Looking For A Cold Drink

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The sun was so hot she almost felt like she was melting. “Damn, I wish I had a cold drink.” This morning when she had left the sun was just starting to take the chill out of the morning air.

It was early when she struck out on her journey. Looking for wild plants to transplant around her yard, she had gone wandering, shovel and wagon in tow. The air was still crisp and her body shivered as she stepped outside. “Brrrrr!” She could feel the cool air chill her damp hair, and goose bumps stood out on her skin. Dressed for the heat later in the day, she could feel her nipples harden against the cool morning air. Pulling her hoodie on, she thought of how much she enjoyed the early summer mornings, before the hot air made the world feel like it was standing still.

It was that cool morning air she thought of now as the sun shone hot in the sky. The wagon held the treasured plants she had found so far. Deciding to turn back before the wagon got to heavy to pull, and longing for something icy cold to drink, she headed back down the hill side. Going downhill was definitely easier, especially with the wagon full. She had long shed her hoodie, walking in her bikini top, feeling the sun warm her skin. The farther she walked the hotter and stiller the air felt. She stopped and undid the top, stretching her arms above her head, basking in the feel of the sun’s hot rays on her breasts. She loved to be naked in the sun, letting it envelope her in its warmth.

Leaning back against his truck he wiped his brow. Today was not the best day to be out putting up a fence, the heat was crazy out. Only 6 more posts and he was calling it a day. As he reached for his gloves, he realized he had left his pick axe down by the creek. He had stopped there earlier to cool off, splashing the refreshing water over his face and head. “Okay, 6 more posts, and a hike back to the creek, then I’ll call it a day,” he thought to himself.

She broke from the soft shade of the trees and found herself at the edge of a small creek. The water was shimmering with the sunshine and the sound of the rippling water enticed her closer. Well, it wasn’t a drink but it would feel wonderful just to wade in it. She slowly walked across the rocky shore and dipped her toes into the water. The icy cold sent a shock through her leg; she quickly pulled her foot out and bent to rub her arms with water. Although it was cold, it felt so refreshing. Looking around her she saw a log jutting out of the water farther down the creek. She went back to the wagon and pulled it into the shade. The plants would have to wait, it was so quiet and peaceful, and all she wanted to do was sit and enjoy the magnificent scenery. She spread her hoodie out and sat on the log, splashing her feet into the water. As the sounds and smells held her attention, she felt the heat drain her body. Moving to where the log was flatter she laid back. This was what summer was all about.

Finally he could see the clearing in the trail ahead. It led straight to the creek; he had walked it a million times. It was his oasis; he loved everything about the area; the sound of the creek as it rushed over the rocky bed, the trees towering above him, the smell of the fresh, running water, the mountains looming in the background. It was here he felt the most at home.

As he reached down to grab his axe he glanced over to his favorite spot, the old log that rested part way in the water. “Jesus,” the heat was playing with his mind. He could have sworn he saw a woman lying on the log. Couldn’t be, but just to be sure he wasn’t getting heat stroke, he decided to take a closer look. Climbing his way over the rocks and shrubs he came upon a sight that took his breath away. It wasn’t the heat, there was a woman lying there……a half naked woman to boot! “Where the hell did she come from?” he wondered. He’d seen a lot of beautiful sights around here but never one like this. He didn’t know what to do. Should he say something, or gently touch her. He didn’t want to startle her, and he was pretty sure she thought she was alone out here. This was too unreal; it had to be some kind of joke, his buddies pulling some sort of prank on him. He glanced around but all he could see was the great outdoors and this woman.

As he looked at her he was mesmerized. Her blonde hair shone in the sun, cascading off the log. All she had on were denim shorts and sneakers. The sun had turned her skin to a golden-brown and her cheeks were rosy from being in the heat. God, she was beautiful. She was the one, the woman he had seen in his dreams. And now here she was, only a few feet away from him and he was too stunned to move. All the sights and sounds that a few moments before were all he could focus on were gone; all he could see now was her. Still unsure of what to do, he crept quietly forward. His hand reached out to touch her shoulder. Her skin felt soft and hot. Still she didn’t move, yet he knew from her breathing that she had fallen asleep. Not wanting to scare her, but feeling the need to touch her again, his hand took on a mind of its own. Softly he stroked her hair. Kartal Escort It felt like silk between his fingers. As he gazed at her his eyes took in the sight of her chest rising and falling as she breathed. Her breasts rose with pink nipples straining to reach the sun. Again his hand took over and he gently glided his palm over her breast. His hand was not the only thing with a mind of its own. He could feel his groin tighten against his jeans. He cupped her warm breast and it filled his hand. As he pulled his hand away he watched her nipple harden, and felt his own erection growing harder. “Damn, this is too much,” he thought to himself, “If she wakes up I’ll scare the hell out of her.” Yet he couldn’t make himself move away from her, her half naked body had made time stand still.

She stirred softly, somewhere in the never land of sleep. Her dreams had taken her to somewhere warm and she could feel soft caresses on her bare skin. God it felt good. Letting the dream take her farther, she floated down into it, her body hovering on the edge of blissful sleep.

He knelt beside the log and saw the sweat glistening on her body. Her scent was filling his mind with ideas he knew couldn’t happen. As soon as she opened her eyes and saw him looming over her she’d be screaming her head off. Common sense told him he should either just walk away or step back and try to wake her without scaring the hell out of her. There was no way he wanted to wake her though, he wanted to watch her, to touch her, to lose himself in the sight and smell of her. After dreaming of this girl for so long the last thing he wanted was for her to be frightened of him.

He brought his hand to her chest and traced down the middle of her breasts. Her skin was smooth and slick. Her body felt like velvet under his rough, calloused hands. His fingers grazed her nipples and again he watched them harden from his touch.

In her dream she felt the touch, felt her nipples grow hard, felt the strong urge for them to be touched again. She sighed and arched her back towards the touch.

Watching her reaction only made him want her more. His cock was tight and hard, straining against his pants. He wondered how it would feel; her nipple in his mouth. The tight, pink bud against his lips, against his tongue. Slowly he lowered his head toward her, deeply breathing in the smell of her. He could feel the heat from her skin against his lips, he was so close. Gently he brushed his tongue against her. She tasted like sweet salt, like nothing he’d ever tasted before. His tongue flicked against her nipple and it tightened under his touch. Parting his lips he drew her into his mouth, swirling his tongue around her. Her breath caught in a gasp and again she arched toward the exquisite feeling.

His mind was swirling with heat and lust. He raised his head up and watched as her hands went to her own breasts, kneading them, her fingertips toying with the nipples. He joined his hands with hers and she rubbed them against her chest, her breathing growing more rapid.

He knew now he could no longer just walk away. His cock was so stiff he didn’t think he’d be able to walk anywhere right now. His balls were tight, the pressure in them building and wanting to escape. He gently slid one hand down the length of her stomach. As he brushed the top of her shorts her hips rose up and she moaned softly. She reached her hand down between her thighs, rubbing herself. Gingerly he let his hand follow hers, to the spot he wanted to lose himself in. If he thought her body was hot, it was nothing compared to what he felt as his hand stroked the heat between her legs. He could feel the moisture from her through the shorts. The dampness drove him wild. He brought his hand to his face and breathed in the scent of her.

She could feel the yearning building in her body, her lips swelling and her clitoris longing to be touched. Yes, that touch. She felt it; she was losing herself in it.

Had he not been so entranced with what was going on he would have been truly amazed. Here was this woman he’d found, at the end of his trail, like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Not only had he found her but here he was touching her, kissing her and oh so desperately wanting her. And by the looks of things she was wanting something too, and wanting it more each time he touched or kissed her.

As he rubbed the spot between her legs his head dropped and his teeth bit at her nipple. She moaned louder and pressed her hot wetness against his hand harder. Again and again he nipped at her, flicked his tongue against her. Before he’d even realized what had happened she had twined her fingers into his hair and was pulling him against her breast.

His jeans were too much, they had to be undone. His cock had grown so hard that he felt like he would burst. With one hand he reached down and undid his pants, easing himself free. He grasped his hardness with one had and stroked slowly, while his other hand massaged her. He was almost to the point that he might just have to let go, the sweet, intense pressure was becoming Kartal Escort Bayan too much to hold back. The air was hot and thick as he breathed deeply, watching her body writhing under his touch. He could tell by the way she moved that she too was close to cumming, and she had yet to open her eyes. His mind told him that if she came there would be no way he could hold himself back. He heard her breath come harder and faster. He gazed at her, the shimmer of her hair, the glistening skin, her breasts naked in the sun, and his eyes were drawn to where his hand was. He could smell her, it was driving him crazy. He stroked his cock faster, knowing that she would cum against his hand at any moment. Or she would wake up, and he knew he would never get this chance again. He laid his head against her stomach and breathed her in. He kissed his way down to where the heat was building in her, tasting her thighs, his tongue running against her skin. God, she tasted good.

Her body was giving in to itself, to the pleasure it was feeling. The deep feeling inside her made her body quiver and she felt it building intensely. Let go, her body told her. She felt her body shiver with anticipation and excitement, felt the heat burst and lost herself in the sensation.

He felt her tense and heard her gasp of pleasure as she came against him, her body arching and bucking. He could feel the hot juices flow from within her, saw the dampness spread against her shorts. His body jerked and he grasped himself tighter, he too letting go, his hot cum spurting with force. He shook with the release, his body draining its strength. He straddled the log where her legs had slid over the edge and tried to calm himself. His body may be spent, but his mind was still full with the need to feel more of her.

Her body felt hot. Every nerve in her tingled. More, she wanted more. She had been sated in one way but was still full of desire. Slowly she blinked her eyes open and pushed herself up from the log. Much to her surprise there was a man sitting right beside her, with a look on his face that said he had enjoyed her nap as much as she had.

Speechlessly he watched her as she awoke. Maybe, if he didn’t move, she wouldn’t scream or run or possibly attack him. He held his breath and stared into her blue eyes. At least he had tucked himself away before she had awoken.

She smiled at him. He looked more frightened than she felt. That made her laugh. Her gaze fell on his body, his hair damp with sweat. Apparently it was not just a dream and this stranger had brought her to the place where her body loved to be, where she still wanted to be. Reaching out she took his hand and brought it to her breast. Her heart was still racing and his hand felt strong against her as his fingers splayed across her nipple. Again she felt the touch on her nipple shoot threw her body to the already damp spot between her thighs.

He was frozen, couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, he was barely remembering to breath he thought to himself. Her smile was beautiful and her laughter bounced off the trees. “There are angels on earth,” he whispered quietly. He almost jumped out of his skin when she reached forward and took his hand to her chest. He felt he should say something, do something. He knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to see the rest of her naked, to feel her moisture against him, to lick and taste the dampness of her, to lose himself in the deepness of her. As though reading his mind, she drew herself up off the log and, locking her eyes with his, undid the buttons on her shorts. “Breath, man, breath,” he had to tell himself. She stood before him, unclothed and beautiful, the sun casting itself in a halo around her. Looking to where her legs met he could see the wetness glistening in her pubic hair. He felt his loins stir again.

She watched him as she got up off the log. His eyes said so many things to her, but mostly the one thing that she wanted to know. He wanted her, she could see it. She held his gaze as she gently slid her shorts down and stepped out of them. The sun felt glorious against her skin, the breeze coming across the creek brushing against her. She reached out and touched her fingertip to his lips, “Shhh,” she told him, “No words.” Softly she traced the outline of his lips, wanting to feel them on her when she was awake. She reached for his hand and rested his palm on her cheek. Turning her head she drew one of his fingers into her mouth. Flicking the end of it with her tongue, she heard his breathing start to grow stronger.

As she stood by the log, her eyes filled with passion and lust, he knew he would have her. His hand ran the length of her leg, her skin smooth, running up until his fingers found the soft hair curling with wetness.

Tenderly he brushed his fingers against her swollen lips, finding the nub at the top, and began to stroke at it with his thumb. He felt her press herself against the palm of his hand, rubbing herself against the roughness of it. She whimpered softly as he stroked harder. He felt her legs part for him, welcoming him, Escort Kartal wanting him to feel her heat inside. His fingers found there way inside her and the muscles grabbed at him. Her scent filled his senses, the heat from her and from the sun making it the only thing he could smell.

The blood rushed from every inch of her body. Her clit felt like it was on fire as he thumbed at it. The muscles inside her longed to have something to clench against. Moving her leg she made room for him to reach into her. As his fingers found her she gasped and pushed herself farther, grinding against them. She laid her hands on his chest and gently pushed him down onto the log. Again holding his gaze, this time she undid his jeans. She felt his body stiffen as her fingers brushed against his hardness. Her hand enveloped him and guided his cock from his jeans. He was so hard and the sun caught the gleam of liquid on the tip of his erection. Bending she licked the sensitive head of his cock, tasting his saltiness.

He watched as her blonde hair fell across his abdomen. Felt the soft roughness of her tongue as she licked him. He could feel the blood pulsing in his stiffness, his mind full of want. Exactly what he wanted more he wasn’t sure. To feel the heat from within her or to feel the heat from her lips wrapped around him. All he knew right now was that he had somehow died on the trail and ended up in heaven. His head fell back against his shoulders as his body felt the flick of her tongue against him. Sharply he drew in his breathe, it would first be the heat from her lips. She had taken him into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. He reached with one hand and pulled back her hair, watching as she sucked on him, taking him farther into her mouth. His heartbeat was racing. The fingers from his other hand tangles in the blonde silk of her hair, holding it back so he could watch as she suckled on him.

His cock was long and hard, filling her mouth, the saltiness of him hitting her tongue. She could feel his body tensing as she took him deeper. Her tongue licked at the length of him, the hardness of him. She felt her own juices running hot down her thighs as his fingers dug deeper into her. Her lips felt so swollen and full. She could feel the twitch in her clit as she slid against his open palm. Her head dipped up and down as she sucked on him. Her hand sought out his balls, gently caressing them, she learned every inch of his maleness with her tongue.

If she didn’t stop soon he was not going to be able to hold back the pressure she had built inside him.

Gently pulling her hair, he raised her head. He did not want to cum yet and soon there would be no stopping it. He pulled his fingers from within her and brought them to his lips. The taste of her drove him wild. He gathered his strength and pulled himself up and dropped to his knees beside her. Kissing the inside of her thigh, licking his way higher and higher. Deeply he breathed her in, his tongue coming close to the fire she had burning in her.

Her legs felt as though they would buckle underneath her as his tongue made its way up her leg. The breeze cooled her skin where his tongue had left a hot trail. Her body quivered with eagerness, wanting to feel his lips on hers, his tongue licking at her, burying itself inside her. She felt the flick as he found her clit. His tongue felt hot and she felt like she would explode.

Slowly he licked at her, catching the nub between his teeth, pulling at her with his lips. He could hear her moaning growing louder, feel the heat rising from her against his cheeks. His tongue ran the length of her opening, catching the clit and brushing at it. Pulling his way down he drove his tongue into the essence of her, deeply, tasting the passion in her. His senses were on fire; he could hear her breath coming in hard gasps, he could feel her heat, he could see her body quiver with each dig of his tongue, he could smell the pungent scent of her, and he could taste the sweetness of her as her body drew closer to the edge of ecstasy.

His tongue stabbed into her. She felt every muscle in her body tighten. Her hands grasped at his head and she strained against him. God, she was so close to cumming, to squirting her hotness all over him. She opened her eyes to look down at him, and that did it. What she saw was the one thing that drove her crazy. His hand was wrapped around his cock, pumping at himself. Between what his tongue was doing to her and the sight of him, cock in hand, her body gave in to the blissful feeling. “Oh God,Yes!” she cried out and she felt the intensity of her orgasm as the burning juice flowed from within her.

His world spun as he watched the honey liquid flow from her. “Gotta have her now,” he thought to himself, the need to feel his cock buried deep inside her was so powerful that he almost came just thinking about it. How she would feel wrapped around him, her muscles clenching and straining, pushing and pulling at his rock-hardness. He jumped to his feet and took her gently by the shoulders, turning her back to him; he laid her across the log. He watched as she arched towards him, wanting him inside her. He guided himself to her open wetness, the heat from her touching the head of his cock, making his body shudder with the thought of being inside her.

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