Losing a Bet Continued

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This is a continuation of a story called losing a bet please read it first. They are true stories and more will follow if I get good responses.

* * * * *

After we relax for a while, we decide we want to go to supper some place in town.

My sister in law remembers she didn’t wear anything here. Not to worry my husband says we took care of that smiling at my brother. He goes to the closet and gets out a suitcase, in it are two dresses that are just alike one for each of us girls. They are very short with no back to them. They are cut low in front. When we put them on the boy’s smile in approval.

Where are the panties I inquire? My brother hands each of us a box with a ribbon around them. When I open mine, I gasp; it contains a g-string with a small dildo attached. They have batteries attached to them. He explained that the dildo’s have remote controls to them and when ever they decided we needed to be reminded who was boss for the night they would hit the switch.

We went to lunch at a nice French restraint. We were seated across from our husbands, I removed a shoe from my foot and placed it between his legs when he parted them I moved to his groin. I could feel his manhood coming to life. Rubbing it up and down I felt it get to its full length.

Then he hit the switch to the dildo in my cunt sending a fantastic sensation to my body, I must have shown a reaction because my sister in law ask what happened, her husband set off hers and she realized what had happened.

I could see what my actions were doing to my husband so I kept it up. His hand went under the tablecloth to unzip his pants. His eyes started to roll back in his head as his manhood sprung to life enjoying the freedom. I removed the other shoe, scooting back into the plush chair I was able to get the other foot into play. I moved them up and down as best I could. He started to shake causing his sister to question if anything was wrong? He was too far-gone to answer so I just said he was busy at the moment.

Her husband realized what must be happening and smiled. When she tried to say something he hit the switch again, the buzz between her legs caused her to knock a fork off the table.

A busboy standing near by immediately came to retrieve it and provide another. When he bent to pick it up he saw the attention I was giving to my husband. He could hear the buzzing between our legs also.

“Will mister require another napkin?” He inquired this caused the whole table to chuckle.

“Yes please I reply.” As I slip him a $10.00 and a smile.

The rest of our meal was very good. The staff was very attentive.

Returning to our home, we decided to relax for a while by the pool. As we live in the country on 3 acres we hardly ever wear suits.

I was unable to keep my eyes off my brother’s body. Or his large cock, I stood beside his chair.

“You poor thing, you didn’t get any release at the restaurant. Let me see if I can help you out. I reached down and started to play halkalı escort between his legs. As I stroked him he grew to his full 8 inches. I bent over and took it in my mouth. My tongue and the head of his manhood were battling for dominance.

“Oh shit that is fantastic.” He sighed “ “you give the best head I’ve ever had”

Watching this got my husband’s attention. He came over to join us. As my ass was sticking in the air he grabbed my hips and impaled himself into me from behind. His pistoning in and out of me caused me to exert even more pressure on my brother. This sent him over the brink.

“Oh… shitttt… sweet mother of Jesus that’s ittt. Oooh fuck that was good.” Finished for the moment he gets up and jumps into the pool to join his wife.

My husband is still going at me so I look over my shoulder and say “ ok you can sodomise me, go on fuck my ass.”

His eyes are inflamed as he says “oh yes babe that would be great.” His dick is still slick from my cunt juices so he places some spit from his mouth on my anus and applies some pressure.

It doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. Actually after a second or two it felt rather good. Remembering how much dirty talk sets him off I say “ oh yes … fuck me you shit… fuck my ass; come in my shit hole.”

Immediately this sets him into a great climax.

We collapse onto the deck. Exhausted and drained.

I look around and see my brother has his wife on a chase lounge with his head between her legs. Which are thrown over his back.

I could hear her cries of “oooh fuck honey that’s it… shit suck my clit that’s it their yyyyeeeeeesssss that is good bite it you shit do it harder.” Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yes aaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh.

As we had been out in the sun for two hours we decided to return to the house.

We sat around in the nude snacking on the fruit and cheese I had bought. We drank several wine coolers and talked.

My husband’s sister was sitting on the couch between him and her husband commenting on how she had enjoyed watching them service me.

They both agreed it was their pleasure. And it was their responsibility to assist in any way possible.

Slipping off the couch she got between her brother’s legs and started to play with his semi hard cock. “Ummm this is good, I had never realized how good it could be to suck a good dick until today.” My brother positioned himself behind her and started to run his member up and down her slit to get it wet. Then he entered her doggie style. Causing a large groan to emit from her mouth.

Glancing over her shoulder she told him to get good and slick then do her in the ass. She said that had looked great when I was getting it.

They lasted about 15 minuets then they collapsed on floor in one big pile.

I heard the door open and was getting up when my mother-in-law entered the living room.

She was in shock here her daughter was with her brother’s dick in her haramidere escort mouth and her husband’s in her ass.

“Oh my god” she screamed “what are you doing? How could you?” she demanded. “Just you wait till I tell your father.”

She turned to leave then my brother spoke up “oh Mona you better think twice about telling anyone. In fact you aren’t going to tell anyone. I would hate for some pictures to fall into the wrong hands.

She turned and looked at him. “ Why what do you mean? What pictures?”

“Oh think about it. Remember when roger went out of town last month, you came over and were all upset.” “You thought he had taken his secretary with him.”

“Oh you promised you wouldn’t tell anyone about that.” “I was up set and drunk that night.”

“Oh I know but your daughter was gone to a swimming meet with some friends. So we helped each other out, If you remember. My security cameras caught it all on tape.” “ I have made some stills of it also. So if you don’t want Roger to get them you will shut the door and come in here.”

My husband and his sister were both in shock when she did. Returning to the living room she was almost in tears.

“You can’t let him see those, I would die if he ever saw them. If he knew what I had let you do that weekend he would kill me. I have never let him do those disgusting things to me.”

“You were quite naughty.” “For your age you are quite inventive.” “ You fucked me to a stand still and wanted more.” “ I really liked it when you stuck my wife’s dildo up your ass, after I had fucked you there.”

“Oh my god you saw that.”

“Well mom,” my brother chimed in “You aren’t as much of a prude as you would have us believe.” “To tell you the truth I have always thought you had a sexy body.”

“You even let my husband fuck your ass?” “I hadn’t done that till today.” Her daughter added. “He’s pretty good at it huh?”

“Hush you can’t talk to your mother that way you tramp.”

“Oh… but we can it seems my husband has pictures of you.”

“All you can do is tell daddy what you saw, we have proof of what you did.” Her children said. “He might be mad at all of us but then we don’t depend on him for our lively hood… where would you be if he kicked you out.” Her daughter was really getting into the blackmail thing.

“Ok, ok I’ll forget what was going on here. We’ll just forget what has happened in the past.” She sobbed. “Just like nothing ever happened.”

“Not so fast.” I reply “you might be willing to forget what happened but you are older and you seduced my baby brother.” I smiled “why should I be quiet about that.”

What do you mean I never seduced anyone… if any thing he was the aggressor.” “Why he even seemed to enjoy my company.” She stammered looking for a way out of the trouble she was in.

“I wonder if Roger would see it that way?” “Maybe you had better do a few things for us to ensure we don’t tell him.”

“Like what?” ikitelli escort she sobbed. “What would it take to keep you quite.” “ I have money I will pay for the pictures.”

“We don’t need your money.” “You will be our slave what ever we want you do.” “Right guy’s?”

Every one cheered and said yes.

“Do you understand Mona what we want you to do you will do.” “ If we need help cleaning, making a meal, or want to have sex all we have to do is call you will do it or else!!!”

She was in tears by now. Again I said, “Do you understand.”

“Yes… I guess I have… no choice.”

“Well let’s see where do we start.” “You have seen us all necked. So I guess its time we see you that way.” “Take off your clothes, slowly so the boys can enjoy it.”

“I WILL NOT.” She cried “You wouldn’t make me in front of my kids.”

“Snap snap.” Chimed in my husband. “Dad would love to get hold of those pictures.”

Her kids now stood at her side both still completely nude. They started to disrobe her. Commenting as they did. Very nice jacket, skirt is a bit long though it doesn’t show off you legs properly. Nice silk blouse show’s off your breasts real well. What are they 38 DD I bet? You have a great ass her daughter says I wish mine were this firm. The waist is a little large but we will work on getting it in shape. Her brother runs his hands over her ass. Yes it is good; I have always wondered what it would feel like.

Now she is standing in the center of the living room in just her bra and panties.

“Wait” my brother, says. “Go get us some beers from the fridge Mona.” And bring the whip cream from there also.” Smiling. He puts his finger to his lips.

She does as ask. Returning with 4 beers and a can of whip cream. She looks very shaken and sexy this way.

“Ok now put some cream on your daughter’s breast and suck it off.”

“Oh no I can’t.” She starts to say but her son swats her ass. “Do as you are told or else.” She resigns to her fait and does it. At first just lapping it up, then starts to be more assertive. Sucking in the nipples.

“Your kids liked to suck you when they were young now it’s your turn.”

“Taking off her bra her son sprays some cream on her then starts to suck it off.”

By now her body is taking over she lets out a soft moan. “Oh shit this isn’t happening.”

I go over and place a finger in her slit, it is very moist. I play with her mound through the material. She is shaking from the sensations assaulting her. I remove her panties and say. “Your kids have missed sucking on your breasts for a long time let them do it now.”

Each of them sprays some cream on a titty and start to suck her. They run their hands all over her. My attention is on her box it is so nicely shaved. When I place my tongue in it she gasps loudly but does not try to remove it.

I look over wondering what is up with my brother then I see he has his camera out and has 2 rolls of film laying at his feet and a couple still on the table. He is taking all kinds of shots. He places a finger to his lips to signal me to be quiet about it. I continue to suck on her clit sending her to a great release.

“Ooooh …yes that is good, suck me… harder, stick that tongue in me.” “I can’t believe my kids are making me cum.”

To Be Continued?

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