Louise Sexploration Ch. 02

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Considering that I had never anticipated such an explosive orgasm, I figured it had to be the alcohol and shrugged it off. The next morning I woke up with my first ever legitimate hangover and the first thing Louise asks me is if I remember the night before (see part one for those who don’t.) and she is wearing nothing but a damp bathrobe and a mischievous grin.

I must have blushed or something as I remembered the night before, because she laughed out loud.

Since I didn’t have any clothes on but my boxer briefs she noticed right away my getting aroused at the memory. “oh my someone else remembers…” she said softly “You made quite the mess on the chair if I recall.” She laughed even more as she looks at my blushing countenance wickedly.

“You remember Jason from work right?” Louise asks me out of the blue.

“Yeah” I said grateful for the change of subject.

“He is coming over tonight for a few drinks, which he is bringing”

I didn’t think anything further about it and got cleaned up to face the rest of the day. Nothing spectacular happened the rest of the day till about an hour before Jason was supposed to show up, Louise goes and changes into a pair of black spandex pants and a oversized tee shirt. She had bent over to pick something up and I noticed that she didn’t have any panties on under the spandex and she didn’t have a bra on either.

“A bit under dressed for mixed company aren’t you?” I asked her

“What? Cant I be comfortable in my own home? Besides I know you like to look at me like this.”

“But what about Jason?” I asked

“So? What about him, doesn’t it make you feel good to have a wife that other men lust over?”

Dubious of the logic there, I let it pass. ‘Whatever.’ I thought to myself, and let it drop, knowing that it would just start an argument if I continued to push and not really wanting to deal with it.

Jason showed up a bit early and immediately noticed the lack of clothing on my wife and when he noticed that I saw what he was looking at he just kartal escort bayan shrugged and grinned but didn’t stop, didn’t even have the good graces to blush. Jason was about five nine to my five six and thin where I am stocky.

Beers were handed about and the card games came out. After several hours of joking, and card playing I started to notice that while I was getting lightly buzzed, no one else was. Louise kept making sure I had a full beer, even telling me I was going to waste it by letting it get hot.

Jason jumped in saying “yeah got to drink it while its cold, man.” To prove his point took a big drink of his. Naturally around 10 or so I am starting to get sleepy and Jason is pretending to be a bit drunk. I know for a fact he hasn’t even finished his second beer while I had put down several. At this point I know that something is up, after that talk yesterday and now this with the beer? At the time we didn’t have a phone so I am guessing this was setup at some point in the past week while at work. Regardless, I decided to just play along.

It was decided that Jason was going to sleep out on the couch because he’d had ‘too much’ to drink, so he couldn’t drive home.

After Jason was comfortable on the couch Louise led the way to the bed room twisting her hips in that ‘come fuck me’ walk of hers that she knows works so well. I stripped and jumped into the bed and she pulled off her spandex and straddled me. I didn’t last long and came nearly instantly, and just as quickly I started to doze. I fought hard to not go to sleep but stay still as though I had. Louise slowly climbed off after a few seconds and I could hear her move around and the bedroom door softly close. I heard her go into the bathroom right next to our room and the sound of the toilet, then running water. Laying there in the dark doing my level best to be still and listen while I waited. A moment later I heard her open the bedroom door and stand there a for what felt like forever. Then quietly she backed out and closed the escort maltepe door.

I gave it to the count of five and got out of bed and quietly opened the bedroom door, just in time to hear Jason say in his normal voice, “I thought that he would never go to sleep.”

“Shhhh, not so loud.” Louise admonished. “This is a trailer after all and sound carries through these thin walls.”

“Damn you could have worn the most expensive stuff from Fredrick’s and not had the effect that outfit had, you bent over getting a beer for James and I shot a load in my drawers.” Then I could hear lips smacking and I could just see around the corner her back in her spandex with her shirt off straddling Jason with nothing between them but blanket and her spandex. His hands are groping and squeezing her ass while I can hear sucking noises.

“Glad you appreciated my little show, hmmm, suck both of them now.” Louise whispered heatedly.

Call me trailer trash or whatever you want but the site of that fat ass in spandex never fails to get me hot and to see it writhing as she dry humped Jason’s lap had me rubbing my now hard and aching cock. The I had to force myself to remember that this wasn’t granddads porno I am sneaking a peek at, that was my wife getting ready to fuck some other guy right there in my living room.

The clash between jealousy and being so turned on kept me rooted to the spot and silent, continuing to watch as this guy slid one hand into her spandex and down into her ass crack. It looked like he was rubbing her asshole from behind.

“Ah yeah, finger my ass, Jason.” She whispered. “Are you ready to really get it going? You ready to fuck me baby?”

I nearly came right there it was so intense and hot the sick twisting in my gut forcibly taking a backseat to my raging hormones watching Louise’ ass gyrate as she ground her pussy into Jason’s crotch. Knowing that it has to be aching at least as much as mine is.

“Was ready the minute I walked in here, let me up and at it!”

Louise pendik escort got up and did an about face as she bent over pulling the spandex over her ass. I nearly panicked as she appeared to look my way then kept turning as if she didn’t see me. Jason didn’t seem to see me either as he jumped out from under the blankets and started kissing and groping her magnificent ass. She stood up after a moment of having her ass appreciated and pushed Jason out of the way while she put her knees on the edge of the couch and her hands on the back, and started twisting her ass with nice ‘Come fuck me’ motions “Better get it while it’s hot, Jason.”

He didn’t need to be told twice, he was on her in a flash thrusting his six or so inches all the way in on the first stroke. Louise groaned, and started moaning but that was drowned out by the sound of skin slapping skin as Jason started fucking as hard as he could. The vision of my wife bent over the couch, double ‘D’ tits swinging with each thrust, and that luscious ass rippling as he pounded into her was making me so hard up I thought I could shoot a load from one end of the hall to the other.

Jason didn’t last too long though, next I knew he had pulled back and shot his load all over her ass. I could see that she was disappointed with the sudden end. She stood up and put her shirt back on and grabbed her spandex and I freaked. Ran back to bed as quietly as I could, facing the wall, thinking that she would go to the bathroom first. But no, she came straight to bed, and me rock hard.

Next I knew she reached over and wrapped her hand around my still hard cock, and whispered into my ear, ” I knew you liked the show, lets take care of that shall we?”

I didn’t say a word and her not quite gentle pulling on my cock let me know she was serious so I rolled over and she pulled down my boxer briefs and then got on her hands and knees telling me, “common baby, finish what he started.”

I don’t know how long I lasted but I know that I fucked her hard and long enough that she was sweating and gave up any pretense of trying to keep quiet.

When I came, it was so explosive and fierce I slammed myself as deeply into her as I could and ground into her as strongly as I could ignoring the other guy’s cum all over her ass while I planted mine deep.

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