Love in the Neighborhood Pt. 04

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Tina puts her arm around Nina, kissed her warm, tender lips, and guided her toward their bedroom. Nina looked all around the bedroom and notices that the walls are padded, along with the ceiling and the bedroom door, and Nina looked at Tina, “All your walls and ceiling are padded. Why did you pad the walls and ceiling? I haven’t found them in a magazine.”

Tina looked at Nina, smiled warmly, “I like a room where I sleep to be padding. It will make the bedroom silent to the outside.” remarking further, “Nina, if you want to scream or hollered out all your sexual words, no one on the other side of the door will know. I had tested with two men, who put in the padding, scream out in the bedroom, and I was in the living room. For now, I want you and me in bed so we can be lesbian lovers?”

Nina lovely smiled at Tina as they lay on the large bed, groping each other naked, silky smooth bodies in their soft hands as they kissed each other passionately. Nina ran her hands through Tina’s head of hairs and played with Tina’s ear lop as she looked into Tina’s eyes.

Tina stroked Nina’s head hair too, and love every moment of sexual relationship and expressed her thoughts to Nina, “Oh, Nina, I love how you earnest kissed me. I want you to sleep with me till morning,” leaning down to lick and suck Nina’s ear lop.

Nina looked up at Tina as she stroked her hair and face, speaking, “Oh, Tina, I like this foreplay. Come here so I can play with and fondle your gorgeous, large breasts in my hands.”

Tina rolled onto her back and pulled Nina closer, saying, “Nina, I wanted you to squeeze, titillate each one of my sensitive breasts, and I want you to embrace them and nibbled each one of my nipples-areola.”

Nina felt Tina’s hand reach out and pull her closer to her large gorgeous breasts. Nina warped her mouth on Tina’s right breast, biting her nipple with her teeth, pulling away from Tina’s breast, and let nipple rescind from her wet mouth, went back to nibble her pinkish areola. Nina, other hands, reach out, and with her fingers, she squeezed and pinched around her left nipple-areola, played with both Tina’s breasts as her thoughts emerged, Oh, Tina, I love pinching her pinkish areola. The way her nipples become pointy after I suck and dribble my saliva all over. Tina likes to pull on my head of hair and guide me all over her nipples.

“Nina, please stop. Each one of my breasts is so sensitive after you devour each of my breasts. Come here, darling.”, Tina requested.

Nina rose slowly and kissed her affectionately on her warm lips, saying, “Oh, Tina, I never knew how wonderful it feels to suck and squeeze each one of your breasts.”

Tina looked up at Nina, rolled on her back, saying, “Nina, I am going to devour your naked body. Just bursa escort relax, darling.” Tina eases herself off Nina, nibbles each one of her ears lob. Slipping further down, raises Nina’s arms pits, licking both Nina’s armpits with her wet, slick tongue, and went down onto Nina’s breast, with Tina refection, Oh, I like sucks and lick her pinkish nipple-areola and tease as I bit into each one of her large mounting breasts. Nina’s nipple-areola is hard and firm as they reveal themselves when I run my tongue, bit both her breasts areola. Nina likes me to bit into and twisted each one to the right or the left, and I can hear Nina moan out. Yes, that is baby, keep screaming out.

Nina’s hands went to each breast, cupping them for Tina’s mouth, lustful hollered out, “Yes, that it Tina, keep sucking both of them. It is incredible as you bit into my nipple-areolar and making me dripping wet in my cunt.”

Tina hesitated, look up at Nina, asking, “Have you tasted your cunt liquid?”

“No, I never gave it a thought of that when I play.”, Nina answered Tina’s question.

“I will gather a lot of your cunt gleaming slickness out of your cunt. I want you to taste as goes into your warm mouth,” Tina said, went to Nina’s cunt lips, got some pussy slickness liquid on her two fingers, and placed her juice into Nina’s mouth, “Tell me if you like it.”

Nina could feel Tina’s fingers go into her mouth, savoring the taste of her cunt juices, saying, “Oh, Tina! It is incredible to taste my warm, sweet juices.”

“You see, you like that. Wait till you taste and savor my cum.” Tina smiled at Nina, and her mouth went down onto Nina’s breasts.

Nina is accepting that Tina is moved further down on her nude body and senses that Tina is licking and biting her exposed naked skin. Suddenly Nina noted, Tina is licking all around her belly button as Nina said, “I like what you are doing to my belly button. No one has ever teased me like this before.”

Tina smiled, said nothing to her response as she nibbles and kissed her way down to Nina’s moist, hairy, smooth cunt lips, and judging, Oh, Nina, I cannot wait until I run my tongue deep into your pussy wet slit. For now, I will increase her sexual lust as I bitt and pull on Nina’s gleaming, hairy cunt.

“Oh, fuck!” Nina hollered out, “You have increased my sexual seductive when you pull and bitt my fuzzy, hairy cunt. Tina, put more of your smooth fingers in my pussy canal! Keep doing it! Oh fuck, that is incredible!”

Tina loves teasing and makes Nina hollered out loudly, saying, “Nina, hand me a pillow so I can slide it under your broad ass cheeks. It will make it easier to taste your savor mouth-watering pussy.”

Nina handed the pillow to Tina, “I cannot wait until you devour my hairy pussy?”

Tina bursa escort bayan took the pillow, slide underneath Nina’s ass cheeks, thinking, I know Nina wants to cum, but I will delay her cumming several times, and then it will resolve her incredibly need to cum. Nina will get an even better surprise when my mouth licks and runs my soaking wet tongue deeply into Nina’s anal channel opening. I bet she never had her anal opening played with or had her husband fuck Nina in the gorgeous ass.

“Tina, what are you doing to my twat! Fuck, It is unbelievable every time you drag your moist, slick tongue across my cunt opening. Fuck, keep doing it!” Nina howled with a deep sexual lust in her voice.

Tina could not take her mouth off Nina’s moist pussy, inserting her long tongue deep inside Nina’s vagina canal, dragged her sopping wet tongue out, licked and devour Nina’s clit, by drawing it back, so her clit hood is exposed naked to Tina’s mouth.

Nina screamed out, “Oh, Tina! I am almost ready to cum. Yes, keep doing it, darling.” Suddenly Tina stops eating her pussy, and played with Nina’s twat outer lips with her tongue. Nina yelled out! “Why did you stop eating my twat. I was almost ready to cum!”

Tina retreated from Nina’s pinkish outer lips, saying, “Nina, I knew you were about to cum, so I stop eating your entice pink twat. Now enjoy what I am doing to your naked body, Nina.” as Tina said it, and put her face down on to Nina’s clit. Biting into Nina’s clit, moving her clit hood, and exposing to Tina’s dripping moist mouth. Tina’s persuasion came out, I will eat her twat several times, and then I make her cum like she never did before.

Forty-five minutes, Tina would make Nina maddening each time she was about to cum. Tina went all around Nina’s reddish-pink color of her cunt outer lips. Tina would nibble on each outer pussy lips till Nina had come down from almost cumming. Each time Nina oozed out a lot of inner twat juice after putting two fingers into Nina’s cunt. Tina finally heard Nina moans out loudly, “You twat, eater. My inside is going ragged with sexual exasperate deep in me. You are torture my naked body and my furry pussy. Please, Tina, make me cum? I want it from you, Tina.”

Tina knew it was time for Nina to cum, as she senses Nina’s nude body is ready to cum. She lifted Nina’s legs as her mouth went all over Nina’s pinkish anal rosebud opening, and three fingers went into Nina’s dripping cunt.

Suddenly, with a scream of sexual lust as Nina yelled out, “No one ever ate my ass like that. It is tantalizing and anguishes throughout my body each time you run your wet soaking tongue deep into my pinkish rosebud anal canal. Keep doing, Tina! Oh, fuck!”

After raping Nina’s anal opening with escort bursa her tongue, Tina rose to take Nina’s pussy clit into her mouth and slipped her three-finger back into Nina’s moist vagina, and found that Nina had a moist gratification. Tina urges herself to keep sucking Nina slick, gleaming froth cum in Nina’s cunt.

“Oh, fuck! I cannot stop cum! Oh, fuck you! Tina, here it again as I cum again,” Nina held onto Tina’s head while her other hand gripped the sheets, “Tina, you are driving me into the maniacal stage of cumming every time. Oh, fuck you! Keep doing it. I cannot stop cumming. I have never cum like this before, darling!”

Abruptly, Tina ran her thick two fingers right into Nina’s anal opening, gyrated around deep into the pinkish rosebud canal, “Nina, I am going to fuck you with my fingers in your ass. Then you will not forget how to unquestionably how to cum with your twat.”

Nina wailed out loudly, howled out to Tina, “Keep fuking me, you bitch! Yes, Oh, fuck! I am cumming again! Keep licking my pinkish twat canal with your hot tongue. Yes, fuck me till eternity never ends.”

Tina kept licking Nina’s twat canal and keep fucking back and forth into Nina’s rosebud open with her fingers, surmise, I am loving fuck her gorgeous slick, hairy cunt of Nina. Nina cannot stop cumming wave after wave. I know by now, her mind has lost control of every instinctive she possed before we make love, and her powerless sexual lust jurisdiction will not return. Sexual lust that I gained with my previous partners.

Nina lifts her legs higher in the air, saying, “You fucking bitch! I cannot resist cumming. Yes, just like that!” Nina cums repetitively on Tina’s mouth, “That is right when you finger my ass opening. Buried, your finger way deep in my rosebud canal, and make me cum again repetitively.”

Tina rams two salvia fingers into Nina’s rosebud canal and two-finger into her reddish-pink vagina moist canal, and her mouth went to Nina’s large clit. Suddenly Tina believed and heard that Nina was cumming in horrendous sexual lust scream, gripping the bedsheets, as Tina could not take her mouth away from Nina’s slick, dripping moist twat.

“Tina, you fucking lesbian pussy eater! Keep doing it, and do not stop. Oh, fuck! I never cum so much with my fingers or my husband’s cock. Fuck, I love it when you ram your fingers deep into my rosebud opening. Oh fuck, I am cumming again. Yes, just like that. Keep fucking my twat with your fingers and mouth.” wave after wave of Nina’s twat cumming as she yelled out deeply. Finally, Nina collapsed on the bed, and her hands pushed Tina away from her drolling moist, slick cunt. Nina lay there, catching her breath as she keeps swallow air into her lungs.

Tina took her mouth away from Nina’s cunt, and move up to lay next to Nina, saying, “I am holding you close to my nude body, so you come down from expunging your flow of cum from your pussy. Relax Nina. I love you.”

I hope you like it. There will be another Chapter.

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