Magic Girl Ch. 03

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I thought.

But then Angela pushed me down, spread my legs and went totally down on me and I came so hard pee came out. It just gushed and I tried to clamp it off, then realized she’d gotten a mouthful and looked at her as she swallowed it, and then got so hot for her, I pushed her back and then we wrestled and finally wound up in 69 position, just feasting on each other. We both started to pee when we came and everything got drenched in it – faces, shoulders, hands, clothes, everything – but we just went on and on till the sun started to set and then we finally stopped and sat up.

We watched the sun go down holding hands and sitting side by side on our spread out clothes. We were both mostly naked by that time and still covered with each other’s scent. A breeze came up and chilled my skin, made my nipples hard and Angela noticed and warmed my nipples up for me.

With her mouth!

We made love again until the sky was completely black and then stopped. It was cold and dark and lonesome up on that high pasture, but we just wrapped ourselves in our clothes and slept curled up together. Morning found us still laying like that, but my father’s guards also found us. They had their swords drawn and were going to cut Angela’s head off right then and there because she had dared to ‘violate’ the princess – me. Then this ‘other’ side of me came out again – even in the dream it was fascinating to feel and watch, almost like an out of body experience – and this other me stood, slowly undressed before the gathered soldiers and did this one special little dance I knew. It was reserved for the wedding night and it had the perfect affect on all the men. They were just staring at me, tongues hanging out almost, and after I’d gotten all their attention I went to my knees before the captain, opened his armor to let his thing out, found how totally stiff it already was, and then sucked him until he came in my mouth. When I was done I stood and made sure every one of them saw that I was swallowing his semen, and then went to the next man and then the next. By that time they were enthusiastically pulling down their clothes and not so hesitant like the captain was at first and one by one I serviced every one of them (about twenty-five I think), and then stood before them and told them that now they’d have to behead each other because they’d each ‘defiled the princess.’

To which the captain finally got the message about.

Then I went to find Angela and she was huddled against the tree, crying. I squatted down and held her and she put her arms around me and she finally stopped crying. She looked into my eyes and thanked me for saving her life, but was so sad because of what I had to do to save her. And she was also sad because she’d watched and found great excitement in it and felt guilty. She told me there was something so wonderful and innocent and beautiful about me that affected all the men and her too and she couldn’t understand what it was, but that it had taken her breath away seeing it. I didn’t know what to say so I started to kiss her face again and that led to me kissing her neck and then pulled her kimono down and kissing her boobs, and then I lay her back and completely undressed her right there on the grass. I leaned down and began to lick her and she began to come and after maybe half an hour I realized that all the soldiers were still there, all staring, and all of them rubbing their things. Some of them had spurt while watching us, others were just hard and dark red, so Angela and I went to where they were gathered, went down on hands and knees and told them they could all fuck us.

Which they did.

It was strange and sexy and wonderful, but the best thing about it for me was that Angela was right there beside me, shoulder to shoulder. She was so close that at one point it got even better because we started kissing while they soldiers were humping us, and that led to us turning toward each other and hugging and kissing while the men busied themselves on our other ends. We seemed to be far away from them, just in each other’s company while we were screwed and even sodomized by man after man. It made it better than it would have been and in the end – so to speak – we both had very close and very personal allies that we knew would defend us to the death against anyone else.

Then the dream ended, I woke up and found I was flat on my front, hands tucked under me against my bald you-know-what, and something warm and delicate – but very stiff – prodding between my buns and against my hole!

It made me come. As soon as I realized it was really happening, the tingles seemed to ripple right up my spine, come shooting around my shoulders to my front and then shoot down to my navel. I felt my hands against my crotch and that plus the wet thing in my ass just brought me off big time.

I held on tight, trying not to pee during the orgasm and it almost got away from me. I’d been dreaming of it and now it might just happen. I wanted to tell her to stop before something happened but I couldn’t do much more than moan Escort Bayan Gaziantep and catch my breath and moan some more; it felt that good. I’d never had that done to me before. I’d fingered myself back there a few times, but obviously couldn’t put my tongue there! And it was incredible. Like nothing else I’d ever felt. It was as exciting as having my pussy licked but different, totally different. And as it went on my butt raised up a little and rolled a little bit and that gave Angela the perfect angle and a moment later she drove her tongue as far as it would go into me!

I melted. I shivered. I felt myself coming and couldn’t – and didn’t want to – stop it. Then Angela slipped her thumb into my pussy, held her tongue in my ass and it happened.

I only heard a muffled…giggle, as the orgasm went through me and my bladder sighed and let everything come out of it. There were waves upon waves of orgasm that seemed ripple through me from head to toes, making my body move almost like that – like a flag waving in the wind – and it was like a total surrender to the pleasure. Everything relaxed and gave in and gave up and my pee-hole was just streaming shi-shi out of it and I didn’t care. I heard a happy laugh and then the thumb pushed in further and pressed downward against the inside of my pubic bone and massaged my g-spot and I was a shaking, gasping mess. I was frozen in place but melted all at the same time. Then the tongue left me – while the thumb kept pushing and pressing – Angela grabbed my hip and turned me over (with pee still squirting out of me!), then clamped her mouth right down over my pee-hole and slipped her other finger into my ass. It was on the same hand as the thumb and using just that hand she brought me off again and again and again while her mouth caught a lot of what was jetting out of me. And while this was all going on the only thing I could feel or think about was how good it felt, how wonderful, and how little I cared that I was being totally ‘unladylike’ and improper. Two big taboos were out the window and the lovely, gorgeous woman I was with didn’t care one bit.

I came until I went unconscious and the last thing I remembered was just how much in love I was, how lucky I was to be with someone like Angela, and then things just grayed totally out.

When I opened my eyes – the third time that same day? – it was late afternoon and I could hear muffled, hushed gasps and moans coming from nearby. I looked and there was Angela, nude, on her side, fingering herself furiously as she gazed at me.

“Magic Girl,” she sighed, and stopped what she was doing. “Welcome back! I’ve missed you, but…I sure have been enjoying you.” She gave me a wink and when it hit me what she meant it got me going all over again! I mean to think she had been masturbating over me again, made me feel so special and pretty and warm inside. “I can just go on looking at you forever, you know?” she whispered. “You’re like my own special fantasy girl. How you feeling anyhow? Did I hurt you or that pretty lil’ ass of yours?” I shook my head and smiled. Inside I was thinking how much I wanted to just pin her down and munch on her. Anywhere. I glanced down her front to her bald V then further down her legs and finally her feet. I pushed up and crawled over to her. She put her arm out for me and then I turned and snuggled backwards against her front. She hugged me from behind and put her leg over mine.

“You’re the sweetest little woman,” she whispered in my ear. “But you throw such a mean fuck you’re scary, you know that? Especially that piss thing that happened.”

“I’m so sorry, Angela,” I said, feeling terrible.

“Hush now baby-girl,” she said. “I’ve never been with anyone who gave in to it so totally like you do. I loved it. Plus, I don’t know if it’s what you eat or something, but that was really tasty.”

I felt the old me feel so ashamed and humiliated a knot formed in my throat, but then the newer me suddenly got what she said and I smiled to myself.

Stupid, she just said she not only didn’t mind, but she actually liked it!

“In fact,” she whispered. “Maybe sometime, soon, I’ll want to try a glass of it. We don’t even have to be doing anything sexy; just piss in a cup – I want to taste it again…”

Hearing this made me blush, but it wasn’t the old me, but the new. It’s just that hearing someone say something like that – I think anyone would’ve blushed!

After that – I don’t exactly know how it happened – but we wound up in 69, with her on top of me. Then I was on top and then we stopped all out of breath and grinning like two stupids. I just couldn’t get enough of her and it was the same with her. It didn’t take much to get started – holding hands this time I think – and then it winds up in full-on love-making with no holds barred. I didn’t pee this time though, but other than that, it was uninhibited. We were licking each other like crazy, but also fingering each other in both holes and well, it was really wild. We lay around a little more then got up and decided to go get some food. It was like we were both on some weird and wonderful crash diet where all we could eat was each other’s pussy. I put on the only clothes I had with me and she got something similar this time (it was a bit chilly out), and then we went out and strolled down the walkways and across parks and among trees as the sun was getting low. I was so in love it was amazing, even to the point where I didn’t hear what this group of guys said as we walked by.

“I think they were looking mostly at you kiddo,” she whispered when we were way past them.”


“They whistled,” she said, and I remembered looking right at them and smiling, not even thinking they were real; just a painting or something. “And then they said ‘what an ass!'”

“Oh no,” said, remembering it somehow. “The one in the blue shirt was looking directly at you. I looked at him and his eyes weren’t on me. They were on…well, your tushy. I have to agree too.” I gave her a playful smack on the butt and then wondered if anyone had seen. I looked around. It was dark, twilight; nobody around. Unless they had infrared field glasses, I knew I was safe.

“Hey now!” she said, jumping. “Watch out or that’s gonna lead to trouble.” she grinned and I grinned and suddenly I couldn’t resist her and leaned over and kissed her cheek. I felt brave now, braver than at any time in my life. “Girl…”

“I know,” I said. “But society’s so hip now, right?”

“Not as much as you’d want to believe,” she said, and I nodded. She was right of course, but I’d just wanted to kiss her so I did. I wanted to lick her feet but I didn’t.

I guess maybe it was the fact that the both of us were in Hawaiian print pareos and flipflops and short tee-shirts – looking like we’d come from a luau or something – but when we entered the campus pizza parlor, people just stared. I felt naked, like they were seeing through me or something. I didn’t really care, but it was a little unnerving. We ordered and had a seat and I looked around, wanting to meet someone’s – anyone’s – eyes and dare them to say anything. I was really in a feisty mood that was for sure. Nobody was looking. I was being paranoid for no reason. We were okay. Then I looked across at Angela and my heart melted. It seemed so surreal to be sitting there in a more or less crowded pizza joint with someone I’d just ten minutes before been licking out. There she was, all cute and black and wonderful and here I was, and just before, I’d been orgasming so hard pee had come out of me!

And now everything was ‘normal.’ It was great!

Except that I moved a little bit on the stool I was sitting and became really aware of the fact that both Angela and I had left her apartment after wrapping the pareos on us – with no panties on underneath. And that direct contact of my pussy lips – which were still swollen because pussy lips don’t shrink all that fast – against the clothe of my pareo was really turning me on. It was exactly like actually being naked right there in front of everybody. I wondered if Angela was thinking or feeling the same things but couldn’t just ask her out in public like this. I squirmed in my seat a little, trying to get my pussy away from that cloth but it only made it worse. Plus I was getting wet again and that was making it sticky-wet and worse.

Angela looked over and happened to see my expression. She simply jerked her head back slightly, asking what? I smiled nervously. I was thinking of her naked now, her naked pussy (hairless too), squishing down on her pareo getting all swollen and wet and how much I wanted to just duck under the table and lick her.


Not that that would happen because she’d only get wetter.

“Oh nuthin’,” I said. smiling blankly.

The pizza was ready about 10 minutes later and it was longest 10 minutes I’d ever spent in my life.

Walking out with our pizza, Angela said, “Hey, this is our third meal together if you count the coffee that first time.”

“I count it,” I said, just glad to be walking again, airing out my pussy. I wondered if the next person to sit on my stool would get a wet spot in their pants. The thought made me grin. I felt better.

After having dinner we made love the rest of the night and we did everything we’d done up to that point but also including ‘the piss thing’ as Angela called it. We actually went into the shower at a certain point (actually after I rolled away from her and got up, saying I had to ‘go potty’), and once in there, she knelt and asked me to ‘hose’ her down – which I did, even feeling a bit uncomfortable for someone to ask me that while kneeling before me! – and then, just to even things out, I knelt and asked her to go on me too. I opened my mouth at one point and got some of her shi-shi to taste and it turned me on so much I went really wild with her. The warmth, the flavor, and where it was coming from just made me crazy, and then we were peeing in this little plastic cup and sharing it and kissing pee back and forth between us and doing all these incredible sexy things which I would’ve been too embarrassed or ashamed to do just months before.

Then, since we were in the shower, we used hair conditioner as lubricant and fingered each other’s ass-holes while we went on kissing and then we were lathering each other’s crotches up and I got to shave her to get the stubble off and she did the same thing to me. It was messy, wet and wonderful. Afterwards we rinsed off and went back to bed and spent the rest of the night just holding and kissing and making out every now and then, taking turns fingering each other to orgasm, and then finally passed out until morning.

Going to classes that day was really different. I was walking on a cloud the whole time and Angela told me later that she was too. I was not only buzzing from having no horniness or frustration left, but from the simple fact that I now, technically, had a lover. We met for lunch at my place and were almost late for our next classes because of what happened.

I mean, even in long pants and sneakers and a blouse Angela looked just totally edible. I went up to her and started kissing her – this ‘other me’ side coming out – and in moments she was kissing back and everything got hot and lusty and out of control and we were both tearing our clothes and shoes off and fell into my bed (my bed!) bare-naked and started going for it. Just wild sixty-nine like we were both starving to death, multiple orgasms, and then a stop to catch our breath. It was so easy to go totally crazy and out of control with her. Then her pretty bare feet were right there so I went for those and she curled around and grabbed mine and we did ‘toe-69’ for another twenty minutes or so. It was like having a pacifier to suck on and I got pacified for sure.

Then it was her just pushing me back and munching me totally out and then me doing the same thing to her. It was almost a battle at times, a laughing, fun battle, to see who could get the advantage on the other and make her come. We ‘fought’ to a draw, and then we were rushing to get our clothes back on and get to our next class. Even when we kissed good-bye at the door, things almost took off again but we literally tore ourselves apart and hurried off.

That night, back at her place, it was like an orgy, but with just the two of us. Hands, feet, fingers, toes, nipples – everything got touched and kissed and sucked. We even stopped to go in the bathtub and do our ‘special’ thing on each other, then came out dripping wet and did 69 for over an hour straight. When we stopped we were both wiped out. Angela had this beautiful, calm, satisfied expression on her face and I’m sure I did too. We just sat there at leg’s length from each other, touching the bottoms of our feet together, leaning back on our hands and looking at each other. Then my foot got a little over sensitive and I started to rub it against Angela’s a little more firmly, and then I moved up and slid my foot up the inside of her leg and then I pointed my toe and pushed it into her. She just sat there gasping, allowing me to do it. It was so neat! I mean to have someone accept something that normally ‘weird’ from me was just incredible.

But then she slid her foot up and buried her toe in me and things just went overboard again. Dual toe-fucking. Just in and out and pushing and gasping and shivering all over, all while just sitting there with our legs apart, leaning back and watching each other!

I’d never done that before, and didn’t know why it never occurred to me, but there we were, doing the ultimate ‘foot thing’ in the world and I was enjoying it so much I wondered why I’d never done it before.

Then Angela began to get the better of me. She started to really push it in deep and I lay back, grabbed my knees and spread as wide open as I could for her. She just went on, plunging and pulling, bringing me off again and again nonstop, and all I could think about was how much I loved her. It was new for me to actually love someone other than my family members and now it was happening to me. I was babbling something as I came and at one point, when my mind came back for a moment, I heard Angela saying, “Yah baby, sweet little Magic-Girl. Take my toe in you, just like I took yours…”

I wondered about that and then remembered that grin she’d had on her face that one time she’d made me come so much I’d passed out. She’d mentioned something in passing and I never remembered to ask her about it. But it made perfect sense. I was passed out and totally limp and wilted, but my toes would still have been stiff and strong. I raised my head weakly and smiled at her.

“Show me how you did it, my love,” I whispered, and when I said ‘my love’ I got a nice tingle all through me. Angela seemed to like it too and stopped toeing me and quickly got up on her knees, straddled my right foot and lowered herself down until my toes were touching her slick, swollen pussy. I curled my small toes downward so my first toe would stick up and then she centered herself over it and slowly pushed down. I felt my toe engulfed in warm, slippery flesh and it almost made me come, but then she lifted up slightly and sat down and then started to just ride my toe like it was a penis or something.

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