Lonely Hearts

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Meet Eric and Katya. The two live as neighbors at a duplex house on the corner of Cromwell Avenue and Lagosa Street. They have a lot in common, but they don’t know each other; except that they are neighbors. For Valentine’s Day it may just be a typical day for them, but a conversation in the chat room will make a connection between the two.

Eric is a 34 year old Spanish male with black hair and a slender build. His daily life is work, sleep, and surf the internet. He has been divorced for quite some time and he rarely goes out to meet people. He owns his place and loves where he lives. His neighbor, Katya is an attractive 36 year old Russian woman with piercing green; deep-set eyes, auburn red-hair, and a beautiful build. Since her divorce, she too leads the same lifestyle as Eric. All she does is work, sleep, and surf the internet. She goes out on the occasion; usually to shop, but doesn’t mingle with people very much. Plus, she enjoys living at a place she owns next door to Eric. The two have crossed each other a few times, but never formally met. If they only knew how much they have in common about each other.

It all began one Tuesday evening when Eric, whose screen name is Tiger met Katya; screen name Diamondgirl, online. Their conversation began with introductions and simple chats, but the two became quickly acquainted. They shared many things they have in common, like, their relationship status and what they normally do on their spare time.

The two told each other what they do for a living and where they work; coincidentally, they work in the downtown area. Eric is a librarian at the Central Library, and Katya works as a hotel manager at a luxury hotel. The two talked for hours until it was time to go to bed. Their conversation left them feeling that there was a possible connection. They hoped to see each other online the next day.

Wednesday begins like any other day. Both Eric and Katya lead their separate; daily lives. Throughout the day, they have crossed each other several times without knowing who they are online. They ride the light rail to work, and they order lunch at a deli not far from their workplaces. Their schedules are almost alike, except that Eric comes home an hour later, and sometimes he eats at a local diner a couple of blocks away from home.

As the evening comes, Katya comes home. She changes her clothes for something more comfortable, and then she unwinds by making herself a cup of tea and warming her leftover dinner that she made from the previous day. After finishing her dinner, she logs on her computer to see if she could meets with Eric again. Apparently, he is not online. Instead, she sends him an email.

Meanwhile, Eric comes home carrying his take-out. He sets his food on the table, so he can unwind. He logs on his computer and checks his email. He reads and email that was sent by Katya and it reads:

From: Diamondgirl

To: Tiger

Subject: No Subject

Hey, I had a great time talking with you last night and I hope to talk more with you.


Eric sends an email reply, and then gets changed to his house clothes. He relaxes on the couch and watches t.v., while eating his take out food. The time passes to 10pm and he becoming tired. He turns off the t.v. and checks his computer to see if Katya returned his email. There was no response, so he turns of his computer and heads to bed.

Several hours later, Eric wakes up in the middle of the night. He tosses and turns, as he tries to fall back asleep. He gets up to check the time on his alarm clock. It reads 2:30AM. Frustrated, he gets out of bed and walks to the living room to surf the internet. He turns on this computer, and walks to the kitchen to get himself a glass of water. As he returns, he checks his email and discovers a response from Katya and it reads:

From: Diamondgirl

To: Tiger

Subject: RE: No subject

Hi Eric, I ‘m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I fell asleep as I waited for you…

Before Eric could finish reading his email, Katya’s screen name, Diamondgirl appears in a popped-up instant message window. The two chat online under their screen names.

Diamondgirl: Hi Eric.

Tiger: Katya, Hi. I couldn’t sleep. I checked to see if you were online.

Diamondgirl: I have a confession to tell you.

Tiger: What kind of confession? I hope you’re not going to tell me that you’re a man.

Diamondgirl: LOL. No. I am a woman, very much woman. I was up thinking about you too.

Tiger: Me too, I had trouble sleeping because I was thinking about you.

Diamondgirl: So you feel that way too?

Tiger: Yeah. Hey, why don’t we exchange phone numbers so we can talk on the phone? I’d like to hear your voice.

Diamondgirl: Well, I hope you can understand my accent.

The two exchange their phone numbers over the internet, and logged off when they finished. Eric returns to his bedroom to get his cell phone, and call Katya. When Katya picks up, on the other line, he is amazed by the sound of bursa escort her voice.

“You have a lovely voice” he complimented.

Katya, on the other line, giggles “No, you just like my accent.”

For a while, the two talk over the phone. They were getting to know more about each other. There is a comfort between Eric and Katya; they can share anything with each other. Somewhere in the conversation Katya becomes flirtatious with Eric over his real name.

“I love the name Enrique.” She adds “It sound so six-swen-yay”

He chuckles and asks, “What does that mean?”

She answered, “Sexy. I love your name and I call you Enrique from now on.” She continues; flirtatiously moaning out his name, but this time she speaks in Spanish, “Aye Enrique, siempre hablo claro su nombre, consigo esta comezón dentro de mí y tengo ganas de quererle más.”

Translation: Oh Enrique, everytime I speak out your name, I get this tingle inside me and I feel like wanting you more.

So amazed that he compliments Katya “Wow, I didn’t know you can speak Spanish perfectly.”

“I speak three languages. You like? I speak more”

The thought of hearing Katya on the other line has left Eric feeling hard. There is a minute of silence and two become turned on, that they express their urges. Eric reaches down his shorts to stroke himself. Meanwhile, Katya slides her hand down herself. She lets out a sensuous moan over the phone. She calls out his name “Enrique” and masturbates herself. She continues to tell him Spanish of how she would want to be treated in bed.

“Enrique, quiero sentirme su largo y difícil mí dentro de mí. No piense en nosotros apasionadamente jodiendo hasta que yo cum sobre usted y usted cum en mí.”

Translation: Enrique, I want to feel your long and hard self inside me. Think of us passionately fucking until I cum on you and you cum in me.

Eric whispers out to Katya “I want you.”

She responds back “I want you so bad.”

The phone sex goes on for a while, until Katya’s moan grow louder and louder. Eric is stroking himself faster, while Katya is rubbing herself harder. Eric can feel his balls ready to tremble and he tries to hold his release, but he spasms uncontrollably and lets out his first ooze. He gives out a hard grunt as he cums on himself. Katya, on the other line, can hear what Eric did. Just hearing him cum has caused her body to squirm and orgasm. She gives off a hard moan over the phone. The sound of ecstasy is heard from each other.

Eric, ecstatic from the phone sex experience, says “Wow! I can’t believe it happened!”

She replies, “Me too.” She adds “Enrique, I have confession.”

Eric chuckles, “What’s your confession?”

Katya pauses. She wants to tell him how she feels about him, but she holds back; due to awkward timing.

“I have never done this before.”

He replies, “Me neither.”

Although, the felt wierded-out they were comfortable, and they talked for another while until they were finally tired and went to sleep. But not before they said their good nights.

Their Thursday morning begins with the two waking up to a sensuous feeling in the air. Their whole day will become very unusual, as their daily routines are slowed from their infatuations of each other. At the Central Library, Eric is working putting books away on the shelves, but he realizes that he is placing them in the wrong periodical sections. All day, he can’t help thinking about Katya. But every time he thinks of her his cock grows under his slacks and he becomes embarrassed; afraid the library patrons will get the wrong impression if they approached him for assistance.

Katya, on the other hand, was making several mistakes at her job. She printed out the wrong reports. She nearly short-changed a customer, who decided to pay their room with cash, and she lost her words when the phone rang as she called a customer Eric, instead of a formal business salutations. During their lunch breaks, the two were nearly a danger to themselves, because they didn’t look both ways from on-coming traffic. As the day turns into early evening hours, Katya couldn’t believe what’s happened to her. All she can think about was Eric and last night. As her shift comes to an end, she sends an email to Eric from her job.

Meanwhile, Eric is stacking reference books on the cart, rolls past a row of computers. He sets the cart aside and goes on the computer, to quickly check for any emails from Katya. To his surprise he receives it and reads it. The email reads:

From: Diamondgirl

To: Tiger

Subject: Last night.

Eric, what did you do to me? I could not stop thinking about you. I was making mistakes like never before and I couldn’t stay focus on what I’m doing. I really can’t wait to see you online tonight. I thought about meeting you at work, and take you to a room where we can. (Hint) Please come home tonight. I want to do it again.


Eric cock grows after reading the email. He just can’t wait until tonight. In fact, bursa escort bayan he decides to reply to Katya and sends out a very hot; mouth-watering email. As soon as he finishes, he closes out the window and returns to work, but not until he was caught by his supervisor. Embarrassed, he clears his throat and hopes that his boss didn’t notice his erection.

Later that evening, Katya comes home. She sets aside her coat and immediately logs on her computer. She notices an email response from Eric. It reads:

From: Tiger

To: Diamondgirl

Subject: RE: Last night.

Katya, I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day. In fact, just thinking of your name has given me a hard on all day. Now here’s what I want you to do while I’m at work, think of yourself sitting on a chair, with your legs spread open and I eat you out. Think of me as I suck on your nipples and you lick my fingers, when you beg me to fuck you. Think of me when I then insert my cock in you and fuck you until you beg me to cum. You and I exchange saliva as we kiss and I suddenly compliment your pussy with a hot load all over you. I can’t to meet you online.


The anticipation from the email made her feel very wet. Since she could not sit still, she raises her skirt and sinks her hand down her panties and begins rubs herself. She caresses her clit and makes circle motions around it. Her moans begin to grow louder as she picks up momentum from rubbing herself. Her eyes are closed with an imagination about Eric, and she becomes breathless as she is approaches orgasm. She rubs harder and faster until her body goes into euphoric stage. She can barely stay in her seat as her body tenses. The orgasm gave her an explosive feeling in her body, causing her to squirm uncontrollably. Once her orgasm settles down, she manages catch her wind, send a reply email to Eric.

An hour later, Eric comes home. He hangs his coat in the closet and gets settled. He goes to the fridge to get his leftover take-out food from last night, and warms it up in the microwave. While he waits for his leftover to warm up, he goes to his computer and logs on to see if there was reply from Katya. He noticed Katya sent a replied email and it reads:

From: Diamondgirl

To: Tiger

Subject: No Subject

Enrique, that letter you sent me made me very hot inside. I can’t wait to see you online tonight.


Eric smiles. He can’t wait until he chats with her. All this anticipation for Katya took away his appetite to finish his dinner. His cell phone rings, on the other line is Katya, so he answers, “Hello?”

Katya, on the other line asks “Enrique, what are you doing?”

He replies, “Just getting in, I thought you were going to be online?”

Out of nowhere, she demands “Change of plans. Come get naked, I’m really horny.”

Eric’s reaction from Katya’s request made his cock painfully hard. The two take off their pants and begin having phone sex. Katya, naked from the waist below is rubbing herself. Her eyes are closed and she slowly squirm her body from the rhythm of her masturbation. Meanwhile, at Eric’s place he is slowly caressing his stiffening cock, while he overhears Katya on the other line moaning softly. The two exchanges their moans, until Katya’s moans grow louder. He listens carefully and jerks off only enough to detect Katya climaxing. So he won’t cum prematurely. Katya finally climaxes and cries out over the phone, “Fuck, I’m going to cum!”

Eric strokes his cock hard, until he releases his juices all over himself. He lets out a hard groan, while he overhears Katya orgasm from the other line. As the two begin to catch wind, they talk.

Katya; suddenly seductively compliment him “You are very… Zakh-va-tuvy-shii.”

Eric laughs and replies “What ever that means, thanks.”

“Addictive.” She adds, “You are very addictive. I was thinking about coming over to your place and fuck you. All through the day I was thinking about you. I was making a lot of mistakes. Whatever you did to me, made me feel… well you know.”

“Yeah, I know. But is what we feel real or just lust?” He asks.

She replies “We just wait and see. Where do you live?”

“Cromwell Avenue, and you?” he asks.

Excited, she continues “I live on same block, where?”

“Lagosa Street.” He adds, “Why? You live there too.”

Katya’s reaction is in disbelief. She wonders if the guy she has feelings for lives next door to her. She immediately replies a different answer. “No, I live on other side of town. I wondered what if we live next door to each other.”

“Wow! That would be dreams come true.” He adds, “We could spend a lot of nights together. Go to your place or my place for dinner, except I don’t cook very well. We could watch movies together at home and have lots of time to catch up. It’s been years since I’ve been with someone. However, I don’t even know my next door neighbor. She’s a young woman who says hi and bye to me, but never says a word.”

Katya wants to confess, but escort bursa she restrains herself from telling Eric and tells him “I wished I did live next door to you and I could cook for you.”

Eric replies “If you were here at my door. I’d probably want to see you in a lingerie serving me dinner.”

She laughs, “Maybe.”

Eric asks, “So Why do you call yourself Diamondgirl?”

Seductively, she answers “Because I have a real diamond piercing on my navel. And why do you call yourself Tiger, is it you have the strength of a tiger in bed?”

Eric blushes and laughs. “Naw, I could. But I was born in ’74. The Year of the Tiger”

“I was born in 1972, what year is that?”

“Year of the Rat.” He answered.

She laughs and replies “I’m not a rat. I am a woman, remember. Very woman.”

“How woman?” He asks.

“Very woman, you’ll see, and no I’m not huge. Just woman.”

Eric laughs, “I didn’t think of that. And I probably wouldn’t care. Let’s meet on Valentine’s Day. We could go someplace for dinner.”

Katya becomes silent for a few seconds. She’s worried that Eric will find out that she doesn’t across town, but she doesn’t want to refuse. She replies, “I’d like that. Want to meet after work?

“Sure. Valentine’s is Monday and it’s Thursday. What do we do for the next several days?” He asks.

“We do what we normally do over the phone. Maybe when we meet, we go to my place. I might serve you dinner in my lingerie.”

Eric smiles and replies “Mmm, I get to have dessert after dinner.”

They laugh and continue to talk throughout the night.

The very next day, Katya leaves work to go on her lunch break. Instead of going to the deli down the street, she goes to the Central Library to see what Eric looks like. As she enters, she looks around to see if she could recognize him. She crosses the reference desk, and she sees Eric placing books on the desk, while he talks to his co-worker. She recognizes his voice, and approaches the reference desk to see if she if could read his work badge. Once she confirms that the work badge has Eric’s name on it. Eric; not recognizing Katya asks “Hi how may I help you?”

Katya becomes pale and doesn’t answer. She feared that her accent will give way to Eric recognizing her.

Eric then calls her out. “Hey, I know you. You live next door to me.”

Katya freezes and then she nods.

He continues, “You don’t speak English. You from Russia?” She nods. As she grabs a book from the desk.

Eric continues, “We’ve live next door and we never introduced. I’m Eric and you are?”

Nervously she answers, but she alters her voice to a timid tone “Rina”

“Nice to meet you. Is there anything I can help you with?”

Katya takes a quick glance at the title of the book and it reads “English Dictionary” she smiles and replies,

“No, I need to read this book. But thank you anyway.”

“Okay, well nice meeting you.” Eric returns to work and Katya walks away carrying the dictionary. She realizes that Eric didn’t recognize her voice. She carries the dictionary and places it at a desk near the exit. She leaves the Central Library Building to return to work.

The time moves forward for Katya to leave work. She sets her handbag on the desk, and places her keys on top of the handbag as she gives her shift relief the details about some reservations. Outside, there is a nasty storm pouring both rain and snow and Katya is becoming concerned about catching the light rail train. She clocks out, grabs her handbag; not realizing that she dropped her house keys to the floor, and hurries outside to catch the light rail train that is docking at the station. She barely makes it to the train on time, but she is partially soaked. Throughout the train ride home, she thinks of ways she would like to approach Eric, after meeting him. She is also wants to tell him the truth, because of what she told where she lived.

As the train approaches her station she gets off and walks home. She stands in front of a puddle she doesn’t realize, and a passing bus speeds by splashing a wave of slush and water over her. Her hair suddenly soaked and her make up is running from the results of the splash. Frustrated, she walks home.

Once she arrives at her place on Lagosa, she digs her hands down her coat pockets and realizes that she is missing her house keys. She reaches for her cell phone in her other pocket and it is out service, because it is damaged from the splash. She realizes that her night is going to get bad; all she can do is wait for Eric to arrive.

An hour passed, and Eric arrives at the door soaked and wet. He notices Katya; whom he only knows her as Rina, drenched and shivering.

“Rina, are you okay?”

Katya responds, “Yes. I lost my keys.”

“You’re welcome to stay at my house, until we can figure a way to get you in.”

She smiles and without reluctance she nods. They enter Eric’s place and they take off their coats to hang dry. The two enter the living room, and Eric kicks off his shoes.

“You’ll have to excuse my appearance. My maid quit on me.”

She giggles, “Your place looks fine.”

“Thank you.” He continues, “You’re shivering. Would you like to wait here, while I get some clothes for you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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