Love at First Piss Ch. 01

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“Drink?” he slurred stumbling towards me.

“Got one, but I’ll have another.”

“Gary,” he shouted over the booming music.

“Heidi,” I yelled back.

“Heidi? Really?”

“No but it will do won’t it?”

Gary gave me a lecherous sneer. “I like your bikini…and your tits.”

Ugh, he was pissed. Still, what did I care? His shorts were tenting. Not bad. “I like your boner, is that for me?”

Garry grinned and stroked the erection confined within his Bermuda shorts. “Could be, if you play your cards right.”

What an awful line. “Buy me a drink and I’ll think about it,” I replied. May as well give him a chance, I hadn’t had any better offers. “I’ll have a Vodka and cranberry. Make it a large vodka.”

I deliberately chose an expensive drink and watched Gary’s reaction. He didn’t bat an eyelid. Ok, so money wasn’t an issue. Big tick for that. Gary leaned over the bar and waved to get attention. I took a good look at him whilst his back was turned.

He was ok; around six feet tall, well-built but not too muscular. He looked like a sports player rather than a gym dweller. That was good so long as his sport wasn’t football. I hated footballers.

Gary was young, perhaps early twenties. He was neatly dressed but his face was unshaven and his hair massy. Another big tick as I was concerned. I loathed vain men. No man should spend more time looking in the mirror than I did.

I peered more closely at the back of his head, was he ginger? It was hard to tell under the coloured lights. His complexion backed up the ginger theory – pale, patches of red where he’d overdone the sunbathing or forgotten his factor fifty, and freckles…hell, he was ginger and very obviously British. That was a London or Home Counties accent if I wasn’t mistaken. He was probably on a Club 1830’s holiday with his mates. That wasn’t so good. I should escape, quickly.

“There you go. Cheers!”

Hmm. Too late.

Gary handed me a tall glass of cranberry and vodka. I took a sip; it was a double, just as I’d ordered. That was promising – he’d listened to me and my cash theory looked to be correct. Gary took a slurp from his own drink, a pint of lager (what a surprise) and beamed at me. His smile was lovely, warm and genuine. He was confident too. I liked that.

“Thanks Gary, cheers,” I said touching my glass to his.

Right, so Gary would be my company for a while. I didn’t mind that. He had enough money to keep the drinks flowing and he wasn’t bad looking. Provided he didn’t try to talk too much we’d get along famously. I sat back on my bar stool, the flight instinct gone. I wanted sex that night and Gary would do. I glanced down at the hard-on still prominent beneath his shorts. Well, he was certainly up for it, another randy holiday maker looking for a quick fuck. Good. So be it.

Like Gary I was British but I wasn’t in Cyprus on holiday. I lived there, least I did at that point in my life. I’d arrived at the start of the holiday season with a plan to stay as long as I could. Permanently if I found enough work. I’d been lucky thus far. I’d secured a job before the end of my first week and found a second shortly after that. I worked as a waitress from 6.00am to 2.00pm then transformed myself into a bar maid from 8.00pm to whenever the bar closed down for the night. It was hard going and the wages were poor but the work was easy. I earned enough to live on, put a bit aside, and I absolutely loved living in Cyrus. The country was beautiful, it’s population friendly and the climate was divine. Life in Britain had been miserable for me for quite some time and moving to Cyprus was my new start.

Life abroad wasn’t all work either. I was entitled to one day off per week and had swapped my shifts around so that my day off at the café and the bar coincided. I spent my precious free time sunbathing and making the most of the perks on offer in a resort teaming with young men whose sole mission was to shag as many women as they could during their seven days of holiday freedom. I’d never had much success with men in Britain but in Cyprus I sampled cock at least twice a week at the close of my bar shift and always on my day off. Gary looked like being my latest conquest and as I’d been off work that day I had the whole night available to fuck him.

I took another look at my red-haired admirer. He wasn’t ideal, not really my type, but he’d make a decent enough one-night-stand. He seemed to have plenty of energy and his cock was huge! I couldn’t help staring at it straining against his shorts. It really was something.

The amount of alcohol Gary had consumed bothered me. I didn’t care if he couldn’t remember who I was after he’d shagged me but I didn’t want him passing out in the middle of sex or worse, throwing up. I’d had that happen once. It wasn’t nice and I’d sworn it would never happen again. I’d have to steer Gary onto water. It shouldn’t be too difficult.

That cock…I reached out to touch it. I couldn’t resist. I ran my fingers along its length. It was very hard, ready for ankara otele gelen escort action, and was both fat and long. That was a big cock. It would fill me. Who cared what it was attached to?

Gary flinched and pushed my hand away. “You’re keen,” he said uncomfortably.

I sniggered.

“So,” said Gary clearing his throat. “Are you in here with friends?”


“Oh. Ok. Do you come here often?”

Oh dear, not that line. “Yes.”

“Right. Do you want to talk to me?” he asked sounding a little confused.

“No, not really.”

Gary frowned.

“Sex,” I said leaning forwards, “I want sex.”

“Oh, ok. With me?”

I nodded.

“What now?”

I touched his penis again, closing my fingers around it. “Something tells me you won’t turn me down.”

Gary left my hand where it was. “Ok, yes, I think you’re right. Fuck, what gave it away?”

I smiled, “not sure. Well Gary, I’m offering you casual sex, no strings. Do you want it?”

Gary took a deep breath. “Yes. No. Yes. Fuck! Ok, I like you, I do, but shouldn’t we get to know each other a bit before having sex?”

Seriously? He didn’t look like the type to turn down a fuck and turning down me? No-one did that. I was quite a looker, men liked me. Twenty-six, blond, petite build, slender legs, firm ass – get the picture? I looked good. I glared at Gary.

“What?” he stammered. “Can’t I talk to you before I shag you?”


“Why not?”

“Why do you need to?” I retorted.

“I dunno. In case things develop, you know, last longer than tonight.”

“They won’t.”

“Oh right. Don’t you like me then?”

“I don’t know you.”

“Exactly, so get to know me.”

At that point Gary was irritating me and taking him home for the night started looking like a bad idea. He talked too much. Big turn-off. I was close to the exit and contemplated making a break for it. Cut and run so to speak. I’m glad I didn’t. I’d have missed out.

“I need a piss,” declared Gary out of the blue. He grabbed his penis to prove the point. How crude. “You can ditch me whilst I’m gone if you want to,” he added looking straight into my eyes.

I hadn’t noticed his eyes before. They were bright green with long lashes and had a distinctly mischievous glint. I liked them. Crap! Now I felt guilty. “This way,” I said taking pity on him. “The toilets always have huge queues, even the gents. You’ll be waiting all night. You can use the staff loo if you want.”

“Staff? You work here?”

I nodded.

“Damn!” he exclaimed. “You could have got me a staff discount on those drinks!”

I grinned. I could have got them for free actually but I thought it wise not to tell him that. I toasted Gary and drank the rest of my drink to show gratitude.

Gary squinted at me but a broad smile crept across his face. “You’re going to be hard work, aren’t you?”

I raised an eyebrow and smiled back. Gary was growing on me. “Do you need to pee or not?” I asked, “‘cos I do need a shag and I’d like it before I have to start work again in the morning. Do you still want to fuck me?”

Gary moved towards me, leaned in and kissed my lips. His kiss was soft and far gentler than I’d expected. “Sorry, had to do that. Don’t worry, that’s the preliminaries over with. I feel happier now.”

“I’ve already stroked your cock; foreplay’s over. You didn’t need to kiss me.”

Gary eyes twinkled, “I know, I wanted to. Oh Fuck I need to piss quite badly!” he groaned. “Sorry, too much lager. Where’s the loo?”

I sighed. He really was testing my patience. I was never going to get laid if he continued stalling. “Follow me.”

I led Gary through a pass door and into a corridor which ran behind the bar. Two off duty bar tenders were sitting on the floor leaning against the cold breezeblock wall, sipping bottled beers. They looked tired and hot.

“Hey Tam, how’s it going?” asked the larger of the two, a tall, good looking tanned guy whose accent was antipodean.

“Good, Oz,” I chirped. “Oh, where are my manners, this is Barry.”

“Gary! Gary with a G! And who’s Tam?” Gary huffed.

The Australian sniggered and the man next to him, a stocky man with a deep golden tan and striking blue eyes, wagged his finger at me.

“She’s Tam,” he said. “Tam the Tease.”

“She’s no tease,” snorted Oz, “well, only with you.” He nudged the man beside him. “Tam shagged Jake here and won’t give him an action replay. Jake’s got the hump about it.”

The stocky man, Jake, didn’t look amused.

“Apparently he’s got a small dick,” Oz winked.

“Fuck off Oz!” Jake shoved his co-worked hard sending Oz into fits of giggles.

“Stop winding him up!” I retorted, batting Oz across the head. “You know full well Jake’s got a cock twice the size of yours. You’ve compared them enough times.”

“Have not!” Oz protested.

Jake grinned. “Gotta get back to work. Come on you lazy Aussie layabout, back to the grindstone.” He turned to öveçler escort me. “I still want that second shag Tam. See that you behave.”

“I will…badly,” I added under my breath.

Oz nudged Gary as he passed. “She’s trouble!” he whispered.

“Yep, I got that already,” Gary agreed. “Well, looks like I’ve pulled the bar bike!” he announced gleefully.

Oz stopped dead in his tracks and nearly wet himself laughing. Even Jake couldn’t hide him amusement.

“Shut up!” I screeched slapping Gary hard on the backside. “And you haven’t pulled me yet. Don’t forget that.”

Jake and Oz disappeared back to the bar leaving Gary alone with me.

“Do they actually like you?” he asked rubbing the spot where I’d slapped him.

“Course. We get on great. We wind each other up that’s all.”

“Umm, ok. Now, err, toilet?” he whimpered. He looked desperate.

“This way.”

The staff toilet was a not so hygienic single loo situated in the corner of a store room. It had no cubical around it, just a curtain that none of us bothered to use. Gary was no exception.

“Fuck, I’m busting,” he announced, pulling his shorts down as soon as he saw the white porcelain.

I watched him expose his substantial cock and aim it in the direction of the toilet bowl. Gary didn’t seem to mind my prying eyes as I watched him stroke his hardened penis in an attempt to make it relax enough to allow him to pee.

“Stupid erection,” he muttered. “I can’t go.” He turned towards me, his engorged cock in his hands. “That’s your bloody fault that is, stroking my dick in a crowded bar!”

“Hey, don’t blame me! That thing was already pointing skywards when I met you!”

“Yeah, you made it worse. I’m going to have to jack off before I can piss,” he declared brashly.

Really? I felt a little spasm deep inside me. “Be my guest. Mind if I watch?”

“Well, err…”

A soft cough from the doorway made us both spin around. A petite blond girl in the tight black and white uniform of the bar tenders was hovering just outside the door. Lola. My fellow work mate and the only person in Cyprus who was more of a slut than me!

“Sorry Tam, I’m busting,” she said all coquettishly. She eyed Gary with interest homing in on the swollen cock he was holding in his hands.

Gary hurriedly pulled up his shorts. “Christ!” he gasped.

Lola tittered and bit her lip as she sashayed towards him. She touched his ass as she passed by heading for the toilet. I watched with mounting jealousy as arch-fiend Lola hitched up her skirt, pulled her knickers aside and hovered over the loo. She never took her eyes off Gary.

He was mesmerised, the git! He stood there slack jawed and drooling whilst Lola strained her muscles until a tiny dribble of pee emerged from between her legs. It dripped downwards, hitting the water in the toilet bowl with a soft patter. She winked at Gary and blew him a cheeky kiss as her pee erupted for real and the trickle became a torrent which rained down into the porcelain beneath her with a thunderous hammering and high pitched hiss.

Gary’s eyes widened and glazed over.

“Come on,” I barked, grabbing his arm and pulling him away. I was damned if he was going to ogle another woman in my presence, and definitely not Lola.

Gary followed me willingly enough but couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. “Do you all behave like that?” he asked sounding shell-shocked.

“None of us are shy but she’s shameless.”

“Does she have a name?” Gary asked glancing back over his shoulder.

I folded my arms and glowered at him.

“Sorry,” he grinned, still looking dopey, “it’s just what she was doing…that’s so hot.”

“She was taking a piss!” I snapped. He was annoying me again.


“What, that turns you on?” I scoffed.

Gary moved towards me until our bodies touched. He pressed his cock up against me. Solid. About to explode. “Piss for me and I’ll show you how much it turns me on.”

I took a sharp intake of breath as I felt my heart skip a beat. That was strange. Why had that happened? “This way, now,” I said feeling both flustered and horny. Mostly horny. My God I was horny! I needed sex…immediately!

I grabbed Gary by his shirt and dragged him through a fire exit to a small delivery bay outside the bar. It was at the side of the building, down an alley but other than that it offered no protection from onlookers walking down the bustling main street beyond.

I pushed Gary up against the breezeblock wall desperate for intimacy with him. Something had triggered my passion, flicked a switch to my lust. My pussy began secreting warm juices and my need to fuck threatened to become uncontrollable.

“Here?” asked Gary bewildered. “Not very private.”

“Don’t care. I like sex in the open,” I rasped.

My hand slipped down inside Gary’s shorts and wrapped around his fat cock. I could feel it throbbing in my hand and the heat it gave off was intense. I gripped it hard and began stroking. pendik escort Slow movements at first, becoming faster as Gary’s cock twitched and grew in response to my touch.

Gary threw his head back and groaned. He pushed his shorts down around his knees and leaned his weight against the wall. “God that’s good, so good,” he moaned, “keep going.”

I smiled. Keep going? I should, he was close to coming but I had a better idea. I abruptly stopped what I was doing and stepped back.

“No, NO. Don’t stop,” gasped Gary. He grabbed my hand and tried to reinstate it around his cock but I was having none of it.

“Oh Tam!” he cried.

“You do it,” I smirked. “I want to watch.”

“Watch? Watch what? Watch me wank?”


“Tam! For fuck’s sake, why can’t you finish me off?”

I shrugged. “Don’t want to. I want to watch you do it.”

“Shit, you are a tease! A fucking heartless tease!”

I nodded. I was. It amused me to torment men, it aroused me, but there was another reason for wanting to see him pleasure himself. I wanted to observe how he did it; how much pressure he applied, what speed worked best. I’d replicate it later if he was lucky or someone else would benefit from the lesson at a later date. Call it fascination if you like.

Gary shook his head and took a firm hold of his cock. He was too close to coming to simply stop. He had to finish off somehow. I ran my fingers down his arm as he gripped his purple penis in his right hand and began stroking it, fast and hard, concentrating on the sensitive cockhead. Gary worked frantically, his rhythm matching the pulse of the techno music emanating from inside the bar. He leaned back against the vibrating wall, knees bent, muscles straining, face contorted. Precum glistened on his swollen cockhead filling the air with its distinctive aroma.

I longed to lick it off. It looked delicious and that smell…beautiful.

“I’m going to come,” moaned Gary. “Get down on your knees. I want to offload in your mouth.”

My cunt contracted. Come in my mouth? Fuck that turned me on. I dropped to my knees in an instant, gasping as Gary gripped the back of my head and forced his throbbing penis deep inside my open mouth. I closed my lips around the fat cockhead and sucked hard. The taste was heavenly. Salty, sticky, my favourite flavour – hot cock marinated in cum.

Gary let out a deep guttural moan and his body stiffened as a satisfying helping of delicious stickiness hit the back of my throat. I sucked harder on his penis savouring the flavour and gloopy consistency of the cum he was pumping out. Gary ejaculated again, shooting another load of cream into my hungry mouth. He groaned out his pleasure and gripped my head tightly as he came.

When Gary relaxed I released his cock and closed my jaws. My mouth was full of semen. There was a fantastic amount of it. I contemplated swallowing but decided against it. Instead I swished the cream around inside my mouth, running it over my tongue and through my teeth. Finally I threw my head back and gargled noisily. I’d done that trick many times before and found that men either loved it or ran a mile! I’d never received a mediocre reaction. I watched Gary’s expression with interest.

Gary fell into the ‘love it’ category. I thought he would. He gazed at me with a look of deepest admiration as I swallowed my mouthful of frothed up cum and showed him my empty mouth.

“Fuck that’s so hot! There’s still some left on there,” he murmured indicating his slowly deflating penis.

Yes there was. His cock was glistening with cum. I took it gently in my hands and began to lick it clean, running my tongue slowly along the shaft and over the tip, devouring every drop of cum I could find.

“Oh fuck you’re wonderful,” sighed Gary. “You’re not going to tell me I have to pay for this are you?”

“Fuck off!” I screeched spitting his cock out and sitting back on my heels. “Do I look like a prostitute?”

Gary bit his lip. “Well, yes. And you’re quite a pro. In a good way,” he grinned.

Ok, good point. I couldn’t argue with that. “It’s free. I suck cock because I like it. It’s my hobby. And if you think I’m behaving like a whore now, just wait ’till later. I haven’t even started on you.”

“Wow! Glad to hear it, on both counts,” Gary smirked. “Er, Heidi, Tam…which one is it? Your real name.”

“Tam. Tamara.”

“Ewch! Think I prefer Heidi.”

I got to my feet and slapped his ass reproachfully.

Garry laughed. “Will you stop doing that, vicious bitch!” he joked. “Look Tam, hate to do this but, limp dick, need a piss…remember?”

Ah yes, I remembered. I guess he could pee now his erection had gone down and he was probably pretty desperate. Another idea sprang to mind, one that took me by surprise and turned me on more than ever. I wondered if he’d oblige…”Piss here, in front of me. I want to watch you do it.”

Gary’s eyes widened. He was intrigued. “You like that sort of thing too?”

That sort of thing? Pissing in public? Pissing in front of someone? I had no idea; I’d never done it, well, not in a sexual way. I’d had to piss publically when desperate but it had been more embarrassing than erotic. This though, Gary pissing in the delivery bay in full view of the road beyond and right in front of me, that made me hot. Burning hot.

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