Lurene’s Story Pt. 01

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Big Tits

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.



Chapter 1

Rob was just the person I most wanted to see when I came into the office that morning. He’s in the IT department where I work, and he’s always been very pleasant and helpful whenever I have a need for assistance with my department’s equipment.

I’ve been put in charge of converting all our company’s paper documents to scanned files (making sure to include every scrap of attached info) for records dating from years back, clear up to the present, pending the sale of the corporation. We’d even had to retrieve files that had been held in storage for more than a decade. Oh, the overtime I’ve logged! (Not paid, mind you, but logged.)

It was grueling work at times, leaving me with a stiff neck by the end of my day, but my dear husband, Darren, has a magical touch when it comes to easing my pain and suffering! After a long day, his strong fingers would knead the base of my neck and across my shoulder blades over and over, as he’d lean close to my ear, whispering all the delightful things he was going to do to me… right after dinner.

He always said that last part with a grin.

Anyway, the night before, after Darren had fallen asleep, my aching neck bothered me enough to keep me awake. I went quietly into the kitchen for some water to drink while taking a couple of over-the-counter pain meds, and then settled down in front of our computer in the den, waiting for the promised relief to kick in.

Thank God, I had closed the doors to both the bedroom and the den, because suddenly there was a harsh, blaring alarm coming from my computer, where I’d been browsing through a news story. I’d hit what I thought was the ‘NEXT’ button for the remainder of the article I was reading, but just as the screen flashed, I could see that it was actually inside another box, which was positioned right at the place where you’d expect to find that button.

Microsoft Support was flashing a screen pop-up at me, over and over, warning me to not touch my keyboard or turn off my computer. I had been hacked, and they had detected the intruder and locked up my system. The only way to safely proceed was to immediately call the support number given, to repair the damage done.

Oh, my stars and garters, as my grandma used to say! I couldn’t just leave this machine like this until morning. Darren has his own laptop for his work, but mine is the one we both use every day for, well… everything.

I called the number and explained the reason for my call. After a few seconds, that lasted just about forever, I was routed to a technician in their support department. He told me that a network security breach had occurred, prompting them to lock up my machine. At his direction I allowed him access to my computer, so he could analyze the issues found under my own system files and demonstrate how the Microsoft repair could prevent those in the future.

I was fascinated by what I was seeing on my own computer system. He was using a mouse, going here and there through my desktop apps and so forth. I was hoping he wouldn’t open the Pictures folder, because some of those shots of me and Darren were probably illegal in some places!

I asked his name and where he was located as we spoke, since I always try for the personal touch in communicating with others. I know we’re all alike, deep down, so that’s how I try to connect. He said he was James Brown, and that he was in New York City.

We’d been talking for more than five minutes, when suddenly, the call dropped. There I was, holding a dead phone in my hand, still with a troubled computer, and now having lost contact with the man who was helping me!

Within a minute, as I sat wondering how 1xbet yeni giriş next to proceed, a call came in. It was listed as being from New York, so, even though I don’t usually pick up a call from a number I don’t know, I answered it. It was James, apologizing for the interruption as he reassured me that he and his tech support person, who was doing the actual work, could still work on my problem.

Well, long story short, two hours and $500 later for the ‘absolutely required’ repair, I was left to go to bed at last, as my computer system was being worked on, probably taking another forty-five minutes to an hour. James promised to call me to verify all was perfect, later on today.

I had a bone to pick with him. When I turned on my computer that morning, I was confronted with a large window, welcoming me to some kind of protection program. That was troubling but not too inconceivable, so I tried to click on it to acknowledge the installation. Nothing happened. Nothing. I couldn’t affect the box in any way. Obviously, I needed to speak with James.

I’d mentioned it to my friend, CaryAnne, when we exchanged our usual morning text greetings. Her response puzzled me. It simply read:

u been scanned

“Good morning, Rob. You got a minute?” I asked, as both Rob and I made our morning cup of preferred brew; tea for me, coffee for him.

“Sure. It actually looks like a light day for us. What do you need?” Rob stood close to six feet in height, with a crew cut that made his lost hairline unnoticeable, mostly. He loved sports and the outdoors, and being with friends and family, just like a normal guy. But, when it comes to computer know-how, he’s anything but normal. He can do things with a computer that would make you run for cover, if you got on his bad side.

“I just got this, after I told my friend about a thing that happened with my computer last night. She says I’ve been scanned. I don’t know what she means.”

Rob stirred his cup as he asked, “Something happened with your computer? Why didn’t you call me?”

“Well, because it was two o’clock in the freakin’ morning, that’s why!” I tried to maintain my calm, but recalling the events of the prior evening and then this morning’s frustrations still disturbed me.

“Is this from the friend who sometimes uses the wrong words? I know you’ve told us some funny things she’s said. I wonder if she means ‘scammed’…” His voice trailed off as he looked at me, speculatively. “Tell me what happened. Don’t leave anything out.”

After filling Rob in on all of last night, including the part where I had put down the phone and literally cried when I was told how much it was going to cost, he confirmed that I still had the number for James on my cell phone, and that he was going to call me back, today.

“Listen,” Rob said. “When you get the call, come into my office and we’ll handle this in private. I’ve already got a way to get back at them; I’ll use virtual machines to trick them. They’ll never know what hit them.

“Wait!” he continued, “You said they had you take a picture of your personal check, made out to them? Check your bank and stop that check, if you still can.”

I logged in to my online bank account as soon as I got to my desk and found the check had not been presented for payment, after all. It cost a fee, of course, but I was at least able to keep the whole amount from being stolen. I thought maybe James was waiting to cash the check until after I had given him a good review for his work. Like that was going to happen — NOT!

I was still a little unconvinced that I’d been suckered so badly, but then I spent part of my morning watching YouTube videos about this type of scam. Some of them had been posted five years ago! A lot of the dialogue was almost word-for-word what 1xbet giriş I’d been hearing from James! How had I never heard of this, before, and gotten duped?

Lunchtime came and Rob asked if I’d heard anything, yet.

I told him I wasn’t really expecting to, until between one and two o’clock, still about an hour away, at least.

“That’ll be great,” Rob said. “The rest of the department has to take part in some kind of training program all afternoon, so we’ll have plenty of time to have some ‘revenge for the scammed’ all over the world!”

He grinned and added, “Make sure you have some time you can be away from your area today, but it probably won’t need to be as soon as he calls, IF he does. I’ll need to get into his system before the real fun can begin.”

Chapter 2

Just after 2:30, my phone finally lit up with an incoming call from New York. It was the one I’d identified as James’s the night before.

I hurried down the hall to Rob’s office, rapping lightly before stepping in and closing the door behind me. “It’s him calling! What do I do?”

Rob took my phone and smiled as he answered, “Lurene Kaye’s phone. How can I help you?”

He gestured for me to take a seat he’d pulled close to his desk, where I could easily watch his computer screen while he worked his magic. “Who’s calling? She was expecting a service follow-up call from a James. You’re obviously not James, so who are you?”

I could hear the tones of a female voice coming from my phone and looked puzzled.

Rob lifted one eyebrow and held up a finger, warning me to say nothing.

“Well, she really wants to speak with James Brown, who helped her last night. She has some questions for him, since the computer wasn’t repaired, after all, when she got up this morning. She’s very disappointed, and has asked me to see if I can help get it straightened out.”

He listened for another moment before saying, “Yes, I’m here at her home, in front of her compromised computer. Do you still have your repair connection established?”

After another brief pause, he said, “Well, I don’t know about that. We would really rather work with James Brown on this matter, since he’s been involved already and knows all about it. We’ll wait while you get him on the case with us.”

He muted the phone and spent several minutes trying to explain to me how he was tricking the caller into thinking she was actually going to be seeing my screen, while another (fake one) would be in place, which actually would act as a backdoor entrance to the scammers’ own computers. He reminded me that he had fixed mine here at the office once, so he already had an image of it that he could use to fool them.

It sounded confusing and magical to me, but I was all for it!

“I know we’ve had some lively exchanges, Lurene, but I have to ask you — how badly do you want to get this guy? Are you willing for me to make them do some really compromising things, things that should definitely make an impression on their choice to continue in this kind of work they’ve chosen?”

“I’m not sure just what you mean, but I’m pretty much game for anything you want to do to them. Just remember, they didn’t try to cash the check yet, so maybe they have a heart, somewhere,” I expressed.

I left him to it, returning to my own tasks again. After completing the necessary steps to completely process one banker’s-box-sized carton of files, I went back.

I rapped quickly with a strum of my fingernail tips against his door, then opened it, checking the hallway in both directions before entering. When I turned around, the breath literally escaped my lungs in surprise.

“Rob,” I breathed. “What…”

Rob was leaning back in his chair at a comfortable angle, holding his coffee mug in one hand, the other 1xbet güvenilirmi working his mouse. He had three large monitors at his enormous desk, usually all so full of moving images they make me dizzy for a split-second until I can pick a focal point. There was no problem with focus, now!

Two screens were dark but the third one displayed the face of a young man poised before two alluring breasts. There was some kind of draped fabric apparent near one of them, but otherwise there was no indication of clothing on the female form.

Rob swiveled his chair in my direction, said, “Yes, that’s right. Just touch the tips of her nipples with your tongue. Keep doing that until I tell you to stop,” after which he calmly hit the ‘mute’ icon and gave me a big smile.

“How did catching my computer scammers turn into this?” I asked, feeling totally out of my depth.

“Well,” Rob said, still smiling, “it took a bit of doing, but it boils down to this: Ramesh and Geeta here, (known to you as James Brown and his tech support person,) are actually brother and sister, choosing this work to live a big life. They’re desperate to get me to return the files I just stripped from their computer system. It seemed only fair to make them do a little stripping, as well.”

He went on, “I kept in mind what you said about their maybe having a heart, in that they didn’t immediately take your money last night.” His gaze returned to the screen, where Ramesh was still only touching the tip of his tongue to one nipple top and then the other. “It’s really more likely they just sold it to some third-party schmuck for him to cash, and that person hadn’t gotten around to it, yet.”

I noticed a slight change in the scene. Ramesh was no longer just barely touching the exposed flesh of his sister. Now his tongue curved slightly with each lick, as if longing to reach more area than allowed. Each stroke was also lasting just a bit longer, hesitant to leave the rosy buds before him.

Her face wasn’t in the picture, but Geeta’s nipples had become more erect than before, now jutting proudly from two generous breasts, moving slightly closer to her brother’s mouth with each passing second.

Slight moans could be heard over the internet connection.

“So wrong! You shouldn’t see me. It’s forbidden.” Her words could be heard, but the tone of her voice was far from urgent. It had more of the quality of being repeated as if by rote.

“Oh, Ramesh! Please, put your mouth on me!”

There. That was urgent.

“Yes, do that, Ramesh,” said Rob, turning back to his desk. “After all, you have no problem stealing money from strangers, so obviously you don’t really have any morals. Just another secret for you to keep from your family, right? Sort of like how you don’t tell anyone what you do for a living.”

Rob looked quickly in my direction before ending, “Suck on your sister’s tits for a while.”

I was dumbstruck. “How can this be a scene from a phony Microsoft support setup?”

“Ah,” Rob said with another grin. “They had to earn it. Normally they work out of some windowless, underground room, avoiding detection by the local authorities. Usually there’s ten to fifteen or more computer stations, manned by numerous people, twenty-four/seven.”

He had a gleam in his eye as he continued, “These two are so good at cheating people, they got this special reward today.” As he spoke he manipulated the view from the camera to show not only the naked young couple (except for the hijab Geeta wore over her head), but also the room in which they stood.

“They got to ‘Come on Down’ for the special opportunity to work from this ‘luxurious’ location. If they surpass their quota, they can even use the free amenities, later.” He paused before asking me, “What do you think? Shall I try to use my own devious methods to steer these two into better life choices?”

“Do I get to watch?” I asked.

“Of course. Feel free to intervene, if it suits you.”

“Okay, then,” I said, taking a seat. “Let’s do this!”

To Be Continued.

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