Lost In Translation Ch. 02

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How could I possibly give up on her? I look around her office and just take it all in. Yes, I did just make out with one of my professors and yes, it was sexy as hell. I feel my hands trembling and I clasp them together to make them stop. I bite my lip and think, what can I do to leave my mark?

The idea strikes me as though it was sent from the heavens. I slide off my jeans and my lace panties that I wore, just in case. I take the panties and put them in the drawer where she got the flash cards from. I giggle to my self as I slide my jeans back on. Those panties are soaked.

I walk back across campus to my room and find it empty and dark. I flop down on my bed and feel my stomach doing somersaults out of nervousness and being so wound up. I run my hands through my hair and decide to call Kelly to see where she is at.

“Hey you,” Kelly answers, I can hear the smile in her voice. “How did it go?”

“We’ll talk about it when you get back”

“Damn, I’ll be out late tonight. I have a midterm tomorrow.”

“Your loss. How late?”

“I don’t know, don’t wait up for me.”

“Alright, I won’t. Bon chance!”

“Merci ma cherie!” Click.

I look at my phone as my mind reflects everything that just happened. I can still feel Ann’s breath in my ear and her legs straddling my lap. I no longer feel obligated to call her by her last name. That line is crossed. God, I just want to fuck her, not even make love. I rest in my bed for a while, feeling my entire body pulse with unleashed stimulation. The feeling has exhausted me.

I’ve decided to go the shower, maybe that will help relax me. I undressed in my room and walked into the shared bathroom with my towel wrapped around my torso. The water started with a fury and I jumped in, letting a moan escape my lips, it felt so relaxing. As I lathered the shampoo in my hands I heard the door open and close softly.

I figured it is just one of the other girls so I continued to massage my scalp and clean the day away. As I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair I felt a presence behind me, then hands on my scalp. I started to turn around until I heard a whisper in my ear, “Bonjour, mon amante.”

I felt goosebumps begin all over my skin. The voice was slightly drowned out by the water, but I know for sure Kelly does not know enough French to know the word for lover. My head was being turned bursa otele gelen escort for a kiss and that is when I knew who it was. Ann’s cinnamon hot breath took mine away. I felt her soft lips caress mine and I almost collapsed. She wrapped her arms around my waist and held me still, working slowly on my lips, flicking them open. Her tongue slid past my lips and my tongue eagerly welcomed it.

She moaned as I sucked on her tongue and flicked it with my own, taking time to pay it all the attention it needed. It was her turn to make me moan as she pulled back and kissed the back of my neck over to my ear. Her hands massaging circles across my stomach as her mouth made wonders across my skin. She concentrated her kiss on one area of my neck, biting it, licking it, kissing it. She made me gasp and moan under her mouth and I could feel a smile creep across her mouth.

Suddenly, her hands grasped my breasts and she started to squeeze them. My hands flew up as I gasped and I threw my head back out of passion. She chuckled and continued kneading my breasts and kissing my neck and color bone. I was lost in how she made me feel. Her hands started to touch with a softness and delicacy. I tried to thrust forward but she just softly laughed in my ear and whispered, “No, Jamie, not yet.”

Her voice was so smooth and had flares of sounding husky that turned me on like never before. “Please Ann,” I begged, “Touch me.”

“What do you think I’m doing?”

“Please Ann, I…” That is all I could get out as she pinched my nipples with her fingers. She covered my mouth with her’s suppressing my moan, creating a dull hum. She kept pinching my nipples with an increasing intensity as my moans became more deep and passionate. Even with the water there, I could still feel my own wetness as it was repeatedly washed away.

“Do you like how I’m playing with you baby?” She whispered.

“Yes, I love it.”

“Good, now I want you to lift your leg up on the ledge. Can you do that for me, baby?”

I nodded yes, realizing at that moment that whatever she asked me to do, I would do it. I lifted my leg up on one of the shower ledges and balanced myself by placing on hand on each side of the shower.

“That’s my girl,” she cooed as she rubbed her hand over my inner thigh, gripping it and making me squirm. I felt escort bayan ready to explode then and there. “Hold still,” she commanded. I froze exactly as I was and waited for her instruction on what she wanted next. She placed her hand on the inner corner of my thigh and her other gently found its resting place on my breast. She leaned in for a slow, luxurious kiss that made the world spin. It started slowly, with soft eager lips, soon becoming more urgent and demanding. As I started to open my lips to wrap my tongue around hers, she closed her lips and kissed my lips with a greater intensity.

She opened her mouth and slid her tongue into mine. Simultaneously, her finger tips started grazing my outer lips and her other hand was circling my breast. I melted feeling her all over my body. Her hand slowly made its way into my slit where she moaned at how wet she had made me. I was rewarded by feeling her fingertip lightly graze my clit and rub below it.

I moaned feeling the familiar tingle build inside, waiting for release. I tried moving my hips forward, but all she would do is rub where she would almost enter me to just below my clit. I began to hump her hand regardless. She giggled into my ear asking, “Jamie, are you horny? Does my little slut want to get off?”

I was taken aback by her language for a second until her fingers found my clit and my nipple at the same time. I almost screamed out from the sensation. I decided right then and there that she could call me whatever named she wanted to, it was worth it.

Her tongue flicked across my neck and against my earlobe, her fingers massaged my nipples and her other hand was working my clit with amazing accuracy. It was like she knew exactly how I wanted to be touched. She continued her assault on my clit with her thumb while her other fingers slid down and I could feel a single finger meticulously slide in. I ground my teeth to keep myself from climaxing to soon and gasped as she slid another finger inside.

“Mmm, Jamie, you’re so tight. You’re poor pussy doesn’t know what it has gotten itself into. I’m going to fuck the hell out of you girl. For now, I’ll be gentle. Don’t expect that later.”

For now? Later? Oh my god, she was so into me that she already made plans for the future. I was ready to cum at just the thought as she was pumping her two fingers deep inside mudanya escort of me, twisting them about and some how maintaining the perfect pressure on my clit.

“Not yet, Jamie,” she purred into my ear. I found her lips to help muffle my moans and screams as she continued to thrust even deeper into my barely sexed pussy. I was bucking against her hand and moaning into her mouth so much that she pulled away. She looked me straight in the eyes with a look of complete lust and whispered, “Fuck my hand, Jamie. I want to feel your tight pussy cum all over my fingers.”

I moaned throwing my head back as her thumb attacked my clit and her fingers shot in and out. I was about to scream her name when she covered my mouth in a kiss. I started trembling as her two fingers twisted in and out. She pumped her fingers into me harder and harder as I bucked against them moaning into her mouth. The water landed on my body in just the right way, her thumb was working wonders and my nipples screamed for relief when I was able to let go. I came hard, screaming into her mouth, bucking and squeezing the hell out of her fingers.

I shook so bad and trembled hard. She held me in the shower as my body went limp. She took it upon herself to condition my hair and wash my body, essentially finishing my shower for me. She was gentle on all her areas of focus and was soft with every move. I swooned at her ability to go from being a completely dominate sexual goddess to being the woman I just so happen to be showering with.

She helped me out of the shower, drying me off and wrapping me in my towel. She led me into my still dark dorm room where she handed me my clothes and left me to get dressed as she went back into the bathroom. I was in a complete haze, barely looking at her face. I had gotten my fresh cotton shorts and t-shirt on when she came out of the bathroom fully dressed. All I saw was her outline but I felt the material of her dress as she kissed me as I placed my head on my pillow.

“How did you get in?” I asked, completely confused of the reality of the situation.

“Don’t worry about it, Jamie, okay?”

I didn’t push it. She bent down and kissed me with soft lips that had a romantic touch to it.

“Goodnight, mon amante.” Ann whispered in my ear.

“Jamie, wake up. Shit we both overslept!” My eyes fly open. I look across the room only to see Kelly there and the clock saying 9:01. Class started a minute ago. I jump out of bed and into the bathroom where I look at my reflection. I’m in my clothes from the day before and my body still aches of being ignored. Ann Romano, that is the last time you invade my dreams. Consider yourself fucked.

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