Lost Creek Wives’ Club Pt. 08

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The following is obviously a continuation of the Lost Creek Wives’ Club (LCWC) series, which as always, I recommend reading the prior chapter first as an introduction. And as mentioned before, this is my first fictional erotic story. Everyone depicted in it is purely fictitious, as well as the story line except for yours truly, which I took the liberty to use myself in an imaginary role as the lead character based on my own experiences and fantasies. And it’s a long story with multiple parts in varying lengths, so please bear with it.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


As soon as Maureen and I were out of the pool we used the toilet facilities in the cabana, and then the outdoor shower to rid ourselves of the smell of chlorine, which clung to us like cheap cologne after sitting in the water for so long. Once we were comfortable on the chaise lounges with a fresh wine cooler it wasn’t fifteen minutes before we dozed off. Both of us were emotionally exhausted from the long discussion we had about having a foursome. And thankfully we thought to open the large beach size umbrellas attached to the lounges to shield us from the sun since we didn’t put any sunscreen on after we showered.

Unfortunately our siesta didn’t last long as we were suddenly startled awake by the sound of Jim and John jumping into the pool behind us. No doubt to cool off as it was the middle of the afternoon and the hottest part of the day.

Soon as Maureen realized what woke us…”I’m going to head indoors Lacey. And as soon as I see John get out of the pool I’m going to yell for him to come help me with something. When I do, it’ll be our chance to speak to our husbands alone about what we discussed.” Then off to the house she went.

As soon as they were out of the pool, John asked where Maureen was.

“She went into the house to do something. So who won at horseshoes?”

“Jim as usual. But not as easily in the past. He’s either slipping, or I’m getting better.”

Just then, Maureen leaned out the sliding glass door and yelled for John. Soon as he dried himself, he made his way to the house.

Jim sat on the edge of the chaise lounge next to me before saying…”John and I just had a very interesting conversation.”

“I know, Maureen and I did too.”

“John said you would be, so what was your reaction?”

“Since I had to help her along because she was struggling with it, I wasn’t surprised. Pleased actually, as soon as it dawned on me where she was headed. And pleased she made the effort to talk to me about it as difficult as it was for her. I know I never could have in spite of how much I would have liked to.”

“You’re right, and it goes for both of us. But what are your thoughts about having a foursome now that they suggested it?”

“I’m more concerned about you than me.”

“Thanks for passing the buck. And since you’re obviously not going to commit yourself until I do, I’d like nothing more.”

“You probably mean to say, you’d like nothing more than to have sex with Maureen. Not that I blame you. But how are you going to feel when John and I do?”

“It’s the first thing that came to mind when John proposed it, and after giving it some thought, I felt I could deal with it.”

“Felt you could deal with it? You make it sound like it’s something you’d have to do begrudgingly so you could have have sex with Maureen.”

“It probably wasn’t a good way to phrase it, although I did have to think twice about it. But so you’ll know, I wouldn’t get upset. Just the opposite. The more I thought about how enthusiastic you are in bed, I could only imagine what an experience it would be to see someone else enjoy your womanly charms. What about you, any concern seeing me with Maureen?”

“Yes and no. Yes because it’s only natural anyone would be seeing their husband having sex with another woman for the first time. But no I wouldn’t because it would be with Maureen, and more importantly, we’d be doing it together.”

“Then it’s safe to say you’re agreeable to it?”

“Yes, and excited about it as you seem to be, and since we’ve fantasized about it. But even though I am, I’m still a bit anxious. Nervous as hell actually.”

“I can appreciate you are, and if you want, we can always say we’re flattered, but…”

“Hell no! There’d be something wrong with me if I wasn’t nervous, and I’m sure you are too. Call it performance anxiety if you want, which I’m sure we’ll all have a bad case of it when the time comes. It’s only natural we would, but I’d still like nothing more.”

“With that settled, and while John and I didn’t discuss it, when do you expect we’ll actually have this foursome?”

“If Maureen has her way…here and now. And I can’t say I disagree with her. Seems logical after we discussed it, and I can’t imagine why we wouldn’t.”

Jim took a few seconds before he responded…”It sivas escort does make sense with us just discussing it. And I’d hate the thought of having to think about it until we do. I’d be a basket case by the time we did. But with being so damn nervous, I just hope I can perform.”

I could see the concern on his face, and could understand why he would be. Especially with Maureen who’s a lot younger than he is, and I’m sure he was worried about meeting her expectations.

“As for you worrying about performing, I can appreciate the fact that with you and John it’d be more of a physical thing if you’re nervous, whereas with Maureen and I, it would be mental. But I’m sure once we get started you’ll be just fine as you always are with me. And as soon as you see Maureen entirely naked, there’s no doubt in my mind that ‘Little Jim’ will be raring to go.”

Just then I noticed John and Maureen heading our way. And thankfully she had another wine cooler for me. Once they arrived poolside, Maureen sat down on a chaise lounge while John remained standing. Soon as she was…”Did you two have enough time to talk about things?”

I answered for Jim and I…”Yes, and coincidentally we just finished. And before you ask if we’re both agreeable to a foursome…yes we are. But I think you knew we would be.”

“I’d have been disappointed if you weren’t, and John and I are too. Did you discuss the idea of us just having sex in front of each other first as a way to ease into it versus us swapping outright?”

“No we didn’t, but I think I can safely say for both of us, it won’t be necessary.” Which put a big smile on both John and Maureen’s faces.

“Same with John and I. Now did you talk about having this foursome here and now? Not here in the backyard naturally, but now in the house?”

I looked at Jim first, to make sure he was still onboard with it despite his anxiety about performing. After looking at Maureen again in her very revealing bikini, he gave me a reassuring look…”We’d leave awful frustrated if we didn’t.”

“We would be too.”

With that said, Maureen didn’t waste any time to ask John and Jim, to get a pair of tri-folding mattresses they have stored in the garage, and place them in the middle of the living room.

“We will, but Jim and I need to use the shower first.” Which they both did, and then shed their bathing trunks to put their shorts back on before heading to the house. Unfortunately they were far enough away so I couldn’t get a good look at John’s dick for the first time, although I did of his cute butt.

As they were, Maureen asked me…”Are you nervous as I am Lacey?”

“Very, but it’s perfectly natural to be. It’s not something friends and neighbors do with each other every day. And it’s not as though we’re seasoned swingers, or participated in a foursome before. No doubt it could be awkward at first. If not entirely.”

“That’s for sure, and I don’t know how to even begin once we’re in the house. I doubt John and Jim have any idea either.”

“We can always play spin the bottle, or something like it to get started.”

“Very funny Lacey, but seriously…how do two couples who’ve never engaged in something like foursome know where or how to even begin?”

“The hard part’s behind us, which was discussing and agreeing to it. Now I have an idea how to get things started as a way to relieve some of the anxiety we all must have. Kind of like an opening act at a rock concert to get everyone in the mood and all pumped up.” I shared it with her and she loved it. After we worked out a few minor details, we gathered up our things and went into the house.


When we arrived in the kitchen we found Jim and John there drinking a beer. As for us, we got ourselves another wine cooler before Maureen asked about the tri-folding mattresses.

“All set-up on the floor like you asked Maureen.”

“Now why don’t you two make yourself comfortable on the same sofa, and Lacey and I will join you shortly. And you might want to think about removing your shorts before you do.”

After they looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, they headed for the living room.

“It’s now or never Lacey.”

We kissed first, then after we both took a deep breath we went into the living room and stood in the center of the room together on the mattresses. Both Jim and John were seated on one of their two sofas minus their shorts as Maureen suggested. But with limp dicks, which no doubt had to do with them being nervous.

Since it was my idea, I explained to them Maureen and I were going to entertain them to help start things off. And for them to remain seated until we finished. While I didn’t say it, Maureen and I hoped by the time we were, both would be more than ready for the second half of our planned performance.

Maureen and I first turned towards each other before we draped sivas escort bayan our arms over each other’s shoulders and began kissing. Just little love pecks on the lips at first before our kissing became more enthusiastic and eventually our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouth. And I savored the distinct taste of peaches on Maureen’s from the wine coolers, which I’m sure she did from mine.

Eventually we wrapped our arms around each other and began caressing each other’s backsides very lovingly. Maureen’s incredibly smooth back felt heavenly as well as her breasts pressing tightly against mine in spite of us still having our bikinis on. But there isn’t a square inch of her that doesn’t, especially her luscious soft lips.

I never had an inkling how much different it would be to kiss another woman until Maureen and I first did, and how aroused I got from it. Now every time we kiss, my pussy immediately starts to tingle and my juices start flowing.

As we continued to mouth fuck each other, Maureen began moaning ever so softly as our breathing became more labored. The heated air from her nostrils warmed my cheeks as our kissing became more frantic. Finally we had to stop kissing to catch our breath, and when we did, Maureen untied the back of my bikini top. I also undid hers, but we didn’t untie the straps around our necks just yet.

Before we began kissing again, Maureen whispered in my ear…”I can’t tell you how much I enjoy kissing you sweetheart.”

I whispered in hers…”I love when you call me sweetheart. It makes me feel special.”

“It’s because you are Lacey, and here and now more than ever.” After which we began kissing again, and way more passionately.

As we were, we untied the thin ties around each other’s necks, but our bikini tops stayed in place because of how tightly we were embracing each other. When it was time to catch our breaths again we parted just enough so our tops fell onto our feet. Her skimpy banana yellow top first, followed by my leopard print one. We then separated even more by leaning back as we held onto each other’s arms. Soon as we did, it gave Jim and John a good side view of our tits with our nipples fully aroused and protruding out a good half inch from our equally swollen areola.

At that point we turned our heads slightly to look at Jim and John for the first time, and found them both man-handling their cocks, which made Maureen giggle slightly. And while I couldn’t get a good look at John’s cock with his hand wrapped around it, from what I could see, it looked to be fairly fat for its short length. Something Maureen didn’t mention when she described his cock, and I just assumed it’d be average in diameter at about an inch.

After facing each other again, I gave Maureen a few quick kisses before I raised one of her magnificent breasts up towards my head. I first licked all over her incredibly soft globe before I took her swollen nipple between my lips and began to suck it. Gently at first, then more intently. Something Maureen loves, and the harder the better, which I’m more than happy to accommodate her. But only up to the point it starts to become painful, which can be a fine line depending on how aroused she is. Sensing she was highly aroused, I sucked her nipple so hard I thought for sure I’d dislodge it from the areola. I was even making loud audible sucking sounds like a hungry baby when sucking on a pacifier just before being breastfed.

As she gently held my head firmly against her breast…”God Lacey, I love the way you suckle my nipples. You do it so well. Feels incredible sweetheart.”

I then switched to her other breast and sucked the nipple just as hard until it was as long as the first one, which both were now at least a quarter inch longer than before. As I was, Maureen released my head to untie the bottom half of my bikini. First one tie, then the other. As soon as both were, it dropped down between my legs to the mattress. When it did, it suddenly dawned on me I was stark naked in front of a man other than my husband for the first time in ages. Instead of being uneasy about it, I couldn’t believe how sexually charged I became, and could only hope he was pleased at what he saw.

Both Maureen’s hands then went straight for my ass cheeks and she immediately began caressing and kneading them as I continued to enjoy both her nipples. She even ran her fingers down my anal valley and rubbed my anus.

Finally I decided since I was entirely naked it was time to remove Maureen’s bikini bottom. But with it being a thong, it wasn’t going to be as easy as mine. The only way was on my knees, which I did as I slowly pulled it down over her hips, thighs and her lovely legs until she stepped out of it. While on my knees, I took the liberty to kiss her cleanly shaved pubic mound while holding onto her hips. As I was, I couldn’t help but get a whiff of her distinctive womanly scent. She smelled heavenly and I was tempted to lie her down to enjoy it directly from the escort sivas source.

As I continued to plant kisses all over her mons pubis, Maureen grabbed my head and steered it towards her clit. By now it was about as big as I’ve ever seen it and proudly poking out from its normal hiding place. I licked over and around it very lovingly and repeatedly all while enjoying her incredible aroma.

It wasn’t long before it became obvious she was getting quite aroused as I could feel her hands trembling and she began moaning ever so softly. While we both would have liked nothing more than for me to lick her until she cummed, it wasn’t in the plan. Reluctantly I stopped to stand upright, but not before I gave her incredible love nob a very loving kiss.

Soon as I was standing, we both looked over at our husbands again, who by now were stroking their dicks very intently. They were all but masturbating. Seeing they were…”I think it’s time for the second part of our little act before they ejaculate all over themselves Maureen. Be a waste of a good cumload if they did.”

We kissed one last time before slowly strolling to where they were and knelt between their legs. Me in front of John, and Maureen in front of Jim…”Now if you two don’t mind, Maureen and I will gladly take care of things for you.”

Jim was the only one to say anything…”I hope so. I can’t believe the show you two just put on. More erotic and stimulating than any porn video I’ve ever watched. You ought to hire yourselves out for stag parties. You’d make a fortune if you did.”

“I don’t think so Jim, but I’m glad our little exhibition achieved its intended goal. Now it’s time for you two to leave everything to Maureen and I.”

Neither one of them responded before we removed their hands from their cocks. Soon as I removed John’s, I was pleasantly pleased it wasn’t as small as I envisaged from Maureen’s description. It was a lot smaller than Jim’s, but longer than I expected. Close to six inches versus five, which probably had something to do with how aroused he was from watching Maureen and I. Or hopefully from seeing me naked for the first time.

His cock was also fatter than I expected. Not nearly as fat as Jim’s, but a good inch and a half in diameter, which would compensate somewhat for what it lacked in length when it came time to insert in my cunt or asshole. It was a very handsome cock too, with a nice smooth shaft and a delectable looking uncircumcised cockhead. And like Jim, he shaved around the base of his cock shaft, which would make it more pleasant to suck without the fear of getting any hair in my mouth.

I also couldn’t help but notice how big his testicles were. Much bigger than Jim’s. So big they had to have a heavy hang to them no matter how aroused he got. And although I’ve never given much thought or attention to Jim balls since he never expressed a desire for me to, I could only imagine what they would feel like banging against me when he fucked me. Either slapping against my asshole when doing me vaginally, and even more so my pussy when fucking me anally from behind.

As for Maureen, she let loose with an audible gasp after she removed Jim’s hand since his cock was as big as it ever gets. Had to be close to nine inches long and as engorged as I’ve ever seen it, which meant our little performance along with finally seeing Maureen naked affected him as I expected it would. Maybe even more.

Jim also has a handsome cock with a long smooth shaft like John’s, but with a bigger cockhead. But like his overall skin tone, Jim’s cock has a dark olive complexion due to being of Italian descent, while John’s is very fair complexioned. A creamy white skin tone, and you couldn’t have asked for two more completely different cocks.

After asking both of them to scoot their bums closer to the edge of the cushion, I wrapped my hand around John’s cock before leaning forward to lick his cockhead. Maureen did the same with Jim, and we both seductively licked over and around their respective cockheads before Maureen couldn’t restrain herself and suddenly took Jim’s in her mouth. Soon as she did, she began to suck it, and from what I could see out the corner of my eye, it stretched her mouth just as much as it does mine.

I was torn between pleasuring John’s cock or watching Maureen, of which I would have loved the latter. Not because I was reluctant to suck John off. I simply wanted to observe Maureen’s blow job skills, and to watch Jim having his cocked sucked by someone other than me.

After deciding against it…”You have a mighty fine looking cock John, and I’m going to enjoy making oral love to it.”

“There’s nothing I’d like more Lacey, and I can’t tell you how often I’ve dreamt about you going down on me.”

“I heard that John.”…it was Maureen. “But if she’s as good at sucking your cock as she is at eating my pussy, you’re going to get a blow job you’ll never forget.”

“Thanks for putting me on the spot Maureen, and I’ll do my best not to disappoint you. As for you John, just relax while I suck your gorgeous dick for you, and I’d like you to refrain from putting your hands on my head so I can give you the best blow job possible. One other thing, when the time comes, please don’t hesitate to cum in my mouth.” Which put a smile from ear to ear on his face.

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