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Lola slowly turned the doorknob. Tommy continued to snore, softly and steadily, so she lightly stepped out into the hall, leaving the door cracked just a tiny bit – it would make a much quieter return. She went down the steps, which immediately descended outside the door, twisted around, and opened up into the hallway next to the kitchen. The kitchen was dark and chilly, and Lola wished she was wearing more than Tommy’s t-shirt…it barely covered her butt, but at 3 am she felt safe enough to assume that everyone was asleep. Tommy’s father was rarely home – and when he was, he usually went in into his study and shut the doors by 10. His little brother Bryan was in bed even earlier.

The dishwasher swished and swirled and she could hear the thick tocks that the family grandfather clock made. The background noise managed to cover the extremely loud gurgle of her empty stomach. She craved something sweet…she rummaged through the fridge, and all she found was leftover Chinese. Eww.

There was some yummy honey vanilla soymilk though. Maybe cereal?

She looked towards pantry and saw that on the top shelf was a box of Lucky Charms. Jackpot! She walked over and stood on her tiptoes, reaching, stretching…her fingers finally reached the corners as she grabbed the cereal…

Lola felt his hot breath on her ear, felt the slight scratch of his beard on his neck, and smelled the sweet scent of aged scotch before she even heard his voice.

“Do your parents know where you are, Lola?” His voice was low, barely above a whisper.

Her heart dropped to her feet, and her fingers dropped the cereal. It clattered to the ground.

Lola took a terrified, shuddering breath and turned to face him. Tommy’s father – Thomas, or Mr. Richards as she always called him, was towering over her. He was handsome, much like Tommy, but much more hardened and masculine. He was still wearing his work clothes – dark dress pants, a white buttoned-down shirt, and at the neck, a loosened tie. A twinge of gray accented his hairline and the stubble on his face. He leered down at her, his dark blue eyes lingering at the hemline of Tommy’s shirt and at the pink, lacy panties peeking out.

Mr. Richards swirled around his glass of scotch and the ice cubes tinkled. He was very, very close – she felt his breath against her face as he considered her. They were quiet for a moment that seemed to last longer than it should, and she began to feel a little flushed and dizzy and…wet.

He took a sip of his drink and spoke.

“I don’t recall giving you permission to stay the night, young lady.”

Lola felt her stomach drop to her feet and her face flushed red. “No sir.” She gulped. “You didn’t.”

He was quiet again, musing, and she began to feel a sense of dread creep in. She was so fucking busted. Her parents were the strictest Catholics you could ever meet. They didn’t care that she was eighteen already – she still lived with them and had to toe the line. If they found out she was spending the night with her boyfriend…she would never be allowed out again. Ever.

“I assume your parents weren’t involved in this decision either?”

She cringed. It was like he was reading her mind. “N-n-no,” she stammered. “Um. Please, can you not tell them?” He started to smirk and took another sip of his scotch. “I promise, Mr. Richards, that you will never see me over here again. I swear.” Lola’s voice started to level out a bit as she regained a little confidence. “I can leave now. I’ll go home.”

Mr. Richards cut her off. “No, no. I don’t know if you have been drinking or what you and Tommy have been up to.” He put his empty drink down on the counter. “Besides, I don’t believe you.”

Lola started to panic. “You don’t believe me? Don’t believe what?”

He Sivas Escort smirked again. “That you’ll never come back. I saw you saunter in here with that satisfied, just-been-fucked face. My son gives it to you good, doesn’t he?”

Lola stood there, shocked into silence.

He looked her up and down, openly, lewdly. “Or maybe he doesn’t. Either way, you’re the kind of little girl who needs a good, hard fucking, aren’t you?”

Lola felt the hot, wet sensation of her panties becoming completely soaked. She trembled and remained silent.

“Pick that up.” His voice was lower, gruffer, as he gestured towards the cereal, forgotten on the ground.

Lola nodded, quickly, and bent over to reach the cereal box. She felt his eyes on her ass before she felt his hands. He hooked her panties with his fingers and pulled her back into him, and she felt his hard cock on her ass through his dress pants.

It was massive.

He heard her sharp intake of breath and chuckled, then pressed upon her harder. She slowly, carefully stood up while Mr. Richards’s hand reached over and softly caressed her breasts. He pinched her nipples gently through her – Tommy’s – shirt, then slapped them just as gently. She felt his cock twitch and a soft growl escape his throat.

His lips found the back of her neck and he planted soft, tender kisses, from the base of her neck slowly up into her hairline, and Lola gasped and pressed her thighs together. She couldn’t pretend to not enjoy this. She wanted him. And he clearly wanted her. So Lola relaxed and allowed her boyfriend’s father to pinch her nipples again with his left hand while his right trailed down, down to her dripping pussy. He rudely yanked her panties down and began to finger her roughly, like a slut, like a toy.

“You are so wet, you bad little girl,” he breathed into her ear. “Did you not get enough dick earlier?”

She stayed silent. He pulled his fingers out of her snatch and very slowly, measuredly, wiped them on her lips. The smell of her own pussy was irresistible to her, and Lola began to lick his fingers clean…

Mr. Richards groaned, and shoved them further in her mouth. “Yes…”

She began to suck them, hungrily.

He withdrew his hand and stared directly in her eyes. “Take that shirt off.”

She did, nervously. He knew it was Tommy’s and her stomach twisted and the perversity of it. Her tits popped free and she stood there before him in just her panties…black, lacy, fuck-me panties. He looked at her with approval, biting his lip lewdly. “Very good.” He picked up his drink from the counter, swirled the ice cubes around, and took a sip of scotch.

“Now play with yourself.”

Lola shifted nervously, but obediently reached up and lightly twisted her nipples. They were erect, and when she touched them she felt her pussy clench involuntarily. She bit her lip, and twisted them again, harder.

He stroked his dick outside of his pants. “Good girl. Touch your pussy.”

She dipped her fingers into her pussy and began circling them around her clit…slowly at first…she was so self-conscious. But Tommy’s father’s eyes were intensely watching her, burning into her pussy.

Lola went faster…she dipped a finger inside, moaned, and looked him in the eyes, pleading for mercy.

Mr. Richards put his drink down quickly and spun her around, violently, grabbing the back of her head, forcing her lips to join his in a kiss. It was breathtaking and assaulting and bewildering. She tasted scotch and a hint of cigar as he fucked her mouth with his, stroked his lips against hers, and stopped, every so often, to bite her lip as if he were claiming her. She kissed him back, softly at first, but quickly letting go. She was hungry, Sivas Escort Bayan she was horny, and this is what she needed. She hadn’t come today – Tommy fucked her like a toy too, but lasted only a few minutes. She had been hot and wet and ready but he immediately fell asleep, as usual. She often would quietly and desperately fuck herself until she came, lightly, but it never seemed to be enough.

Mr. Richards – without breaking their kiss – began undoing his belt buckle. Lola felt her stomach clench. He undid his pants and pulled it out – that massive, bulging, stiff cock that Lola had felt earlier through her panties was in front of her face. She broke the kiss to stare.

Mr. Richards’s hand found the back of her head and began to push her down.

“There you go,” he said as she slowly bent her knees to the floor. “Good girl. Suck that dick.”

She opened her mouth and could only get the first few inches in. Lola looked up at Mr. Richards, her mouth stuffed with his cock, nervous that she wasn’t doing it right. He growled and gently but firmly pushed her head a little more against his cock.

“Relax,” he said, “Let me take it.”

She focused on breathing through her nose and relaxing her throat as Mr. Richards slid his cock in a little more, bit by bit, thrusting gently a little further each time. She whimpered and he shushed her. “Ssshh…good girl…take it…” He was more than halfway in now with each thrust. “Take that dick.”

Her pussy was clenching, pulsing, as he fucked her throat. She could hardly stand the feeling of it, knowing that he might give it to her pussy next…this massive cock, stretching her throat, taking her voice…she wanted it so deep inside of her it hurt to think of. And now it started to hurt her throat – it was too deep and he was too big – and tears came to her eyes but she didn’t want to stop.

She loved this. She needed it. And she wanted him to fill her throat with cum.

He was thrusting faster now, harder, his eyes dark and his balls hitting her chin. His hands were on her head, stabilizing her as he used her like a fucktoy.

Lola felt something began to drip down her leg and realized that it was her pussy juices. Her panties were still halfway off, and cold now because they had been so wet.

Mr. Richards was getting close, and thrust all the way in her throat. She gagged as he fucked her throat one, two, three times, and held in the last thrust before pulling out suddenly. She gasped, feeling empty, and moved to take his cock in her mouth again, but he took it and smacked her face with it.

“No, beautiful, this is not over yet.” He pulled her up and wiped her face with his tie before kissing her gently, almost sweetly. He gripped her ass possessively. “Let’s go.” He slapped her asscheek and walked down the hall, then stopped at the doorway to his room. “Are you coming?”

Of course she was.

Lola had only been in the master bedroom twice before – both times with Tommy to steal Mr. Richards’s liquor. It was stored in the top shelf in the dresser in the walk-in closet.

Not that that mattered now, because the moment the door was shut Mr. Richards shoved her back against the wall, put one hand around her neck, yanked her panties down, and entered her a single, violent thrust.

She moaned like a whore and whispered, “yes…” He stayed there for a moment, kissing her lips softly, shifting his dick in her slightly to help her adjust. He moved his hands to cup her ass and hold her hips up against the wall, holding his cock still in her, letting her breathe. Lola moaned again, her breathing hitched – she wanted more, she wanted him to move.

So Lola wiggled her hips slightly and whimpered. She was panting now, softly. Escort Sivas “Please…” she said. “Please fuck me Mr. Richards.”

“Good girl,” he whispered in her ear, squeezing her ass possessively. He licked her earlobe sloppily, drunkenly, and bit it hard, and she felt an electric pulse down to her pussy. “You need this cock, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispered back, and whimpered again. She could hardly contain her need. Her pussy was squeezing tightly around his cock

Mr. Richards tightened his grip around her hips and moved her higher up the wall to better fuck her. He pulled out, slowly, and moved slowly back in. He was deliberate – mercilessly slow. She started moving her hips against his, faster, gyrating. His breath hitched and she felt him get harder, though it didn’t seem like that was possible.

He growled and fucked her harder. Faster. She felt his fat cock slide in and out and she was so wet it was too easy, fucking him, too good, too deep…she felt him hit the back wall of her pussy and he growled and moved one of his hands to her throat. His hand tightened and he started to fuck her pussy savagely.

She could hardly take this. Lola felt like she was spinning, her stomach clenched, deliciously, and she began to feel an orgasm creeping in. Tommy’s father’s hard cock was impaling her, and his hold on her throat made her let go of all thought. She closed her eyes and moaned and lived and breathed the ecstasy of that moment.

Mr. Richards growled and kissed her. “Come for me, you dirty little girl.”

Her pussy clenched violently against his cock, fucking her harder, fucking her faster.

“Come for daddy.”

She flew into a million pieces, her ego destroyed, the power of her cum blinding her as he fucked her faster.

“Yes, fuck.”

She was still coming.

“Oh good girl…oh fuck…”

She was still fucking coming and somehow started coming more. In her toes. In her fingers. She screamed.

“Fuckk…yes please daddy…fuckkkk.”

He groaned, and one, two, slammed into her pussy and then filled her with delicious cum. His body jerked as he came, his breaths ragged, his eyes shut. The sight of it and the feel of his hot cum hitting her pussy made her immediately cum again and clench on his pulsing cock. His hand let go of her throat and she buried her face in his neck, moaning, her hips gyrating on his wet, still-stiff cock as she came again.

Mr. Richards snaked his arms around her hips and squeezed her tightly, still panting. His hair was damp and disheveled, and his shirt and tie were clinging to his chest. He smelled so masculine. She breathed him in deep, and he carried her over to his bed and laid her down gently.

He admired her body as he took off his tie. She stretched – twisted her back – showed him her curves as he unbuttoned his shirt. He growled a little and quickly took off his pants and tackled her in bed.

They wrestled for a minute – Lola giggling and yet breathless – until Tommy’s father sat her on his hips, reclining back and holding her thighs right where they met her body.

“You are so pretty, you sweet young thing.” He closed his eyes and bit his lip. Lola wiggled her pussy on his cock and she felt it twitch, felt it harden just a little, but it was too late. He was asleep, out as quickly as a light.

She watched him breathe for a minute, and admired the defined muscles on his chest as they softly rose and fell. But then she felt it. The guilt.

It hit her belly first and then made her feel dizzy. What the fuck had she done?

Lola quickly got up and went into the hallway…into the kitchen…snatched up Tommy’s shirt from the floor where it lay. Her heart started pounding as she thought about what had just happened and how Tommy would feel if he knew.

She felt his father’s cum drip slowly down her thigh and her pussy clenched, deliciously. Fucking damn it. She decided it was time for a long, hot shower…maybe she could wash the shame away.

Or maybe she would do it again tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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