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she had the bag of her chains, restraints, clamps, toys and crops in her hand for him to borrow as she made her way to his apartment.

She had decided to see what his place was like before deciding if she would take the job as his maid. A part of her hoped he wanted her and that the toys he asked her for were for him to use with her, but a part of her was also smarting over her break up and wondered if she was slave anymore.

She could see his point when he explained to her that is was not like a tap that one turned on or off, but she was also feelng a bit down.

She exited the elevator and knocked on the door, wondering if her little outfit under her coat was too much for him. Bra, thong and leather boots only.

He opened the door, smiled and held it open wordless for her to enter. She smiled and entered, placing the bag on the floor as she heard him close the door. Walking behind her he beckoned her into the iving room where as she entered she saw the large windows facing the river with no one overlooking them. She felt the tug as he removed her coat and she thought that for a moment he paused. he finally placed a hand in her hair and turned her around so she could look at him.

Years of practice had trained her never to look in the eyes and she was nervous because not one word had been spoken. Then she realised as she looked at him that he was only in his bathrobe and she wondered what he wored underneath. Sensing her question he took her had and slid it inside his robe and she felt his naked warm skin underneath.

Withdrawing her hand he lead her to the coffee table and made her stand on it as he picked up her bag and opened it. Her mind was whirling and she was apprehensive as not one word had been uttered by either of them.

She looked down and saw as he opened her bag and removed her clamps and tested them. Wordlessly he put them on the table and reached up to her and ripped her bra off. She felt her skin stretch at the attack and almost fell. She saw her nipples were already engorged from the thoughts going through her mind. He reached up and slowly took one between his finger and thumb and twisted it as he kissed and licked her ample tit. She almost buckled from the sensation, but years of practice made her stay as she was. Her mind screamed at the confident touch and twisting of her nipple and it took her a moment to realise that that torment was actually pain and she felt the dampness in her shaved pussy and realised she was his whore.

Closing her eyes she marvelled at the increased sensation of his tongue sucking her breast and his fingers attacking her nipple. Starzbet Moments later her soul screammed as she felt the sting of her clamp on her engorged already abused nipple. She knew she was wrong to have brought these ones, even if they were her favourite. Lurching forward she reached out and held his head to her breast as her legs steadied themselves.

Before her mind could fathom it she realised that both her engorged nipples had been clamped and that he was attaching the her chain to them. She felt as though she was ready to cumm, but dared not as he had not actually given her permission (her mind made an awry face as she realised he had not even said hello!!!).

His hand slide down her skin and she knew he could see her wet thong and that whilst the pain was violating her her body was actually betraying her need and desire. His finger twisted in her thong and she realised it also now lay in a heap with her bra (so much for sexy lingerie she thought).

Standing back she finally got to see his eyes and face (though she had seen it many times as they sat over coffee talking) and she saw that whilst he was there, he was truly gone. She was his muse and he was truly pleased to know that this was what she needed, wanted and craved and he was only too happy to provide it.

He helped her down from the coffee table and led her to the wooden dinner table. A nice oak piece that looked like it was a thousand years old and would not move no matter how hard she pushed. Standing behind her he put his hand in the small of her spine and leaned her forward so she could hear the chain graze the surface. She stood as he indicated and felt him take her wrists and then the cuffs as they were attached to her. Bent over with only her thighs touching the table for support she felt her wrists cuffed then felt as he took the leather tie and attached them to her arms and pull them in making her chest stick out more. She looked down at her tits and saw the chain swaying and her pickening nipples and the extra pain of the way she was now swaying.

That was the problem with men she thought, they never realised that tits could be painful if too large, especially if left to sway with clamps on!!! Then again she thought, men only drooled when they saw a great pair of tits!!!

She felt his breath on her naked ass as she realised that now he was on his knees. She felt the leather as he attached it to her ankle and secure it. Taking a peek down she saw he was now attaching it to the leg of the table. Then she felt the cold plastic caress her skin as he reached for her other leg and she realised, Starzbet Giriş as he pushed her legs wider, that he was not just attaching her legs to the table, he was attaching a spreader bar.

She marvelled at how well he knew her and that he knew this feeling turned her on even more, knowing that not only was she helpless, but she was also open and powerless to act.

She felt rather than saw the electircity on her thighs as she realised he was getting up and raking his nails up her body as he did. She knew was ready to cumm and felt her body shuddering. Slap!! she felt the cold hand on her ass which jolted ber back and forced calmness in her skin and controlled herself willing her body to obey and not cum.

She felt the warmth of his rich robe caress her back and knew he was right behind her moulding his body to her and inwardly moaned as she tried to move back, realsing she could not move. The next thing she felt was her mind scream as her tits felt the extra bite of the clamps and she looked down to see his hand had snaked around her and attached a weight to it making it pull more.

Then! nothing!!! Her mind reeling and control held she felt her eyes blacken and thought she was being blindfolded, only to realise that her mind was taking over and her eyes were rolling in her head. She was wondering where he was and what he was doing as her eyes had betrayed her and she was fighting to recover her vision.

As she calmed she looked up and saw a massive mirror in front of her and she saw herself splayed, clamped and sweating and in the background she finally focused on him as he re-entered the room and she saw that in his hand he held something shiny and phallic and could not register it. As he walked to her she watched as he slid it between her legs and her soul screamed as she felt the fire and pain attack her clit as he caressed it. She felt the coldness then realised it was an ice dildo he was rubbing her clit with. All her years of training as a slave prevented her screaming out, knowing this was what he was aiming for.

She looked in the mirror and saw the ice rubbing up and down her slit and his hand wrapped around it, and he being careful to make no contact. Her legs shivered as though she was about to collapse when she felt the fire and ice stop. She looked in the mirror to feel his tongue licking up and down where the ice had been and felt the warmth and comfort and once again felt her legs shudder as she spasmed ready to cum. As she felt her soul open he stopped licking and her mind screamed wanting that release.

She looked in the mirror Starzbet Güncel Giriş bent forward as she was and saw him with the small leather paddle in his hand rubbing it on his hand to test it. She saw as he picked up the silk scarf and blinded her eyes, knowing the double pain of blindness and not knowing when the paddle would connect, twinged with the knowledge of the pain from it. As she thought this she felt the first sting on her ass as the paddle connected and she used all her years training to keep still and not scream.

She did not know how long he paddled her for, her ass cheeks, her inner thighs were on fire and she knew she was close to collapsing, knowing the extra pain this would bring as her clamps touched the table. Suddenly the beating stopped and her mind begged for it to stop and when it did she begged for it to carry on. Suddenly her senses were alive again and she realised he had removed her blindfold.

Standing behind her he wrapped one hand in her hair and forced her to look up in the mirror as she screamed in her mind at the pain in her tits as with the other hand he slowly removed his robe to stand naked behind her. She felt his hard cock bounce up and touch her reddened ass and knew he was very close to her skin. Dropping the robe she felt him pull her hair and how uncomfortable she felt as his hand slide round to cup her breast. She looked at his hand as it pulled off her clamp and the blood flow back.

As the electricty flowed in her she jumped backwards and felt how easy his cock slid into her wet engorged pussy and she grinded on him. She felt the bloow returning to her tit and moaned inside herself as she finally felt him in her taking his property. She felt the arm restraint loosend and the blood flowing and her bondage lessen as she rode herself on the wave. As she fucked herself onto him she felt his hand on her back as he forced her to bend over the table. As her nipples touched the cold wood she felt an intense shock up and down her body and knew she was ready to cum. She saw that he kept tempo with her and wrapped both hands in her hair and started to ride her harder and faster and she knew that as her permission to cumm. Riding him hard and fast she felt the ripples force through her body as it built up for the intense orgasm.

As she came she screamed ‘ fuck your bitch master, ride her hard’ and collapsed onto the table as he carried on riding her. As he slowed his rythmn to keep her there she glanced up and saw a smug grin on his face knowing he had won. Leaning onto her he nibbled her ear as he kept himself in her and whispered in her ear, ‘hello slave, you loose…’

She smiled as she tried to control her orgasms and her body, knowing that this would be a long day and fun one. As she thought this he got off her and sat on the table wrapping a hand in her hair….

Yes a long fun day she thought.

You like sexy??

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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