Lori Grows Up Pt. 21

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by NICHOLX, 12.20.21, 1.7K words

Lori got up in the middle of the night, awakened by the eerie howling of the wind. It sounded as if it were calling her name; she recalled her childhood and mom calling her in for supper, when she was out playing in the snow. Simpler days, happier days, she thought wistfully. She wandered into the kitchen and glanced at the clock on the wall, 4:15 am. Hmm, a little early to be up, she thought. She got a package of sausage out of the freezer and set it in the sink to thaw, and set up a pot of coffee to turn on when dad got up. They were out of anisette, so for a sleep aid she poured a nice long drink of brandy and chugged it. The brandy was delicious and hot going down, and she felt its warmth even in her pussy and legs. After putting some sticks on the fire, she snuggled back under the blanket and nestled on dad’s chest. He woke up, kissed her forehead, put his arms around her, and slept on.


About 8 am her dad woke up, slipped on a robe, and started going upstairs.

“Are you going upstairs to pee?” she said. She threw on her robe and slippers, knowing the bathroom would be cold.

“Yeah, why?”

“I never watched a man peeing up close. Remember you promised I could hold your dickie for you when you peed?”

“Oh, yes, okay.”

In the bathroom he stood in front of the toilet and threw his robe open like a gunfighter clearing his holster. She stood on his right side, her eyes fixed on his cock, feeling a tingling in her pelvis. Dad put one hand on her ass and slid one finger in the warm space between her buns. Her nipples were already erect and hard and itchy. She cupped and fondled his scrotum, which seemed smaller than before.

“Dad, your bag is smaller and hard and feels like a fuzzy golf ball, but your dickie is soft.” She gently petted the underside of his scrotum, and the cock jumped slightly, beginning its erection. “Do you just pee with it soft, or do you make it get hard first?”

“The sack gets smaller when it’s cold, sweetie. Whether the dick’s hard or soft doesn’t matter. Sometimes it gets hard from the pee pressure. I bet if you hold it, it’ll get hard,” he smiled.

“Yeah, it’s more fun to hold when it’s real big and hard. It’s starting to get big, but I’ll give it a little lick to really get it going.” She got on her knees and took the cockhead in her mouth, licked its grandbetting yeni giriş underside, and not surprisingly the cock came to full erection in a few seconds. She stood up again, tenderly holding the cock in her right hand, gently caressing its head with her thumb. She pointed it downward. “There, now do I have it aimed right?”

“I think it’s on target, sweetie, here it comes.” He relaxed, and the warm liquid cascaded into the toilet. She coaxed the last few drops out and wiped the cockhead with a wad of bathroom tissue.

“Hey, pretty good shooting, sweetie!”

“Haha, it really squirted out like a little waterfall,” kissing him on the cheek. “But your dick is still real hard, dad, so now what?” she said coyly.

“I have a wonderful idea: you bend over the counter, and I’ll slide my dickie into that sweet place between your soft buns for a few minutes and pump some sweet hot cream into you, and I bet that will make it soft again,” he smiled.

“Okay, but let me put some jelly on it first.” She spread love gel copiously all over his cock, and a large wad of precum appeared at its tip. Swiping it with a finger, “Want a taste of your milk, dad?”

“Uh, no, I’ll pass.”

“Mmm, you don’t know what you’re missing,” as she swallowed the cum eagerly and licked her lips. “Now that was really salty!” She handed the gel tube to him, “Please spread some on my star, and a good blob up inside too.”

She spread a thick towel over the cold counter then bent over it. He lifted her robe to her waist, exposing her stunningly beautiful derriere.

“Ooo it’s cold! C’mon, hurry, stick it in deep and warm my buns!” she smiled.

Standing behind her, he gently spread some gel on her tender anal star and squirted some into her rectum, then put his warm hands on her heavenly soft buns, and for a moment just gazed in awe upon the profound beauty he was about to possess. He pressed his cockhead to her tightly puckered star, then pushed the head in gently, pausing briefly, giving her time to adjust.

“You alright, sweetie?” he said.

“I’m fine, just put the pedal to the metal. Unngh!” as he pushed in the full length of cock. When the cock was fully in, he gently kneaded her soft buns.

“That’s it, deep, fuck my ass DEEP! I love you, dad, give me everything you have!”

He stroked slowly in and out of her tender ass, grandbetting giriş trying to prolong the moment, trying to stave off his orgasm, but he could not. He felt the tingle of his juice, and stopped stroking but could not stop his ejaculation. Already he felt the hot semen oozing out in small pre-orgasmic spurts.

“Lori, I’m sorry sweetie, I’m cumming too soon, I just can’t help it, you are so beautiful–“

“It’s okay, I can feel you nutting in me slowly. Don’t you hold back, just fuck me hard and let it go, let it all out! Shoot it into me good, please, dad!”

He pumped three rapid full strokes in and out, then pushed in deep and ejaculated violently into her beautiful ass, spilling everything he had with enormous hot thick spurts. He tried to suppress his lament but it came in spite of himself, “Aaaaaaah! Auuuuuugh! Lara, I’m sorry, honey, I love you! Lori! Omigod, I’m sorry! Aaaaah! Nnngh! Aaa-aaa-aaaaah!”

Lara was his wife’s name.


While her dad showered, Lori was busy frying sausage and eggs for their brunch when her cell phone rang.

“Hey Lori, it’s Marty. Just checkin’ up on you, sweetie. How are you doing?”

“Hi, Marty, it’s good to hear from you, hon. I’m gettin’ along okay. How are you and Dave, keeping him busy?”

“Oh yeah, we’re screwing each other’s brains out, every chance we get, hehe. Guess who stopped by yesterday?”

“I can’t imagine, who?”

“Carlita, the cable girl. She said she was doing a routine service check, but I know she really just wanted to see you. Wow, she is one hot little number! Heh, and yes, she told me about your funtime. Damn, I would like to take a run on her myself! She is a real cutie!”

“Sorry, I tangoed with Carlita but I never told you about her, it just slipped my mind. I bet she would go out with you. I must tell you, she has a very talented tongue!” Lori said.

“Oh, that’s good to know! And now, eat your heart out: a couple days ago I paid a visit to our eleven-inch neighbor, just to satisfy my curiosity, heh, and I can certify it really is eleven! We did the sixty-nine thing and I deep throated him and took his spunk in my belly, but no way could I get the whole dick in! Gotta work on that. And that guy eats a mean pussy too! His name is Rod. We should call him ‘Rod the Prod’. Oh, what a bitchin’ cock!”

“Can’t wait to try him myself. grandbetting güvenilirmi I deep-throated my dad without gagging, so I’m getting better at it! When I get home, together we’ll figure out how to conquer the big bad eleven!” Lori said. “And how is our business going?”

“It’s going great, I’ve been super busy. We’re selling tons of dildos, condoms, vibrators, blowjob machines, I even sold five of those expensive electric fucking machines,” Marty said. “Must be the Christmas rush!”

“Well, I’ll be home soon to help with all the paper work.”

“We miss you, Lori. Any idea when you’re coming home?”

“Not sure, but probably within a few days.”

“That’s good to hear, hon. Let us know when, and we’ll bake a cake.”

“Okay, Marty, talk to you soon.”

A few minutes later, another phone rang, this time the house’s land line desk phone.

Lori picked up, “Hello?”

“Hello. Lori? This is your mom, honey. I’m in Philly. How are you, honey? I thought you were in Cali.”

“Mom? I’m fine mom, just back here for a visit. You’re in Philly? Are you coming home, mom? MOM?” Lori said, trying not to cry, but still the tears came.

“I’m at the Philly airport, honey. I don’t know how much your dad told you about us, but I’m glad you’re there with him. I was thinking of…coming to see your dad…do you think that would be alright with him? Is he there now?”

“He’s showering right now. Omigod, he’ll be so glad to see you mom! But why are you in Philly?”

“The flight was supposed to go from Rome to Philly to Pittsburgh, but the Pittsburgh flight was held because of weather and ice, so my flight is on hold for at least eight more hours.”

“Okay, mom. take my cell phone number….and use that when you call back again. And please, please call as soon as your flight is set. Bye, mom, I’m so glad you called, I love you!”

“Bye, honey, I love you too. See you soon.”


A good satisfying ass-fuck, two wonderful phone calls, and her prayer had been answered. A really good morning, she smiled to herself. All she had to worry about now was how she would explain everything to mom. She closed her eyes and crossed herself. Sweet Merciful Jesus, help me, she prayed. She needed a drink, and downed another double brandy.

Her dad came downstairs after he showered.

“C’mon, dad, sausage and eggs are ready. Toast will be up in a second. Chug down some coffee. I triple spiked it with brandy. You’re gonna need it, and then some.”

“Okay, sweetie. But…why is your pretty face all red? Is there something you want to tell me?”

* * * * * * * * * *

{ Dedicated with love, to Brittni }

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