Lucia’s Story

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Hi, I’m Lucia. I’m a 43 year old widow and I can’t stop fantasizing about my neighbor who turned 18 this year.

I haven’t considered or fantasized about any man since my husband’s death. I thought of only caring for my daughter but now she has moved out of state and I’m all alone for the first time in my life.

Ever since Zack became an adult I noticed just how gorgeous he really is. Tall, lean and a smile that would make me weak at the knees. Would he be interested in a woman my age, though?

I am attractive I know. I always get complimented and hit on. They love my Columbian skin, curves and long dark silky hair. My chest and ass are to die for. I’m always turning heads, men and women alike. But, I am so much older than him. Everytime I see him I get so excited my pussy gushes with juices. Usually running down my thighs. I can’t take it anymore. It’s time to find out.

I walk into my bedroom to do my usual routine of showering and getting ready for bed but tonight I don’t close the curtains. Not this time, Zack. You see the way our houses are positioned his bedroom is the only vantage point to see into mine and tonight and every night he’s going to get a full display of my body, if he so desires. I don’t know if he’s watching. I hope so. My body is tingling from head to toe. I’ve never even considered anything like this before. I keep my eyes down so as to not make him feel uneasy. I unbutton my blouse. My hands are shaking a little. I drop it on the bed. Next, I unzip my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Is he there? I can’t tell. I unbuckle my bra and let my breasts fall into place. My pussy is pulsing and getting wet. I want to touch it so much but I won’t. It’s my offering to him. Not only to expose my body to him but to offer it to do with as dikmen escort he pleases. He can do anything and everything. I will leave it untouched sexually unless of course he directs me to touch myself, then I will be more than happy to oblige. My panties are already soaked from all of these thoughts. I turn around so he can see me from behind as I slide my panties down with a full bend. I walk around a bit so he can see me from every angle. Nice and slow pretending to be straightening up. I am trying to look natural amf still I don’t look up. My body is yours to direct, Zack. It’s all for you. Please be watching. My legs are drenched in juices. I turn and go take a shower. He cant see this part. I so wish he could.

I walk back into the bedroom wrapped in a towel. I let it drop to the floor and begin brushing my hair. I turn away from the window and put a pair of my sexiest underwear on. I give him a full viewing. I spend some time picking out a night shirt. Sauntering around in just my panties. I want to touch myself so badly. Just knowing he might be there has gotten me so excited I might have an orgasm right now. Finally I put a night shirt on and turn out the lights. I lay there imagining him staring at me with his beautiful dark eyes. Will he realize my body is under his control now? He can have anything. He can do anything. I drift off to sleep. This was my routine each and every night.

I am lounging by the pool in my sexiest bikini just in case he is watching drinking wine when I hear the gate. Moments later Zack comes strolling over. He looks amazing! I get up and give him my biggest smile and hug. I make sure to press my breasts into him. He couldnt stay long but he wants to say goodbye. You see he’s off to college tomorrow. I was emek escort hoping he would look me up and down but his eyes never veered from mine. I tell him I’ll miss him but hopes the experience is everything he hopes it will be. I give him one more big hug and watch him leave wanting him to turn around and take me right then and there but he just keeps walking.

That night I stroll over to the window, take a deep breath and look up. He’s standing in the window looking right at me. I can feel the blood rushing to my skin. My body is aching to be taken. I reach for the tie of my robe but then stop. If he wants a show tonight he’s going to have to give the go ahead. He’s going to have to tell me to do it. Please tell me to do it, Zack. I look down at my hands and then back to him and wait. He nods yes. I moan with excitement. I loosen the tie and let the robe fall to the floor. I never take my eyes off him. I so desperately want to see him see me. My body is shaking and my pussy starts to gush. I put my hands to the ties of my bikini top and stop. There is a pause and then once again he nods yes. I untie the ties and let it fall to the floor. My breathing becomes heavy. I place my hands on the bottoms and wait for his say so.

This time he begins to pace back and forth in the window frame. I forget to breathe. I wait. It’s only seconds but feels like hours. He looks at me very intently and nods yes. I gasp. With my hands shaking uncontrollably I pull the bikini bottoms down. Here I stand completely exposed. Internally begging for more. He could tell me to do anything and I would without hesitation. He lifts his hand and twirls his finger. He wants me to turn. I moan again. My pussy is throbbing now. I could cum at any moment. I slowly turn and show eryaman escort him my ass. I turn my head to look at him and he shows me that gorgeous smile. I start breathing heavier and shaking more. I close my eyes and explode into a violent orgasm moaning and convulsing.

When I get my composure back I look back at him and he tells me to turn so I turn to face him. He smiles again. I put one hand over my shaved mound and look expectantly at him. I wanted to expose myself more by rubbing my swollen pussy for him but he nodded no so I let my hands fall to my sides. He blows me a kiss and reaches up and turns out the light. I can’t see him anymore. I stand there naked waiting to see if he comes back but he doesn’t so I eventually give up and go to bed. I lay there for quite a while thinking about the way he was looking at me and that damn heart stopping smile of his. I thought about how completely exposed I was and how excited it made me feel and how completely I trust him.

I am going to be so lonely tomorrow knowing he is gone. I am not sure I will be able to keep my pledge of not touching myself. This whole experience has lit a fire inside me and I am not confident I can control it now.

It has been about 3 months since then and I have kept my pledge. It was excruciatingly hard some nights while fantasizing about Zack. What is odd to me is that still no other man has any affect on me. I was a little worried that now the floodgates have been opened that I wouldn’t be able to control my urges when I see other handsome men but that hasn’t been the case. Only Zack makes me feel that way. Only you, Zack!

I am laying in bed thinking about Zack. I was hoping beyond hope he would call or text but he hasn’t. I often think about what he is doing and who he is with? I won’t be jealous if he has been with many girls. It is college after all and he is so young and handsome. I saw his mom today and she mentioned he will be home this saturday. So, I guess we will find out together if this story continues or ends. Please let it continue!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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