Lost and Found

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This story contains plenty of build up. For those looking for a quick-fix, I recommend looking elsewhere.

A ‘thank you’ goes to Literotica editor Eyes4girlsonly who helped me write my wrongs.


It was close to midnight when Sarah Mason awoke in her bedroom from a bad night’s sleep. With tears flowing down her cheeks, she sobbed heavily, her breathing erratic and uncontrolled, her facial expressions ridden with angst and pain. A lamp was switched on in the hallway outside and quietly her brother, John Mason standing six feet one, opened the door to her bedroom and made his way inside. No words were necessary as he removed her covers in order to carry her to his bedroom. He noticed that her t-shirt was soaking wet with sweat.

“Hey sweetie,” he whispered. “You’re soaking wet. C’mon, we have to get you out of that t-shirt, okay?” Something that resembled a nod among all the sobbing gave him the permission to continue. Neither of them were prude around each other, both having seen as each other naked multiple times growing up. They were siblings after all, and had come to be very close ones at that. As he removed her shirt, her arms went above her head and revealed a vulnerable, albeit beautiful, older sister. Her arms led down to a beautiful face framed by dusky blonde hair, to two small, perky breasts and a narrow waist. Her pale skin on the flat tummy was glistening with sweat, and as his eyes travelled further down he saw her white cotton panties and the slender legs she always had. He gently picked her up and carried her over to his bedroom, turning off the light as he passed the light switch.

He held her tight that night, looking briefly into the mirror across the room from his bed. As he saw his own reflection he wondered what to make of it all. He could see a storm brewing within himself, waiting to be unleashed and tear him apart as it was tearing his sister apart. John looked down on his sister who was cradled in his arms, looked down at her beautiful face which gave him the strength to continue.

“You’ve had a long day, haven’t you?” he said quietly. “We both have,” he corrected himself. He kissed her forehead. “We have each other though, don’t we?” he continued. Now that there’s only the two us left… “I love you.” It was merely a whisper, but it carried through to his sister, whose sobbing softly subsided. Soon, they were both asleep, comforted by each other. The suicide of their younger brother Sam had left the two remaining members of the Mason family heavily wounded and confused.

The next coming days were difficult for them both. John’s mind was on autopilot, taking care of all menial things and trivial chores. Sarah was going through the first stages of grief. Unlike Sarah, who was her own boss, John was a firefighter in Brightview Falls Fire Department. He had informed his colleagues and supervisor of what had happened and as expected, worried voices made their way over the phone line, but each time he calmed them down. His supervisor told him to let him know when he felt he was ready for the firefighting business again, and until then he was to rest. Funeral was scheduled for in three days.

Chapter 1

It had been a week since Sam had left them and John was helping out at a local pub The Tribute. Simon, the owner, was a close friend and a member of the local fire department as well so John helped out every now and then. Tonight he was working the early shift. He had agreed to it quite happily, because the sound of people made him relax. Sarah was there too, sitting next to the window sipping on ice water. As the evening went on, he kept one eye on his sister and one on the customers. It began to get crowded. Suddenly, John heard overheard someone talking.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” Sarah looked up and into a pair of the greenest eyes she had ever seen; eyes belonging to a stunning looking fair-skinned redhead, only a little taller than Sarah’s five feet seven. Sarah hadn’t spoken to anyone except her brother the past few days and for the briefest of moments, she wondered if her voice would hold.

“No, you go ahead,” she replied.

The redhead extended her hand and with a vivid smile introduced herself.

“Jessica Tanner, new in town.”

Sarah, still staring into the most gorgeous forest-green eyes she ever seen, unconsciously took her hand but remained speechless. Suddenly, John was next to her ready to take her order.

“Hi tiger,” Jessica said and greeted him with a smile.

“Hey Jess”, he replied with an even bigger smile. Sarah snapped out of her trance.

“Do you two know each other?”

“Nah-uh,” John said as he shook his head. “I thought we were coming up with cute names though.”

“But how did you know…”

“… Her name? I heard when she introduced herself.” He turned to Jessica. “Big ears, you know.” Jessica laughed. He turned back to Sarah.

“So what’s yours?”

“My what?”

“Your nickname?”


“You bursa escort didn’t introduce yourself?” He turned back to Jessica. “She hasn’t introduced herself yet?” Sarah looked bewildered.

Jessica happily played along. “No” she answered with pouty lips.

“I apologize on behalf my sister, she—”

“Hey! You watch it! I’m older than you!” Sarah interrupted.

“And yet you are without manners,” he quickly replied with a smile. Before Sarah had any chance for a rebuttal, he turned to Jessica. “What would you like?”

“Oh, a light beer would be nice.” He nodded and left the two women.

A bit embarrassed Sarah turned her eyes back to Jessica. “I am Sarah Mason,” she said sheepishly. “And he,” she pointed at her brother, “is my younger brother John.”

“Pleasure to meet you both,” Jessica said with a grin on her face.

“Soooo… Do I also get a nickname or has my boat already sailed?” Sarah continued.

Jessica pretended to ponder the alternatives until she had decided.

“You shall forever be known as Queen of Mannerville.”

“Queen huh? I like it.” She couldn’t help smiling. Suddenly realizing something, Sarah averted her eyes to the table. “I am not, you know, um….”

“A lesbian?” Jessica wondered.

It was an easy assumption to make. While The Tribute wasn’t officially a lesbian pub, there was a lesbian club a block away. The Tribute was the closest pub and had a reputation of taking care of the ladies that were there. Men and women were both allowed, of course, but whenever there was a surge of testosterone and male voices echoed derogatory comments, the staff members of the pub were quick to throw them out.

Suddenly uncomfortable, Sarah nodded. While she wasn’t a lesbian, she didn’t want Jessica to go away. There was something about her… And she made her smile.

“It’s okay,” Jessica replied as she shrugged her shoulders. Then she leaned forward, raised one of her eyebrows and whispered: “I thought this was a lesbian club though? Like I said, I’m new in town so I had to do some reading before I got here.”

“Not an official, but the closest you’ll get,” Sarah replied with a weak smile. “Most of the women here probably are, and Simon, the owner, has always taken good care of them.” Jessica nodded, and hesitated before she continued.

“I can leave if you want, or if I make you uncomfortable?” She didn’t want to leave though. She liked Sarah. It was hard to put it to words, but they just seemed to click. She grabbed her purse and was about to stand up when both of Sarah’s hands shot forth and grabbed her one hand still resting on the table.

“Please stay,” she said as she looked into Jessica’s amazing eyes, silently willing her not to go. Jessica held her gaze only for a short moment before she dropped her purse to the floor again.

“I would love to.”

John came shortly after with her beer.

“So, what do you make of Brightview Falls?” he said as he poured her beer into a glass.

“For its size I’d have to say remarkably cozy. Big, though. Not really finding my way around yet.” He nodded his understanding and turned to Sarah.

“Hey sis, how about you show Jess around tomorrow?”

Sarah nodded in agreement and looked at Jessica.

“Only if you don’t have any other plans? I don’t want to intrude.”

Jessica happily agreed to it and they decided to meet at 9 am outside the pub. John told them that his shift was over, that he was going home. Sarah said she’d leave as well for the free ride home. They waved good bye, and as Sarah left the pub she felt something in her stomach she hadn’t experienced for a long time. She felt butterflies swirling around.

Chapter 2

The following day, Sarah and Jessica met outside the pub around 9 am. Both were dressed quite casually, with Sarah wearing a pair of dark jeans, a dark green cardigan and a light gray t-shirt under. Jessica wore the opposite: a dark gray, tight skirt reaching to her knees and a white, rather loose-fitting shirt. Late summer in Brightview Falls meant 71-75 F (21-23 C) so it was still early to bring out any heavier clothing. As they made their way through the town on foot, Sarah pointed out places she could recommend and some she could not, whether it be eating, shopping for clothes or just places to hang out. When lunch time approached, she led Jessica onto a small side street to a place called Lemongrass. It wasn’t exactly hidden nor was it a typical tourist spot, their food was delicious though and they made the best salads in town! Despite their sightseeing, Sarah still knew little about her newly found friend and figured it was time to allow some of the curiosity to take a peek.

“How come you moved to Brightview Falls?” Sarah asked as she attacked her salad viciously with a fork. Jessica on the other hand eyed her salad suspiciously, poking it.

“It’s not going to eat itself, you know. Here, let me help, newcomer.” Sarah grabbed Jessica’s fork, got some salad, bursa escort bayan shrimp and avocado on it and dipped it all in the dill mayo.

“C’mon Jess, open up.” As Jessica leaned forward, closed her eyes, parted her lips and gently extended the tip of her tongue to greet the fork, the butterflies in Sarah’s tummy made a return. She gently pushed the fork into Jessica’s mouth and couldn’t help but stare at her friend as her lush lips closed in the fork. While the shirt that Jessica was wearing wasn’t that revealing, her cleavage was suddenly visible as her arms squeezed her breasts together when she leaned forward. Sarah’s eyes fixed themselves on the two mounds of flesh in front of her, wondered what it would be like to touch them, hold them, caress them… Jessica’s perfume was intoxicating and Sarah literally shook her head to ward off the spell. She handed the fork back to Jessica.

“I’m a real estate agent,” she answered, her mouth full of salad. “Our company is expanding and they want somebody here. I saw a chance to see something new and seized it. What about you?”

“Me? I’m a writer. I write books for a living.”

“Oh? How’s that working out for you?”

Sarah shrugged. “Self employed and I make enough to get by.”

“Anything I might have read?”

Sarah quietly poked in her salad before she answered. “Maybe you’ve read a Michael Hess novel, you know, the firefighter?”

“The bestseller? Yeah sure.”

“That’d be me then,” she said quietly. Jessica’s eyes went wide with surprise.

“Wait, aren’t they written by a Joan Monsh?”

Sarah gave a slight smile. “Joan Monsh is an anagram for John Mason, my brother. The books are based on his life and work. He’s Michael Hess.” Jessica whistled in surprise and saw her friend blush.

“John, eh? Tell me about him!”

“My brother, huh.” Pain fluttered Sarah’s eyes; something Jessica was quick to take note of. “He’s 27, so he’s three years younger than I am. He always wanted to be a firefighter, which was his dream. Today he works at the Brightview Falls Fire Department, living it. Occasionally he works at the pub too, which you obviously already know. He is a natural born pacifist, liked by many and disliked by few. He doesn’t like fighting but he won’t hesitate to bump fists, especially at the pub. He’s really close with the guys he works with and every now and then he invites them all to his house for barbeque parties.” She quieted down and thought for a moment. “He also has an uncanny skill of being able to read people. I have never ever been able to lie to him,” she finally said, smiling.

Jessica tapped her fingers at the table, listening with a genuine interest.

“He sounds like a great guy, huh. I never had any brothers or sisters. At times it was kind of alone, growing up as a single child in Philadelphia, but I got used to it. If I’m ever to end up with kids, I’ll make sure I get two of them though,” Jessica said with a grin.

They continued to chat about writing, about the real estate business and life in general until they had finished eating, after which they headed for the nearest mall. Jessica was in dire need of new clothing since her stuff from the movers had yet to arrive. Apparently the truck had broken down and it would take another two or three days to get here. A little while later they were standing in the changing room in one of the town’s more exclusive shops, money obviously not being a problem for Ms. Tanner. Jessica was inside the dressing room and Sarah was standing outside, waiting. Jessica had found some underwear, a couple of bras, another skirt and two tops. A hand appeared from behind the dressing room, motioning Sarah to get her butt over there. Unsure whether to knock or not, she did it once and stepped in. She was met by a half naked woman, her upper body only wearing a purple lace bra and her lower body trying on the new skirt.

“Can you please help me zip it?” she asked.

Sarah nodded, and as she stepped forward she placed one hand on Jessica’s left butt cheek, giving the most subtle squeeze as her right hand pulled the zipper. Her butt was firm and Sarah let her hand linger a moment longer than necessary. She noticed that Jessica was blessed with curves in all the right places. Her hips were a bit wider than her own yet Jessica’s butt didn’t look too big or too “out there”. Sarah’s figure was of a more slender version, certainly made so by the many miles she ran a week. Jessica’s fair-skinned body was amazing and Sarah was unsure where, in the small dressing room, she was supposed to fasten her eyes. Then Jessica unclasped her bra and revealed two full, teardrop shaped breasts.

“Just give me a sec and I’ll get this other bra on and that new top to see how they match—”

Before Jessica had finished her sentence Sarah stepped forth behind her.

“God, you’re beautiful,” she said, her voice barely stronger than a whisper. The redhead blushed and cheeks took on a color that accentuated her sharp facial features.

“Can escort bursa I touch them?” Sarah asked Jessica, surprising herself. She wasn’t that into girls, but she had always wondered what it was like to have bigger breasts. Taken aback by the question, Jessica could only nod. “Mine are so small and yours… Yours are so full,” she continued. Jessica was unsure of how to react and just stood there.

Sarah stretched her arms out and gently touched the underside of her friend’s breasts. Jessica saw Sarah’s lips part, heard her breathing getting heavier and had trouble of keeping control of the situation. Who am I kidding, I have no control anymore. She’s touching me and it feels so… So good. Sarah was standing directly behind Jessica, breathing close to her right ear. She began to knead the breasts, enjoying the feeling of Jessica’s naked flesh against her hands. Jessica couldn’t help but let out a quiet moan as Sarah brushed over her nipples.

“I, I feel weird, Sarah…” Jessica began rubbing her legs, sensing the tingling sensation between her legs, desperately wanting to touch herself.

“You are that sensitive, huh?” Sarah said as she let her fingers teasingly touch the nipples again.

“If, if we go any further I—” Jessica began.

“You need to touch yourself?” Sarah continued. Jessica only moaned in agreement. Sarah let go of Jessica’s left breast, traced her finger over the bare skin down to woman’s hips and to her butt. She squeezed harder, more intense this time, before she finally unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. The only piece clothing left was a black thong.

“Your queen wouldn’t mind if you touched yourself,” Sarah whispered, and watched as one of Jessica’s hands made it downwards towards her panties, her one finger entering her wet slit, soaking it with her own juices before she began gently rubbing her clit. Sarah lifted her friend’s heavy breasts by holding on to the nipples, playing with them as she did so. Jessica’s breathing started to become erratic, her motions inside her panties going at an ever faster pace. Inside Sarah, her mind was utter chaos, equal parts confused and excited. What am I doing? Why, why am I enjoying this? I’m not gay. Am I?

“I’m, I’m going to cum, Sarah. Please don’t stop”, Jessica pleaded. “Please don’t stop, oooooh…. Mhmmmmm, G-G-G-god….” As Jessica was nearing her climax, Sarah locked eyes with her in the mirror as she gently licked along Jessica’s right earlobe.

“Please cum for me,” Sarah whispered into her ear and then gently pushed her tongue inside, quietly moaning. Sensory overload hit the redhead and she came, standing up, Sarah massaging her breasts and gently licking her ear. As her knees buckled over of the pressure, she began to fall but Sarah was there to quickly pull her up and help her sit her down on a stool that stood in the corner. When Jessica’s eyes found Sarah, she saw that whatever that spell had fallen upon her was now broken. Confusion was all over Sarah’s face and Jessica instinctively knew that something was wrong. Before Jessica had any chance to say anything, Sarah beat her to it.

“Um, listen, I, I, have to go. I enjoyed spending time with you and, uh, maybe we can have lunch again?” Sarah didn’t even look at Jessica as the words tumbled out. “I’ll give you a call later, okay?” Before waiting for an answer, she left the dressing room and Jessica who sitting on the stool. Jessica quietly cursed herself and banged her head against the wall as punishment for not stopping it all sooner, for taking advantage of the poor girl’s weaknesses.

Great job, Jess. Scare away your only friend.

Two days went by and Jessica couldn’t wait any longer and was about to make a call to Sarah when her phone rang. Sarah was on the other end as if nothing had happened a couple of days ago. Jessica was invited to John’s place for dinner. John would be working the late shift on the pub which meant he had to leave 19:45, but maybe they could all have dinner together? Surprised, but happily so, Jessica quickly accepted the invitation. She was welcome at five o’clock and that was that.

Chapter 3

Jessica had never been a good cook. Her job meant eating out most of the time and whenever she ate by herself, it was a regular TV dinner that made its way to the kitchen table. No, Jessica was a lot better at looking good while cooking than cooking good food.

“We are making lasagna,” John said.

“We are?” Jessica replied, still not understanding how she had gotten an apron on her.

“And you’re helping us,” he continued, grinning.

“I am?”

“Oh yes you are. Ever made lasagna before?”

“Uh… No?”

“Oooh, this is going to get exciting. It’s actually Sarah’s recipe so she’s the commander in chief for tonight.” He turned to his sister. “Your orders, ma’am?”

“Ma’am?” She raised an eyebrow. “I’m only 30! Anyhow, John, you’re on the meat station, and you Jess, will take care of the onions.

Onions. Yes, maybe I can do onions. Jessica grabbed an onion, a knife and chopping board and then studied the onion carefully. Before she knew it, Sarah was standing behind her, her arms and hands had made it in between her own.

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