Lucy Ch. 03: Finally, Friday

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Lucy Ch.03: Finally, Friday

Note: This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted herein are either soldiers, their wives or other connected parties. Everyone is depicted as over the age of consent (18) and free to participate in the described activities.

Time seemed to slow down. After our discussion and sex marathon on Wednesday, Barbara and I did not speak on that subject again until Friday at dinner. Thursday had been almost unbearably long and Friday, Khaki Day on the fort, had seemed even longer.

I stopped, as expected, at the Class-VI on my way home to pick up more beer and a couple of bottles of Brawn’s Farm wine for the girls. I put the wine and beer into the fridge as soon as I got home while greeting Barbara, standing at the stove, with a quick kiss and ass grab: “We still on to go over to John and Lucy’s tonight?”

Barbara was cooking a couple of ham steaks while we talked: “Yes, and you remember that Lucy will want to talk to you, right?”

I did remember and the familiar stirring started once again in my underwear: “Time enough for me to change before dinner?”

Barb nodded her agreement and I was off to the bedroom to change. This was the second wearing of that particular set of Khakis. After I took them off, I removed all the brass and other doo-dads before putting them into the hamper. The low quarters (shoes) would wait until Sunday night to be polished along with both pairs of my boots. I donned my usual gym shorts, kept the tee-shirt and shed the sox. A pair of slip-on sneakers rounded out my evening attire and I went back to the kitchen area.

Barb was just putting the dinner onto the table so we both sat and started the meal. I filled her in on the generally ‘nothing important’ that was going on at the fort. She told me about some new people who had moved in three trailers to our West. They looked like a nice couple and were apparently (License Plates) from Pennsylvania.

Barb cleared the table and put the dishes in the sink. That’s when I realized that she was not wearing her Friday night usual wrap around khaki skirt but, instead, a nice figure-hugging pair of Bermuda shorts. Her ass looked good so I gave it a little grope before snugging up behind her with a tit in each hand. Barb smiled, turned her head and kissed my cheek: “Easy tiger, did you forget that we’re going over to John and Lucy’s tonight?”

I hadn’t forgotten. That’s about all I could think about since Wednesday. I assumed that Barbara and Lucy had been plotting and planning all day yesterday and today so, it just seemed like the ‘thing to do’ to wait and see what developed. I retreated to the living room and turned on the TV to see what was on the news.

Barbara soon joined me on the couch and we watched the news together until about six-thirty. Barb got up and excused herself to the bathroom and to change before heading over to John and Lucy’s trailer. I felt adequately dressed so I remained on the couch and thought about Lucy’s fine-looking ass.

It was just before seven when Barb returned. She was still wearing the same shorts but had changed her top to a loose-fitting tee shirt and, apparently, no bra. Her tits looked good and her aksaray escort headlights were on high beam.

I grabbed the beer and the wine and we were off to John and Lucy’s.

John opened the door before we had a chance to knock. He saw us coming through the window. I handed him the beer while Barb put the wine into the fridge. John was obviously happy to see us — he shook my hand and greeted Barbara with a smile and a long look at her tits. We were soon seated on the couch when Lucy came down the hall.

Lucy was looking good. She was wearing a nice snug tank top and a khaki wrap-around skirt just like the one that Barb has. She greeted us and asked if we would like a drink before we started one of our almost weekly pinochle games. John and I both had beers while the girls tried the wine. We were soon seated at the kitchen table bidding away.

We played a few games, drank some beers and some wine and generally tried to relax. Apparently, the girls had decided how the night would go and they passed some signal between them. Barbara looked to John: “Can I speak to you in private for a few moments?”

John immediately stood up: “Sure, where do you want to go?”

Barbara stood while Lucy suggested: “I think that the back bedroom would be private enough.” With that, Barbara started down the hall. John looked at me and I nodded my approval. He then followed Barb closely toward the back of the trailer.

Lucy invited me to join her on the couch: “While they are in the back.”

We sat on the couch for a few minutes. I sipped by beer while Lucy nursed her wine. Finally, Lucy moved a little closer to me: “Barbara explained everything to you?”

I nodded a ‘yes’.

She took one more sip of her wine before: “So, you would like to do anal with me then?”

I thought that a nod would likely be a little impersonal, so: “Yes, I really would like that.”

Lucy smiled as she stood up. She turned her back to me before lifting her skirt up around her waist showing me her naked ass. A beautiful ass! Lucy reached back, put her palms on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart giving me a little glimpse of her cute little hole. I was rapidly stiffening.

She let me look for a few moments before: “Let’s do it.”

I followed her down the hall to the second bedroom. I knew that Barbara was in the next room with John but, I had other things to occupy my mind at the moment.

The room was a little smaller than the back bedroom. It was lit with a tiny night light in an outlet on the wall opposite the door. There was a small built-in dresser, a night table and a bed. I was a little surprised at the number of pillows stacked up on the bed. I found out later that four of them were from the bed in our spare room.

Lucy held the door as I entered and closed it quietly. She came up to me, put her arms around my waist and kissed me softly. She then stepped back and removed her skirt. She didn’t remove her top and I was ok with that. She had a neatly trimmed landing strip type pubic patch and a nice flat tummy: “Shall we get started?”

She took a moment while I was peeling out of my shorts and T-shirt to stack the pillows aksaray escort bayan at the center of the bed. It really looked good while she was bending over the bed arranging things to her liking. I was quickly naked with my erection sticking straight at her.

I watched as she opened the top drawer of the dresser and took out a tube of JY jelly. She handed the tube to me: “Let’s get started.”

“Just like that? No warm-ups?”

Lucy looked directly at my now rigid cock: “You look ready enough to me.”

“No, I meant you. What can I do to make this easier for you?”

Lucy smiled: “This one’s for you. I thought that you were going to fuck my ass not make love to me.”

This surprised me: “I could go down on you if you like.”

Lucy came close to me. She reached out and put her soft hand on my cock: “That’s very generous of you. Barbara has already bragged at how well you do that. But tonight, were here to fuck my ass. Tell you what, you can give me a little ‘reach around’ while we’re doing it and, I promise to try to cum when you do. Sound fair?”

I leaned down and kissed her softly: “Lead on.”

She went back and stood at the foot of the bed: “I’m going to kneel up here with, I hope, my butt at the same level as your ‘manhood’. When I’m in place, you come close and put some of that lube onto me and when you think that there is enough — put more. When I’m nice and lubed up on the outside, use your little finger and put some on the inside. Then put a lot on you — on the head and all along the shaft. Ok?”

I told her that I understood and walked closer.

“Oh, and don’t rush. I’ll talk you through it. And I promise not to hurt you.”

That made me chuckle and relieved a little of the tension: “I know that you won’t hurt me but, please, don’t let me hurt you — ok?”

Lucy smiled and climbed up onto the pile of pillows on the bed. It took her a few tries to get it just how she wanted it but I was soon looking at this beautiful naked woman kneeling on the bed with her legs open expecting me to fuck her ass. I almost had an orgasm just looking at her.

I squeezed a big blob of the jelly onto my fingers and slid them up and down her crack. I focused the second load of jelly directly onto her little hole and after getting just a little more jelly, I put my pinky finger on and slowly inserted it with a little twist. I moved to my pointer finger and found that it went into her with no problem: “How am I doing?”

I could hear the smile in her voice: “Just fine. Now stud, go for the gold!”

As instructed, I applied a generous coating of the jelly to my throbbing cock. I capped the tube and put it on the bed next to her knee. I moved closer and slid my cock head up and down her crack until I could locate her opening. I centered on the target and pressed forward a little. Nothing! I didn’t go in.

I stayed up against her hole and felt Lucy pushing back against me. I think the head was starting to go in when there was a pop and the head was in. I was in!

Lucy spoke up: “OK, just hold it there for a little bit.”

There was just barely enough light for me to see that my cock was, in fact, escort aksaray in her ass. I was losing my anal cherry and I couldn’t have been happier.

Lucy rocked her hips a little: “Give me a little more.”

I pushed a little and it seemed to go in somewhat. I pushed again and got a little more, A quick peek let me see that I was about half way in and everything seemed to be going well: “Are you ok?”

She answered with a more insistent rocking of her hips. I started to push-pull gaining a little with each press. I could already sense that this was not going to be a long duration adventure. Just after my balls touched up against her underside the all too familiar throbbing started and I was soon holding onto her hips while I delivered my first ever anal sperm injection. I had a grand orgasm and almost fell over during its throes.

It was over far too soon. I tried to stay inside her but the forces were against me. Lucy soon ejected me with a wet squishy sound. I leaned against her for a moment and could only come up with: “Thank You.”

I leaned against her for a few moments, unsure of my balance, there was just enough light for a quick peek as I withdrew and moved away. Her ass crack was shiny with the remaining lube. Her little hole was not as little — it was still a bit open and it looked like I could have easily put my thumb in the opening. As I stared, I could see her flexing her butt and the opening was gradually shrinking, I could see a little of what I assumed was my cum dripping out of her. I was impressed.

Lucy slowly got up and turned to face me. She had one hand behind her squeezing her butt cheeks together, I guessed that she did that to minimize any leakage onto her floor. She came closer, smiled and kissed me on the lips. It was a longer and more sensuous kiss than earlier. Then: “You forgot the reach-around.”

She immediately started to giggle: “Don’t worry about it, stud. I was with you the whole way. I had a nice cum even if you didn’t notice. You, on the other hand, must have been saving it up for a while — I feel like I’ve had a little enema.”

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close: “Really, Thank You. That was a unique experience for me and a beautiful act of kindness for you. I sincerely hope that I didn’t cause you any discomfort.” I kissed her gently and she seemed to return the kiss.

I waited while she replaced her skirt, adjusted her shirt and generally made herself presentable again. I put my own clothes back on and waited near the door. She quickly redistributed the pillows so that it didn’t look like a ‘love nest’ and returned the lube to the drawer.

We exited the room with Lucy heading toward the bathroom and me going to the living room. John and Barbara were sitting on the couch. John looked very relaxed and Barbara was a bit disheveled. Her shirt looked a little damp and her shorts were still unbuttoned.

I sat opposite them and we waited quietly for Lucy to return. She didn’t take too long and we all stood as she came into the room, we said our goodnights. Barb kissed John on the cheek and Lucy on the side of her head. I shook hands with John and gave Lucy a quick peck on the cheek.

We soon were walking back towards our trailer. Barbara was holding my hand when she said: “You wash that thing good when we get home. I’m as horny as hell and need you to give me some relief, but not until you’re clean. Oh, and I want a full description of your little adventure.”

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