Lovers Ch. 07

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It was on March 8th 2011 when my son Erik was born. He was born at 5:55 P.M. he was seven pounds three ounces, he had a little bit a jet black hair. When I held him in my arms for the first time it was wonderful, I was finally a dad, but maybe I should tell you the story of what we were doing when Catherine’s water broke.

My mom’s birthday was drawing closer and Taylor and I were searching for the perfect present. We went to Kay jewelers and found a gold heart necklace for her. We bought it and as we were leaving my cell phone rang I picked it up “Hey Cathy what’s up?”

“Baby my water broke it’s time and trust me this isn’t a test this time.” For a month now mom has called me at random times to tell me her water broke so I could hurry home. Luckily the mall was about ten to fifteen minutes away.

“Taylor and I are on the way we’ll be there in fifteen.” I said hanging up the phone. I told her and we started to run.

We got home in less than fifteen thanks to speeding and my excellent maneuvering skills. We broke a few laws but this was my son!

I carried her out to my jeep wrangler and put her in the passenger seat. Since taylor knew the way there she drove. Cathy kept saying “Drive mommy T drive!” it was funny. When we arrived at the hospital they weren’t busy so we were accepted quickly.

We had to wait about three hours until he was born.

After Cathy held him I did then when I was done admiring him I passed him to Taylor.

“He’s beautiful.” Taylor said kissing him on the forehead. She then licked her lips and passed him back to Cathy but whispered something that made them both laugh. She then whispered it to me “Your son tastes like Catherine’s pussy.” I laughed.

Catherine then gave him to the doctor and they went to the hospital’s nursery. When all the nurses left the room I kissed mom and said “You did great Cathy.” She kissed me back.

“You did too.” Cathy responded.

“Thanks for driving us here baby.” I told Taylor passionately kissing her.

“It was nothing but when we get home you can lick my pussy. Or you can do in the bathroom right there.” She said pointing to the small bathroom in the corner. I laughed and responded with in a little while. After an hour a nurse came in to tell us we could see him now. She brought him in a stroller mixed with a cradle kind of this. He was wrapped in a blue blanket and hat a blue hat on. She then asked if we were ready to fill out the name on his birth certificate we responded with yes.

“His name will be Erik Benjamin Stark.” Benjamin was my grandfather’s name.

“Are you the father?” the nurse asked me. I nodded, “My name is James Stark.” Im named after my uncle so no one will know.

“Well, Mrs. Jones ill copy this and bring you backs the original.” Cathy nodded and then the nurse left.

I picked Erik up and sat down, with him in my arms I said. “Hey little guy, I’m your daddy.” Cathy began to tear up.


A couple days later we brought Erik home. My aunt Rachel (Who is one of the only ones who knows im the father) has come to visit him since he üsküdar escort was born. Cathy is always calling him her birthday present because he was born five days before her birthday. We haven’t stopped having sex, but we can’t do threesomes anymore because someone has to be with Erik. The day before Cathy’s birthday I had Taylor watch Erik while I went to get Cathy and Taylor something to give to mom. I got her a pair of earrings from Taylor, and I got a Pandora charm bracelet for her from Erik and a teddy bear charm.

When she opened them she went around and gave us all kisses and hugs. She told Erik that he’s her little teddy bear. When Cathy was done we truly celebrated in the bedroom I played with erik in the nursery while Cathy and Taylor went at it and after about ten minutes Taylor came in to play with Erik while I fucked cathy. But Taylor didn’t look like she had sex.

When I walked in to the room candles were lit, the room smelled of lavender I looked at our bed and Cathy was laying on the bed in Lingerie. She wore a black corset with an s on the front, she didn’t have any panties on and her breasts were exposed. She beckoned me forward. I striped off all my clothes and got onto the bed. “Taylor helped me set this up for us. But when im done with you, you’d better rock her world. I want her to come eight times.” She said.

“I will but first I want to fuck the mommy in need.” I began to lick her pussy, she moaned over and over.

“Yes baby lick mommy’s cunt. Lick it until she comes in your mouth!” she moaned. “Baby im Cumming!” she pushed my head deeper into her pussy. When she came it was a lot. “Alright baby now to make the night memorable I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

“Really?” I’ve wanted to do anal for a long time and now she wanted it too. I was so happy.

“I want you to take my black cherry.” She got into a doggy position. I lined up with Cathy’s ass hole she said she was ready so I pushed in.

It was so tight, it took a lot of force to get it all the way in. “Leave it, I want to get use to your big dick inside me.” I waited close to a minute until she said she was ready. I would slowly pull it out then slowly push it in I did that ten times. She told me to fuck her faster so I grew faster util the slap of our bodies together made it sound like a machine gun.

“I’m Cumming mom!” I said while pounding her ass and rubbing her clit.

“I am too baby; I want you to cum in my ass!”

When I came it was a lot and when I was done Cumming Cathy didn’t yet so I started to lick her until she came in my mouth.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed. She came a bucket load, and it tasted great. When she was done Cumming we made out and she said “Im going to go play with Erik, now remember I want her to cum eight times. If she says she only came seven we won’t let your dick in any hole for a month.”

“You’re really serious about this aren’t you?”

“Yes I am. So if you want sex from either of us you’d better make my daughter cum eight times.”

“Okay.” Mom kissed me passionately then left anadolu yakası escort for our son. About a minute late Taylor came in and said

“I heard you have to make me cum eight times.” She laughed.

“I love you, and I know I’ve been paying a lot of attention to Cathy but I want you to know that I love you and I will never stop loving you.” I took her into my arms and we kissed passionately.

“Oh James I love you too, it must be really hard to be with two women at once and have a son. I want you for now and forever your my first love and you’ll be my only love.”

“I love you more than anything in the world and I want us to make a baby.”

“Really, you’re ready?” she asked with a huge smile.

“I want Erik and our child to be close enough to be friends. So yes if you’re ready im ready.”

“Yay!” she screamed. “I don’t want foreplay just constant fucking the more you cum the better, because I haven’t used birth control for the past week.”

“You weren’t going to tell me?”

“I was going to have you cum on me or in my mouth but since were trying to get pregnant I can feel your hot cum swim around inside of me.”

I took her into my arms and passionately kissed her. We went onto the bed and she stripped her clothes off. When she was done I lined my dick up with her pussy and pushed in. she moaned and said “Oh yea fuck me! Fuck your sister’s dirty cunt!”

We fucked for about two hours until I made her cum eight times and she made me cum ten and all of it went into her pussy. When I went back to the nursery Catherine was asleep on the bed in the room. I went first to Erik who was asleep in his crib. I picked him up and brought him into our room and put him in the crib in there. I then returned and picked up my mom and brought her to our bed we all shared. I laid between two beautiful women and I loved them both deeply. I fell asleep.


The next morning I woke up to the sound of my son crying. When he cries we usually take turns today was Taylors but I took him since she was asleep.

“Hey Buddy,” I said. When I picked him up he stopped crying. “Are you hungry? Well let’s go get your bottle.”

I took him downstairs to the kitchen. We had granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. They all came with the house so we didn’t object. When I went to the fridge I got my son’s bottle with the teddy bear on it, for an unknown reason that one is his favorite. Probably because his mother always calls him her teddy bear. I put the formula in the bottle then put it in the microwave. From the past two weeks of his life his hair has started to grow jet black like mine, his hair was actually starting to grow in the middle so it looked like he had a Mohawk. When he was done with his bottle I gave his pacifier, for another unknown reason the only pacifier he likes is the teddy bear one. He will not chew on the other ones. “Your mother spoils you doesn’t she.” I could have sworn he smiled, but the doctor said it’d be gas but I didn’t believe it.

“Well, you stole the show from me didn’t ataşehir escort you?” I turned around to find my sister Taylor.

“Well you were asleep, and he was hungry.” I replied. She then walked over and kissed me then gave a kiss on the forehead to Erik.

“Catherine says she wants me to be a second mother to him, but you just won’t let me.” She said playing with his hair.

“It’s not that I don’t let you, you were just sleeping, and like I said before he was hungry and I fed him.”

“Well lets go watch TV we can watch his little cartoons.”

We watched his cartoons for an hour until Cathy walked down stairs. “Well, it seems I’ve missed out on Scooby doo, too bad.” I didn’t know why but my son didn’t like the baby shows he just got upset when we turned them on.

“Yea this time they’re searching for what look like gold pizza slices.” Taylor said.

Mom sat down and asked if she could hold Erik. I gave him to her and she just slowly rocked him in her arms. “He’s so beautiful and he looks a lot like his father.” Again I saw my son smile, but I said nothing because I knew it wasn’t gas.

After another hour Taylor had already finished her shower and mom was close to done. I was stuck watching a Scooby doo marathon. When mom came out of the shower she took Erik so I could get in. when I was in the shower Taylor came in too.

“Didn’t you already have your shower?” I asked.

“Yea, but I wanted to be with you. You’re so good with Erik I can’t wait until we have our own.” Maybe I should explain our shower in the master bathroom there was two sinks, a Jacuzzi tub, and a huge area for just shower. In the shower room (What we call it) there was a shower head in all the corners except one.

“I can’t wait either. What do you hope for and be honest boy or girl?” I asked.

“I hope for a girl. Since Erik is my son too I hope for a girl so them I get to raise one of each.”

“I hope so too. I’ve always wanted a boy and a girl.”

“Well lets hurry up and get you clean.”

“First I think I should clean you pussy, with my tongue.” I went down and licked her pussy she moaned and cried out my name. When I was done I finished my shower and got ready.

When I was done with everything Cathy, Taylor, and Erik were watching Bones. No dought Erik was asleep otherwise he’d be whining for Scooby doo. When I sat on the couch Taylor was holding Erik so I ask mom “You want to have some fun?” she looked at me and nodded.

I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. When we were done having sex we returned downstairs. Taylor was still watching bones so I next to her and then mom next to me on the couch. I put my arms around them both and Taylor said “Hey J what’s it like having two sexy women that want to fuck you all the time and have a cute baby boy that smiles only to you?”

“You’ve noticed too?” I asked her.

“Yea whenever he’s in your arms or when you talk he smiles. He’s only smiled to me once and that’s when I mentioned daddy.” She said.

“Well, maybe he likes me best.” With that Cathy hit we playfully on the chest.

“You didn’t answer my question.” Taylor said.

“I think it’s pretty sweet.”


I hope you liked the chapter. If you have recommendations for this story or one of my others, either put it in a comment bellow or contact me. I read all comments and feedback.

Thanks for reading


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