second bedroom just held my clothes and stuff, but I never slept in there. We always slept together in her room so we could have each other whenever we wanted.

No one knows of our affair. Well, now you do. Want to come join?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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