Lydia Ch. 01

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*A heads up, this is a longer piece with a number of chapters, not all of them contain a lot of sex. If you are looking for that I suggest looking else where or starting later in the story, although I hope you won’t do that.

I wrote and completed this story about a year ago. It was my first honest attempt at a full fledge erotic story. I would appreciate any and all feedback. Good, bad and the ugly. Please vote and leave comments to help me improve. Lydia holds a very special place in my heart. I hope you enjoy her story.

Thank you to LaRascasse for your help and support.

Any words between two *italic* should be in italic.

Thank you, Rose*

Chapter One

Only his dark brown eyes could be seen due to the shadows and they were glued to me, watching me carefully.

*Last Friday night Yeah, we maxed our credit cards And got kicked out of the bar So we hit the boulevard*


I was naked, black leather cuffs attached to each ankle and both wrists. My legs spread wide and attached to the legs of the table. My arms pulled over my head, spread and also attached to the legs of the table.

*Last Friday night We went streaking in the park Skinny dipping in the dark Then had a ménage à trios*


“Who do you belong too?” I open my mouth to speak…

*Last Friday night Yeah I think we broke the law Always say we’re gonna stop*

“Damn it Lydia,” A pillow to the face is never a fun way to wake up. “Get up.”

“I’m up,” I say.

“Shut it off.”

I may be up, but I am not awake. The shadows are still there. His eyes, dark and calculating, my body throbbing and wet.

*Trying to connect the dots Don’t know what to tell my boss Think the city towed my car Chandeliers on the floor Ripped my favorite party dress Warrant’s out for my arrest Think I need a ginger ale That was such an epic fail*

“LYDIA. Shut it off.”

I roll onto my right side and punch my alarm clock.

“But you like Katy.” I say through a yawn.

“At seven thirty in the morning I like quiet. I don’t have class for another three hours and you’re going to be late, again.”

“Sorry,” I roll off of my bottom bunk. “It’s just so early.” I pull my long brown hair into a knot and rub my eyes but they aren’t in the mood to work yet.

Carrie mumbles something but I’m too tired to hear, let alone care. I stumble around our dark dorm room until I find what I need for the bathroom. The fifteen second walk down the chilly, quiet hallway to the communal bathroom happens automatically. I wince at the bright florescent lights and shiver from the coolness of the room. It seems that very few of us who have early morning classes shower before class. I step into the nearest stall, drop my caddy onto the wooden bench and throw the shower faucet to cold. It’s necessary.

I bite my tongue to keep from screaming when I step under the cold spray. Goose pimples break out over my skin Akbatı escort and the iciness makes me shiver but it’s done its job, I am awake. I turn the hot water on and stand under the shower head with my eyes closed until the water washing over my skin changes from freezing to almost burning. The heat makes me sigh. I grab my shampoo and continue my daily routine.

Carrie has asked me why I shower on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See I have swimming later in the morning and I shower after that, but I need the cold water to jolt me awake. And lately the cold has helped me break through the lust haze my dreams have been putting me in.

“It’s 7:40.” I hear through the rushing water.

*Shit.* I think, shaking more of the haze from my head. I turn off the water, realize I’ve forgotten my towel and wrap my robe around me.

“Thanks Tammy.” I say.

I grab my caddy and rush back to my room, my feet slipping in, my now wet, shower sandals. Shoes in the shower was an adjustment, but Carrie warned me when we talked over the summer that a girl in the freshmen dorms the previous year caught some kind of foot fungus from her shower floor. I don’t honestly believe the story, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

“Shit.” I say when I returned to our room. “Shit shit.” I repeat. Even through the darkness of our room I can make out the piles of dirty clothes blanketing our floor.

“Carrie can I,”

“Yes Lydia, what ever you need, just be quiet.” Carrie says with a sigh.

“Thank you.” I say.

“I love you girl but seriously…” Her voice is softer now. Her initial annoyance has worn off.

“I’ll do laundry this weekend, I promise.”

“I’m sure you will.”

“I will.” I made the same promise the previous week and yet the hills of clothes are slowly becoming mountains.

Carrie rolls onto her back, “Same dream?” She asks. I don’t need to see her face to know she is amused.

“Yes,” I say and pull on one of her shirts. “Is this yours?” The shirt is a long sleeve button down dress shirt.

Carrie rolls her head toward me, brining me into her line of sight, “Yes. Was Jax in it again?”

“Do you wear pants with it?”

“No it’s a dress.”

“But it’s so short.”

“That’s the point.” Even in the darkness of the room I know she’s rolling her eyes at me.

“Yes he was in it again.” I say.

“Wear that skirt if you’re worried about it.” She points in the general direction of a black pleated skirt hanging in the closet. “Just watching?”

“Yup, just watching. Exactly like last time.”

“Tuck the shirt in. Wear knee highs. You’ll be adorable. Was the other guy there too?”

“I’ll look like a school girl.” I say.

“Ly its 7:50, do you really have time to be picky? Besides maybe you’ll finally get his full attention.” Carrie says and yawns.

“I don’t want his full attention. The other guy was there too.” I grab the only pair of comfortable Aksaray escort bayan shoes I can see, my black hi-top Chuck’s. There is no way I could make it all day in a pair of Carrie’s heels. “Later.”

“Just tell him you want him already.” Carrie says just before I shut the door behind me.

I race down the stairs because they are faster than the 800 year old elevator, which I am convinced I will get stuck in at some point. I pull my long, wet brown hair up into a bun and rush through the lobby.

“Late again.” The RA for the guy’s floor says.

Our dorm has five floors. Four floors are women and one is men, I have no idea why it’s set it up that way but it’s nice to have some men in the dorm.

I grunt at the RA in response and race through the lobby and out the front door.

“Nice skirt.” I hear him call after me.

As I walk up the hill in front of our dorm to get to class my mind wanders back to the dream I’ve been having for a couple weeks now. I don’t understand it or where it came from or why I keep having it. All I know is that it’s wrong, so very wrong. Carrie keeps telling me it’s normal but I don’t believe her. It’s her fault really.

It was the Saturday after classes started. Carrie showed up at the school bookstore where I was working just before quitting time. She wanted a little pampering. Even offered to treat us both to a manicure and pedicure. After some pouting and pleading on her part, I agreed.

I’d never had my nails done before but I followed Carrie’s lead and tried to relax, which she didn’t make very easy. We both were still hung over from the party at her cousin’s place the night before, where I caught Carrie making out with a random guy.

“Did you enjoy yourself last night?” Carrie said. I shrugged. “You looked cozy when I found you in the office.”

“I was asleep.” I said and closed my eyes to enjoy the feel of the warm hot tub my feet were soaking in.

“Some of the stories are really good aren’t they?”


“On Literotica,” Carrie said, “I’ve noticed you’ve been on the site a lot this week.

“No I haven’t. How, how do you know?” I asked. I knew she could tell I was lying. I hadn’t perfected the ability to lie yet.

“Your cheeks get a little pink and you chew on your bottom lip.”

“I do not.”

Carried laughed. “Yes you do. It’s perfectly normal. Although reading them in public as often as you do, is, well daring. I don’t know how you do it. I need privacy so that I can take care of business. You know?”

“Yea,” I said. “Wait, do you mean?” My eyes bugged out.

“Yes. I mean masturbation.”

“What?” I sat straight up and looked at her. “Carrie!”

“Relax Ly everyone’s doing it.”

“Not everyone and even if they are we don’t need to talk about it.”

“Shut the front door. Ly,” Carrie said, “Never? You’re eighteen right?” I nodded, “And you’ve never,”

“Don’t Escort Ankara say it.” I said before I covered my face with my hands, “Is this what girl talk is?” I asked. Carrie was my first girl friend. Heck my first real friend period.

“Yes sweetie, this is what girls talk about.” She said. Carrie was starting to get used to my questions. “Girls friends talk about everything. Clothes, books, music, movies, boys, sex, even masturbation.” Her smile lit up her face. “We’ll break that innocence yet. Think about it, you’re already drinking coffee every day and how many cheeseburgers have you eaten since you got here? Your dad would be so mad at you.”

“Drinking coffee and eating bad food is one thing Car,” I said, “Talking about S E X? Are you kidding me? Besides that other thing, that’s a big no-no.”

“What other thing?”

“Do not make me say it.”

“Masturbation.” Carrie said loud enough for a few of the other ladies in the salon to look our way. Heat rushed through my body. I knew she could see the blush on my cheeks. “You’ve never? Nothing?”

I didn’t respond I simply stared at her.

“You’re holding something back.” She smiled.

“I’ve never,” My eyes closed, “Touched myself like that.” I said in a hushed tone.

*My dream begins with her next words.*

“Close your eyes Ly.” I did and she continued, “Pretend like there’s no one else here and just listen. When you’re ready slip a finger between your lips and explore. Allow your fingers to explore. Play around. When you’re ready, push your finger down until you reach your tight little hole, gently push your finger in to get it wet.” She paused.

“Use different fingers, vary the speed and pressure until you discover what feels good? What makes your hips bounce and your body spasm? Take your time and enjoy what you feel. You’ll be pretty wet if you’ve been reading those stories. Move your finger up slowly noting where it feels the best. When you reach your clit, you’ll know when you reach it. There’s generally a hood keeping it safe. Tease that hood, circle it, rub it. The more you do it the more you’ll learn what feels good and what doesn’t. The more aroused you become the harder your clit will become. You’ll feel it pulsing, throbbing from the attention you’re giving it. You with me?”

I nodded and she continued.

“You’re going to have to play Ly, explore your body see what works for you but you’ll feel your body start to tense, the pressure building, spreading outward, keep going, don’t stop. It’s supposed to feel like that. The pressure will intensify until finally… Trust me orgasms will change your life and since most guys our age haven’t yet figured out what they are doing yet, masturbation is a girl’s best friend. Fuck diamonds.”

*In my dream I am doing what Carrie is telling me and as my fingers slowly explore I become aware that someone else is there, watching me. It is too dark in the room for me to see who it is, but I can feel their presence and some how I know they are watching. They watch until my body shakes and twists, I moan and my toes curl.*

“Is this look for the professor? Or is it for me?” A warm, familiar voice asks, shaking me from the familiar haze of the dream. I shake my head and turn towards the voice.

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