Lucky Man Ch. 20

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Hello readers! Thanks for checking out my story! There are more chapters to come with this one, so if you’re a fan, stay tuned.

Big changes are coming for Duncan and Kelly. Don’t worry, there aren’t any deaths. I’ve got lots more stories coming.

Contact me so you can get updates and ask me questions. I get bored when I’m not writing. 🙂

Lucky Man

Chapter 20


Groaning, Duncan opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. He was in his room, but the means that got him there were a little hazy. The night before though… wow.

He instinctively smiled as he thought about the outright orgy that he’d participated in. He quietly mused that there wasn’t a single girl there, as far as he could remember, that he didn’t have sex with, or at least get a blowjob from. After all the guys had basically given out, Duncan had indeed had more loads in him, as his incredible wife had said. He felt proud of his performance, given how he used to be unable to last very long, and Kelly was always happy to make him look good in front of others.

He’d watched her a bit at the Mess Around the night before. She’d gone upstairs after everyone had sprayed their loads all over Danielle and Becky, and he hadn’t seen her after that, as far as he could remember. Smiling to no one, his thoughts turned to the girls that had basically accosted him after the other guys had been unable or unwilling to continue.

Amy, Kara, Stacy, Rachel, and Becky, surprisingly enough, had all continued to take turns fucking him and each other. He’d only had one other orgasm, as far as he could remember, and Becky had “hogged” it, as her little sister Rachel had said.

He expected the other guys to come back at some point, but it was all a sex-filled haze now. He’d been exhausted by that point, but he was sure that he hadn’t driven home and assumed that it was Kelly, or maybe Zeke, since he was a responsible guy.

Groaning in actual soreness from his exploits the night before, he turned and saw an unfamiliar head of hair in bed with him. It wasn’t blonde like Danielle or Amy’s, and it wasn’t a redhead, like his wife or Kara. Smiling as he took a guess at who it was, he peered through the dark hair covering the sleeping face of the vixen lying in his wife’s spot. He brushed it aside and smiled, seeing that he’d been correct in his guess as he saw the familiar face of Marie.

“Well, good morning,” he said, yawning.

She opened an eye, smirking at him, then yawned after seeing him do so. “Morning, sexy,” she said weakly.

He laughed, looking over at the clock on her side of the bed. “God, it’s still early,” he grumbled.

She giggled, then pulled up close to him. “Mmm, snuggle me,” she said, her hand almost naturally starting to stroke his cock. “God, that would be amazing to wake up to every day. I don’t think I’d be able to leave the bed if I were married to you.”

He smiled, turning her over and pulling her into his armpit as she kissed his chest and nuzzled against him, her hand moving down his side between the two of them, the other taking its place at his cock.

“Man, I don’t remember much from last night,” he said, wincing as he stretched his free arm.

Marie giggled. “Well, you were incredible, if I’m any judge. After Danielle’s fantasy was completed, the rest of the girls and guys all went upstairs while you and the other night owls stayed downstairs and fucked each others brains out.”

He chuckled, feeling her moving to slide on top of him, surprised that she was able to handle more.

Smiling as she leaned down and kissed him tenderly on the lips, she slid her leg over to the other side of his hips and swiftly slid down on his cock, sighing in pleasure and leaning down to clutch at him, nuzzling his neck and affectionately kissing him.

“Upstairs, we all ate some more snacks and relaxed while we waited. No one wanted to really go home since we’d all just gotten back together, so Kelly invited everyone over to y’all’s house, and we continued the party here.”

Duncan laughed. “So, we really did just fuck all night.”

Marie giggled. “We really did. It was one hell of a welcome back party.” She was slowly gyrating her hips on his cock, expertly causing them both to sigh in pleasure.

“And you decided to crawl in bed here with me,” he stated after enjoying whatever the hell she was doing to him for a minute or so.

She smiled, nodding. “Kelly was… busy,” she said, snickering.

“Was she now?” Duncan asked. His imagination conjured several scenarios, all of them filthy and a little degrading to his wife.

“She was up earlier, and came in to check on you,” she said.

Duncan smiled, then expertly flipped Marie onto her back, surprising them both with the speed that he was able to do so.

“Wow, I thought that would hurt more,” he said, smiling.

She giggled and nodded in agreement.

“Are you sure you’re not too sore?” he asked.

She smiled, shrugging. “Maybe, but I’m never going to be that ataşehir escort bayan sore! We can at least go for a little bit.”

Chuckling, he slowly started to thrust, propping himself up to keep himself off of her. She apparently wanted the weight though and pulled him down until he thought he might crush her.

“That’s not painful?” he asked.

She shook her head, kissing his neck and caressing his back. “No baby,” she said. “The weight is good.”

Thrusting slowly, he kissed her lip, then nuzzled her neck affectionately as she started to moan.

“Damn, you’re a good lover,” she whimpered. “I could lay here all day and let you just have me again and again.”

Duncan smiled. “Well, I don’t have any plans,” he said.

She whimpered, her eyes rolling back in pleasure then, the thought of him actually doing that pushing her impending orgasm over the edge. Her flesh was tight around his cock, and as she came, it convulsed and contracted in waves down the shaft, rippling up and down as she whimpered weakly, looking up at him with an expression that looked almost like panic.

Smiling, he kissed her again, thrusting again and again at the same speed and depth until she’d finished, then slowly slid off. Whimpering, she turned and nuzzled him again. “I’d love to lay here and make love all day, but I know you probably want to go find Kelly. I won’t be able to sit tomorrow as it is.”

Duncan laughed, and she smiled weakly. “I’m gonna go find my wife,” he said.

She kissed him once more, looking up at him. “You’re an incredible man Duncan, and not just because you have a really nice dick. You’d be incredible if you had a tiny one.”

He smiled, genuinely touched at her sudden, heartfelt compliment. “Well, you’re one incredible woman, Marie. I’m sorry it took so long for us to have some privacy and actually be able to make love. I hope we can do it much more.”

She smiled, pulling him to her again for another kiss. “God, stop being so fucking sweet. I’m going back to bed, thunderdick.”

He chuckled, tucking her in as she pulled his pillow to her and snuggled it.

“Mmm, smells like you,” she said, nuzzling it.

He smiled, kissing her on the cheek and standing.

Heading to the bathroom, he quickly did his morning routine and pulled on a pair of underwear, then went to see what everyone else was doing and who was still there.

Stepping out of his room, he immediately heard snoring and knew that Mark was in the spare room directly across from his. He quietly opened the door, but only saw Mark. Apparently, no one else wanted to endure the guy’s ridiculous snores. He chuckled, then shut the door and headed away from the two rooms. Exiting the hall, he crossed into the kitchen but didn’t see anyone there. The door to the den was closed, but he knew it wasn’t intended to hide anything, more to keep the rest of the house quiet. He kept walking through the kitchen and dining room, glancing out the window and seeing more than a few cars parked outside. Smiling, he kept going and went to Danielle’s room next.

Gently opening the door, he saw the pretty young woman spooning with Kara, who had Amy right up next to her. The cute little trio barely had any room on the bed, but they seemed to be making it work. The sheet was thrown haphazardly over them, and he briefly thought about covering them better, but then he saw that Stacy and Rachel were spooning on the floor, Danielle’s comforter wrapped around them.

Chuckling quietly, he shook his head and silently pulled the door shut.

Stepping further down the hall, he heard moans coming from Kara’s room, and smirked, thinking he’d found his wife. Opening the door, he was momentarily surprised by the scene.

“Hey baby,” Kelly said, smiling widely as she looked over. “Sleep well?”

He nodded, stepping in and shutting the door to keep the sound down. “You look like you’re having fun,” he said.

She smiled, nodding happily. “I’ve been having fun since I woke up,” she said. “Plus, I only got like three hours sleep last night.”

She really did look sleepy, but she also looked pretty damn sexy, in his opinion.

Beneath her, Ed waved as he looked over and saw Duncan. Kelly was sliding up and down on his cock, looking like she was thoroughly enjoying herself. She didn’t lower her head to kiss him though.

In front of her, Steve was patiently waiting for her to take his cock back in his mouth and gave Duncan a head nod.

“She said you wouldn’t care,” he said, obviously a little uneasy.

Duncan chuckled, dismissing the question with a hand wave.

Behind Kelly, kneeling on Kara’s bed, was Zeke. He was stroking his cock and grinned widely at Duncan. Sliding back, Zeke nodded at Kelly’s gorgeous rump and offered it Duncan.

“Y’all go ahead,” Duncan said, holding up a hand. “I was just checking to make sure Kelly was around. I can see that she’s in good hands.”

She grinned, blowing him a kiss and saying, “I love you baby.”

Steve turned escort kadıköy her head toward him with both hands, sliding his cock between her lips as she said the word baby. Duncan smiled.

“I like that guy,” he thought.

He stood there for a bit longer and watched as Zeke slid his cock in Kelly’s pussy, causing her to arch her back and push back against him hard, his cock sliding in above Ed’s. The two men didn’t seem to care in the slightest that their dicks were touching, and Kelly seemed to absolutely love having both of them inside her tight little cunt.

He smiled. “Goddamn that looks sexy, baby.”

She turned and blew him a kiss, but Steve smiled and shook his finger at her. “Mouth on cock, slut.”

Kelly whimpered, nodding emphatically as the young man pulled on the back of her head. Standing and enjoying the sight for a minute, he watched as Kelly bounced back and forth, fucking Ed and Zeke while Steve fucked her face at his own speed.

“Have fun, sugar,” Duncan said, turning and shutting the door.

Smiling, he went back down the long hallway and paused at the door to the den. He heard Heidi’s distinctive laugh and smiled. Opening the door a crack, he smiled, seeing most of the others that he hadn’t located in his early morning search.

Looking inside, he smiled wider and stepped in. The two couches on opposite ends of the den were occupied. Heidi, Becky, and Rachel were snuggled up on one, mid-conversation with Dana, Paul, and Derrek on the other couch.

“Hey there handsome,” Heidi said, smiling as she and the other four looked up.

“Hey Dunc,” Derrek said, cocking his head upwards in greeting.

“Morning gang,” he said. “Everyone doing good this morning?”

There were murmurs of affirmation and he grinned.

“Marie take care of you this morning?” Dana asked.

He grinned, looking over and seeing her being fingered by Paul, her hand stroking both nude men idly. It didn’t look like there was any agenda to get any of them off, they were just playing and enjoying everything

“She certainly did. Man, last night was a good time. I gotta admit that I’m having a hard time piecing it all together.”

He glanced over and smiled at Heidi and the sisters, raising an eyebrow at their arrangement. Heidi was leaning into the corner of the couch with her legs spread wide, Rachel sitting in front of her, and Becky in front of her. He noticed then that Heidi had her hand between Rachel and Becky’s back, and the expression on Rachel’s face was definitely one of pleasure. It seemed like his wife’s oldest friend was fingering the youngest Murphy sister. Sitting between Rachel’s legs, Becky smiled as her sister idly stroked her upper chest and breasts with her fingertips.

“Yeah, it was quiet a fine night,” Paul said. “After you and the girls downstairs started in on each other again, we all went upstairs and got rejuvenated. Someone mentioned that they didn’t want the party to end, so Kelly invited us all back here. I hope that was okay.”

“God, yes,” Duncan said, smiling. “I just don’t remember getting here.”

Dana giggled. “I’m not surprised. You basically didn’t stop. We dragged you and the girls along, but like… you were still kissing and making out with them. It was pretty funny when Amy was trying to suck your dick while you guys were walking.”

He laughed, vaguely remembering being led along and still wanting to fool around, but also remembered being in the backseat of a vehicle and having Stacy slide into his lap.

“So what happened when we got home?” he asked.

“Same story,” Becky said. “They dragged us inside and we went to Danielle’s bedroom. After that, I just remember a lot of sex.”

Her sister smiled and squeezed her tight. “It was such a fun evening.”

“Y’all just hanging out?” he asked, looking over.

Dana and her two men nodded. “I mean, we’ve been a little naughty,” she said. As if to demonstrate, Paul turned her head and kissed her, one hand caressing her breast. She was still stroking both men, and Derrek was lying back and enjoying it.

He smiled, relaxing into the couch. Becky stood then and quietly left without revealing where she was going. Peaceful silence filled the room then, and he smiled, watching as Rachel turned and softly started to kiss Heidi. A few minutes of quiet reflection passed, and Becky came in holding a cup of coffee and set it down on the table beside him.

“Oo,” he said, smiling. “Thank you, gorgeous.” She winked, then went back and slid down into her sister’s arms again.

Reaching forward for the cup, he lifted it and took a sip. Smiling, he nodded at her. “Perfect,” he said.

She winked, caressing Rachel’s arm as she and Heidi continued to kiss.

“So, did you have a good time last night?” Derrek asked. “I know I sure as hell did.”

“Hell yes,” Duncan said, swallowing another sip of coffee.

“I can’t believe Danielle wanted to go through all that,” Dana said, turning and kissing Paul again.

“I know,” maltepe escort Derrek added. “She’s a wild one.”

Duncan smiled, nodding.

“She’s like that all the time, though, isn’t she?” Becky asked.

He nodded. “There’s really nothing she won’t hasn’t agreed to, so far,” he said. He chuckled, musing. “It’s incredible how much my life has started to revolve around sex lately,” he said.

Becky nodded, as did Dana and Derrek.

“I know what you mean,” Dana said. “It was… a while since I’d had sex with anyone, and after joining the group, there’s barely a few days that go by that I don’t find myself in bed with Drake or Derrek, or both,” she said. “Molly’s very generous.”

Derrek smiled. “I still can’t believe that I’m fucking my brother’s wife and his gorgeous sister-in-law.”

She smiled, pulling him to her for another kiss.

Becky giggled. “It’s been the same for me ever since Mark started sharing me,” she said. “My sister seems intent on pushing boundaries, though,” she said, pushing Rachel’s hand away from her nipples.

Duncan chuckled. “Speaking of, where are Drake and Molly?”

“They went home from the club,” Dana said. “They didn’t want to leave their babysitter hanging.”

He nodded, disappointed that they couldn’t stay. “And Erin and Kimber went home?”

“Early this morning,” Heidi confirmed.

“They weren’t upset or anything?” Duncan asked.

She shook her head. “They seemed extremely satisfied; just tired. I know what you mean, though. When you start down this… sexual path, your life does start to basically revolve around it.”

“Not that I’m complaining, mind you,” he said.

She smiled and winked.

“So, are you two okay?” he asked, looking at Heidi and then Paul.

She smiled and nodded. “We had a talk this morning.”

Paul nodding, smiling at Duncan.

“Have you ever shared a… significant other?” he asked, looking at him.

He shook his head. “I’ve never had the opportunity. I guess I never really thought about it until Heidi mentioned it.”

Duncan smiled, then watched as Heidi kissed Rachel one final time and pulled out from behind the affectionate sister duo. Smiling and looking over at her boyfriend, she came over and knelt in front of Duncan, leaning over and pulling his dick out of his underwear with her hand, and quickly taking it into her mouth.

Paul grinned. “I mean, it’s a little surreal seeing another man’s dick in her mouth,” he admitted.

She giggled and continued sliding her lips down his erection.

Duncan nodded. “The first time I saw Kelly doing that, it was… exciting but a little nerve wracking.”

Paul nodded. “Who was her first?”

He smiled, nodding over at Derrek.

Paul smiled, turning to look at the young man, who confirmed it with a grin and a nod.

“Did you ever get jealous?” he asked, looking back at Duncan.

Over on the other couch, Rachel and Becky drew a few raised eyebrows from the others when Becky turned and kissed her sister on the lips, gently caressing her face before sliding back and excusing herself.

Rachel grinned over at Duncan, then slid down to her knees and crawled over to Paul. Dana had followed Heidi’s lead and was on her knees as well, Derrek’s cock in her mouth as her head bobbed enthusiastically up and down in his lap.

“It’s always a risk,” Duncan answered. “I mean, I do get that dull knife blade feeling in my gut when I see it happening, but it’s always just for a moment, like a fleeting sensation. I mean, I didn’t get it at all last night, and I think she had just about everyone there.”

Paul smiled, his hand resting on the back of Rachel’s head as she started to bob up and down on his crotch. All three girls were making audible slurping and sucking noises, and Duncan smiled as Heidi looked up at him provocatively, her tongue sliding up and down the fat head of his cock.

“Well, for what it’s worth, I wanted to say thanks for letting her be my first,” Paul said. “She’s one hell of a fun time in bed.”

Duncan smiled. “Yeah, she definitely is.” He rested a hand on Heidi’s cheek, causing her to nuzzle it for a second, then turn and plant a kiss on it as she looked up at him. Grinning, she turned back and took his cock back in her mouth, sucking gently as he watched and enjoyed.

The three men started talking about sports then, and the girls seemed happy to continue sucking them off while they did so. Becky came back a few minutes later, a fresh cup of coffee in her hand. She smiled as she took a drink, sitting down next to Duncan and leaning into him.

After ten minutes or so, Duncan leaned over and kissed Becky, then set his cup down and lifted Heidi’s beautiful face off of his cock.

“If you don’t mind, Paul, I’m going to have another throw with your girlfriend,” he said.

Paul grinned, then reached down for Rachel’s hand. She giggled, quickly jumping up to sit down in his lap, the two taking a second to get in the right position so they could fuck.

“God, I might be single my whole life if I can’t find a guy that lets me fuck you guys,” she said. “That’d be okay, though, cuz like… I’d be fucking you guys.”

Becky snickered, watching as Duncan knelt and Heidi slid backward, her legs spreading to allow him access.

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